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Diana : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 167
World Bulk Lots and an interesting and mixed group (22) includes:- China Wu Zhu types (5 Zhu) (9) 23.5mm diameter to 26mm diameter these of varying weights and types in mixed grades, Ban Liang - Western Han Dynasty 2.35 grammes, 100 Tai-Ping Bai-Qian AD221-265 (2) 17mm diameter and 18mm diameter weighing 0.92 and 1.2 grammes respectively, Six Dynasties (220-589AD) Wu Quan 15mm diameter, Cash (2) Turgesh's Kaganate Early 8th Century 24mm diameter in , Cash Turgesh's Kaganate 8th to 9th Century on a heavier flan of 6.05 grammes. Ae Cash Liu Bei (221-223AD) 12mm diameter in copper. China Proto-Qarakhanid Ae Cash 10th Century k Aram Yinal Qaraj 22.5mm. Central Asia (2) -Sog- Chach Ae 7th to 8th Century Trident/Predatory Animal type 20mm in copper, 2.18 grammes. Sogdiana - Samarqand Ae 20mm in copper Obverse: Portrait of unknown ruler facing, three-quarters left/Reverse: Tamga, struck on an incomplete flan, along with Ancient Cowrie money (2) one believed to be an imitation, Province 100 Cash Year 3 (1914) with the appearance of a detector find, low grade and of crude style, accompanied by some attributions, would make an interesting study group

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots The Judean Coin a 14-coin set 134BC-79AD John Hyrcanus I to Vespn a coin from each emperor, in mixed grades, in a presentation box with certificate, II The 90th Birthday Coin Collection a 19-coin set comprising issues from , GB issues, and , by 'The Bradford Exchange' all plated in a presentation box most with certificates, also 'The Millionaires Collection' a 6-coin set includes three pieces in plated gold these weighing around 4 grammes each, the others in .925 silver, Crowns (3) 1891 Fine, 1894 LVIII Near Fine, 1953 EF, 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday FDC, Ten s 2006 Proof in gold plated base metal, Isle of Man Five Pound Crowns 2006 (2) with different reverse designs UNC, and 1908 VG, in a box, Five Pound Crowns (19) 1998 Prince of 50th Birthday (3), 1999 nnium (3), 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday, 2005 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, Crowns (2) 1972 Queen Elizabeth II and Wedding, 1981 Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Spencer GEF to UNC, along with a George V Fantasy Token

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots World -sized lic - issues (54), includes many different series, many - plated, along with smaller medallic cupro-nickel issues (10) 7 with 'The Greatest n Presidents', the other with a coloured reverse of Lady UNC to FDC in capsules

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots The Shipbuilding Seies a 7-coin set 1991-1994 all in silver FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Prince nvestiture as Prince of 1969 a 4-medal set struck in Britannia UNC by John Pinches in the box of issue with certificate, total weight 66.35 grammes, (3) 1844W (2) both VG, 1 Franc 1809A VG, 1930 NVF, 1964 UNC, - 1911A VF toned, 1981 The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Spencer 39mm diameter in -, GB 1797 NF, Jersey 1/13th 1841 VG, (2) 1889H About Fine, 4 Doubles 1830 EF

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots (70) 1910-1963 includes a few minors in mixed grades, plus a bag of 1981 Charles and (60) GVF to GEF

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots 1999 Queen Mother cased UNC, 1997 Princess Gold FDC, both in sleeves as part of a group of GB and World, a varied group includes -sized cased items, and mixed these largely base metal in mixed grades

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