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Auction 182
English Banknotes s (17) includes examples ranging from 1843 to 1936, a variety of different banks represented, includes Hitchin Bank, & South Western Bank Limited, Gurneys & Birkbeck Bankers, , The National , The ing Company, The London City & Midland Bank Limited, Messrs Sparrow, Round & Co. Messrs Child & Co., Barclays Bank, The London & Provincial Bank, and the Northern Banking Company, , all written, in varied condition, along with Russia (2) Loan certificate from 1993, purple and red, EF and another from 1919 brown on beige VF perforated at the left, both small format

Auction 180
Tokens and s (14) (4) Farthing William Hardin W.92 VG, Dover Farthing 1651 AT THE LEOPOVLDS W.209/10 Bold Fine, Dover Farthing undated Thomas Fidg W.213 Near Fine, Farthing 1656 Ralph Warde W.391 Near Fine, Midhurst Farthing John Shotter W.137 VG, Lambourn Farthing 1652 Henry Knighton W.41 Fair, Romford undated Will Willis W.270 Fair, 1666 Town - FOR YE POORES BENEFIT W.12 Near Fine, Royston Farthing James Partrich W.165 Fair, Brentford (2) undated Farthing W.C (M) At the King's Arms W.13 Fair, Brentford Farthing 1651 John Moore W.19 VG, Diss Halfpenny 1669 Town Arms W.27 VG, Oxford Farthing 1652 The Mayor, City Arms W.111/2 Fair, Stanton Farthing Thomas Goffw W.303 Fair

Auction 179
Misc Items Wartime Trench Art (7) some made from bullet casings, includes two items made into knife shapes, one engraved BALKANS, s (2) Lusitania 1915 EF, a Bovril medal 40mm diameter in , hallmarked 1924 Birmingham, awarded to J.Lawrence EF boxed, a London Tran with yellow roundel, in silver hallmarked 1969, a British Railways cap badge, a German Gau Munchen badge 1933 by Deschler & Sohn, GB Military Button Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteers, by Firmin & Sons, London, an Army Service Corps cap badge, and a pin badge in showing a hot air balloon surrounded by upright wings, in good second-hand condition, along with German Crimea Shields 1941-1942 (2) Fine to VF
£34 London Coins : A179 : Lot 984 : Wartime Trench Art (7) some made from bullet casings, includes two items made into knife shapes, one...

Auction 179
Misc Items s (16) mostly banking and banknote-themed titles, as follows:- Inside The Bank Of England by Philip Geddes (1987), A Handbook Of London Bankers by F.G.Hilton Price (1970 reprint), Country Banks Of England And Wales by Margaret Dawes and C.N. Ward-Perkins (Volume 1, 2000), The Banker's Art - Studies In Paper Money edited by Virginia Hewitt, - A Concise History & Price Catalogue 2007 Edition by Richard Dennett (3 copies), Collecting Paper Money by Colin Narbeth (1986), Investing In Paper Money by Kenneth R.Lake (1972), 20th Century Scottish Banknotes by , Volume 1, (1984), Standard Catalogue of Malaysia Singapore Brunei Paper Money 13th Edition by Steven Tan (1996), Nothing For Nothing For Nobody- A History of Hertfordshire Banks and Banking by Jack Parker (1986), History of the Bank of England by A.Andreades (1924), Money/Modern Currency And The Regulation Of Its Value/Economic Scares (Volume VII) 1997 Edition by Edwin Cannan, The Currency Of British Colonies by James Pennington (1967 reprint), and 41st Edition 2006, all in good second-hand condition

Auction 172
Tokens - 1788 25 Acorns, 12 to the left, 13 to the right, Straight 1 and 7 in date, DH224 Bold VF, Penny - - Sawbridgeworth 1801 Robert Orchard, a modern copy of DH1, About as struck. The original is a celebrated and rare token, of which only 4 examples are believed to exist, the extremely high relief design causing the die to shatter after just a few impressions, 1809 New Theatre pass uniface in lead, P P . S on reverse (Pit on Prince's side) Fine, Unofficial s (12) London (3) Antill &Son 2330 Fine, pitted, Bovril 2372 Good Fine, Foley & Shoyer 2532 Fine. (2) - Hellewell 2160 GF/VF, - Mitchell & Co. 3460 NVF. (2) Dye 4000 Good Fine. - Robert Bumpstead 5252 Fine. - under Lyme Josiah Robey 3785 About VF. - Lowestoft W.C.Wiseman 3130 VF, - T.Gargory 401 NVF officially holed. Ireland (2) - Ferrar & Taggart 5410 Fine, Dublin - Todd Burns & Co. 6313 Near Fine, along with s (15) in base metal a wide ranging group in mixed grades

Auction 171
Tokens (9) (2) Benenden 1794 Obv: Wheatsheaf/Rev. Shield of Arms, Edge: Thomas Reeves DH4 VF or better. Brookland 1794 Obv: A Kentish horse within a beaded oval/Rev: IK cypher and fleece, Edge: Thomas King, VF with some thin scratches on the reverse. - Stortford 1795 Obv: Shield of Arms, Crest and motto, Rev: View of a river with barges, Edge: Bishops Stortford (without '&Co.') DH4 VF/GVF. - 1794 Obv: I facing/Rev: View of Chichester Cross, Edge PAYABLE AT DALLYS CHICHESTER, DH15 NEF. - 1794 Obv: Daniel Eccleston/Rev: A ship, Edge: PAYABLE.IN.LANCASTER.LIVERPOOL.&.MANCHESTER DH57 About EF. - 1793 Obv: Lady Godiva on horseback/Rev: Elephant and castle, no stop at end of legend, tail with wider section in the middle, Edge: PAYABLE AT BIRMINGHAM LONDON OR BRISTOL, DH238 EF with a few spots. - 1793 Obv: A mounted dragoon/Rev: Norwich Barracks, Edge: IOHN ROOKS NORWICH, DH46 NVF with some spots. (2) Chelsea 1795 Obv: A Sailor with a wooden leg presents a petition to Britannia/ Rev: A figure of Hope leans on an anchor, Edge: Milled, DH277,EF with a few small spots. and Middlesex 1792 Obv: Bust of left/Rev: Female seated holding cornucopia, part of a ship in the distance, Edge: Coarse upright milling, DH928 NVF with a thin scratch on the obverse

Auction 170
Tokens Tokens from an old (26) and , also includes a few coins (219) , the 17th Century includes , , , , , , shire, , , , , the 18th Century includes examples from , , , , , Essex, Hampshire, , , , , , Somerset, , , Yorkshire, also with Scottish, Irish and Welsh issues, also includes a group of Canada and Ireland issues, and a small group of Evasions, s and Unofficial Farthings, a few holed or plugged, the 17th Century Fair to Fine, the 18th Century in mixed grades to GVF

Auction 170
Tokens (5), s 17th Century (5) includes examples from , , , , , , , VG to Fine
£170 London Coins : A170 : Lot 305 : Halfpennies 17th Century (5), Farthings 17th Century (5) includes examples from London, Essex, Bedfo... London Coins : A170 : Lot 305 : Halfpennies 17th Century (5), Farthings 17th Century (5) includes examples from London, Essex, Bedfo...

Auction 165
Tokens (5), s 17th Century (5) includes examples from , , , , , , , VG to Fine

Auction 165
Tokens - Hitchin (8) 1663 Joseph Baker W.110 Fine, 1667 W.Drage W.114 VG, Farthing 1667 Fran. Field W.115 VG, Halfpenny 1667 Thomas Hayward W.117 Fine, Farthing Dan Hurst W.119 VG, Halfpenny 1667 John Rugeley W.122 VG, Farthing 1666 Mary Tristtram W.124 Fine, Farthing 1664 Henry Warner W.125 Fine

Auction 165
Tokens (3) - Leighton Buzzard 1794 Girl making lace DH3c NEF, - New 1795 Druid's Head/Beehive and bees DH12 About EF, - Stortford 1795, Obverse: Shield/ Reverse: River and barges DH4 EF

Auction 165
Misc Items s (10) The Coinage of the Late Roman by Hugh Goodacre, Spink 1922. The Milled Silver Coinage of Great Britain, Spink 1925. The Coin Collector's Manual Volumes I and II by H.Noel Humphreys 1853. Trade Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth Century in the County of Hertfordshire by George C.Williamson. Glendining & Co. Auction Catalogue 4th November 1958 Part VII of the Richard Cyril Lockett Collection (English part III). English Coins by George C. Brooke, 1932. Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland, The British Museum 1899. Catalogue of the Coins and s of the Tudors and Stuarts for sale by B.A. Ltd. Volume I The Republic to Augustus, by H.A.Seaby 1967 in mixed condition

Auction 163
Tokens (6) - Emsworth 1795 Earl Howe/ ship left, , or edge DH30 EF, - Stortford 1795 Shield of Arms, Crest and Motto/View of a river with barges GEF toned, (2) Hawkhurst 1794 CGH cypher and wheatsheaf/Kentish horse in a shield, edge Charles Hider DH30 EF, 1794 Shield of Arms of /Shield of Arms of DH35 EF, (2) 1794 Standing Britannia with Lion below/Demi lion on shield, a cypher within, Demi-lion's tail further from the H of HALFPENNY DH5 GVF, Spalding 1794 Standing Britannia with Lion below/Demi Lion on shield, a cypher within, Demi-lion's tail further from the H of HALFPENNY, edge I.IORDANS SPALDING & HOLBEACH DH6a GEF

Auction 161
Tokens (18) (2) 1662 37 Daniel Finch, Lidlington 67 John Dawborne, (5) Hungerford 37 Timothie Lucus, 64, Richard Bagly, Reading 87 Henry Head, Reading 91 Moses Lamb, Wallingford 133 Philip Eldred, Stony 129 Francis Penn, (4) 14 For Ye Poores Benefit, Andover 19 William Cornelius, 98 Stephen , St. Albans 178 Thomas Nash, (2) 63/4 Town Arms, 1667 225 City Arms, (3) Northampton 74 SR Town (2), IS at the George 83 (holed), Oxford 118 John Betts, inmixed grades Fair to VG

Auction 158
Tokens (3) Town 14, Richard Marks 153, John Cleer 215 all Fine, (3) Barkway John 17, Royston Thomas Godfrey 164, St. Albans 172/3 VG to Fine, 17th Century Kent (4) , Robert Capon 130, Robert Taylor 143, Deal James Coston 148, Dym Andrew Clifford 197 Fair to Fine, 17th Century (8) Arundel Thomas Withers 17, William Fletcher 44, Thomas Godleman 48, Robert Hichcock 52, Thomas Spatehurst 62, Richard Younge 72, Midhurst Robat Atkinson 128, Robertsbridge Robert Grove 151 Fair to Fine

Auction 152
Tokens (6) 1795 Druids Head/Beehive DH12 NEF, Three castle/ CHESTER above cypher DH6 NEF, 1791 DH39 VF, Lutwych Manufactory s and Provincial Coins DH219 NEF, Lanarkshire 1791 DH2AGEF, 1795 Sir George Jackson Bar: Sole Proprietor GVF

Auction 150
Medals ads and jewels (18), mainly base metal & enamel, Lodges include, , Hertshire, Lodge of New hope (2), Sale Priory (2 - these silver ), RMIG & RMIB medals etc. Generally GVF. (18).

Auction 146
Tokens (7) Baldock 7, Barkway 17, 18, Bishops Stortford 41, 54 (Octagonal), Buntingford 66, Standon 185 (this holed) Fair to Fine with attribution tickets

Auction 140
Tokens Solomon Barnard 1653 W65 Fine, 17th Century Dursley W74 Obediah Webb NF, (4) 1796 Saint Andrews Street DH16 GVF, 1794 DH22 About VF, 1795 DH10 VF, 1795 Stortford NEF, Halfpenny 1811 Patent Sheathing , Nail Manufactory VF

Auction 137
Tokens 1795 Stortford Arms with crest/ View of River DH4 GEF
£55 London Coins : A137 : Lot 1065 : Halfpenny 18th Century Hertfordshire 1795 Stortford Arms with crest/ View of River DH4 GEF London Coins : A137 : Lot 1065 : Halfpenny 18th Century Hertfordshire 1795 Stortford Arms with crest/ View of River DH4 GEF

Auction 136
Tokens s (20) Baldock 5, 7, Barkway 17, 18, Barnet 25/6, Bishop Stortford 41, Buntingford 66, Cheshunt 80, Hatfield 87, Hemel Hempstead 97, 100, Little Munden 139, Puckeridge 151, Royston 161/2, 163, Stevenage 187, 191, Waltham Cross 200, Ware 204, 211 fair to Fine some with old attribution tickets

Auction 126
Tokens (20) Baldock Williamson 4, 8, 9, 10/11, 16, Barnet Williamson 29, Bishops Stortford Williamson 50 (2), 51/2, 55/6, Buntingford Williamson 69/70, Hitchin Williamson 110, 115, 125 (2), Royston Williamson 163, St.Albans Williamson 171, 172, Stevengate Williamson 191, Ware Williamson 204 All attributed Fair to Fine

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