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Auction 156 : Signature Sales

These are sales or sections within sales comprising entirely of one person’s collection. Many collectors are keen to collect items with a provenance and the items shown in these signature sale listings can now be said to include the provenance of these collections.

If you have a collection you are considering selling we will be happy to discuss a signature sale with you. As well as having the potential to attract more bidders your collection will be recorded for posterity.

To see the details of all coins within this signature sale listing please click on the name of the signature sale.

The Low Countries Collection

Signature Sale of VIP and Proof Issues From a Range of Countries.

Included in this sale under the relevant country in this catalogue is a collection of VIP proof issues. However, for posterities sake we show the lots here as a signature sale listing. It is in fact only half of the collection, and the vendor is intending to offer the second half later this year.

In some cases we have stated the mintage figures as quoted by standard reference catalogues, however the vendor has tracked the market for these VIP proof issues extensively for ten years and his findings make a compelling argument that these mintage figures are overstated, and where for example Krause Mischler states a mintage of 100 the frequency of such pieces offered in all major sales and on-line auctions over the last ten years is so few as to be on a par with issues where only 10 to 20 are known to have been struck.

Victorian Maundy Sets in dated or contemporary boxes

The following 64 lots comprise a complete date run of Victorian Maundy Sets in dated or contemporary boxes, believed to be the first time such a group has been offered Bids are invited on individual lots or on the whole collection, to be successful a bid on the whole should be no less than £20,000.

If a bid or bids have been received on the whole collection which is likely to surpass the total of bids on individual lots, the collection will be sold in the room as one lot.