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Royal Academy

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 170
English Cased Five Pound Crown 2017 Remembrance Day with coloured poppies on the reverse, Five Pound Crown 2017 Queen and 70th Wedding Silver Proof Piedfort, Five Pound Crowns (19) 2008 60th Birthday Silver Proof, 2009 3-year Countdown Silver Proof with blue Olympic Logo in the reverse field, 2010 of the Monarchy Silver Proof, 2011 of -Plated Silver Proof, 2014 300th Anniversary of the of Queen Gold-plated Silver Proof, 2015 II - The Longest Reigning Monarch, Obverse with James Butler portrait (2) , both Silver Proofs, 2015 Christening of Silver Proof, 2016 Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Silver Proof, 2017 1000th Anniversary of the of King Canute (2) both Silver Proofs, 2017 Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Silver Proof, 2017 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip 70th Anniversary Silver Proof, 2017 of the House of Windsor Silver Proof, 2018 Prince Charles 70th Birthday Silver Proof, 2018 Four Generations of the (2) both Silver Proofs, 2018 250th Anniversary of the Silver Proof, 2018 Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Jubilee Silver Proof, nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Alderney Five Pounds (4) 2014 70th Anniversary of D-Day Silver Proof, 2014 Remembrance Day Silver Proof with coloured poppies on the reverse, Silver Proof, 2015 Remembrance Day Silver Proof with coloured poppies on the reverse, 2016 50th Anniversary of England winning the Football World Cup Silver Proof nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, along with an empty box for a GB Five Pound Crown 2018 Princes Charles 70th Birthday with the certificate

Auction 168
Medals General Medal Canal Zone RAOC, 36mm in silver, 1928 prize medal in copper, 1935 County of White Metal, Life 2000 56mm silver, along with others (7) including , mixed generally high grades

Auction 153
English Cased GB and World Proof and Mint Sets (16) and singles (12) GB s (4) 1950 (no Sixpence), 1970, 1980 (2), nFDC to FDC, Mint Set 1983, Britain's First Decimal set 1968/71, Five Pound Crown 1997 Golden , Two Pounds 1986 Games, One Pound 1984, Fifty Pence 1994 D-Day Landings, UNC on the cards of issue, Crowns (2) 1972 Silver Wedding Silver Proof, 1977 Silver Proof, FDC boxed the second with no certificate, Fifty Pence 1973 - Proof nFDC boxed, unofficial Year Sets (2) 1953, 1966 UNC in slide cases, 1983 UNC without the wallet, Jersey Proof Set 1972 (4 coins £2.50 to 50 Pence) UNC in the box of issue with certificate, India Proof Set 1969 nFDC in the blue wallet of issue, India Proof Set 1974 (10 coins) nFDC, Jersey Decimal Set 1969-71 UNC on the red card of issue, Hungary Mint set 1973 UNC in the plastic sleeve of issue, Ireland sets (3) 1966 Ten Shillings to Farthing UNC in a slides case, Decimal Sets 1971 (2) UNC in the wallets of issue, Hungary a 2-coin set 1973 100 Forint and 50 Forint Silver Proof FDC in the case of issue, Jersey Crown a 2-coin set 1966 Proofs nFDC, Jersey One Pound 1981 UNC in the red wallet of issue, Jersey One Pound 1981 Silver Proof, Hungary 200 Forint (2) 1973 Academy of Science Silver Proof FDC in case, 1975 30th of Silver Proof FDC in case, Australia Dollar 1984 UNC on the card of issue

Auction 144
Medals 1897 56mm diameter in Bronze the Official issue UNC boxed, of 1902 31mm diameter in silver the official Royal Mint issue UNC toned, Investiture 1969 40mm diameter in silver (3) each consecutively numbered on the edge, Henry Bouley, Veterinarian, President of the Science Academy 1884-1885 66mm diameter in bronze VF, prize medals 19th and 20th Century (9) mostly in bronze or white metal, in mixed grades

Auction 143
Medals Visit to 1866 64mm diameter in White Metal by Ottley, Eimer 1587 EF with some surface marks, Victoria 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the Official issue Eimer 1817 EF with some spots, Montrose Academy Prize Medal 1839 51mm diameter in silver presented by Sir James Duke M.P. Obverse Building and Motto, Reverse 14 line inscription VF toned, Palais de L'Industrrie 1855 68mm diameter in Zinc by F. EF

Auction 139
Medals Music & Academic Prize medals (5): Handel Festival 1859 (Miss A Madot, performer), bronze (Eimer 1527), medal to Ernest Fowles, Harmony 1884, in case. Royal Polytechnic Society 1833, bronze to Anna Maria Fox (Eimer 1272), University winning Company medal, bronze 1904, bronze. Public Schools Sports ad, silver oval rev engraved "1912 hurdles senior won by S.C. Alexander". EF (5).

Auction 139
Medals 1901, Medal, by T.Brock, silver, 54mm, rev. STVDY with torso on plinth. Rim engraved "Amy Joanna Fry for a cartoon of a draped figure. (Eimer 1862). Small edge knock otherwise VF.
£85 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1434 : Royal Academy of Arts 1901, Edward VII Medal, by T.Brock, silver, 54mm, rev. STV... London Coins : A139 : Lot 1434 : Royal Academy of Arts 1901, Edward VII Medal, by T.Brock, silver, 54mm, rev. STV...

Auction 131
Medals Music related (2) academy of Music one in silver, one in bronze, by B. EF-A/UNC and boxed

Auction 130
Medals medals in copper by B. aded 1874-1935 VF-GEF one boxed

Auction 129
Medals , bronze, to Stanley J.Kilby for elocution 1895. In case of issue. Together with a Royal Drawing Society meda, and other pieces. Generally GVF.

Auction 126
Medals Prize Medals (3) 1910 56mm in Bronze UNC boxed, (2) 41mm in Bronze 1888 UNC, 41mm in Silver 1889 both aded to Robert Crawford boxed UNC with suspension loops at top

Auction 124
Medals The Official Medals of the Tutankhamun Exhibition- Museum 1972 and the Exhibition- 1973-1974 in Silver and Fine Silver respectively UNC lightly toning cased as issued with certificate, Clark's Civil and Coml College 1, 2, and 3 Chancery Lane W.C. Boy Clerks Open Competition September 1906 aded to W.F.Burtenshaw, 45mm in Bronze UNC boxed as issued with a newspaper Photo of the recipient

Auction 123
Medals Assorted medals (6) including 1902, silver, Coronation 1937, white metal, silver medal 1924, Lusitania medal 1915, Exposition medal 1855, Leo. XIII silver medal 15 May 1891 by F Bianchi, this in a silver wire frame. Generally good very fine.

Auction 119
Medals 41mm in Silver aded to Vera Kneebone for Pianoforte 1924 GEF with suspension mount at the top

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