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Korea : World Cased and Proof Coins

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 185
World Cased One Dollar (20) 1923 GEF, 1971S UNC, and issues (18) 1984S s Proof, 1986S Silver Proof, 1987S 200th of the Silver Proof, 1989S Bicentennial Silver Proof, 1990P Centennial Silver Proof, 1991P n War 38th Anniversary Silver Proof, 1991P 50th Anniversary UNC, 1992W 200th Anniversary of the White House Silver Proof, 1993S James - Bill of Rights Silver Proof, 1994S Silver Proof, 1994W National Museum UNC, 1994W Veterans Memorial UNC, 1995P Olympics - Silver Proof, 1995P Atlanta Olympics - Silver Proof, 1995W 50th Anniversary Silver Proof, 1996P Smithsonian Institution 150th Anniversary Silver Proof, 1996P Atlanta s - Wheelchair Racer Silver Proof, 1998S Robert F. UNC, UNC to FDC in a Westminster box, The History of the Silver Coin Collection a 21-coin set comprising One Dollar (14) 1921 Morgan VF, 1923S VF, 1983S Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1984S Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1986S Statue of Liberty Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1987S Bicentennial of the Constitution Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1988S Seoul Olympics Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1989S Congress Bicentennial Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1990W Eisenhower Centenary of his Birth UNC, 1991S 50th Anniversary of the United s Organisation Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1991P War Memorial Silver Proof, 1991S Mount Rushmore Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1992P Silver Proof UNC toned, 1993S - Bill of Rights Silver Proof UNC, Half Dollars (7) 1893 n Exposition Good Fine, 1935S VG, 1946S Booker T. Washington VF, 1948D Fine, 1952 Washington/Carver GVF,1982S Silver Proof nFDC toned, 1993S James Madison - Bill of Rights Silver Proof, all in the album

Auction 184
World Cased Qing Dynasty coins a 7-coin set comprising coins from Gao Zong (1736-1795), Ren Zong (1796-1820), Xuan Zong (1821-1850), Wen Zong (1851-1861), Mu Zong (1862-1874), De Zong (1875-1908), Ai Hsin Chio-Lo Pu I (1909-1911) Fair to Fine, all stuck into a presentation book, an unofficial set 1971 (9 coins) Five to One Ore, UNC in a slide case, Coin and Banknote Set comprising Banknotes (2) 50 Chun and 10 Chun, and 50 Hwan 1959, 100 Won, 50 Won, 10 Won, Five Won and One Won (3) 1966-1972 types, in a sealed pack, VF to UNC, an 18-coin set Five to One Satang comprising Five Baht 1980, Baht (4) 1977 (2), 1982 (2), 50 Satang (2) 1957, 1980, 25 Satang (2) 1957, 1977, Ten Satang (3) 1937, 1950, 1957, Five Satang (4) 1937, 1946, 1950, 1957, One Satang (2) 1937, 1942 in mixed grades to UNC, Five s 2006 II 80th Birthday UNC on the card of issue, along with China a 10-coin set of Fantasy issues comprising types from Shun-Chi, Kang-Hsi, Yung-Cheng, Chien-Lung, Chia-Ching, Tao-Kwong, Shen-Fung, Tung-Chi, Kwong-Shui, Shen-Tung, VF to EF one holed

Auction 183
World Cased World in (20) The Official Silver Coins of the Games, comprising 25 s 1968 UNC, West Ten Marks 1972J UNC with some contact marks and a few flecks of toning, (2) Ten Dollars 1973 World Map UNC with some handling marks, Five Dollars 1976 Fencers UNC, 50 s 1964 GEF with some contact marks, South (2) 10,000 Won 1986 Lustrous UNC, 5000 Won 1987 Proof nFDC with some toning, Austria 100 Schilling 1976 UNC with some toning, (2) Ten s 1978 Horse s UNC, Five Roubles 1980 Archery Lustrous UNC, (6) 1984S Lustrous UNC, One Dollar 1984P Lustrous UNC, One Dollar 1995P Gymnasts UNC, One Dollar 1996 Prooflike UNC, 1996 Lustrous UNC, 250 a 1982 UNC, 2000 Pesetas 1992, Prooflike UNC with some toning, 1992 Prooflike UNC with some toning, 500 Markkaa 1952H GVF, Ten Zloty 1995 Prooflike UNC, all but two with certificates

Auction 181
World Cased South - The Bank of Korea Mint set 1991-1993 a 6-coin set comprising 500 Won 1993, 100 Won 1993, 50 Won 1993, 10 Won 1993, 5 Won 1991 and 1 Won 1991 BU in the case of issue with certificate, the first we have offered

Auction 179
World Cased (19) Ten Dollars (2) 1990 Birds of Australia - Cockatoo Proof, 1993 Birds of Australia - Palm Cockatoo Silver Proof, (11) 2002P II One Silver Proof with coloured Union Jack on the reverse, 2003 Golden Jubilee One Ounce Silver Proof with coloured on the reverse, 2003 50th of the End of the n Silver Proof, 2005 Prince Henry 21st Birthday One Ounce Silver Proof with colour portrait on the reverse, 2006 50 Years of Australian Television Silver Proof, 2007 75th Anniversary of the Harbour Bridge Silver Proof, 2010 100 Years of Australian Coinage Silver Proof, 2010 Lunar Silver Proof, 2011 Chinese Lunar Silver Proof, 2011P Greater Blue Mountains One Ounce Silver Proof with coloured reverse ( Mint Coin Show Special), 2011 The President's Cup Silver Proof, (2) 2000 Chinese Lunar Silver Proof, 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Proof FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, many are .999 silver issues, Sets (3) 1988 a 2-coin set The (One Dollar) and Dump () Prooflike UNC in the sleeve of issue, 2009 200 Years of Australia Post a 2-coin set comprising Five Dollars 2009 Silver Proof 36.31 grammes of .999 silver with coloured reverse, and One Dollar 2009 UNC, in the box of issue with certificates, 2011 a 2-coin set comprising Two Cents Silver Proof and Silver Proof, nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Five Dollars 1990 One Ounce A/UNC
£280 London Coins : A179 : Lot 694 : Australia (19) Ten Dollars (2) 1990 Birds of Australia - Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1993 Birds of Austra... London Coins : A179 : Lot 694 : Australia (19) Ten Dollars (2) 1990 Birds of Australia - Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1993 Birds of Austra...

Auction 177
World Cased World - FAO Money boards (4) Money board 1 (3) with 2 boards complete with 19 coins the third has 18 coins with the 10 1970 missing, Board 3 (19 coins) the Board 1s comprising issues from , , , , n Republic, Egypt, , , , , , , , , , and (2) and Money board 3 comprising issues from , , Saudi , Algeria (2), Iran, , , , , Syria, Seychelles, Vietnam, , d Arab Emirates, India and (2) all issues from 1968-1974 UNC as issued

Auction 176
World Cased World s (14) 1982 (11 coins) 100 Francs to One Cent, (8 coins) Five Francs to One Rappen, 1988 (7 coins), (2) 1977 (6 coins) with no outer case, 1988 (8 coins) Two Dollars to One Cent, 1981 (6 coins), 1983 (7 coins), 1983 (7 coins), 1981 (6 coins), 1982 (6 coins), 1982 (7 coins) One Dollar to One Cent, 1987 (7 coins), 1985 (8 coins) Two Pounds to One Penny, 1983 (8 coins) 100 Piso to One Centimo, nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, Mint Sets (8) 1984 (7 coins), (6 coins) 500 Won to One Won, (6) 1981 (6 coins), 1982 (6 coins), 1983 (4 coins), 1984 (5 coins), 1985 (5 coins), 1986 (5 coins) UNC in the cases of issue, Coins a 2-coin set 1983S and 1984S Proofs nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificates, USA Liberty coins 1986-1996 a 2-coin set comprising One Dollar 1986S Silver Proof and Half Dollar 1986S - Proof, nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificates

Auction 176
World Cased GB and World comprising GB 1999 Silver with hologram reverse, FDC in the box of issue with certificate, GB s a 4-coin set in silver comprising 1972 II and , 1977 Queen Elizabeth II , 1980 80th Birthday, and 1981 of and Lady Spencer Silver Proofs FDC in the Red box of issue with certificate and booklet, Ten Dollars (3) 1986 One Ounce .500 Silver Proof, 1986 One Ounce .500 Silver Proof, 1988 One Ounce .999 Silver Proof FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, 100 Piso 1983 (75th) of the University of the Philippines Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1985 40th of Silver Proof, 1987 Silver Proof FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, St. & Ascension a 2-coin set 1984 Royal Visit Silver Proofs (2) nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificate, GB// The Allied Invasion of a 3-coin set comprising GB 1994 D-Day Landings , USA 1995 50th Anniversary of the End of , and France 1993 D-Day Landings Silver Proofs FDC inn the box of issue with certificates, 100 Shilingi 1986 (2) UNC in the WWF folders of issue, a 2-coin set in silver The (One Ounce) and Dump () 1988 UNC in the Mint folder of issue, USA Cents (2) 1988 (2) both struck off-centre with parts of blank flan Lustrous UNC, Coin and Banknote set a 10-piece set 1959-1972 comprising Banknotes 10 Chun and 5 Chun, and 100 Won to 1 Won one coin of each denomination in mixed grades, in a sealed pack, Numismatic Covers (3) GB D-Day Landings 1944 comprising Fifty Pence 1994 Silver Proof FDC and set of 6x 25p stamps, UNC on the envelope of issue, in a presentation pack with 'Information Pack' with details of the famous operation. The New £1 coin 1983 comprising One Pound 1983 UNC with 16p stamp UNC on the envelopes of issue (2), lic covers (3) 1994 25th Anniversary of the Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of (2) each comprising Medal 39mm diameter and 6x stamps 19p, 25p, 30p, 35p, 41p and £1.50 UNC on the envelopes of issue, Airlift 1948-1949 comprising Medal and 4x First Class stamps UNC on the envelope of issue

Auction 165
World Cased 5 Roubles 1904 NEF, 2 1/2 Pesos Gold 1945 EF, along with s (6) 1999S (9 coins, with ), 2000S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2001S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2002S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2003S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2004S (10 coins, with State Quarters), Proof Set 2006S (10 coins), USA 2005 State Quarters Silver Proof Set (5 coins), USA State Quarter Proof Sets (2) 2007S, 2008S (5 coins each), USA Presidential Dollar sets (2) 2007, 2008 (4 coins each), USA ional Coin Set 1989 Silver Dollar and - Half Dollar Proofs, USA Coins 1991 a 2-coin set comprising Silver Dollar and Cupro-Nickel Half Dollar Proofs, 1995S field a 2-coin set comprising Silver Dollar and Cupro-Nickel Half Dollar USA Dollars (5) 1986S Silver Proof, 1987S Silver Proof, 1990P Centennial Silver Proof, 1991P n War Memorial Silver Proof, 1992S US s - Baseball Player Silver Proof, USA Half Dollars (5) 1982S Silver Proof, 1982D George Washington Silver UNC, 1986S 100th Anniversary of the Silver Proof, 1991S Cupro-Nickel Proof, 1995SUS Olympics - Baseball players Cupro-Nickel Proof, Silver Eagle 1986S Proof, USA Bicentennial Proof Set 1976 a 3-coin set comprising One Dollar 1976S, Half Dollar 1976S and Quarter Dollar 1976S Silver Proofs, USA Mint Sets (3) 1990P, 1990D, 1996D UNC in the original plastic, USA Dollars Susan B.Anthony 1979 a three-coin set , and Mints, UNC, USA Cents (7) 1982P (4), 1982D (3), UNC and lustrous, USA Cents in a Whitman folder (56) 1959-1984 Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco issues Lustrous UNC, includes aluminium token and Cupro-Nickel medal UNC, USA Dollars (3) 1904O in a PCI holder and graded MS64, 1921 Morgan VF, 1922D NVF, USA Half Dollar 1976 GVF, USA Cents (2) 1862 Fine, 1904 VG, Halfpenny 1723 Woods Fair, USA The National Bicentennial Medal 1976, UNC, USA The Official Brooklyn Bridge Medal 1983 UNC in a slide case, Franc 1975 EF, USA Satirical Medal -The Oil Crisis, Reverse-Three wise monkeys in UNC, East Mint Set a mixed date set (6 coins, One Mark to One Pfennig) 1980-1990 UNC in a slide case, the 20 Pfennig with corrosion, USA/ a coin and Banknote set comprising USA Half Dollar 1969D NEF and Peru 100 Intis banknote 1987 UNC

Auction 165
World Cased s (2) 1982S, 1985S, FDC cased, One Dollar 1991P n Silver Proof, USA One Dollar and Half Dollar set 1986 One Dollar Silver Proof boxed with certificate, and Half Dollar Liberty - Proofs nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificate, USA Five Cents the 'Wartime Nickel' set (11 coins) comprising 1942P, 1942S, 1943P, 1943D, 1943S, 1944P, 1944D, 1944S, 1945P, 1945D, and 1945S EF to UNC and lustrous, Statehood Quarters 1999 a 5-coin set gold plated EF to UNC, Five Pounds 2009 plated silver with inset rubies Proof nFDC in the London Mint box with certificate, Dollars (2) 1977 - Throne of the ' Silver Proofs nFDC, in the boxes of issue, Medal 2012 RMS nFDC with coloured reverse, (3) Two Reichsmarks (2) 1936D Fine, 1937F Fine, and a Lusitania Medal 1915 UNC, USA Half Dollar 2001P with coloured obverse of UNC on the card of issue, along with a further three empty case for Half Sovereigns and Sovereigns

Auction 159
World Cased South 1986 Seoul South East n Games a 5-coin set 20000 Won (2), 10000 Won (2) these Proofs, with 1000 Won - Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, South Korea Proof Set 1988 Seoul s (5 coins) 10000 Won Silver Proof, 5000 Won Silver Proofs (2), 2000 Nickel Proof, 1000 Won Cupro-Nickel Proof, FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Mint Set 1980 UNC boxed, Proof Sets 1979 2-coin sets the Development Oriented Sets 50 Rupees and 10 Rupees (2 sets) nFDC in the cases of issue, along with unofficial sets and singles includes , and Siam (38, in mixed grades coins in total) and GB over £11 redeemable currency

Auction 152
World Cased Dollars (22) 1880S VF, 1923 NVF, 1971S VF, 1976S Proof, 1983S s Silver Proof, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof, 1986S Silver Proof 1987 US 200th Silver Proof, 1988S Olympic Games Seoul Silver Proof, 1989D Bicentennial UNC, 1990 UNC, 1991P Silver Proof, 1991 Silver Proof, 1992D White House UNC, 1992D UNC, 1992S Olympic Baseball Silver Proof, 1993D James UNC, 1994S Silver Proof, 1994P Memorial Silver Proof, 1995S field Preservation Silver Proof, 2002 Tribe UNC, plus 2001 a copy in base metal, painted UNC, s (2) 1973S, (8 coins), 1976S (6 coins), plus a host of sets of and Quarters in various presentation folders, Dollars in a presentation album 2000-2004 (12) Lustrous UNC, Presidential Dollars 2 collections in albums 2007-2011 20 pieces and 19 pieces respectively, all lustrous UNC, plus Books (3) Yeoman Blue Book 2010, State Quarters by Q.David Bowers, and 2007 North n Coins and Prices a Krause publication edited by Davis C.Harper all in very good condition

Auction 152
World Cased s 1893 and 1984 Los es s s (4) in three cases two singles and a double aUNC - FDC South 5000 Won 1988 Olympics BU cased , GB s 1953 (10) Unc and 25p (5)

Auction 149
World Cased Winter s 1994 a 4-coin set sized and in silver comprising , , 10 and 500 Won FDC cased, a 2-coin set 1991 Lillehammer Winter Olympics 1994 s FDC cased with certificates, Dollar 2002P Olympics Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue, along with USA 1926S Trail VF in a presentation box

Auction 148
World Cased 50000 Won 1986 Seoul s KM#59 FDC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 143
World Cased 2 a 41 coin set issues of Rama IX in mixed grades in the folder of issue, Mint Set 1981 UNC in wallet, Mint Set 1996 UNC in the white wallet of issue, Five s UNC in the wallet of issue, Mint Set 1980 UNC in the box of issue, 1981 FDC boxed, Easter Island Min Set 2007 UNC uncased, Mint Set 1987 UNC uncased, 500 Tolarjev 2007 Year of the Disabled UNC, One Kwacha 1974 UNC, 100 1990 UNC

Auction 143
World Cased Mint Set 1988 (6 coins and stamp) 500 Won to 1 Won produced for the Seoul s UNC in a glass frame

Auction 142
World Cased Australia 2001 Bimetallic Ten Dollars (20) 1982 games Silver Proof, 1985 Silver Proof, 1986 Silver Proof, 1987 Silver Proof, 1988 Governor Philip at Port Silver Proof, 1989 Silver Proof, 1989 Birds of Australia Silver Proof, 1990 Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1991 Black-necked Stork Silver Proof, 1990 Silver Proof, 1991 Silver Proof, 1991 Emperor Penguin Silver Proof, 1992 Silver Proof, 1997 Endangered Species Black Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1998 Endangered Species Hairy nosed Wombat Silver Proof, 1999 The Past Silver Proof, 2000 The Present Silver Proof, 2001 The Future Silver Proof, 2005 of the PGA Silver Proof, Five Dollars Silver Proofs (9) 1996 Sir Donald Bradman, 1998 Flying Doctors, 2002 , 2005 Gallipoli, 2006 City of , 2007 Year of the Lifesaver, 2007 The Ashes, 2008 Northern Territory, 2008 Centenary of League, Silver Proofs (12) 1995 Waltzing Matilda, 1999 Last Anzacs, 1999 Majestic Images, 2000 Proclamation Cartwheel , 2000 HMAS II, 200enary of the , 2003 Golden Pipeline, 2003 n , 2004 Eureka Stockade, 2007 Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2008 Coat of Arms, 2009 60 Years of Australian Citizenship, Silver Proofs (3) 2000 Visit, 2002 50th of the , 2003 50th Anniversary of the , and Dump 2003 Silver Proof FDC in the cases of issue with certificates

Auction 142
World Cased South 1970 in .999 uncased (6 coins) 1000 Won UN Forces 1970 KM#13, 500 Won KM#12, 250 Won KM#11, 200 Won KM#10, 100 Won KM#8, 50 Won KM#7 nFDC-FDC all in .999 silver

Auction 141
World Cased s 2010 (9) each with a different image of prehistoric animals UNC in the hard plastic case of issue

Auction 136
World Cased FAO boards (5) Money 1 1968-1971, Money 3 1972-1973, Money 4 1973-1974, Money 5 1974-1975, Money 6 1975-1976 UNC on the boards of issue, 1000 Won 2002 (8) UNC in the Mint Packs of issue

Auction 135
World Cased GB s (7) Flat Packs (6) 1971, 1976 (2), 1978, 1981, 1982, Blue Set 1983 FDC in the cases of issue, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 UNC in the wallet of issue, Unofficial Year Set 1967 UNC in plastic case, Fifty Pence 2002 Silver Proof, Dollar 2006 Silver Proof, GB Two Pounds Britannia 2005 Silver Proof, 50 Crowns 2005 Silver Proof, Australia Dollar 2006 Fifty Years of Television Silver Proof, Australia Dollar 2003 50th of the n , Australia 50 Cents 2002 50th Anniversary of Silver Proof FDC in capsules, Dollars (4) 1978 University of Western , 1984 Banff Winter Festival, 1984 Exhibition Organisation (2) UNC, GB Medal II 1977 44mm diameter in silver by J.Pinches FDC boxed, Crowns (38) 1951 (1), 1953 (2), 1965 (5), 1972 (3), 1977 (10), 1980 (5), 1981 (12), Five Pound Crowns (6) 2001 (4), 2004 (1), 2005 Admiral (1) EF-UNC

Auction 133
World Cased 10 Won an 8-coin set 2008 each depicting famous ships FDC in the blue case of issue

Auction 123
World Cased Mint Set 1986 n Games Seoul 5 coins 20,000 Won (2) in torch bearer and Pul Guk Temple KM44 and 45, 10,000 Won (2) in silver soccer and KM42 and 43, 1000 Won - Lion Dance KM 41 BU in a brown velvet hard case

Auction 121
World Cased South 1988 Seoul s a 16 coin set comprising (8) and 5000 Won (8) FDC cased as issued the case water damaged

Auction 104
World Cased Games Athens 2004 s (10) 10 Won 2003 Martial Arts ? (5) 5 Won Sword Fencing (5) aFDC

Auction 102
World Cased an interesting group of modern issues (8) 5 Won (6), 10 Won (1) and 500 Won (1) this 1999 others 2002 or 2003 a

Auction 102
World Cased 10 Won 2000, 3000 Years of History FDC in a plastic capsule

Auction 101
World Cased s (7) 5 Won 2002 (5) four in plastic capsules, 10 Won 2003 (2) all FDC and all different types

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