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London Coins LTD is part of the London Coins (Holdings) Group LTD which owns London Coins LTD and has 51% ownership of CGS (Coin Grading Services LTD) Britain's first third party grading and encapsulation company.

London Coins LTD main core business activity is the auctioneering of all numismatic items from any country and any era, the auctioneering of paper money from any country and any era, medals both military and commemorative and bonds and shares. We are experts at maximising the sale levels of all such items both single items with values ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds and accumulations and collections where we are regarded as "bulk lot" specialists. We have a dedicated section in our catalogues for modern cased and proof items such as Royal Mint and Westminster issues and a large and active client list for these. Our Monday valuation clinics at New Ash Green Kent allow an opportunity for a free appraisal by our director and chief valuations expert Stephen Lockett who has been active in the numismatic market since 1982. At our valuation clinics a valuation based on current auction realisation expectations is freely given, and a recommendation for those intending to sell whether to consign to auction or consider a private treaty price. London Coins LTD are private treaty purchases of numismatic material as well as auctioneers so can offer both options, with immediate settlement available for private treaty deals.

London Coins are stockists of high grade English Milled coins, and gold sovereigns at bullion related prices and price lists of these can be found on this web site. We also service wants list for English Milled coins in certified third party CGS grades.

We offer information regarding coins as an investment, and a portfolio service for those whose primary interest in coins is as a vehicle of wealth creation.

We are regular attendees at major Coin Shows in the UK and overseas.

We are members of The British Numismatic Trade Association, and Stephen Lockett is a life member of the American Numismatic Association.


London Coins can trace its history back to 1982 when the Director Stephen Lockett first became active in numismatics.

In 1994 the first auctions were held when London Coin Auctions began a bi-monthly auction in central London.

In 1999 London Coins had a table at the Chicago International Coin Show and raised the companies profile onto the international scene and has since had a presence at many major shows in the USA including The New York International Coin Show, FUN Florida and ANA Baltimore, and San Francisco, also in Europe and Hong Kong.

In 2002 London Coins LTD was formed and the auction business re-organised, it become The London Coins' Auction and moved its venue away from central London and followed a schedule of quarterly auctions in March, June, September and December.

Since 2005 London Coins have been listed amongst the top London Numismatic auction houses by the Antique and Trade Gazette.

In 2006 London Coins ran the auction at the Irish International Coin Show in Dublin, and continued to do so for three years.

The London Coins Auction has become a two or three day event allowing the time for robust and comprehensive sections covering all aspects of coins and paper money all eras all countries with dedicated sections for all the main categories collectors pursue. A team of professionals has been built up both full time staff and long term consultants to ensure the highest professional standards of attribution and grading is available for all categories offered.

A schedule for lot preview viewing around the UK was put in place whereby provincial trade shows are attended in the Midlands and The North prior to each sale where auction lots can be viewed.

In 2006 London Coins were part of a group of UK dealers who launched the UK's first third party grading and encapsulation company CGS.

In 2009 London Coins were the sponsors of the IBNS (International Banknote Society) London show

Specialists in all areas

From it's earliest origins London Coins have aimed at providing a top quality buying and selling service for all numismatic categories all countries all eras, also paper money, medals and bonds and shares. We have dedicated sections and specialist staff for the following categories.

English banknotes.

Covers all paper money issued for use in England, Bank of England issues, Treasury Notes and provincial issues.

World Banknotes.

Covers paper money from all countries, we include here also Scottish and Irish notes as well as Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

British Tokens

Covers tradesman's tokens 17th,18th and 19th century.


Covers commemorative and campaign medals.

Miscellaneous Items

Covers all accessories for example coin cabinets, trays and books as well as paranumismatic material and miss-strikes.

Roman and Ancient Coins

Covers all Roman material, Ancient Greek coins as well as Celtic and all other ancient coinage, both small and bulk lots.

English Hammered Coins

Covers English hammered issues

World Coins Single Items and Small Lots

Covers all world issues offered as individual items or small groups, including non English hammered and medieval issues, Scottish and Irish issues will be listed here also.

English Coins Single Items and Small Lots

Covers all English milled issues offered as individual items or small groups, and in their "raw" state i.e. not graded and encapsulated by a third party graded company.

English Certified Coins.

Covers English Coins graded and encapsulated by third party grading companies including CGS - UK, and the US companies such as PCGS and NGC.

English Bulk Lots and Accumulations.

Covers larger lots made up predominantly of English milled material and will include accumulations and entire collections.

World Bulk Lots and Accumulations.

Covers larger lots made up predominantly of Foreign material and will include accumulations and entire collections.

English Cased and Proof Items

Covers cased items and proof sets and includes the modern Royal Mint sets and single cased items in gold, silver and base metals, as well as predominantly English cased issues of Westminster, MDM and other "collector series" issuers.

World Cased and Proof Items

Covers cased items and proof sets and includes the modern Mint sets and single cased items in gold, silver and base metals from all world mints including Royal Mint non UK issues, as well as predominantly non-UK cased issues of Westminster, MDM, Pobjoy, and other "collector series" issuers, and world mints.

Bonds and Shares

Covers bonds and shares with dedicated sections for UK and World issues.

London Coins Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

London Coins keeps contact details of its subscribers.

The sole purpose of this of this is to allow us to send our quarterly auction catalogues to all our subscribers. All subscribers are entitled to receive a hard copy catalogue sent by post, and an email notification of the fact that the same quarterly catalogue is available to view on-line.

We began running auctions in 1994 and once in this quarter century period we postponed our March sale for two weeks owing the The Beast From The East snow storm.  We intend to send emergency notifications to all our subscribers in the extremely unlikely event of another postponement.

When an auction sale is live we will from time to time send emails reminding our subscribers of that.

We do not use your data for any other reason than to facilitate auction business with subscribers and vendors (other than the statuary requirements such as  HMRC for tax purposes), and no-one other than London Coins staff empowered to carry out the auction notifications can access your data.