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Lancashire : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 159
Medals Prize Medals in silver (2) , and North Agricultural Society, aded to Moore, Murton & Varley, for Improvements in bearings of Wringer Washing Machines, Exhibited at Manchester 1887, by Elkington and Co. EF boxed, Royal Standard Benefit Society 1828 Presented to Jas Cox 'As a Token of Respect For His s to the Society' EF with suspension loop and blue ribbon, EF boxed

Auction 159
Medals Silver medals (3) AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS awarded to Comp.H.F.Inkpen No.2032, W.Bro T.A.Doble No.2722, Bro.C.Harrop No.3655, a further group in base metal (3) AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS awarded to W.Bro E.G.Morey No.2032, Bro. E.J.Harrison No.2032, Bro N.E.Inkster No.4975, a further two AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS without inscriptions, all boxed, Prize Medal Currant Buns awarded by L. with bars LEEDS and 1930, Presented by the Central Currant Office (), in silver, boxed, East Masonic award by George Kenning & Son in silver, boxed, A Masonic Medal in silver Religious themed Awarded to Bro.A.G. No.1767, by Medal Co.Ltd, - Lima Masonic Award R.L.S Waldo Olivos Torrejon No.134 boxed, in mixed condition some near mint state

Auction 150
Medals Agricultural Society, Agricultural Prize Medal 1937 22 grammes of 9 carat gold, Society for Improvement of Agriculture Exergue INST.SALFORD HVND LANCASHIRE MDCCLXVII in three lines, EF
£200 London Coins : A150 : Lot 746 : Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society, Agricultural Prize Medal 1937 22 grammes of 9 carat gold, Soc... London Coins : A150 : Lot 746 : Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society, Agricultural Prize Medal 1937 22 grammes of 9 carat gold, Soc...

Auction 139
Medals Agricultural Society silver medal by Elkington (hallmarked silver) to H. for horse and shoeing (Inter-District Comp.) show 1939, in case. EF.

Auction 136
Medals Prize Medals in Silver (3) Hovis Bread (2) Worsley 1936 awarded to J.W.Murray, 1929 awarded to H.Tong, The Confectioners Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition awarded to H.Corradine 1930 GF to NEF, in base metal EF, Double Florin the reverse with an engraved of a on a plinth over a Rose with the inscription EGYPT, EAST LANCASHIRE Fine, Halfpenny Token 1793 barracks Good Fine

Auction 126
Medals Agricultural Show Medals (4) 1936 uniface, 38mm in silver, boxed UNC, Tunbridge Wells 1939 presented to Maurice Drucquer, 40mm in silver A/UNC boxed, Agricultural Society (2) in Silver 48mm and Bronze 48mm both boxed UNC

Auction 126
Medals Prize medals (4) Shoe and Leather Exhibition 1925 presented to A.J.Jackson 38mm diameter in silver, boxed UNC, Croydon Master Bakers Exhibition 1938 presented to H.W.Thornton 38mm diameter in silver, boxed UNC, and Grocers Exhibition 1902 38mm diameter in silver presented to J.B.Jowett EF with some scratches on the reverse, Institute of Clay workers Medal 1946 37mm in silver aded to Reuben James GEF with suspension loop at top, boxed

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