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Auction 183
World Cased GB and World Sets (1) and singles (13) comprising 1995 a 4-coin set comprising 2005 Grey Jay, 20005 White-tailed Ptarmigan, and Whooping Crane issues, nFDC to FDC in a box with certificate, GB 2003 Discovery , (4) 1984 50th of the of Silver, Lustrous UNC, in the box of issue with certificate, 100 Francs/15 Euros 1996 an Monuments - Magere Brug, Silver proof in a Westminster pouch with certificate, 10 Frances/ 1996 Treasures of the European Museums - Michaelo's David, Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, 1992 Silver Lustrous UNC boxed with certificate, Canada Two Dollars 1996 Bimetallic, Lustrous UNC boxed with certificate, (2) 2005 One .999 Silver Proof with coloured portrait of the Pope on the reverse (2) both in the Mint boxes of issue with certificate, 2000 Pesetas 1990 s 1992, Silver Proof FDC in the wooden box of issue, no certificate, Ten Dollars 1998 Appeal Fund Silver Proof with coloured rainbow on the reverse, nFDC toned, Ten 2004 KM#1545 UNC with coloured reverse, boxed, with no certificate, s (2) 2005 's Ashes Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, The of the Prince of to Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles 2005 Silver Proof nFDC with some toning, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 183
Medals - of the of Pichincha 1922 80mm diameter in bronze by L. Casadio, Obverse: General Antonio José de Sucré right, on horseback holding raised sword, CENTENARION DE LA BATTALA DE PICHINCHA, 1922 in exergue, Reverse: Soldiers marching left on groundline in battle line before a lighted altar. Above: flying left, wearing Phrygian cap, holds a torch and hem of garment, with allegorical figures below, 321.60 grammes, EF. The Battle of Ichincha took place on May 24, 1822. General José de Sucré led a mixed of Argentinian, vian, n and n patriots, and defeated a ist army on the slopes of a . His victory led to the independence of Ecuador

Auction 170
World Cased 2009S (17 coins) includes One Dollar , Half Dollar , Roosevelt Dime and 'Liberty' Five Cents, One Dollar Presidential (4), Quarter Dollars State type (6), One Cent (4) FDC in the four slide cases, boxed, USA Quarters - ' The Beautiful' Proof Sets (8) 2010S (5 coins) - , - , - , - , and - . 2011S (5 coins) - , - , Glacier - , - , and - . 2012S (5 coins) - , - , - , Vols - Hawaii, and - . 2013S (5 coins) - , - , Perry's - , - land, and - . 2014S (5 coins) - , Arches - , Sdoah - , - and - . 2015S (5 coins) - , - , - , Hook - and , . 2016S (5 coins) - , Harper's Ferry - , - , - , and - . 2017S (5 coins) - , Riverways - , - District of , - and George Rogers Clark - In, all FDC in the US Mint boxes with certificates

Auction 167
English Cased Two Pounds (7) 1994 of the Bank of England Silver Proof, 1995 Peace Dove Silver Proof, 1995 50th Silver Proof, 1997 , 1997 Silver Proof, 1998 Silver Proof in the 2-coin box, 1999 Silver Proof Piedfort with hologram reverse, One Pound Silver Proof Piedforts (2) 1993, 1999, One Pound Silver Proofs (3) 1992, 1997, 1998, Fifty Pences (2) 1994 D-Day Landings Silver Proof Piedfort, 1998 EEC 25th Anniversary Silver Proof, Fifty Pences a 2-coin set 1997 Large and Small sizes Silver Proofs, nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates. Royal Mint Centenary Medal 1993 Tercentenary of the Birth of John 1693-1993 63mm diameter in UNC in the box of issue with certificate, Canada Two Dollars 1996 Bimetallic Proof, Canada Dollar 1993 Stanley Cup Silver Proof, Falkland Islands Five Pounds 1992 10th Anniversary of Silver Proof, East Caribbean States Ten Dollars 1998 Monserrat Appeal Fund Silver Proof with coloured reverse, Barbados One Dollar 1997 Queen I and Silver Proof, nFDC to FDC some with toning, in the boxes of issue with certificates

Auction 136
English Cased The 2003 Collection comprising Two Pounds 2003 DNA Proof, One Pound 2003 and Fifty Pence WSPU Proof, Two Pounds 1999 Hologram Reverse Silver Proof Piedfort, Two Pounds 1999 Silver Proof, One Pound 2001 Silver Proof Piedfort, One Pound 2002 Silver Proof Piedfort, Fifty Pence 2003 WSPU Silver Proof Piedfort, Montserrat Ten Dollars 1998 Appeal Silver proof FDC in the cases of issue with certificates

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