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Jeton : World Bulk Lots

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 185
World Bulk Lots World (15) a varied group comprising - -Ernestine (Zingroschen) (1525-1528) KM#144 Fine, German States - Pomerania 1/12th 169- ILA (will be 1693) with straight-sided shield KM#323 VG with the last digit of the date worn, German States - Half undated (1432) MB#4 undated Fair, Three Kreuzer undated Charles Louis Ernest (1590-1648) Fine, - Namur Liard (3) 1712 VG/Near Fine, 1713 KM#26 (3) the first VG, the second Near Fine, bent, Livonian Confederation Dorpat Schilling undated (1541) Fine/VG with some verdigris, Double Tournois 1640 Fair, (4) Emirs of Khandak Fals Shu'Ayb ibn Umar 854-900AD (4) Fair to VG, and a (?) 21mm diameter in lead (?) Obverse Double headed eagle, reverse a Crowned rose, undated, with the appearance of a detector find, and a German States Bishopric (c.14th to ) worn with little detail remaining

Auction 184
World Bulk Lots (19) 4 Mon (12) (1769-1860) C#4.2 (3) Near Fine and Fine (2), undated (1863-1867) C#6 (3) Near Fine and Fine (2), undated (1863-1867) C#6a (6) all around Fine, Mon (7) undated (1626-1636) (2) VG and Fine, undated (1737) (2) C#1.1a both VG, undated (1741) Osaka Mint C#1.8 (2) VG and Near Fine/Fine, undated (1767) Nagasaki Mint C#1.11 Fine, along with a c.1600 VG with some corrosion

Auction 183
World Bulk Lots World a wide ranging mix from a multitude of countries, mostly 19th and issues (188) includes (6), (6), (3), (2), (2), (4), ZAR (3), GB (6), (5), (10), (5), (2), (2), (1), Indian (11), British India (8), (1), (20), (18), (2), East Africa (4), (1), (1), (1), (7), (2), (1), (3), (1), (1), (3), (1), (1), (2), (2), (1), (1), (1), (1), (4), (2), (2), (1), (1), (2), (2), (1), (1), (2), (4), (2), North (1), (2), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), Roman and Ancient s (3), and (1), most with attributions, with many in , includes some useful pieces, in mixed grades with some EF to Lustrous UNC

Auction 183
World Bulk Lots World (13) 1/8 Sol 1775 KM#5 Fine, 1939 KM#44 Fine, - / lic 1814 Prince William of Nassau, Inauguration as Prince, Good Fine, Netherlands Coronation of I 23mm diameter in medal Good Fine, Austria Half Kreuzer 1714 uniface KM#1533 Fine, Kreuzer 1700 KM#612 VG, - Messina o (1209-1220) Fine on an irregular flan, Austria Heller 1759HA KM#2001 Fine, Austria Ten Kreuzer 1764KB KM#1810 VG, House of Habsburg bronze 1792 Near Fine, Austria - 4 Kreuzer 1692 KM#277 VG damaged in the centre, Austria a 1848A Fine, holed, Pogh Lvon V (1374-1375) Obverse: Lion facing right, Reverse: Cross, Fine

Auction 182
World Bulk Lots GB and World a varied group (8) - Half Silber 1847A KM#434 VF, - One Kreuzer 1813 KM#72 Fine with grey tone, Tokens (2) Middlesex - , Pidcocks, Elephant/Rhinoceros right. , DH416b NVF/VF, Middlesex 1801, Pidcocks Lion/beaver, DH 1069 NVF, Toy Money, (3) Prince Albert, Prince of and Princess Louisa Fine to VF, and - Tournai , About Fine

Auction 181
World Bulk Lots 1889 Universal Exposition, Centenary of the 1789 33mm diameter in , by Barre GVF, Medal 1878 Exposition 30mm diameter by Barre VF with some scattered tone spots, France War Administration , Obverse: Bust of Louis IV, Reverse: Pomegranate tree, Feuardent 919, 25mm diameter in bronze Good Fine ,along with a further group of earlier coins and jetons (25) including pre-Revolution types, these in lower grades

Auction 180
World Bulk Lots World to (248) the majority an issues, includes Dime 1918S VF, - 1857 George Davis - Self Government and Free Trade VF, GB 1811 Peterborough About Fine, 1/13th 1877 EF and lustrous, USA Hard Times Token 1863 First in War, First in Peace/Union For Ever VF, also includes tokens, s, s, hammered and a small group of ancients, includes many useful pieces, some in , in mixed grades

Auction 179
World Bulk Lots and related a varied group (31) 1833 I, Octagonal, Obverse: Bust right with date below, Reverse: Scales and two tablets with inscriptions, FIDUCIA JUDICES NOTAIRES DE L'ARRONDr.DE PONTOISE, 34mm diameter in by Caqué,15.06 grammes VF/GVF, (3 Livres) 1793 Obverse: Genius of Liberty writing the CONSTITUTION placed on a cippus, signed DUPRE, Phrygian cap and triangle in field REGNE DE LA LOI, Reverse: PIECE D'ESSAI within a wreath, REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE 1793 VG.388, 18.30 grammes, Fine/Good Fine, comes with old ticket from 1968, Half Ecu 1792A gilded , Fair, 30 Sols (4) 1791A Fine, 1792 I Limoges Mint, Fine with some adjustment lines, 1792W Lille Mint VG, 1793W Lille Mint Fine with some adjustment lines, (5) 1791A Fine, 1791D Lyon Mint VG/Near Fine, 1791H La Rochelle Mint Near Fine/Fine, 1791 I Limoges Mint Fine, 1792 I Limoges Mint About Fine, Two Sols 1793 L'An 2W Fine, One Sol (5) 1793AA /L'An II VG, 1793 I /L'An II Fair, L'An II AA no AD date KM#620.1 VG, L'n IID (worn, type uncertain) Poor, One Decime (2) Provisional Coinage 1814BB (2) N on obverse both VG, 1823A VF, 1822A Fine, Five Centimes 1808BB Good, 1814 KM#2.1 Fair, Three s 1792 mintmark unclear, LIBERTE ET EGALITE reverse, French States (3) Antwerp (2), Ten Centimes 1814 Reverse: Wide LL monogram within wreath, R below ribbon, ANVERS, KM#7.2 Fine, Rare, Lille 20 Sols 1708 KM#7 Fine, Rare (2) Ten Centimes 1843A NVF, Five Centimes 1843A Fine, France Token Issues, Two Sols 1792 Monneron KMTn#23 Fine, 2 Sols 6 Deniers Token issue 1791KM#Tn37 NVF, along with 1723 a fantasy underweight at 5.52 grammes, Fine

Auction 179
World Bulk Lots s (6) , (c.1747) , Royal Aca of Sciences, Feuardent 4404, Good Fine, 1786 Louis XVI, Reverse: Crowned and draped shield JETTON DES RTATES DE BRETAGNE, Feuardent 8790, VF/GVF nicely toned, Jeton undated 28mm diameter in , Obverse: Louis XIII, Conrad Lauffer, VF, 1596 28mm diameter in Obverse: on horseback HENRICVS IIII GALLIAE ET NAVAR REX, Reverse Shields Crown and sword OMNIS VICTORIA A DNO Fine, 1646 27mm diameter in copper, Celis Tourones region - Touraine - Nobility and Towns, Arms of Jacques Bout, Near Fine, Token 1649 35mm diameter in plated copper, Obverse: Crowned French Arms, SIT . NOMEN . DOMINI . BENEDICTVM, Reverse: CHENEVIERES SUR MARNE S.O. TEL .3 ECU DE FRANCE. NVF

Auction 178
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (70), includes many items, (5) 1978 FAO Lustrous UNC, 1946 EF, 1918 NVF, 1/12th Anna (2) 1909 EF, 1926 GVF, (6) Gulden 1963 Lustrous UNC, 1963 Lustrous UNC with a hint of toning, One Tenth Gulden 1963 Lustrous UNC, 1963 Lustrous UNC, 2 1/ 1959 A/UNC and lustrous, 1963 Lustrous UNC, Russia (2) Five Kopeks (2) 1780 EM VF, 1781 EM VF, Ten Francs (3) 1965 (2) the first Lustrous A/UNC, the second EF cleaned, 1966 GEF, (2)1966 (dated 66) UNC, 1968 (dated 68) NEF, s 1964 (5) UNC (3), A/UNC and EF, (3) Crowns (3) 1949 (2) the first GEF lightly toned, the second NEF with some spots and thin scratches, 1953 UNC, (200 Fils) 1932 (2) both Fine, India Rupee 1892 Bombay Mint, B incuse VF, with some darker toning, New 1938 GVF, 1974 Sea Turtle Lustrous UNC, Crown 1971 Barbary Ape UNC retaining some original brilliance, (2) Five Francs 1967B Lustrous UNC with some minor contact marks, 1953B GVF, (12) (2) 1961 VF, 1967 Goose EF toned, 1967 Howling Wolf GEF toned, (4) 1909 Fine, 1967 Lynx (3) NEF, EF and GEF the last with attractive toning, (3) 1949 NEF, 1967 Mackeral (2) EF and GEF, Five Cents 1967 Rabbit Lustrous UNC, One Cent 1967 Dove A/UNC, Canada - One Cent 1865 NVF, Spain Two Pesetas 1870 (dated 74) Fine, - Five Baiocchi 1853R Good Fine, Ten AH1293/32 (1906) Fine, - (2) Four 1796 KM#362 VG, Groschen 1856A VF, (2) 1861 NVF, 1/24th Shilling 1923 VF, 1830 NVF, Italian States - Two Lire 1801, 9.389 grammes variant, Near Fine, the reverse with some verdigris, scarce, Indian - Rupee AH1311 Fine, India 1803 Fine, 25 Cents 1893 NEF, Five Pfennigs 1921E EF, Germany - (2) Ten Rentenpfennigs 1924J VF, Two Pfennigs 1936F VF, Germany - Two Pfennigs 1938D VF, (3) 20 Stotinki 1917 Zinc (2) Good Fine and VF, 10 Stotinki 1913 About Fine, 1949 GVF, Ten Centesimi 1933-34 EF Peace Celebration 34mm diameter in , holed for suspension, and an unattributed badge/, no legend or date, uniface bust right, the edge with four mounting lugs, one broken, Fine

Auction 178
World Bulk Lots GB and World (25) comprising GB (8) Elizabeth I 1583 mintmark Bell Fair/VG with an edge cut, Penny 1917 Near Fine, (6) 1700 Fair, 1718 Fine, 1731 About Fine, 1773 VG, 1806 VG, 1807 VG, (6) s (2) 1942 Fine, toned, 1944 Good Fine, toned, 1854 NVG, 1898 Near Fine, (2) 1891 G/VG, 1903 EF with traces of lustre, Evasion 1791 GLORIOVS IER VES/HEBRIDES, VG, 1897 Fine, 1840 Continuous Legend VG, Mil 1865 KM#2 Fine, 1870 VG, Four Falus AH1289 Fine, 1956 NEF, 1/12th 1894 Fine, GB Penny Token 1812 Sheffield - For Public Accommodation, Fine, GB Middlesex 1793 Princess of /Portcullis VG, and VG

Auction 178
World Bulk Lots and (4) German States (2) 1861A Coronation of Wilhelm and KM#488 VF/GVF, Groten 1744 shield ornamented KM#198 Fine, Germany (2) One Mark 1875A KM#7 VG, 1906G KM#17 Fine, along with Nuremberg s (3) VG to Near Fine
£40 London Coins : A178 : Lot 2071 : Germany and German States (4) German States (2) Prussia Thaler 1861A Coronation of Wilhelm and Augus... London Coins : A178 : Lot 2071 : Germany and German States (4) German States (2) Prussia Thaler 1861A Coronation of Wilhelm and Augus...

Auction 176
World Bulk Lots s (5) AH1354 KM#18 (5) EF to UNC one toned, the others lustrous, Temple Token VF and a 27mm diameter in VG

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots GB and World a diverse group (20) includes GB Hammered (3) s Elizabeth I and both Fare, Elizabeth I 1565 mintmark Pheon Fair/VG, Two Reales 1718J Fine toned, Half Real 1800 Mo VG, n Cobs One Real (2) 1766 an d 166- (last digit nor readable) possibly issues, VG to Near Fine, - Grossi worn, (2) 10 Sols 1/12th 1643A VG, 12 Sols 1741 Fine, Dump Coinage (2), Denar 1554 Near Fine, Lead Token uniface with large H on the obverse, 19mm diameter, Fine, Roman Lucius Opeimius 134BC Head of Roma Right /Victory Galloping right in quadriga holding wreath, L.OPEIMI beneath Fine, / 1578 VG, a Shilling sized very worn and damaged flan, and unidentified dump coinage 20mm and 212mm diameter each with a figure on horseback, much of the legend missing off the edge of the respective flans

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots World (14) Dutch Negapatam Early type, 17th to , 9mm diameter, 0.38 grammes Good Fine, Indian - Velli Fanam (1864) KM#24.1 Fine, VG with a large edge chip, GB Hammered Penny, worn, 1624 NVF, 1662 30mm diameter in Philip IIII Good Fine, Jeton 1666 and Maria 25mm diameter in copper VG, France - Feudal Arches-Charleville Liard 1609 VG/Fine, 5 Reis 1787 Fine, Netherlands - Overijssel 1765 Eagle Near Fine, Polushka 1735 KM#187 VG, -Zutphen 6 Stuivers 1691 KM#26.1 NVG, a in low grade, and a 10mm diameter piece unattributed in silver? Obverse with facing head, reverse with winged caduceus , no legends, possibly a spielgeld piece? GVF looks to have been attached to a mount at some time

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots - or Obverse: A gardening scene SINE NVMINE FRVSTRA , Reverse: MAG.BAS.IVVENTVTI ST.V BPABEION D D in 5 lines, Good Fine, Medalet 1838-1841 Birth and Baptism of Louis Phillipe Albert of Orleans 15mm diameter, Good Fine, France Jeton undated 32mm in , Fine with shortage of flan at 2 to 3 o'clock, GB George III Gaming Counter 1800 Fine, France Jeton 1605 Maison Commune VG holed, Crdes - Frankish About Fine, Medal Vincent Van Gogh Museum 51mm diameter in base metal, UNC boxed, A Religious brass Jeton undated, Obverse: Figure of Christ, Reverse Cross above IHS, 18mm diameter, 2.38 grammes, Fine, Medal 1902 Edward VII/Queen Alexandra 27mm diameter in lead? undated, no legend, Near Fine with scratches, Jeton in in the style of a Queen Anne 24mm diameter in ? Near Fine, along with two ancient imitation coins VG to Fine

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots World an interesting and varied group (51) includes some Hammered, Tokens, n Temple Tokens (2) and s in mixed grades

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots (13) Notgeld coins (10) 50 million Marks to , one made into a box, plus s (3) in in mixed grades

Auction 143
World Bulk Lots Jettons (3) each 29mm diameter in 1732 Reverse Oval shield, crowned and draped, JETON DES ESTATS DE BRETAGNE Good Fine, 1772 Reverse Oval shield crowned and draped JETON DES ETATS DE BRETAGNE GVF, Reverse Ornate shield crowned with supporters COMITIA ARTESIAE Obverse Bust right with FM below VF and attractively toned

Auction 142
World Bulk Lots World a varied group (13) 9 1901 Fine, 5 Heller 1908J NEF, 1723 Woods Good Fine, holed, Halfpenny 1783 NF, 1609 commemorating 12 Years under and in Fine, World Hammered and Ancient (8) 4 are s/s with the other 4 Eastern an and possibly in low grade , these 8 all presumed copies

Auction 142
World Bulk Lots World (20) Quarter 1859B PCGS MS64, One Tenth Qirsh AH1293/Year 33 PCGS MS63, - 1867C PCGS MS64 BN, (11) (2) 1811A, 1817B, Franc (2) 1895A, 1919, 1888A, 1850A, (3) 1844, 1885, 1897, Centime 1848A, France in 1619 Louis XIII, Indo- 1907, AH1377, GB 1970 , Penni 1865, (2) 1894, 1938, in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 126
World Bulk Lots World (16) 17th to includes some n and , plus a mixed group of 16 s, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 119
World Bulk Lots GB and World a wide variety includes lic items, s, weights and a few paranumismatic items, includes some in , in mixed grades

Auction 116
World Bulk Lots A mixed group with a an Hammered AR of Philip, n , 1957, 1586 and s and others (17)

Auction 108
World Bulk Lots 1733 damaged, 10 s and a , 1

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