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The Steve Phillips Collection ( LOTS 158-281) : Signature Sales

The Steve Phillips Collection ( LOTS 158-281)

Steve has kindly provided us with the following insights into his paper money collecting My first contact with banknote collecting was over 30 years ago when my father in law came back from a boot sale with a wall picture of a £1 and 10 shilling note, albeit well worn and faded but hanging that on the wall started me off as a month later seeing a guy with a banknote album and I brought a Warren Fisher 10 shilling note for £95.00, the rarest he had, that was it the bug had bitten. Over the following decades followed me searching far and wide for all the best quality notes that were out there, some from Canada, Channel Islands and the US, I would attend note fairs and exhibitions only looking for the rare and uncirculated. I have enjoyed the rush of buying and collecting the best, never having ever sold one note from the collection in all that time, I now think it’s time for others to enjoy my notes and as sad as it is to see them go I hope that they bring as much enjoyment and pleasure to their new owners.
Steve Phillips : London Coins Signature Sales
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