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Auction 169
Ancient Coins Ancient (20) Quarter Obol Teos-Ionia Tetartemorion, c.500BC, Head of Griffin right/Quadripart incuse square, About Fine. Mysia - Parion Diobol c.480BC Gorgon's Head/Incuse square containing cruciform square, pellet in centre, 1.64 grammes, About Fine/Fine. Thrace - Chersonesos 386-338BC McCLean 4091 Forepart of Lion right. head reverted/Quardipart incuse square with AG over dot in one section, bucranium in another NVF with good metal. Mysia - Parion Hemidrachm c.400-300BC Head of Gorgon facing/PA-RI above and below Bull standing left, with head turned right, bucranium below, BMC 19 Fine. Mysia - Parion Hemidrachm Head of Gorgon facing with tongue protruding, surrounded by serpents/Bull standing left, struck off-centre with much of the bull off-flan 2.36 grammes, About Fine. - Massalia Obol 4th Century BC Youthful head of left/Wheel of four spokes M in one angle, largely off-centre, 0.5 grammes, Depeyrot 64 Fine. Thrace - Thasos Obol 450-425BC Satyr keeling left holding kantharos/Amphora, 0.95 grammes, BMC 53 Good Fine with edge crack. Caria - Kos Hemiobol, 0.65 grammes, Crab/square with dot in one angle, Fine. Lesbos Hemiobol c.525-475BC Head of Attis right wearing Phyrgian cap/incuse square Fine. Lesbos-Mytilene 1/36 stater, , Two Eyes/Incuse square 0.82 grammes Fine or slightly better with some edge cracks. Ionia, uncertain mint 8-Rayed star/Incuse square, c.5th Century BC, 0.72 grammes, 8mm diameter, Fine or slightly better. - Akragas Penion c.460-446BC Eagle standing right/5 dots denoting mark of value 9mm diameter, 0.96 grammes. Apollonia Pontica, Thrace c.420-+300BC, Gorgon facing with open mouth, tongue protruding/Upright anchor with crayfish in right field, 2.75 grammes Fine with some encrustation. Ionia - Miletos Silver 1/12th , 6th Century BC9mm diameter, 0.95 grammes Lion's Head left/Star ornament within an incuse square, Sear 3533, Fine. Thraco-n Tribes Silver Hemiobol Spearhead/Quadripartite incuse square with dot in each angle, 8mm diameter, 0.69 grammes, Fine or better. Maroneia - Thrace 398-385BC Forepart of Horse left/Grapevine within dotted square, letters indistinct, 2.2 grammes VG, Ionia - Kolophon Tetartemorion c.450BC, 0.22 grammes, 7mm diameter, Head right/incuse square with dot in one angle VG with some encrustation. Kingdom of Macedonia, Demetrios Poliorketes Ae11 c.290-287BC, Helmeted Head Right/Prow right with BA above AIX below Fine with some surface dirt. - I, as Satrap, Silver Hemidrachm, Head right in elephant skin headdress/ Alkidemos walking right brandishing spear and shield, 1.21 grammes, 10mm diameter, Fine. Bruttium Hemidrachm Lion facing/TAMБ in cross within circle, 9.5mm diameter, 1.31 grammes, Fine

Auction 167
World Coins () - Protectorate 1/600th Piastre 1905 KM#1 Zinc issue, the only currency coin, About UNC with some discolouration, also retaining some mint lustre and scarce thus
£30 London Coins : A167 : Lot 2378 : Tonkin (North Vietnam) - French Protectorate 1/600th Piastre 1905 KM#1 Zinc issue, the only currency... London Coins : A167 : Lot 2378 : Tonkin (North Vietnam) - French Protectorate 1/600th Piastre 1905 KM#1 Zinc issue, the only currency...

Auction 125
World Cased The Official Coins of The Canadian Mint (6) comprising Maple Leaf (4) 1991, 1999, 2000, 2001 BU, 2000 World of Discovery BU, 2001 National Ballet of BU, Canada Two Dollars (3) 1999 , 2000 Three Bears Silver Proofs (2), One Dollar 1997 10th Loon Silver Proof, 1999 International Year of Older Persons Silver Proof, Cats of Canada a four-coin set 1999 depicting Cougar, Lynx, Cymric and ese Silver proofs FDC, a 12-coin set nnium coins 1999 one for each month of the year all different designs Silver Proofs FDC, Canada Mint Set 1965 UNC all in the boxes of issue with certificates where issued

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