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Munich : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 174
World Bulk Lots World a varied group (33) (8) (3) 1933 (2) Good Fine and VF, 1938 Fine, 1933 (2) Fine and Good Fine, Five Francs (2) 1849A About Fine/Fine, 1933 VF, 1856BB Fine, 1975 A/UNC and lustrous, (6) Square Rupees (2) both Fine, Rupees (2) 1917 Lustrous UNC, 1942 Bombay GEF and lustrous, 1944L EF, 1945 Bombay Small 5 EF, (2) Ten Marks 1972D s KM#131 Lustrous UNC with pleasing tone, Five Marks 1978F 225th Anniversary of the Death of Balthazar Neumann Prooflike KM#148 UNC, 50 s 1964 Innsbruck Winter Olympics - Ski Jumper KM#2896 EF, 30 1964 Kongsberg (Bф on shoulder) GVF, (4) Five Francs (2) 1968B GVF, 1969B NEF toned, One Franc (2) 1945B Good Fine, 1970 NEF, 50 Francs (2) 1958 World Trade Fair, French Legend DES BELGES KM#150.1 reverse inverted UNC, 1958 World Trade Fair Dutch legend DER BELGEN KM#151.2 reverse inverted UNC, 200 Zloty 1974 30th Anniversary of the Polish People's Republic Y#72Lustrous UNC with golden tone, 1966 AU/UNC, 1966 (dated 68) GVF, 1934 Fine, Science 1815 a restrike (1953) Obverse Crowned radiant star surrounded by the Three Crowns KONGL. WETENSKAPS ACADEMIEN, Reverse: Amn planting a tree FOR EFTERKOMMANDE, EF and lustrous 10 Korun 10th Anniversary of Independence KM#12 VF/GVF, 1758 VG, Ten Centesimi 1867M NVF, all housed in a Lindner tray

Auction 174
World Bulk Lots (2) 1860B KM#1210 Good Fine, Two Marks 1899D KM#913, (34) Ten Marks (16) 1972D s KM#133 (2), 1972F Munich Olympics KM#133, 1972G Munich Olympics KM#133 (2), 1972F Munich Olympics KM#131, 1972G Munich Olympics KM#131, 1972F Munich Olympics KM#135, 1972J Munich Olympics KM#135, 1972D Munich Olympics KM#130, 1990J 800th Anniversary of the Port of KM#171 (2), 1990F 800th Anniversary of the Death of Kaiser Friedrich I. Barbarossa KM#174, 1993F 1000th Anniversary of Potsdam KM#180, 1993J 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Robert Koch KM#181 EF to UNC some toned, many with good lustre, Five Marks (14) 1951D Good Fine, 1951G Fine, 1963D Fine, 1964J NVF/GF, 1965J NVF/GF, 1967F Good Fine/Fine, 1968J (2) NVF/GF and GF, 1969G NEF/GVF, 1970G (2) EF/NEF and GVF, 1972G NEF, 1973G GEF and lustrous, Five Marks Commemorative issues (5) 1969F 375th Anniversary of Gerhard Mercator KM#126.1 UNC, 1971D 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Albrecht Durer KM#129 A/UNC and lustrous 1974 25th Anniversary of Constitutional Law KM#138 nFDC with much original brilliance, 1986D 600th Anniversary of Heidelberg University KM#164 Lustrous UNC, 1986F 200th Anniversary of the Death of Frederick the Great KM#165 Lustrous UNC, all housed in a Lindner Tray

Auction 172
World Bulk Lots World (27) 1886 UNC (3), two lustrous and one with some toning, (6) s 1780 Maria Theresa Restrikes (3) Lustrous UNC one is Prooflike, 100 s (2) 1991 Mozart Proof FDC, 50 Schilling 1967 Centennial of the Blue Danbe Waltz Silver Proof nFDC retaining practically full brilliance, 25 Schillings 1967 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Theresa Silver Proof nFDC, Southern 1953 Cecil Rhodes AU/UNC and lustrous, Crown 1952 Lustrous UNC, Crown 1959 Lustrous UNC, 1944 Lustrous UNC, 30 i (2) 1963 KM#86 UNC or near so and lustrous, 1964 Wedding of Constantine and Anne-Marie KM#87 About UNC and lustrous, 1966 Pearce UNC and lustrous, Dollar 1958 NEF with some hairlines, 5 1971 Georgi Rakovski Prooflike UNC with light toning, 1966 (1968) Lustrous UNC, One Dollar 1994 the Queen Mother Silver Proof nFDC, 5 Kran AH1320 (1903) GVF/NEF , United Kingdoms AH1354 (1936) KM#18 Lustrous UNC, 1993 Queen Elizabeth II 40th Anniversary of the Coronation Silver Proof FDC in capsule with certificate, (3) (2) 1972F s KM#132 Silver Proof UNC lightly toned with some contact marks, 1987J 750th Anniversary of Lustrous UNC, , 1870 GVF/VF with small tone spots, USA s 1964 (2) both FDC in the envelope of issue with certificates, USA Last of the Silver Coinage 1964 a 5-coin set comprising , , Dime, and One Cent UNC, the Quarter Dollar a Mint issue, in unofficial case

Auction 172
World Bulk Lots World in (22) (6) 1972D s - Athletes kneeling KM#132 About UNC, 1972F Munich Olympics - Athletes kneeling KM#132 UNC, Five Marks (4) 1966D Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz KM#119.1 GEF, 1968 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Max von Pettenkofer KM#123.1 A/UNC, 1969F KM#112.1 GEF and lustrous, 1979 150th Anniversary of the German Archaeological Institute KM#150 Lustrous A/UNC with a gentle edge bruise, (7) (4) 1949 BELGIE Dutch legend KM#139.1 (2) both NVF, 1950 BELGIQUE Legend KM#138.1 Fine, 1951 BELGIE Dutch legend KM#139.1 Good Fine, (3) 1958 Brussels World Fair, coin alignment KM#150.1 EF and lustrous, 1960 King Baudouin's Marriage to Dona Fabiolade Mora y , coin alignment KM#152.1 (2) both UNC or near so, one with an attractive light tone, One Rand (3) 1966 Afrikaans Legend KM#71.2 UNC, 1967 English Legend KM#72.1 Lustrous UNC, 1969 Afrikaans Legend KM#80.2 UNC, 100 i 1981 an Championships KM#127 Lustrous UNC, 2000 Pesetas 1994 International Monetary Fund and Bank KM#937 Lustrous UNC, Two 1906 (h) VDP GJ Death of Christian IX and Accession of Frederik VIII KM#803 VF, (3) 50 s 1968 50 Years of the Republic Silver KM#2904.1, 25 Schillings (2) 1968 300th Anniversary of the Birth of von Hildebrandt Silver Proof UNC, 1971 200th Anniversary of the Bourse KM#2910 Silver Proof UNC

Auction 170
World Bulk Lots World in silver (14) One Rand (2) 1967 English Legend KM#72.1 UNC, 1967 Afrikaans legend KLM#72.2 UNC. 1996B Dragon of Breno KM#77 UNC with some hairlines, 50 (3) 1978 King Olav V 75th Birthday KM#424, UNC with light golden tone. 1991 Skiiers - 1994 Winter s - Lillehammer (2) KM#431 both nFDC lightly toned. GB 1981 Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Spencer S.LL4 UNC in capsule. Crown 2006 II 80th Birthday Silver Proof UNC. 25 s 1964Franz Grillparzer KM#2895.1 Lustrous AU/UNC with light toning. 1958 Brussels World Fair KM#150.1 UNC with golden tone. (4) (3) 1972J Olympics KM#131 UNC with good subdued lustre, 1972J KM#132 UNC and lustrous with some contact marks, 1989G 40th Anniversary of the Republic KM#173 Lustrous UNC, 1969G Theodor Fontane 1819-1898 150th Anniversary of his Birth KM#125.1 About UNC and lustrous

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots - The 1988 International Coin Fair, -German Friendship, 5 s of .999 FDC in the box of issue with certificates

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots GB and World a mixed group comprising 1974 World Cup silver medal, the reverse showing all the competing teams FDC with original receipt, Games 1972 s (2) and Winter Olympics 1972 Sapporo, each nFDC and showing a different on the reverse, Germany Munich Olympics (5) 1972G KM#1311972D, 1972F, 1972G, 1972J KM#132 UNC and nicely toned, GB Crowns 1977 Silver Jubilee Silver s (7) nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue, some with certificates, Crowns (3) 1890 VG with scratches, 1935 (2) GVF and GVF/NEF, s (2) 1829 VG/NF with a scratch on the obverse, 1887 Jubilee Head Fine, 1888 GF/NVF, Plastic Sets 1953 UNC (2), one with toning, (14) 1986 Games (11), 1989 Bill of Rights (3) GVF to UNC, s 1996 (2), Crowns (50) 1953, 1960, 1965 (22), 1972 (3, one mounted), 1977 (18), 1980 (2), 1981 (3), EF to UNC, Medals (3) Silver Jubilee 1977 (2) UNC in slide cases, City of London Crown-sized in , UNC in a slide case, Silver s (21) to George VI, Threepences (3) 1911, 1919M, 1939, 1843, World (16) mostly , with some in silver, includes two medallic issues, in mixed grades to VF, along with GB and World Paper Money a small lot includes over £25 redeemable UK currency and over $20 US redeemable currency in mixed lower grades

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots (20) -Cassel 2 1845 KM#608 Fine, 1855 Restoration of the Madonna Column in KM#465 GVF, Thalers (5) 1802A KM#368 Fine, 1871 Victory over KM#500 (2) EF and Good Fine, 1861 Coronation of Wilhelm and Augusta (2) KM#488 NEF and NVF, the second Ex-Reeves Auction 2/7/1976 Lot 1170, Prussia 1914 A Fine, 1910 A NEF, Saxe-Old- 1607WA Four Brothers KM#2 Fine, -Luneberg-- 4 Marien 1736 IAB KM#217 VF, One Mark 1898A NEF, Brunswick- 12 Mariengroschen 1674 KM#504 Fine, Cologne - Stuber 1744 Near Fine, Kreuzern (2) 1860 Fine, 1864 GF, Bavaria 2 Pfennig 1866 Good Fine, Prussia 3 Pfennigs 1872A, Schaumburg-Lippe 1858A Fine, Hesse-Cassel Silbergroschen 1853 Fine

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots Commemorative issues (105) (9) 1992G 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Kathe Kollwitz (4), 1992D 150th Anniversary of the Civil Pour-le-Mithe Order (5), (96) 1967F Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt (3), 1968D 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Max von Pettenkofer (2), 1968J 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Friedrich Raiffeissen, 1969F 375th Anniversary of the Death of Gerhard Mercator, 1970F 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Ludwig von Beethoven, 1981J 200th Anniversary of the Death of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (5), 1981G 150th Anniversary of the Death of Carl vom Stein, 1982F 10th Anniversary of the UN Environmental Conference (3), 1983J 100th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx (15), 1982D 150th Anniversary of the Death of Johann Wolfgang van Goethe (9), 1983G 500th Anniversary of the Birth of (2), 1984D 150th Anniversary of the German Customs Union (16), 1984J Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (6), 1985D Eisenbahn Nurnburg (22), 1986D 600th Anniversary of the Heidelberg University (9) A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, mostly contained in two Lindner trays, plus an additional small group of 10 Marks (9) 1972D s KM#131, 1972F Munich Olympics KM#131, 1972G Munich Olympics (3) KM#131, 1972J Munich Olympics KM#131, 1972F Munich Olympics KM#133, 1972F Munich Olympics KM#132, 1972J Munich Olympics KM#132 these UNC and lustrous, some with uneven tone

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots German (32) in an album, s series (20) 1972D, 1972F, 1972G, 1972J KM#131 (4), 1972D, 1972F, 1972G, 1972J KM#132 (4), 1972D, 1972F, 1972G, 1972J KM#133 (4), 1972D, 1972F, 1972G, 1972G, KM#134.1 (4), 1972D, 1972F, 1972G, 1972J KM#135 (4), (12) 1971D Albrecht Durer (3), 1973G Parliament (3), 1973J 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Nicholas Copernicus (3), 1974F 25th Anniversary of Constitutional Law (3) EF to UNC

Auction 133
World Bulk Lots GB and World mostly base metal issues but including earlier types with a few in also s and paranumismatic pieces and a Canadian Association set of tokens for the 1972 Olympic Games, along with a selection of books these of non-numismatic interest (lot)

Auction 126
World Bulk Lots 1972 Friedrich von Schiller KM#40 UNC, (2) 1972 s KM#131 UNC, 1990 800th Anniversary of the Order KM#176 Lustrous UNC, (3) 1980 100th Anniversary of Cologne Cathedral KM#153 UNC, 1976 300th Anniversary of the death of von Grimmelshausen KM#144 UNC, 1969 375th Anniversary of the death of Gerhard Mercator KM#126.1 Lustrous UNC

Auction 108
World Bulk Lots 1855 Column KM 465 Good VF,

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