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Sydney : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 176
World Bulk Lots Tokens (4) 1855 Hanks & Lloyd - Opening of the Railway, 1mm between LL of LLOYD and SYDNEY 2.5mm high KM#Tn85.1 Fine, B.Palmer, Sydney - Liverpool Arms KM#Tn187 Good Fine/Fine, Undated Iredale & Co. Sydney (2) KM#135 VF and Fine, 1858 Charles G.Barley, Auckland KM#Tn7 Good Fine, Rare
£140 London Coins : A176 : Lot 2455 : Australia Penny Tokens (4) 1855 Hanks & Lloyd - Opening of the Sydney Railway, 1mm between LL of...

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots and Tokens (7) Australia (5) 1861 Robert Hyde & Co. /Peace and Plenty KM#Tn133 VF, , Annand, Smith & Co. Melbourne, Family Grocers, H&S on rock KM#Tn16.1 GVF scarce, undated, Iredale & Co. Iron Merchants and General Ironmongers, , KM#Tn135 GF/NVF, 1858 Peace & Plenty. Melbourne, KM#285.1 VF, 1859 Peace & Plenty, Melbourne KM#285.2 NVF/VF, New Zealand (2) undated, J.M.Merrington & Co., Nelson, Wholesale and Retail Drapers and Outfitters KM#Tn46 VF, undated, Morrin & Co. Queen Street, Auckland, Grocers, Wine & Spirit Merchants, VF
£200 London Coins : A168 : Lot 1812 : Australia and New Zealand Penny Tokens (7) Australia (5) 1861 Robert Hyde & Co. Melbourne/Peace ... London Coins : A168 : Lot 1812 : Australia and New Zealand Penny Tokens (7) Australia (5) 1861 Robert Hyde & Co. Melbourne/Peace ...

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots s (7) 1874 J.G.Fleming Grocer and Tea Dealer, /Reverse: Sugar Loaf, Scroll at right points to a dot KM#Tn71.1 VF with striking flaw. 1857 Hanks and Lloyd, , Australian Tea Mart, Sydney, Obverse: Peace and Plenty KM#85.1 VF. Iredale & Co. Iron Merchants and General Ironmongers KM#Tn135 VG/Fair. 1857 Holloways Pills and Ointments J.M. on base, KM#278.1 Fine with some pitting. 1858 Peace & Plenty, , Australian Arfms without date KM#Tn285.1 Good Fine. 1858 Hide and De Carle Grocers and Wine Merchants KM#Tn104 About Fine. 1865 Alfred Davies Pawnbroker, Fremantle, Near Fine, holed. Australia Token 1855 Hanks and Lloyd , Australian Tea Mart, Sydney/Opening of the Sydney Railway KM#Tn82 Good Fine, along with uniface aluminium? undated token G.Borer & Co. for 1 Small Loaf Good Fine

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots Tokens (3) Penny 1857 Hanks and Lloyd, 0.5mm between LL of LLOYD and SYDNEY with 3mm high letters KM#Tn85.2 Good Fine with some edge nicks, Iredale and Co. Sydney KM#Tn135 Fine with a thin scratch on the reverse, 1855 Hanks and Lloyd, Sydney, 'To Commemorate The Opening of the Sydney Railway' KM#Tn82 Fine

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots tokens (5) 1855 Hanks and Lloyd Railway Opening KM#Tn84, Fine, 1857 , Hide and De Carle, KM#Tn104 Fine with some edge knocks, Hugh Peck - Melbourne, KM#Tn190 Good Fine, scarce, 1862 Murray and Christie, KM#Tn180 Fine with some verdigris, 1864, J.Sawyer, , KM#Tn208 Fine, holed

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots (14) s (6) 1858 Holloways Pills and Ointments (2) one with a planchet clip, 1857 Hanks and Lloyd, (2), 1857 Hide & De Carle Grocers and Wine Merchants , , , Tokens (6) Hanks and Lloyd 1855 Sydney Railway, 1857 Peace and Plenty KM#Tn83.1 (AND is 5.5mm long) NEF with some pitting, rare, 1857 Hide & De Carle Grocers and Wine Merchants (2), 1836 Smith, Peate & Co. KM#Tn210, 28mm diameter, some corrosion, rare, , R.S.Waterhouse KM#Tn264, rare, in mixed grades VG to Good Fine unless stated, -size Tokens (2) 1890 Marcus Clark 'The Great Southern Draper' Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Penny Token undated KM#Tn49 Obverse standing female figure with arm on Shield, palm tree behind, Reverse: bust three-quarters right, Ex-jewellery, Coronation 1911 John Danks & Son.Py.Ltd. 324 Pitt St. Sydney 22mm diameter in Good Fine

Auction 156
World Bulk Lots Tokens (4) Pennies (2) 1857 Hide and De Carle, About Fine, R.Parker, Ironmonger, Geelong, , About Fine, (2) 1836 Smith, Peate and Co., Fine, 1851 W.J.Taylor, list, Melbourne Fine

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots Tokens (3) Iredale and Co. , Ironmongers, , KM#Tn135 Fine with some scratches, R.Parker, Geelong, undated KM#Tn188 Good Fine the reverse with signs of die rust, Stewart and Hammany Drapers and Rockhampton, undated KM#Tn215 Fine with some surface marks

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots 2000 Coin a 28-coin set UNC in the blue folder of issue, as part of a group of World and Mint Sets (16) and singles (24) includes some paper money and stamp items, and a few loose coins (10), mostly UNC to FDC and in the cases of issue

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots (4) 1937 GVF toned, 1916M GF/Toned, Penny 1927 EF with spots on the obverse, Token 1857 Hanks and Lloyd, , Fine

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots Tokens (4) 1856 Smith, Peate and Co. , Grocers, Tea Dealers and wine Merchants, Fine, 1862 A.Davidson Grocers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Good Fine, Smithfield Co. , Melbourne , Fine, Brookes Ironmongers, , undated, About Fine

Auction 150
World Bulk Lots s 1910 (3), 1916M, 1915 NF to VF, along with an Australian Numismatic Society 1955 centenary of the Mint , in EF

Auction 150
World Bulk Lots Tokens (3) 1857 Hanks and Lloyd, , (2) Professor Holloway 1858 , Hide and De Carle 1857, VG to Near Fine

Auction 147
World Bulk Lots and Tokens (4) Australia (3) Whitty and Brown KM#Tn271 Near Fine, Advance Australia 1862KM#Tn237 Fine, O.H.Hedberg, KM#Tn87 VG, New Zealand Edward Waters, Auckland KM#70.2 VG

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots and Tokens (3) Australia (2) William Hodgins Banker Clogh Reverse: IRELAND 1858 Near Fine, Smith Peate and Co. 1858, Grocers, Tea Dealers and Wine Merchants, , VG, New Zealand 1875 Gainsford and Edmonds Pork and General Butchers, Christchurch, New Zealand Fine with some dirt on the surfaces

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots s 1840 (8) Obverse Young Head of , Reverse Crown and wreath SYDNEY NEW SOUTH WALES, Plain edge , in 8 different metals including .925 , Prooflike UNC

Auction 140
World Bulk Lots / s 1840 Obverse young portrait of Queen after W Wyon. Reverse Crown and denomination 5 s. Milled Edge, 8 metals. .925 , silver coated , gold coated Piedfort, coloured alloy, golden alloy, silver, copper Piedfort, 18 sets made (8 pcs) Prooflike and lustrous UNC

Auction 137
World Bulk Lots Miscellaneous group Iredale 1820 nF, (2), 3 Pfennig 1867 Fine, 2 Soldi 1814 Fine

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots 1830 INA Fantasy s (85) Obv. V after William Wyon, Reverse Crown within wreath 5 s either side of the crown SYDNEY NEW SOUTH WALES , Golden Alloy (20), d (20), Bright Copper (20), Aluminium (20), (5) Lustrous UNC with certificates

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots Fantasy s 1830 V obverse (60) being 12 x 6 different metal types Unc - BU

Auction 127
World Bulk Lots and Tokens (7) Australia (6) Pennies (2) R.Parker Geelong , Iredale and Co. undated, (4) c.1860 KM#Tn244, Melbourne Hide and De Carle 1857, Sydney J.MacGregor 1857, Freidman, 1857, New Zealand 1860 and Butler, in mixed grades Fine to VF

Auction 122
World Bulk Lots World (11) Indo- 1888 Fine, 1925 Fine, (2) 1927 GVF/NEF, 1911 VF, S.Hague Smith Ironmongers GF, Australia Penny Tokens (6) Iredale and Co Ironmongers Fine, 1862 A.G.Hodgson & Co. Outfitters, Fine, Melbourne Hide and De Carde (2) 1857 and 1858 F-GF, 1862 T.Stokes Fine, Geelong R.Parker Ironmongers Fine

Auction 115
World Bulk Lots Iredale and Co. Token 1820 KM#Tn134 VF, Peek and Campbell Sydney s (2) KM#Tn192.1 1852, 1853 Fair to Fine, Ma

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