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Threepence : Tokens

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 185
Tokens Engraved, Tokens, s and ed (8) 1797 engraved 'When This You See Remember Me' Fair, Token 1813 Workhouse VG, Medals (2) 1821 Death of Queen Caroline 41mm diameter in BHM 1146 Near Fine with scratches and surface marks, Victoria 1897 Castle - Free Museum, 32mm in Good Fine, Unofficial Political Countermarked Pieces (4) Ireland (2) 1980 with PADDY GO HOME countermark, Five Pence 1970 with UVF countermark, GB (2) 1962 and 1966 both with IRA countermarks, Fine to VF

Auction 184
Tokens Toll Tokens (2) Scarborough - One Lady Edith's Drive, 40mm diameter in , uniface, Lady Edith's Drive, undated 40mm diameter in brass, uniface, both EF and lustrous, Shilling The Traction Co. Ltd 25mm diameter in white plastic VF, Rutherford's Cafe - 26mm diameter in brass, by Ardill, , NEF, and a token/counter in brass 17mm diameter, undated, uniface, NVF

Auction 182
Tokens s and Tokens (102) includes counters, machine tokens, a small group of Madgeburg medallions (5), a bracelet with Victorian coins attached (11) 1897, 1893, s (3) 1867, 1893, 1895, s (2) 1893, 1896, 1846, s (2) 1841, 1896, and 1843, a small group of GB and World 17th to , in mixed grades

Auction 181
Tokens s to 18th and (17) comprising Penny 1796 Woodbridge Obverse: Font facing bust, THO: SEKFORD ESQ. FOUNDED WOODBRIDGE ALMS-HOUSES 1587, Reverse: Shield of Arms between palm branches, and motto ORATIONES . ET . ELEEMOS . ASCENDUNT. IN . MEMORIAM . CORAM . DEO . within a beaded circle, AT WHOSE EXPENCE COUNTY MAPS WERE FIRST ENGRAVED 1574, 18th Century 1795 County Obverse: Druid's Head, CURRENT IN THE COUNTIES, Reverse: A beehive and bees INDUSTRY HAS ITS SURE REWARD, Edge : Cambridge, Bedford and Huntingdon DH12a VG, 19th Century Threepence - Workhouse 1813 (2) Davis 34 Near Fine and Davis 35 VG, Pennies 19th Century (8) Warwickshire - Birmingham Workhouse 1814 Davis 44 VG, Warwickshire - Birmingham and South 1812 Davis 87 Fine with some edge nicks, - Lead Works 1812 Davis 82 Fine, - and South Wales 1811 Davis 99 Fine, Somerset Bristl and Co. Davis 81 VG, Somerset - Davis 69 Fine, Yorkshire - Workhouse Davis 123 VG, Yorkshire - Sheffield Workhouse 1815 Davis 135 Fair, Halfpennies 19th Century (4) Walthamstow - British Copper Co. 1813 Davis 41 Fine, Essex - Brutus Davis 31 VF, Essex - Brutus undated Davis 32 Fine with some verdigris and some weakness near the reverse edges, Halfpenny 1812 Tunstead and Happing Davis 30 Good Fine

Auction 180
Tokens GB and World Tokens (22) a varied group as follows: Australia Penny Tokens (2) 1855 E.De Carle & Co. Melbourne, Victoria KM#Tn55 Good Fine, (1849) Annan, Smith & Co Melbourne, Victoria, No H&S on rock, KM#Tn16.2 Good Fine, New Zealand Penny Token undated S.Hague Smith Auckland, KM#Tn63 VG, GB 1668 Thomas Godleman W48 Fair, Sussex - Token 1811 Davis 9 Fine, gilded, Halfpenny - Wilkinson 1791 DH352 Fine, Halfpenny Political and Social Series 1795 DH1018, Fine/Near Fine, Canada (6) New Brunswick Penny 1843 Near Fine/Fine, New Brunswick Halfpenny 1843 Fine, pitted, Quebec Halfpenny 'Un Sou' 1852 NVF, Nova Scotia 1832 VG, Nova Scotia Halfpenny 1815 SUCESS TO NAVIGATION & TRADE Fine, Upper Canada - Bank of Upper Canada Penny 1857 Good Fine, ed (2) Lloyds Weekly Newspaper (2) the first on a host coin Ireland Penny George III, the second on a GB Halfpenny 1807 both with countermark Fine, host coins both Poor, USA Cent - Hard Times Token 1837 Henry Anderson Boot and Shoe Store , Square, New , VF and pleasing, Token undated, IOSEPH ISAACS, FRUIT SALESMAN, SPITALFIELDS Fine, GB Joseph Moore Bimetallic VG holed, Token 1897 BOVRIL - Souvenir of the Longest Reign, Queen Victoria , VF, Berry's Tea Warehouse, Chichester 'EIGHT OF THESE WILL BUY AN OZ OF TEA' Fine, holed, weight undated, with 1 . 7 on either side, Fine, Ancient - Kings of Syria, Selukid Ae4 VG, s (2) Preliminaries of Peace between Great Britain and France 1801 25mm diameter in bronze, BHM 514 Fine, South Africa International Exhibition 1877 Prize Medal awarded to S.Allcock Coy Redditch 39mm diameter in bronze EF

Auction 179
Tokens Tokens (9) and ed (5) a wide ranging group Countermarked (5) 1797 countermarked W.ROOK countermark Fine, host coin VG, Penny 1797 countermarked READ . LLOYD'S . PENNY . SUNDAY . TIMES countermark Fine, host coin Poor, Penny 1806/7 countermarked LLOYD'S WEEKLY NEWSPAPER 3d POST FREE on both sides, countermark Fine, host coin Fair, Penny 1938 countermarked in two places 6ASSK countermarks and coin Fine, size copper Obverse with CW crowned monogram, the reverse blank with small countermark CR in cypher-style, countermark Fine, host coin Poor, Tokens (9) Token, Oliver Cromwell 1658, by Kirk, Great Allied Circus, (c.1865-1871) Obverse: GREAT ALLIED CIRCUS, P.F &C within inner circle, Reverse: PIT 1 SHILLING, Fine, holed, Non-Local Cuidad Rodrigo 1812 Good Fine, cleaned, Halfpenny 19th Century British Company, Walthamstow, Ob verse: Head of Mercury left, Reverse Britannia seated left, within a wreath, Fine, Grover - Visit to the Columbian Exposition 1893 25mm diameter in brass Fine, Theatre Token 18mm in brass, undated MIKADO 2d, countermarked CM / C on the reverse, About Fine, Pub Token undated J.Griffiths, Tavern, Trinity Road, , 23mm in brass Good Fine, Earl of Beaconsfield 24mm in brass Obverse: Bust left, Reverse: BORN IN THE YEAR 1804, DIED APRIL 19th 1881 VF, 'Columbia' style , early 19th Century, 21mm in copper, Obverse: Bust left, no legend, Reverse: Justice standing holding scales and sword, the sword at an angle, no legend, Good Fine, along with Mint - Mis-Strike Halfpenny 1945 struck on a thin flan of 4.08 grammes, VG

Auction 179
Tokens (6) 1789 DH13, Good Fine, , , Sleaford - , DH3b, (rounded) NVF, - Coalbrookdale 1792 DH14 Good Fine, - Brimscombe Port 1795 Thames and Severn Canal DH60 VF, 1795 Moores, DH389a with fine milled edge, Fine, - Emsworth 1795 Earl Howe/Rule Britannia DH21 Fine, (3) 1814 John Featherstone Fine/Near Fine with many surface marks, scarce, , undated, Robert Blake Fine, 1811 and South , Fine

Auction 175
Tokens 1811 Garratt, Terrell, Bird, Beck and Grigg VF, along with / 1689 26mm diameter in , Obverse: Busts right conjoined, Reverse: Armes with supporters NEF, Jetons types in brass (5) Fine to Good Fine, and Tokens, George III type (34) VG to Fine, a rotating photograph coin in the style of a 1901 using Britannia's shield as the photo frame, shows small photos of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, Consort Alexandra, the future King George V, Queen Mary and Edward VIII as a child, Fine, unusual, along with a further wide ranging group (9) Token 1813 Workhouse VG, 19th Century (2) 1787 John Wilkinson Good Fine, - 1794 Reverse: A decorative tea urn VF, 19th Century 1823 Ironmonger Bishopsgate , Reverse: A balloon ASCENDED AT OXFORD June 23 1823 Fine, France 5 Sols 1792 Monneron Medallic issue Good Fine, Bank of 1804 a contemporary Counterfeit in brass VG, a Prize medal Cup 23rd Bn, London Regiment, Pte. VH. Manning 1929 in , Good Fine, Medal - Battle of Camperdown, Lord Viscount Duncan 1797 Fair, holed, Medal - 49mm diameter uniface in crowned arms with supporters VG with pitted surfaces

Auction 170
Tokens - Workhouse 1813 W.380 GVF with traces of lustre, these tokens seldom seen in grades above Fine
£280 London Coins : A170 : Lot 342 : Threepence 19th Century Warwickshire - Birmingham Workhouse 1813 W.380 GVF with traces of lustre, th... London Coins : A170 : Lot 342 : Threepence 19th Century Warwickshire - Birmingham Workhouse 1813 W.380 GVF with traces of lustre, th...

Auction 170
Tokens Pub checks (6) - Red Lion Hotel Newent, Good Fine, some staining, Threepence - Dan Drew, Rolling Mill Inn Blaina, Good Fine with uneven tone, Three Pence - Phoenix, Smith Street, Chelsea Bold Fine with some surface residue, MSR ed 1/2 Pint Fine, One and a Half Pence - Forresters Arms Fine, - Nag's Head, GVF and lustrous, Madeira 50 Reis tokens (2) Cossart, Gordon & Co. both , one struck in , Good Fine, the other in zinc (?) Good Fine, Café Golden Gate, on pale orange card GVF

Auction 168
Tokens - Workhouse 1813 Fine, as part of a group of Tokens (19) Penny (1), Pennies (3), 18th Century (3), 19th Century Unofficial s (6), Canada Halfpennies (5), St. Helena 1821, and an Irish uniface Pub token Tho.s Jackson, in mixed grades VG to Good Fine

Auction 161
Tokens Pennies (2) 1794 Botanical Gardens NVF, 1794 Bridge DH4 struck in white metal, Fine, 18th Century 1795 Jas Bayley, Draper GEF, 1814 Ship, For the Convenience of Trade Withers 1415 Good Fine, Very Rare, along with a further group of 19th Century (10) 1813 Workhouse, Pennies 19th Century (17), along with (6), Farthings (2) in mixed grades to VF

Auction 159
Tokens Workhouse 1813 About Fine, as part of a group of tokens and weights includes (25), (1) and Pennies and Halfpennies (16), in mixed grades some EF

Auction 157
Tokens Tavern Tokens (4) Kings Arms Low Town, Pudsey, , Fine, Val Watkins, Albion Hotel Aston Rd.North undated EF, Two and a Half Pence Val Watkins, Albion Hotel Aston Rd.North undated EF with some stains, 1850 George Hotel Castle Carry F.W.Harrold EF and lustrous

Auction 152
Tokens 1813 Workhouse Davis 34 Fine with some contact marks

Auction 149
Tokens 1813 Workhouse VG as part of a group of Tokens (93) includes Tradesman's Tokens, Machine Tokens, mostly a varied group in mixed grades

Auction 147
Tokens 1813 Workhouse Davis 34 Fine with some contact marks

Auction 147
Tokens Arsenal Co-Operative Tokens (10) , , 5 s, 3 Shillings, 1 Shilling, , , , Penny and VF-EF housed in a wooden photo frame, along with a modern reproduction of a 1797 Cartwheel Penny EF

Auction 145
Tokens Workhouse 1813 (2) Fair and About Fine with edge knocks as normal

Auction 141
Tokens (8), s (2), plus token John Greenwood, / Omnibus inside, in mixed grades Near Fine to NVF

Auction 139
Tokens Workhouse Token 1813 Fine, 1761 North Evasion Fine, France Reims Jetton 1723 Fine, as part of a group of s, Tokens Jettons etc. (17) in mixed grades to EF

Auction 136
Tokens Ireland 1806 (2) Fine and VF, Ireland Five Pence Bank Token 1806 NF, One 1811 Fair, (10) Workhouse Fine, Pennies (5, includes 1811 forgery), (4) in mixed grade to Fine, Brunswick 1792 Kilvingtons VF

Auction 136
Tokens Thomas May Whitehouse Farm Tokens (15) all comprising (3), (3), (3), (3) and (3) NVF-GVF

Auction 127
Tokens s to s 18th to a varied group (37) in mixed grades

Auction 120
Tokens , (8), (D.69,73,74 (2), (D121), Wiveliscombe (D.124), Two Pence (D.124) and Penny (D.125). Fine to very fine.

Auction 120
Tokens 1813 Workhouse, Robert Blake , Pennies (5), 1787, (10) includes Anglesey (3), s 19th Century (2) in mixed circulated grades, Ireland 1805

Auction 117
Tokens 1813 GF, Jas Whalleys at No 10 St VF holed, plus a group of (10), Canadia

Auction 115
Tokens tokens Workhouse 1813 (5) VG-Fine, 18th and 19th Century (5) one VG others VF-GVF,

Auction 111
Tokens (38) (1), (1), Pennies (27), (9) all with references, in mixed circulated grades F-GVF

Auction 104
Tokens s 1813 (2) edgy VF and another Fine but with LOCKWOOD ed reverse inside the left edge both scarce and the count

Auction 101
Tokens Workhouse (4) 1811, 1813 (2) and 1812 VG-Fine

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