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Royal Marine

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Auction 167
English Cased GB and World Proof and Mint sets and singles the vast majority of pieces -themed, war-themed or aviation-themed includes GB Five Pound Crown 2017 Remembrance Day Reverse with coloured poppies S.L60 , Two Pounds 2018 Silver Proof S.K50, Two Pounds 2018 RAF Sea King Helicopter Silver Proof S.K53, nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Jersey Five Pound Crown 2018 100 Years of the Silver Proof with coloured Sopwith Camel, Supermarine and Lockheed Lightning II on the reverse, FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Tristan da Cunha Crown 2014 Christmas Truce Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, GB Britannia Fifty Pounds Silver 2015 UNC on the card of issue, GB Two Pounds (3) 2015 The (2) both UNC on different issue packs, 2016 - The UNC on a 'The War on Land' pack of issue, Fifty Pence 2015 75th of the UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, NumisProof Medallic Issues (2) both 50mm diameter 2oz. Silver Proofs Dam Busters and War Montage issues FDC in the boxes of issue, Gibraltar - A War To End All Wars a 5-coin set 2014-2017 comprising Double Crown 2017 in 9 carat gold, 2014 Crowns Air, Land and Sea issue in plated - and Crown 2017 Lest We Forget UNC in the folder of issue, along with base metal sets (13) and singles (16) mostly UNC in the cases or boxes of issue

Auction 167
English Cased s (6) Flat Packs (3) 1973, 1974, 1977. set 2008 (S.PS96), Standard set 2010 (13 coins), Standard Set 2012 (10 coins in bookform case), nFDC to FDC in the Royal Mint cases of issue. s (9) 1983 Beefeaters, 2006 (10 coin) includes Two Pounds (2) - The Man and Brunel - His Achievements and Fifty Pences (2) Cross 150th - the Ad and the Heroic Acts, 2009 (8 coins) Two Pounds to One Penny, 2010 (12 coins) includes the Two Pounds , One Pound London and Belfast issues, and Fifty Pence 100 Years of Girlguiding, 2010 (8 coins) Two Pounds to One Penny, 2011 (12 coins) includes Two Pounds (2) King James Bible and Rose issues, One Pound (2) Edinburgh and Cardiff issues and Fifty Pence , 2011 (8 coins) Two Pounds to One Penny, 2012 (8 coins) Two Pounds to One Penny, 2013 (Annual Coin set (15 coins) comprising Five Pound Crown 2013 60th Anniversary, Two Pounds (3) 2013 350th Anniversary of the Guinea, 2013 150th Anniversary of the London Underground - Underground Sign, 2013 150th Anniversary of the London Underground - Underground train, One Pound 2013 (2) England Floral Emblems and Wales Floral Emblems, Fifty Pence 2013 Christopher Ironside 100th Anniversary of his Birth, along with the 2013 Two Pounds to One Penny set, UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue. Five Pound Crowns (2) 2009 A - Big Ben UNC with green 2012 logo on the reverse, 2010 A Celebration of Britain - The coin UNC with blue 2012 logo on the reverse, Two Pounds 2011 500th Anniversary of the Mary Rose, plus two empty One Pound wallets (for 1983 and 1988 coins), Numismatic First Day Covers (8) Five Pound Crown 1999 Memorial Proof FDC with 5x26 Pence stamps UNC, Five Pound Crown 1999 Silver Proof and set of 5x stamps, 16p, 20p, 20 1/2p, 28p and 31p UNC, Five Pound Crown 2002 and set of 5x stamps 1st, 2nd, E, 45p and 65p UNC, Five Pound Crown 2003 Coronation 50th Anniversary and set of 10x First Class stamps all with a different Coronation-themed picture, One Pound 2002 and set of 5 first class stamps, Fifty Pence 2010 100 Years of Girlguiding and set of 4x stamps 1st, 56p, 81p, and 90p, 50th Anniversary of the of Guernsey comprising Crown 1965 UNC and set of 5 stamps 16p, 24p, 35p, 41p and 60p UNC, 30th Anniversary of Decimalisation 1971-2001 a 7-coin set Halfcrown 1966, Florin 1967, Shilling 1963, Sixpence 1966, Threepence 1967, Penny 1967 and Halfpenny 1967 VF to UNC with 3x stamps, 10p, 20p and 50p, all on the envelopes of issue. Medallic First Day Covers (2) undated (2001) 100 Years of Submarines UNC with set of 4 stamps 1st, 2nd, 45p and 65p, and 150th Anniversary of the National Portrait Gallery 2006 with set of 10 different First Class stamps UNC on the envelopes of issue

Auction 166
Medals group of Four awarded to Pte. CH16430 Frederick Edwards R.M.L.I comprising R.M. Brigade, Medal 1914-1920 R.M.L.I, Medal R.M.L.I, and Royal and Good Conduct Medal Type (2nd Type Obverse) MNE. R.F.R. GVF-NEF. Pte.Edwards joined in in 1909 and was sent to Deal Depot. He joined the 9th () Battalion RMLI , and, as part of the Brigade, served at the of Antwerp in 1914, and was part of the ary Force in Dardanelles and Gallipoli (Feb 1915-March 1916). Comes with copies of Pte. Edwards service record

Auction 157
English Cased - Reality in the Grip of Conflict, Five Pound Crowns a 6-coin set 2015 comprising 2015 Heroes and Famous Figures - Albert Ball VC, 2015 Social and Cultural Impact - Animals at War, 2015 Technology, Warfare and Machinery - Submarines, 2015 Heroes and Famous Figures - Edith Cavell, 2015 Armed Forces and Support s - Merchant , 2015 Conflicts and s - Gallipoli, all Proofs FDC in the box of issue with certificate and booklet

Auction 146
Medals Patron's Medal 1930, bronze, in case. , Bank of Greece 60th Medal, silver, edge nicks AVF. , Horticultural Society of Picardy medal, silver. n Marine Corporation medal bronze, pierced. 1759-1959 Anniversary medal by P. Vincze, silver plated & numbered 32, in case. Together with three uniface medals (8)

Auction 139
Medals Assorted medals (6) including Return of Conservative M.P.'s for 1841, w/m., Exchange opened 1844, silver, James Watt & Co. by J. Moore 1871 bronze (Eimer 1617), Fishermen & Marine Society 1884 w/m, & Foreign Sailor's Society/ of 1893 w/m. Free Museum medal, bronze. GVF. (6)

Auction 136
Bonds and Shares , policies, large folder containing a fine collection of 26 early fire insurance policies, West of 1816, Royal Exchange, 1837 & 1861, Hants and , 1833, Atlas, 1852, Sun , 1864, Caledonian, 1850, East of , 1853, County Fire, 1822, 1823, & 1865, and , 1832 & 1859, Assurance, 1845, Queen Insurance, 1864, Union, 1836, Scottish Union, 1837, and General Country, 1824, Union Society, 1845, Guardian, 1834 & 1854, an, 1861, , 1863, Church of England, 1863, Indemnity Mutual, 1837, Alliance Marine, 1837, most with vignettes, lot also includes Dutch policy dated 1817 and 13 pieces of relating to early insurance mainly proposal information, the policies are mostly VF. (26).

Auction 122
World Cased World, The History of The s Fifty Pences a 6 coin set in 2004 Proof FDC cased as issued, The Allied Forces a 6-coin set comprising 5 Dollars 2005, GB Two Pounds 2005, 3 Roubles 2005, Silver Eagle 2005, 1 1/2 Euros, One Dollar 2005 with hologram 'Dancing Man' Reverse, all Silver proof FDC cased as issued with certificate, Bi of the of medallic issues (4) Crown-sized and in silver with portraits and ships of the ring sides, Canada/GB/Australia Sets (2) 2002 comprising GB Five Pound Crown, Canada One Dollar, Australia 50 Cents Silver Proofs FDC cased as issued with certificate, One Pound Royal Ladies 1995, 1996, 1997 a 3 coin set Proof FDC cased, 21st Birthday Set 3 Five Pound Crowns from , Guernsey and Silver proof FDC cased as issued, Guernsey Castles of the Isles 1997 a 4-coin set in Silver proof FDC cased as issued with certificate, Alderney/Jersey/Guernsey 60th of D-Day Landings Collection comprising Newspaper copy, Three Five Pound Crowns in silver plus flag pins (3) and a miniature medal FDC in a commemorative tin as issued

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 10 policies, 1844, Guardian 1856, Sun 1869, Universal Marine 1871, 1872, Royal Exchange 1874, Union 1875, Law 1886, 1888, and Northern 1889, some with vignettes, all VF. (10).

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