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Auction 159
Medals Medals a small group (5) - Thames Tunnel opened 1843 (2) 44mm and 36mm diameter both in white metal, Grand Bridge Eimer 1087 45mm diameter in white metal VF to EF, Tokens (2) Union Copper Company 1812 ed Workhouse VG, and 18th Century Halfpenny token reverse worn

Auction 157
World Cased The Cross set a 3-piece set comprising 2014 in 9 carat , One Crown 2014 in and a replica Victoria Cross 35mm x 35mm FDC in the box of issue with Bradford Exchange Certificate

Auction 156
Tokens (7) s (5), Scarborough 1812 Davis 33">Davis 33, 1812 Davis 3, 1812 Davis 30, 1812 Davis 50, York 1811 Davis 57, s (2) York 1811 Davis 72, Sheffield 1811 Davis 54 Fine to VF, all with old tickets

Auction 156
Tokens - s 1811 on a Three Shilling Davis 47 Obverse bust type (Davis describes bust type and illustrates Head type) Counter mark and host coin Fine, the obverse with a round indentation on the bust, comes with two old collector's tickets
£130 London Coins : A156 : Lot 707 : 19th Century Yorkshire - Bradford Three Shillings 1811 countermark on a  Three Shilling Bank Token D... London Coins : A156 : Lot 707 : 19th Century Yorkshire - Bradford Three Shillings 1811 countermark on a  Three Shilling Bank Token D...

Auction 150
Medals of 1911 30mm diameter in silver, the Official issue, A/UNC in the Red box of issue, Coronation of George V 1911 32mm diameter in bronze by Fattorini, , UNC toned in the round red box of issue, Five Pound Crown 2013 Birth of certificate unnamed as was first on the first day of the Prince's life Silver FDC in a Mint Office box, along with Tokens and medals a varied group (38) the tokens mostly 19th Century, in mixed grades, contained in an aluminium case

Auction 146
English Bulk Lots 1997 (7 sets) a complete presentation from the Bradford Ceremony consisting of the 7 sets UNC still sealed in the plastics, two Maundy purses (red and white) plus £5.50 face in mint coinage 1997 (2), 1997 and 1997 UNC in the sealed plastics

Auction 142
Misc Items Maundy Service s (3) 1960 Abbey, 1997 Bradford Cathedral, 1999 Bristol Cathedral, these a perfect complimentary addition to any of the year, plus book 'Pictorial History of the Royal Maundy' by Pitkin Pictorials Ltd 1981, all in very good condition

Auction 138
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., Policy, The County Mutual Insurance Co. policy on house in PA. 1854, large vignette of rural scene of insurance co. agent and female with children, black, VF. (1)

Auction 134
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (21) (5) s (2) 1889, 1921 , Dime 1941, (2) 1894, 1896, Dollar 1968, Penny 1937, (2) 1936, 1944S, 1693, Cent 1866, Two Annas (2) 1841, 1877, Halfpenny 1798, GB George III Counterfeit Halfpenny 1774, Maria Theresa 1780 Restrike, lic issues (5) Halfpenny 1812 Cuidad Rodrigo Jan 1812 Badajoz April 1812 Salamanga July 1812 etc., Nelson - Foudroyant 36mm in , Death of 1817 25mm in , Sir Titus Salt Bart, Bradford 1874 25mm in Brass, holed, 5 Sols 1792 KM#Tn21, in mixed grades to GEF

Auction 134
Tokens (18) VF-GEF, 1787 NVF, Penny 1812 Thomas Gibson St. Mills VF

Auction 134
Bonds and Shares (7) certificates Kensington Cooperative Stores Ltd. 1890, & Investment Co. 1849, Middlesborough Exchange Co. Ltd. 1867, Wallsend Slipway & Co.Ltd. Certificates (2) for ordinary and preference shares 1924 & 1926, together with Corporation and County stock receipts, mostly AVF or better. (7).

Auction 120
Tokens s 1812 Workhouse Davis 47 no value expressed, ed on a Three Shilling 1812 Armoured Bustcountermark VF host coin Fine

Auction 120
Tokens (15), Barnsley, (D.76), Scythe Works, Workhouse (D.50) (2), Keightley Union Co. ed, (5) inc. Phoenix Works & Nelson, Roscoe Mills; Christopher & Jennett and 1817. F

Auction 118
Tokens 20 s W.Cussons , and (100) mostly UNC with traces of lustre

Auction 112
Tokens 1812 Workhouse Davis 50 on a Union Company Penny VF this much better than usually seen

Auction 102
Tokens Seventeenth Century (4) s 1665 John Smith Marlborough D146, Jacob Selbee on Avon D19, 1664 George Clemens D167, H

Auction 101
Tokens of the but ed, host 1812 clasped hands and countermarked Keighley (2) countermarked Work

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