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Spade Money

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 174
World Coins 1st Century AD,13.80 grammes around Fine with some corrosion, and s Canoe Money 5.5cm VG

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots - Akce (9) a mix of types, Near Fine to Fine some on irregularly shaped flans as often, - 2 1607 KM#6 Fine on an irregular flan, Temple Tokens (2) both one marked 999 silver Good Fine and EF, Spade money Fine with green patina, China Fantasy , early styling, 26.31 grammes, VF silver content unknown, Indian States Dump Coinage (4) all around Fine, copper Half Larin KM#35.1 with date partially off the flan Fine, Ancient - Ionia Miletos Silver 1/12th Stater Obverse: Lion's head right, Reverse: Stellate within square 510-494BC 0.89g, Fine/Good Fine, Ancient India South Region, Copper Kasu, 3.22 grammes Near Fine, Copper Paisa VS1950 4.34 grammes Near Fine on an Irregular flan

Auction 171
Ancient Coins (2) (c.9-22AD) 36mm 6.36 grammes and 26mm 3.6 grammes, Fine with green patina, Ancient (22) Ar Thrace - Istros, Late 5th-4th Century BC Obv. Two Young male heads/ Rev. Sea Eagle left on dolphin AΠ 4.95 grammes NVF. - Syracuse Ar Litra Hiketas II (288-278BC) Obv. Head of right/ Rev.Eagle standing left, 6.03 grammes Near Fine. Thasos Ar Trihemiobol (411-350BC) Obv. Satyr kneeling left holding kantharios/ Rev. Amphora, 0.64 grammes, Fine. Thrace - Chersonesos Ar (480-350BC) Obv. Forepart of Lion right, head reverted/ Rev. Dot AY monogram dot - Bee, 2.36 grammes, Sear 1605 var.VF. Ionia - Miletos Ar , Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Forepart of lion left, head turned/ Rev. Floral Star in incuse square, 0.88 grammes SNG Cop. 952 NF/Fine. Ionia - Miletos Ar Obol Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Forepart of Lion left, head turned/ Rev. Floral Star pattern in incuse square, 0.93 grammes, Fine/Good Fine. Ionia - Miletos Ar Diobol Late 6th Century BC, Sear SG 3533, Obv. Lion's head left/ Rev. Floral Star pattern in incuse square, 1.2 grammes, VF. Ionia - Uncertain Ar Trihemiobol c.Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Star of 8 rays/ Rev. Quadripartite square 0.61 grammes Fine. Sicily Trihemiobol Obv.Triskeles/Rev.Pellet in circle 0.61 grammes, Fine. Mylasa- Caria Ae17 Strategos Eupolemos, Obv. Three overlapping shields Rev.EMΠO / ΛEMOY Sheathed Sword. 1.90 grammes Lindgren III 435, NVF. Elymais -Orodes II Drachm (100-150AD) 3.74 grammes Fine. Knidos - Caria Ae11 (300-190BC) Obv. Head of right/ Rev. Prow right 1.95 grammes, Fine. Kyme - Aeolis (350-250BC) Ae15. Magistrate Eubios 3.68 grammes. Obv. KY and forepart of horse right EYBIOΣ below/Rev. One-handled drinking cup, TEYB monogram to left SNG Cop 76. Good Fine. Pontos - uncertain, possibly Amisos Ae24 c.130-100BC. Obv. Helmeted head left/ Rev. Star with eight rays, 20.15 grammes About Fine. Maroneia - Thrace Semi-Autonomous coinage Ae15 (400-350BC) Obv. Prancing Horse right, monogram below/ Rev. grape-vine within linear frame. 2.33 grammes, Fine. Brettii - Bruttium Ae14 reduced /Uncia (208-205BC) Obv. Head right/Rev. Eagle standing Near Fine with green patination. Carthage in Zeugitana Ae14 Obv. Head of Taniot left/Rev. Horse prancing right, 3.245 grammes, SNG Cop95 VG/Near Fine. - Akanthos Ar Hemiobol (C.470-390BC) 8mm diameter, 0.37 grammes Obv. Head of Bull right/ Rev. Quadripartite incuse square SNG ANS 51 GVF. Lydia - Tmolus Ae14 semi-autonomous issue. (117-161AD) Obv. Youthful head of Dionysus right, wreathed with ivy, thyrsos before/ Rev. TMΩΛITΩN, bunch of grapes, 97, Waddington 5384, Sardis 327, Good Fine. Mysia - Pergamon Ae12 (200-133BC) Philetaerus, King of Pergamum. Obv. Helmeted Head of right/ Rev. ΦIΛE-TAIΡOY, Bow. SNG von Aulock 1364; SNG Stockholm 2086; SNG 1094; BMC 12, 54; Lindgren III 273 Good Fine with green patination. Thrace - Mesembria c.3rd to2nd Century BC Ae19 Obv. Female head right/ Rev. Athena Promachos standing left holding shield and brandishing spear, 5.17 grammes, SNG Cop 660 approaching Fine, along with a further group of Ancients (15) all but one in bronze, in mixed lower grades. Macedonia - Antigonus I Ae15 Obv. Gorgon on shield, Rev Worn. 3.84 grammes. VG/Poor. (3) - Northwest Senones (c.100BC-50BC) Unit, Obv. Head right/ Rev. Stylized horse with pellets around. 17mm diameter, 4.64 grammes Fine on an irregularly shaped flan., Celtic Unit Obv. Blank/ Rev.Horse and right, 14mm diameter, 2.71 grammes, NVF with edge cracks. Celtic - Britain S.436 Symbol type Obv. Two opposed crescents/ Rev. Horse with three pellets below, 1.12 grammes, Fine

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots , and (728) in an aluminium case, mostly and coinage, includes (3) with some of the Cash dating back to the 11th Century, in mixed circulated grades, a few fragmented

Auction 163
Misc Items (42) s to a varied selection, includes examples by Moore and Lauer, in mixed grades, along with Gaming tokens Spade Guinea types Guineas (2), s (10) in mixed grades

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots Imitation One in base metal (38, a few holed), Gaming Tokens (101) Spade s (64), s (85), plus Toy Money, Spielgeld and a few Machine Tokens (117), in mixed grades

Auction 159
Tokens Tokens and Paranumismatic a large and varied including 17- Tokens, Imitation Spade s, Model Money, Weights, Pub Tokens and more (lot)

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots Ancient and modern (35) and (1) includes -sized (6) and other issues, some provincial, and Knife and Spade money issues, includes some fantasies, in mixed grades to EF

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots (118) includes and , 1934 Year 23 (A/UNC) mainly smaller , with some earlier types, also includes fantasy pieces in mixed grades

Auction 150
World Bulk Lots primitive money (7) Knife money (6), (1), along with large coins 86mm diameter (3) weighing 168 grammes (2) and 183.5 grammes respectively Fine to Good Fine

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots a varied group (49) includes knife and and other more unusual types, including some fantasy pieces, in mixed grades, viewing recommended

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots a Whitman-style folder containing 1 (20) 1955 onwards, 5 Yen (25) 1949 onwards, 10 Yen (23) 1951 onwards, 50 Yen (20) 1955 onwards, 100 Yen (17) 1957 onwards, 100 Yen Expo 70 in mixed grades, some later coins lustrous, Paper Money Japan 1944 (9) average VF, Xin Dynasty (3) About Fine with some corrosion, China through the ages (22 coins, in a mini album) from Ching Dynasty 1662 to 1969 in mixed grades

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots Ancient and (7) includes Bone Cowrie money 700-600BC, Cowrie Ghost Face Money 581-221BC, The Ming Zi Dao 1122BC-255BC, Pan Liang Coin 221BC-87BC, c.14AD, and Hung Wu coin 1368-1399 AD in mixed grades, in a case with certificate

Auction 134
World Bulk Lots (189) (2), (1) Keys (2) Iron Multiple (1, this rusted) Cash (42) the cash largely ancient and attributed, plus an additional bag of Cash coins (141) with the odd larger piece, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 117
World Cased Coins of Ancient the six coin group by with bone and Cowries, Knife and Spade Money, and two early

Auction 116
Tokens , Farm, Co-op, Williams, Salmon Tokens, Imitation Spade s, Toy and model money (over 150) average about VF

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