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London Coins Auction 172
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Auction 173
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Auction 174
4th - 5th September 2021

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Trade Dollar GB

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Auction 171
World Bulk Lots World -sized in (7) GB 1897B KM#T5 GVF with some surface marks and edge nicks. 1873A KM#820.1 GVF. 5 Francs (2) 1870 KM#24 GVF/NEF, 1873 Position A KM#24 VF/GVF with some edge nicks. 1894 ed issue KM#224 on Sol 1889TF KM#196.24 host, countermarks VF, host coin GVF with some edge nicks. 1892 AM Culiacan Mint Good Fine with chopmarks on either side. AH1277/13 KM#693 Fine

Auction 170
English Cased Five Pound Crown 2015 Second Birthday Silver Proof, Two Pounds (5) 2001 Silver Proof, 2015 Britannia bearing Trident and Shield Silver Proof, 2017 Britannia with body combined with a map of the United Kingdom, 20th edition with 20 and Trident privy marks in the reverse field Silver Proof, 2018 Britannia in Corinthian Helmet Silver Proof, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificate. 2011 Britannia UNC in the card box of issue. Two Pounds Silver One Ounce - (5) 2016 Lunar Silver Proof, 2017 Chinese Lunar Silver Proof, 2018 Chinese Lunar (2) both Silver Proofs, 2019 Chinese Lunar Silver Proof, Two Pounds Silver One Ounce - Queen's Beasts (4) 2017 The Lion of England (2) both Silver Proofs, 2018 The Red Dragon of Wales Silver Proof, 2019 Falcon of the Plantagenet's Silver Proof FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates. World (14) Jersey (3) Five Pound Crown 2002 - The Work Continues Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1995 50th Anniversary of the of the Chl Islands Silver Proof, Guernsey Five Pound Crown 1999 of and Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones Five Pound Crown 2017 The Duke of Edinburgh - 70 Years of Silver Proof, Alderney (3) Five Pound Crowns (2) 2003 Last Flight of Silver Proof, 2005 Prince Henry 21st Birthday Silver Proof, 2017 Queen and 70th Wedding Anniversary Silver proof (in capsule). Barbados One Dollar 1997 II and Prince Philip Golden Wedding Silver Proof. South Africa Silver Krugerrand 2017 50th Anniversary of the First minting of the Krugerrand UNC with 50 Year Anniversary privy mark in the reverse field. Canada (3) Twenty Dollars 2017 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip 70th Wedding Anniversary Silver Proof with crowned EP and ribbon coloured on the reverse, Five Dollars Maple Leaf (2) 2001, 2002 UNC still sealed in the Canadian Mint plastic envelopes, GB Trade Dollar 1997 in Silver with coloured obverse, Medals (5) 1979 UNC, 2010 50th Anniversary of Street Silver Proof with gold highlighting, in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate, 2017 The Royal Engagement of Prince Henry and Ms. Meghan Markle .999 Silver Proof with selected gold-plating in the box of issue with certificate. 100th Anniversary (2) Obverse , Reverse and Union Jack with logo respectively. UNC to FDC most in the cases of issue with certificates

Auction 170
World Bulk Lots World, GB 1902 and 1897 as part of a larger group (314) including pre 1900 issues. In mixed grades

Auction 170
English Cased GB and World a varied group (19) as follows:- GB Time Capsule 2000 a 9-coin set Five Pound Crown to One Penny, GB 2008 Emblems of Britain (7 coins) One Pound to One Penny both UNC in the cases of issue. Alderney (3) Five Pound Crowns (3) 1999 Total Eclipse of the Sun (2), 2008 Fifth of the Final Flight of , UNC in the wallets of issue. Guernsey Five Pound Crowns - Centuries of the Monarchy a 2-coin set comprising Five Pounds 2000 and 2001 UNC in the wallet of issue. Canada 2005 60th Anniversary of VE Day 5 Cents 2005 Proof and Medal UNC in the tin of issue with certificate. Mint Set 1997 (7 coins) 10 Dollars to 10 Cents, UNC in the wallet of issue. USA Dollar 1889 GEF in a slab style holder. GB Trade Dollar 1997 in -Silver UNC with coloured obverse, boxed with certificate. Jersey/Guernsey/Alderney a 3-coin set Five Pound Crowns 2004 60th Anniversary of D-Day Silver Proofs with coloured Poppies on the reverses, along with s of the GB, Canadian and USA flags, and a miniature replica of the France and Germany Star, in the Tin of issue, with certificate and reproduction newsprint. Gibraltar (4) Halfcrown 2018 In Flanders Fields - At The Going Down of the Sun -Nickel Proofs (2) both FDC in the wallets of issue with certificates, Halfcrown 2015 50th Anniversary of the of Sir Winston Cupro-Nickel Proof nFDC in the wallet of issue, Five Pound Crowns a 2-coin set 2017 Queen and 70th Anniversary Proofs with different coloured photographic reverses Prooflike UNC in the wallet of issue. Coin and Set 1951 comprising GB Crown 1951 UNC toned and Stamp Replica of a Ten Shilling stamp UNC in the folder of issue. Canada INA Retro Set a 3-coin set Dollars 1937, struck in silver (hallmarked on the edge), bronze and golden alloy respectively, in the box of issue,. no certificate. Medals (2) Queen 2 Official Commemorative Medal UNC still sealed in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, 1995 in bronze UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue.

Auction 170
World Bulk Lots GB and World a small group (9) GB 1898B Fine with T-shaped /chop mark. 5 Corona 1908 Franz Joseph I 60th Anniversary of Reign KM#2809 Fine. 5 1885 Good Fine. 1929 GVF/NEF, 5 s 1927 Wide 5 in denomination KM#173.1 VF with some surface deposit. German states - (2) 1909A KM#527 NVF, 1911A KM#527 VF/GVF and lustrous. (2) 1951G Fine, 1958F Max Planck Near VF

Auction 170
World Cased Crown 2015 II - The Longest Reigning Monarch One gram of 9 carat gold Lustrous UNC with light handling marks, in the Jubilee Mint box of issue with certificate, Gold One Dollar 2008 History of the 0.5 grammes of .999 gold, Proof nFDC in capsule, with no certificate. GB Britannia Two Pounds 2019 Proof nFDC with a hint of toning, in the box of issue with certificate, GB Royal Mint Year Set 2007 (9 coins) comprising Two Pounds (2) 2007 200th of the , 2007 300th Anniversary of the Act Of Union with One Pound to One Penny UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue. Euro Coin Set mixed dates 2005-2006 (8 coins) Two Euro to One Euro Cent Lustrous UNC in a plastic case. GB Numismatic First Day Cover 2009 comprising Five Pound Crown 2009 Henry VIII 500th Anniversary of the - UNC and First Class Stamp UNC on the envelope of issue, with some adhesive to the rear. GB (6) Five Pound Crown 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Cupro-Nickel UNC, Florin 1945 EF/GEF, Shillings (3) 1893 VG, 1910 About Fine/VG, 1930 VG, Decimal Five Pence 2017 EF, along with GB and World Modern and issues (24) mostly base metal includes many crown-sized and/or medallic issues mostly EF to Lustrous UNC, also Colour Figurines Ladies of Fashion (issued 1983) (4) Eleanor c.1415, Jane c.1535, Elizabeth c.1630 and c.1785 each around 48mm tall, in very good condition

Auction 167
English Cased GB and World Proof and Mint items and single items a large and varied group:- GB Five Pound Crown 2000 100th Birthday , Five Pound Crown 2002 Queen Silver Proof, 2004 100th Anniversary of the Entente Cordiale - Proof, Two Pounds (3) 1994 Ter of the Bank of England Silver Proof, 1997 Silver Proof, 1999 Rugby World Cup Silver Proof Piedfort with hologram reverse, One Pound 1999 Silver Proof Piedfort, Crown 1977 Silver Proof, Medal 2006 II 80th Birthday Lenticular Medal 45mm diameter, 51.8 grammes of .925 silver, nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, all but one with certificates, Five Pound Crowns (14) 1990 Queen Mother 90th Birthday, 1999 Memorial, 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday, 2001 100th Anniversary of the End of the n Era, 2002 Queen Mother Memorial, 2003 Golden Jubilee, 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday, 2007 Queen Elizabeth II and Diamond Wedding, 2008 450th Anniversary of the of Queen Elizabeth I, 2011 Prince Philip 90th Birthday, 2011 of and Miss (4). Five Pound Crowns a 2-coin set 2005 and 200th Anniversary. Five Pound Crowns 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday a 3-coin pack, UNC in the wallets of issue some still sealed. Two Pounds (6) 1995 Peace Dove, 2003 50th Anniversary of the DNA Double Helix Discovery, 2004 's Locomotive, 2005 400th Anniversary of the , 2007 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union, 2007 200th Anniversary of the , Two Pounds 2006 a 2-coin set - The Man and Brunel - His Achievements, Two Pounds 2002 a 4-coin set each coin with a different flag in the reverse design, UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, some still sealed, One Pound (4) 2004 Forth Rail Bridge, 2005 Menai Straits Bridge, 2006 Egyptian Arch Bridge, 2007 Gateshead Bridge, Fifty Pence 2003 WSPU 100th Anniversary, 2004 50th Anniversary of the first 4-minute mile, 2007 100 Years of Scouting, Fifty Pences 2006 a 2-coin set 150th Anniversary The Award and the Heroic Acts, Britain's New Coins 2005 a 3-coin set comprising Two Pounds 2005 400th Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, One Pound 2005 Menai Straits Bridge and Fifty Pence 2005 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary UNC in the packs of issue, Plastic Set 1953 (9 coins) Halfcrown to Farthing UNC, Five Pound Crowns (6) 1996 Queen Elizabeth II 70th Birthday (2), 1998 50th Birthday, 1999 Millennium (2), 2008 Queen Elizabeth I 450th Anniversary of the Accession, Two Pounds (32) 1994 Tercentenary of the Bank of England (5), 1986 Games (2), 1989 Bill of Rights, 1995 Peace Dove (2), 1995 UN 50th Anniversary (4), 1996 Euro 96 Football (4), 1999 Rugby World Cup, 2001 Marconi (2), 2003 DNA Double Helix (2), 2004 Trevithick's Locomotive (2), 2005 Gunpowder Plot, 2005 60th Anniversary of the End of , 2006 Brunel - The Man (2), 2007 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery, 2008 100th Anniversary of the 1908 London s, 2008 Olympic Handover to London. Fifty Pences (9) 1998 (2), 1998 25th Anniversary of the EU, 2000 150 Years of Public Libraries (6), 2004 50th Anniversary of the first 4-minute mile. Crowns (5) 1951, 1953, 1965, 1977 Silver Jubilee, 1981 Royal Wedding of and Lady Diana Spencer, Halfcrown 1932 VG, Twopence 1797 Fine, Pennies 1797 (2) Poor and VG, Canada Five Dollars Maple Leaf 1994 Lustrous UNC. Maldives 100 Rufiyaa 1993 Cutty Sark Silver Proof nFDC. Alderney Five Pound Crowns (2) 2003 Prince William 21st Birthday, 2005 Prince Harry 21st Birthday both UNC on the cards of issue, Guernsey (2) Five Pounds 1999 Millennium, Two Pounds 1999 D-Day 50th Anniversary UNC in capsules. Isle of Man (3) Fifty Pences 1977 TT Races (2) EF, Crown 1990 Pearl Black finish 150th Anniversary of the Penny Black UNC in the wallet of issue. Tristan da Cunha Crown 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday UNC on the card of issue. Austria Korona 1893 VG. Trinidad and Tobago a mixed date set (5 coins) 50 Cents to One Cent 1979-1995 UNC. China 5 Yuan Panda UNC. United Kingdom Ecu 1992 UNC, Europe One Ecu 1995 The mayflower UNC. Numismatic Covers (3) Alderney Two Pounds 1993 40th Anniversary of the Coronation with 11p and 13p stamps UNC on the envelope of issue. History of World

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots GB and World a small group (5) GB 1911B EF, (2) Dollar 1890 CC Fine, 1925 Stone Mountain UNC with light cabinet friction, 1809 AI KM#551.2, 1821B NEF

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots World an interesting group in PCGS holders (9) 2 1/2 s 1895 KM#7 PCGS AU53, GB 1897B KM#T5 PCGS MS63, (3) 1895 Slanted mintmaster's mark KM#115 PCGS XF40, (2) 1849 Stop after date PCGS Genuine - Cleaned UNC details, 1898 KM#119 PCGS MS62, One Piastre 1879 KM#3.1 PCGS XF40, Para AH1255/10 (1848) KM#665.1 PCGS XF45, 1904 VBP KM#828.14 PCGS AU58, 1911 KM#523 PCGS MS63

Auction 163
World Cased Cased Proofs $20 2014 Generations and 2014 First Royal Visit, GB £2 2007 Slave Trade and 2007 Act of Union, £5 1996 70th Birthday, 2000 , 2002 (no cert.), 2016 90th Birthday, Dollars 2014 Royal Visit, 2016 90th Birthday along with GB 2008 Shield all FDC and cased as issued with certificates (unless stated) the odd coin with a hint of toning

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots Dollars (2) 1904 KM#25 NVF/VF, 1907H KM#26 GF/NVF, GB 1897 KM#T5 GVF with some contact marks and small rim nicks, along with an additional small group (4) Coronation of Edward VII 31mm diameter in silver the Official issue A/UNC, Medal II Jubilee, in base metal 1977 UNC, Toy Money 1848 style, Bimetallic by H.Hyams NVF, 1756 (2) joined by a hinge both Fine, Ex-Reeves Auction 5/5/1978 Lot 1227

Auction 160
English Bulk Lots GB and World (50) includes GB slabbed items (6) 1931 ACG MS60, 1927 New Reverse NGC PF62, s (4) 1898 NGC MS65, 1924 NGC MS64, 1927 First Reverse NGC MS63, 1930 ACG MS63, also s (2) 1902 Coronation of in silver GEF, 1935 Jubilee NEF both the official issues, 1930B GEF, 1887 GVF toned, World includes France (4) (2) 1873A NEF, 1874A VF, 1977 GEF, 1978 GEF, USA Cent 1995 Doubled Die Obverse (LIBERTY doubled) PCI MS65 Red

Auction 159
World Bulk Lots GB and World 19th and in (112) in mixed grades to GVF, Hammered a small group (17) includes cut halves and quarters, some fragmented, these in mixed lower grades, along with (12) 1952 Carver/Washington A/UNC, Dimes (6) 1876CC, 1892O, 1941D, 1942, 1943, 1948, 1857, 1911, 1865, (2) 1896, 1929S, in mixed grades, USA a further group of miscellaneous items (6) 1974 Bicentennial/John Adams 38mm diameter in , Token 23mm diameter T.Brimelow, Drugstore, in brass, One Cent- sized US Mint Token/, Token/medalet 'July 1868' holed, 32mm diameter 1933 'The Nation's Playground', Triborough Bridge and Tunnel 29mm diameter in , in mixed grades, Fantasy 1873 Fine, USA 'Money of the World' Set comprising Half Dollar 2002P, Quarte dollar 2005D , Dime 2007D, 2004 Lewis and Clark, One Cent 2004 and George Washington Dollar displaying the date of his Presidency these UNC in the plastic wallet, GB Crown 1977 nFDC, 2010 Britain at War Proof FDC, Five Pound Crown 2010 Revolution to Restoration - King Proof FDC, (3) Five Pound Crowns (2) 2008 History of the Royal Air Force Proof FDC, 2009 Rose Proof FDC, 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday Proof FDC

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots (2) One 1852 CΠБ ΠA C#168.1 EF, in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 65, 1915BC Lustrous UNC in an NGC holder and graded MS65, GB 1911B, Plain date KM#T5 GEF in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 70

Auction 155
World Cased The Coin Collection a 20-coin set comprising one coin from each century include GB Trade Dollar, GB Crown 1889, 5 Kopeks 1773 and many more, in mixed grades VG to GF, in a Westminster box with certificates, along with weighing scales with a set of 7 weights, this cased

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots (28) Dollar 1908, 1920, (5) 1898, 1910, 1935, 1939, 1948, (5) 1900H, 1902, 1919, 1939, 1948, (4) 1897H, 1902, 1920, 1945, (4) 1845, 1862, 1908, 1920, (3) 1845, 1908, 1932, s (5) 1845, 1872, 1884, 1901, 1905, along with GB s (3) 1900B, 1909B, 1912B, Indo- Piastre 1925, , Quarter Tanga 1881 and a modern Fantasy Trade Dollar, in mixed grades some EF and lustrous, along with Banknote 10 Cents 1941 issue EF

Auction 150
World Bulk Lots s Year 32 (3) GVF to EF, GB s (4) 1898, 1900B, 1911B (2) average VF

Auction 150
World Bulk Lots World Slabbed items (8) (4) 1746 PCGS Fine 12, 1748 PCG XF45, 3 Kopek PCG XF45, Half Kopek 1888 PCGS Cleaning - XF details, GB 1897B PCGS Genuine - Polished AU details, (3) 50 Mil 1940 PCGS AU58, 20 Mil 1935 PCGS AU53, 10 Mil 1941 NGC AU50, along with Dime 1952 EF (Raw)

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots Fantasy 1992 '' 86mm diameter of .999 silver Prooflike UNC boxed, Abdication of Edward VIII a Bill to give effect to his Majesty's declaration of abdication 10 December 1936 , also a letter from 10 Downing Street confirming the abdication took effect on 11 December. Both with creases and punch holes for filing, otherwise Fine, USA Fantasy '' dated 1885 One Pound of .999 silver Prooflike UNC boxed, Discovery of the s a Fantasy medallic issue in .999 silver weighing 5 s depicting the ships Pinta, Santa Maria and Nina Prooflike UNC boxed, GB Fantasy medallic issues (2) and each 86mm diameter UNC and boxed as issued, Maria Theresa Restrike 1780 in silver UNC, USA lic issue 2 ounces of .999 silver Prooflike UNC, Edward VIII issues 1936 (11) Penny(4), (4), (3), New Penny 1936 these mostly VF to UNC, plus a Norfolk Regiment badge in , no clip, also Banknotes L.K.O'Brien and in a glass frame with certificate

Auction 148
World Bulk Lots GB and World including s, and GB issues some in mostly from circulation (lot), along with British paper money 10/- Fforde C02N (10) constive numbers EF-Unc and s Somerset (15) Unc and (6) from circulation

Auction 147
English Bulk Lots GB and World a mixed lot (21) Pennies (6) 1936 NGC MS65, 1953 NGC MS65 RB, 1961 NGC MS65 RD, 1961 PCGS MS65 RD, 1964 NGC MS64 RD, 1967 PCGS MS65 RD, (2) 1923 NGC MS65 BN, 1925 First Head NGC MS65 RB, Ireland (6), 1928 NGC MS65 RB, s 5) 1928 NGC MS63 BN, 1932 NGC AU58 BN, 1936 NGC MS64 BN, 1937 NGC MS62 BN, 1933 ANACS MS62, s (6) 1998 - issues 's of The Caribbean' in cupro-nickel with coloured reverses, UNC boxed, Canada Maple Leaf 2013 Lustrous UNC

Auction 147
English Bulk Lots 1906 EF, 1902, 1923 UNC, 1909B VF, USA Dollar 1862 a jeweller's copy EF as part of a group of GB and World (88) 18th to includes USA, Curacao, Netherlands, a mixed group includes plenty of minors in mixed grades with many later dates lustrous

Auction 147
World Bulk Lots Mixed GB and World including 3 s, 1969, 1817, others from , , GB and more, mixed grades and types (30)

Auction 147
World Coins Dollar 1904 KM#25 VF with edge knocks, GB s 1912B KM#T5 NVF
£85 London Coins : A147 : Lot 934 : Straits Settlements Dollar 1904 KM#25 VF with edge knocks, GB Trade Dollars 1912B KM#T5 NVF London Coins : A147 : Lot 934 : Straits Settlements Dollar 1904 KM#25 VF with edge knocks, GB Trade Dollars 1912B KM#T5 NVF

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots World in (5) 1855 VF, GB 1899B NVF, Sol 1885 GVF, 1778 Fine, (1911-1915) Y#257 VF

Auction 141
World Bulk Lots World (28) Dollars (7) 1939 (2), 1952, 1958 , 1959, 1965, 1967, 1900, Half Stuiver 1813, GB (2) 1909B, 1775 Contemporary Counterfeit, 1689 Feb: 4 Falus AH1288 Fes, India , a small group (7) of Ancient s, in mixed grades, also Mis-Strikes (8) all GB weak strike with FID missing, 1967 Off-centre with around 1mm blank flan, plain edge, with a raised lip, s (5) 1968 with G.REG weak almost missing, 1973 with planchet clip, Five Pence 1969 with straight cut on the edge, Two Pences 1971 (2) with planchet clips, One 1971 with planchet clip, in mixed grades

Auction 140
English Bulk Lots GB and World Fantasy Issues (20) GB (18) s 1900 (13) UNC, s (5) 1937 (3) coloured alloy UNC, 1936 boxed UNC, White Metal 1936 boxed UNC, Scotland James VIII Crown 1716 UNC, Russia 1901 UNC

Auction 134
World Cased Eagles (12) 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, Morgan Dollars (2) 1897, 1904 UNC, GB Trade Dollar 1910B EF

Auction 132
English Cased A collection in a box (27) comprising 'The Historical Coins of Great Britain' :- n Crowns 1844, 1894LVII, 1897LXI, Trade Dollar 1899B, Penny 1797 along with many modern Proof issues including GB Five Pound Crowns and Silver Britannias in mixed grade with many FDC in capsules some with certificates

Auction 127
World Bulk Lots GB and World Hammered to (132) includes s (4) and a quantity of 1936 Edward VIII (67) in mixed circulated grades

Auction 123
English Cased Two Pounds Britannia 2000 Bullion, Two Pounds 1994 Bank of England, 1997 (2), 1999 Rugby World Cup, 2001 Marconi, One Pound 1997 England (2), 1999 Scotland, Fifty Pence 1992/3 EU, 1994 D-Day Landings (2), 1998 NHS, Fifty Pence a two-coin set 1998 standard and EEC issues, 2003 all UNC in the Royal Mint packs of issue, Coin First Day Cover Sets (3) One Pound 1997 plus stamps depicting the six wives of , One Pound 1998 plus stamps depicting ldic Beasts, Fifty Pence 1998 NHS plus four related stamps, all UNC on the cards of issue, Medal 1986 of and Miss Sarah Ferguson in base metal UNC in slide case, Fantasy Trade Dollar 1998 UNC with coloured obverse, Ten Shilling Banknote J.S.Fforde C39N About UNC

Auction 117
World Bulk Lots GB and World a varied group includes lic issues, Casino Tokens, Wooden Tokens, s, in mixed circulated grades, includes some GB George

Auction 116
World Bulk Lots World s 5/- 1937 EF KM34, 20 1916 and 1917 EF or near so KM321, GB s 1901 (2), 1902, 1902 B, 1903 B t

Auction 115
World Bulk Lots GB and World items (9) s 1889 (2), 1890 Near Fine to Fine, copies of s (3) 1900, 1911, 1912 NVF-VF, Dollars 1921D (2) NEF,

Auction 113
World Bulk Lots GB and World includes n 1738 Ex- 'ia' mounted on a chain with certificate, 1909B, 1

Auction 113
World Bulk Lots a mixed group (12) includes 1937, Dollar 1935, GB 1902, 1907, generall

Auction 112
World Bulk Lots GB 1898 LXII Fine, 1900B, 1954 EF/GEF, 1888 VF, Three Cent 1865 VG, Cent 1831 Fine with large

Auction 111
World Bulk Lots GB and World (15) GB (6) s 1890 F, 1935 GVF, 1951 UNC, 1953 A/UNC, 1930 B UNC, 1887 Arabic 1 F, World (9) including Ru

Auction 111
World Bulk Lots GB and World including some and , 1897 Diamond Jubilee VF, 1911 B VF, Sir Francis Chichester Silver Medal 1966-67

Auction 109
English Bulk Lots - (39) AF-UNC various denominations to plus a 1900B GB

Auction 104
World Bulk Lots 1920 gVF, GB 1908 gEF, GB Quarter Farting 1852 amongst other useful world (19)

Auction 102
World Bulk Lots 1909, 1853 Marriage, 1889, Dollar 1935, 20 1917, GB 1902, 8

Auction 102
World Bulk Lots 1887, 1833W and 1849A, GB 1902, 1867Mo Maximillian and 1898 Go, 189

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