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All lots are strictly graded by the Auctioneers. At the end of each lot, in brackets, is an estimate of what, in the Auctioneer's opinion, a lot may make. This is neither a reserve nor a guarantee of the value.

A buyers premium of 17% will be added to the hammer price of each lot.

Viewing of Lots

Lots will be available to view by appointment at our offices in Kent and in the saleroom at our live auctions.

Room Attendance

Please see our related page New To Auctions and if you are attending the sale for the first time please bring proof of your address and ID.


All lots are offered genuine (unless stated) and have been authenticated by ourselves. If any items are later proven to be not authentic we will take them back and issue a full refund. We are members of the British Numismatic Trade Association whose members must follow strict guidelines concerning authenticity and returns. Third party graded and encapsulated coins ("slabbed" coins) have authenticity guarantees from the grading company concerned.

Bid Steps

The following bid steps will be adhered to at the auctioneers discretion.

From 0 - £50 £2 steps
From £50 - £100 £5 steps
From £100 - £200 £10 steps
From £200 - £500 £20 steps.

We do not accept verbal bids shouted out in the room that are not in line with these steps.

From £500 - £1000 £50 steps
From £1,000 - £2,000 £100 steps
From £2,000 - £5,000 £200 steps.
From £5,000 - £10,000 £500 steps
From £10,000 - £20,000 £1,000 steps
From £20,000 - £100,000 £2,000 steps.

For lots that are being bid for above £500 we do accept a "CUT" bid. In this case a bidder may state "CUT" which means the bidder wishes to bid at half the normal bid step, however this is then the bidder's last bid and no further bids will be taken from the bidder.
If you wish to make a bid outside of these steps then you may submit a written bid.

Written and Proxy Bids

We reserve the right to round down bids that are less than 5% increment over our published bid steps. So bids such as £101 , £1,005, £10,010 may be rounded down to £100 £1,000 and £10,000 respectively, this can mean that a bid that has been received prior to any rounded bid that was at the normal bid step can take preference.

Proxy Bidding

If you are not attending the sale you may contact us prior to the sale with any bids you would like us to action.

As part of our continuing program of quality improvement, it will be our policy regardless of the method of communication used (post, email, fax or phone) to return to each bidder a list of the bids we have entered into our system. We can receive up to 5,000 individual bids prior to each sale, they are input twice, the second time by a different operative by way of verification, but we believe it may still be useful for bidders to receive feedback of what bids from them we have input.

This service will allow each bidder to verify we have processed the bids correctly, and also, in the rare event of post or electronic communication going astray, the absence of a returned notification could indicate that the bids have not been input and may not have been received by us.

Therefore, if within 5 working days from receipt of your bids you have received no notification, we strongly recommend you contact us to query the safe receipt of the bids.

Postal Bids

London Coins Ltd (Bids)
4-6 Upper Street South
New Ash Green
Kent DA3 8JJ

Telephone Bids

Contact 01474 871 464
09:30 to 16:30
British Time

Fax Bids

Fax to 01474 872 173

Email Bids

If you are not already registered with us, we will need your name and mailing address. All bids must include the lot number and the maximum in pounds sterling that you wish to bid. This does not mean that you will pay the maximum, you will pay the next bidding step up from the under bidder.

IMPORTANT: Our office closes at 17.00 GMT on the day before the sale. Bids received by FAX after this time are likely NOT to be entered.

We endeavour to always keep our postal bidders satisfied with accurate descriptions and realistic estimates based on our many years experience as dealers and auctioneers. Please note that it is not our policy to accept returns of bulk or partially described lots. We do not accept the return of single lots if, were we to re-enter them, we would use exactly the same description as we did initially. Where single coins are offered in internationally known third party grading company's holders PCGS, NGC, PMG and the UK's LCGS we will not accept the return of such lots where we have described them as graded by these third party graders. 28 days after the sale our books are closed and no refunds will be made for any reason, and no returns accepted.

We offer an efficient worldwide postal service at cost and items are despatched after payment is received. Please allow 21 days for delivery. Alternatively, items can be collected from our office by appointment or where practical from coin shows.

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash Payments are subject to maximum limits imposed by law.
  • UK Cheque - made payable to London Coins Ltd
  • We accept debit cards.
    We do not accept credit cards.
  • US Dollar Cheque - made payable to Stephen Lockett

We will be happy to provide further information on buying, selling, or any other issues or queries you may have and can be contacted on 01474 871 464

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If you have items for sale contact us now for our "HOW TO SELL YOUR COINS" leaflet. We will be happy to provide further information on buying, selling or any other issues or queries you may have and can be contacted on +00 44 (0) 1474 871464