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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Auction 171
Medals Medals (15) Frencesco de Larderel 1858 Count of Montecerboli by G.Voigt, 51mm diameter in silver 74.4 grammes, EF. 1910 100th of the 1810 Agricultural Exposition - Buenos Aires, 50mm diameter, 56.75 grammes VF with some edge nicks. n Exposition 1892 58mm diameter in White metal Obverse: Discovery of October 1492 and Landing of the Pilgrims December 1620, Reverse: Signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 and World's Columbian Exposition 1892 . Edge: Boldenweck &Co. Pat'd Oct 7, 1890 in 2 lines EF. 1897 Lord Lieutenant of Ireland - To Exhibitors at Countess Cadogan's Irish Textile Exhibition, 1897 38mm diameter in silver by Spink & Son. Obverse as Eimer 1820 portrait facing left, crowned and veiled, by F. / Reverse: Crowned Crest with ribbon and legend in 7 lines below VF/EF the obverse with some scratches. 1935 The official issue 36mm diameter in silver Eimer 2029 VF. Bronze medal 1823 39mm diameter Obverse: 11 line legend, I. THOSE PRINCIPLES OF TRUTH AND MORALITYON WHICH POLITICAL LIBERTY AND SOCIAL ORDER DEPEND. II. A MILITIA OF ALL MEN CAPABLE OF ARMSBEARING. III. A WITTENAGEMOTEANNUALLY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR ENACTING LAWS. Reverse: 12 line legend IV.GRAND AND PETIT JURIESOF THE PEOPLE FAIRLY DRAWN FOR APPLYINGTHE LAWS. V.A MAGISTRACY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR DULY PERFORMING ALL EXECUTIVE DUTIES. ANTIENT POLITY MDCCCXXIII NVF. Exhibition 1924 Nobel Industries Ltd. 36mm diameter in bronze NEF. Queen 1901 medalet 13mm diameter NEF/GVF. 1901 The Weeping Angel of Amiens by Blasser 15mm diameter, with a loop mount attached NVF. 1902 19mm diameter Obverse: The busts of the King and Queen right, conjoined, with radiant crown above, Reverse: Arms with supporters ER above, Fine. Edward VII Coronation 1902 medalet by Lauer Obverse: The King and Queen, almost facing OUR GRACIOUS KING AND QUEEN with MADE IN GERMANY below, Reverse: Crowned at VF. Memorial medal rving In Memoriam - I GO TO MEET MY KING BECKET, , GVF. Medalet 28mm diameter Madame de Servigne 1626-1696 Reverse: Souvenir l'Expositionde Clermont Ferrard 1910 - Chocolate de Royat VF. Medalet - The Lord's Prayer, Obverse: George Vleft with FOREIGN below, Reverse: The Lords prayer in 14 Lines, Good Fine. Medalet - Death of undated, 14mm diameter in base metal NVF with loop mount. Tokens by Kirk (2) 1773 Lord Camden NVF/GF, 1773 D.Carrick Good Fine/Fine, - Penny Token undated Cannington - King Darius Chapter No.154 VF with some scratches. also Groat GB 1836 Enamelled in 5 colours, Fair workmanship Fine

Auction 170
World Banknotes Ireland (Northern) Bank of Ireland Second Type C "Sterling" issue Pick 67b (BY NI.224b, PMI BA 121) ND 1985 signature D J Harrison and a first of the double prefix for this signature type and lower serial number AA 000115, otherwise this type starts at single letter prefix X with some stating even W 900001, a fresh and crisp UNC and very alluring in this high grade. These were the last issues for this design and introduced the word 'STERLING' below denomination at centre obverse and the '£' symbol was added to numerical values at corners. These changes made to reflect the end of the fixed exchange rate of par between the Irish Pound (Punt) and Pound Sterling that took place in March 1979. A Thomas engraving and printing but without imprint and in brown on multicolour featuring a statue of Hiia at right and the well-recognized for the Bank - Med head at left with the row of the same head at upper centre with the exception that its now featured in the underprint. The reverse with various illustrations representing industry at centre of which is the Bank's building along with the Short Belfast - the heavy lift turboprop freighter plane with only 10 aircraft constructed, textile and thread rolls and the passenger ocean liner SS Canberra. An amazing 250 metre and 17 million Pounds liner that was named after the federal capital of , Canberra and sponsored by the Dame Pattie Menzies, GBE, wife of the then Prime Minister of Australia - Robert Menzies. The ship entered service in 1961 and made her maiden voyage starting in June, operating on the combined P&O-Orient Line service between the United Kingdom and . So popular, the ship appeared in the 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever and in 1997 Gerard Kenny released the single "Farewell Canberra" which was specially composed for the last voyage, before it was withdrawn and sold to ship breakers for scrapping, and left for Gadani ship-breaking yard in . Being such a solid construction, the scrapping process took a year instead of the pld 3 months. The ship also served as a troopship in the Falklands War being requisitioned by the MOD and quickly refitted for the purpose she sailed on 9th April 1982 travelling 9,000 nautical miles (17,000 km) away from the UK mainland and being put in the heart of the conflict she was nicknamed the Great Whale.
£95 London Coins : A170 : Lot 178 : Ireland (Northern) Bank of Ireland Second Northern Ireland Type C "Sterling" issue 10 Poun... London Coins : A170 : Lot 178 : Ireland (Northern) Bank of Ireland Second Northern Ireland Type C "Sterling" issue 10 Poun...

Auction 169
World Banknotes (Northern) Bank of Ireland Second issue 100 s Pick 64bs (PMI BA115; as BY NI.251b) ND 1974-78 signature O'Neill title Manager, red diagonal SPECIMEN on both obverse and reverse and black serial number A 000000, about UNC - UNC and desirable. Red on multi-coloured underprint featuring at left and Hiia leaning on Harp at right. The reverse illustrating the Bank of Ireland building at centre surrounded by other various illustrations of a plane, textile and thread rolls and the passenger ship SS "Canberra". Watermarked with the bank name text across whole body of note.
£140 London Coins : A169 : Lot 204 : Ireland (Northern) Bank of Ireland Second issue 100 Pounds SPECIMEN Pick 64bs (PMI BA115; as BY NI.2... London Coins : A169 : Lot 204 : Ireland (Northern) Bank of Ireland Second issue 100 Pounds SPECIMEN Pick 64bs (PMI BA115; as BY NI.2...

Auction 145
Bonds and Shares , and related industries, 20th c. issues mainly 1920's, some duplication. Mixed grades (22).

Auction 138
Bonds and Shares , includes 200 Kroner 4% bond 1898 with coupons, Trades Corporation, £100 bearer certificate 1926 with coupons, Rumania 5% bonds 1928 with coupons(4), Durban Roodepoort Deep 1938 & Consolidated mines 1902 &1912, F & better. Together with assorted brokers receipts with "contract note" stamps and two indentures for 1803 & 1824 (lot).

Auction 134
Bonds and Shares (13) from 1883-1952, , manufacturing and including Ahmedabad Spinning Weaving and Manuf. Co. Ltd. 1920 (2), Bengal Baragunda Copper 1883, India Jute Company 1934 (2), Megna Mills Co. 1946, Suburban Land Devpt. Co. 193-. AVF. (13)

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