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Quarter Riyal

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Auction 183
World Bulk Lots World (20) One Lira 1910R KM#45 GVF, Ten 1952 KM# 79 GF/NVF, Quarter AH1354 KM#16 NVF, 2½ Escudos 1951 KM#580 UNC, 500 Reis 1913A KM#512 VF, 50 1952 KM 17 EF, One 1912 KM#25.1 VF, Five Francs 1960 KM#141 NEF with some contact marks, (2) Ten Francs 1934 KM#878 NEF/EF, 1913 KM#844.1 GVF, 100 1959 Y#78 EF, Ten Piastres 1957 KM#383a GEF, Two AH1293/17 (1891) KM#736 GVF, Five Forint 1947 KM#534a EF, Ten Dinara 1931 KM#10 VF/GVF, 100 1948 30th Anniversary of Independence KM#27 EF brushed, Ten Centavos 1883 KM#26 VF, 1961D KM#164 GEF, (2) Two 1926W KM#787 Good Fine, 1957 KM#826 GEF and lustrous

Auction 181
World Bulk Lots - Rasulid Imams of Yemen, Dirhems (7) Al Muzzafar Shams al din Yusuf I (1250-1295) (2) the first 1.47 grammes, Fine, with some weak areas, the second 1.87 grammes, Fine, Al Mu'ayyud Da'ud (1297-1321), 1.84 grammes, Fine, Al Mujahid Sayf al din Ali (1322-1363) 1.68 grammes, Fine, Al Afdal Dirhgam Aldin Al'Abbas (1363-1376) 1.54 grammes, VG with some staining, Al Ashraf Isma'il (1376-1400) 1.60 grammes, Fine, and one other worn in places, this possibly Da'ud (1296-1322) 1.87 grammes VG, Rassid Imams of Sa'da (5) 1/6 Dirhem (914-937) 0.48 grammes, Good Fine with two holes, Dirhem Sharif Ad din al Mutawakkil (912-965) 1.37 grammes, Fine, 1/6 Dirhem 0.27 grammes, pleasing Fine, 1/6 Dirhem Zaydi al-Nasir 913-934 Good Fine, and bronzes (2) style of Rassid Imams period, the first worn 1.01 grammes, the second a brockage on a thin flan of 0.57 grammes, Yemen Buqsha , 0.35 grammes, half of the design worn, the remainder around Fine. Fractional Dirhem (c.1550), 1.23 grammes, around Fine, struck off-centre, Yemen bronzes (3) these with vendor's attribution tickets, but types unclear, Fair to VG. Yemen - Seiyun & Tarim (4) 24 Khumsi AH1315H (1897) KM#217 NVF, 12 Khumsi (2) AH1315H KM#216 (2) Fine and VG, Three Khumsi AH1258 KM#206 thick planchet, Fair, East Aden Protectorate 5 Khumsi 1900 KM#48 VG, Western Aden - Sultanate of Lahej Half Baiza (1860 KM#1 Fine, Half Baisa AH1291 KM#2 NVF, Khums Kabir AH1116 (1704) Near Fine with some surface deposit, Quarter Imadi (2) AH1366 Y#10 Fine, AH(13)74 Y#14 Fine, 1/10 Imadi Riyal (4 Buqsha) AH1382 Y#24.1 VF, 1/20 Imadi Riyal AH1365 Y4.1 Near Fine, 1/40 Imadi Riyal (5) AH1349 Y#3.3 VF, AH1367 undated 1956 issue in Aluminium (struck privately in in 1955/6) Y#19 EF, AH1375 Aluminium Y#12a.2 Fine, AH1379 9 over 7 Y#12.2 Fine, AH1382 Y#22 VF, 1/80 Imadi Riyal (7) AH1322 Y#2.2, Fine, AH1349 Aluminium-Bronze Y#2.5 VG, AH1367 undated 1956 issue in aluminium (struck privately in Lebanon in 1955/6) Y#18 Fine, AH1380 80 over 79 Y#11.1 Good Fine, AH1382 Y#20 Fine, AH1382 Y#21.1 Good Fine, AH1376 Aluminium Y#11a Fine, and Hammered Bronzes (3) Imams of Sana'a (3) VG to Fine

Auction 178
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (70), includes many items, (5) 1978 FAO Lustrous UNC, 1946 EF, 1918 NVF, 1/12th Anna (2) 1909 EF, 1926 GVF, (6) Gulden 1963 Lustrous UNC, 1963 Lustrous UNC with a hint of toning, One Tenth Gulden 1963 Lustrous UNC, 1963 Lustrous UNC, 2 1/ 1959 A/UNC and lustrous, 1963 Lustrous UNC, Russia (2) Five Kopeks (2) 1780 EM VF, 1781 EM VF, Ten Francs (3) 1965 (2) the first Lustrous A/UNC, the second EF cleaned, 1966 GEF, (2)1966 (dated 66) UNC, 1968 (dated 68) NEF, s 1964 (5) UNC (3), A/UNC and EF, (3) Crowns (3) 1949 (2) the first GEF lightly toned, the second NEF with some spots and thin scratches, 1953 UNC, (200 Fils) 1932 (2) both Fine, India Rupee 1892 Bombay Mint, B incuse VF, with some darker toning, New 1938 GVF, 1974 Sea Turtle Lustrous UNC, Crown 1971 Barbary Ape UNC retaining some original brilliance, (2) Five Francs 1967B Lustrous UNC with some minor contact marks, 1953B GVF, (12) (2) 1961 VF, 1967 Goose EF toned, 1967 Howling Wolf GEF toned, (4) 1909 Fine, 1967 Lynx (3) NEF, EF and GEF the last with attractive toning, (3) 1949 NEF, 1967 Mackeral (2) EF and GEF, Five Cents 1967 Rabbit Lustrous UNC, One Cent 1967 Dove A/UNC, Canada - One Cent 1865 NVF, Spain Two Pesetas 1870 (dated 74) Fine, - Five Baiocchi 1853R Good Fine, Ten AH1293/32 (1906) Fine, - (2) Four 1796 KM#362 VG, Groschen 1856A VF, (2) 1861 NVF, 1/24th Shilling 1923 VF, 1830 NVF, Italian States - Two Lire 1801, 9.389 grammes variant, Near Fine, the reverse with some verdigris, scarce, Indian - Rupee AH1311 Fine, India 1803 Fine, 25 Cents 1893 NEF, Five Pfennigs 1921E EF, Germany - (2) Ten Rentenpfennigs 1924J VF, Two Pfennigs 1936F VF, Germany - Two Pfennigs 1938D VF, (3) 20 Stotinki 1917 Zinc (2) Good Fine and VF, 10 Stotinki 1913 About Fine, 1949 GVF, Ten Centesimi 1933-34 EF Peace Celebration 34mm diameter in , holed for suspension, and an unattributed badge/, no legend or date, uniface bust right, the edge with four mounting lugs, one broken, Fine

Auction 172
World Bulk Lots World (27) 1886 UNC (3), two lustrous and one with some toning, (6) s 1780 Maria Theresa Restrikes (3) Lustrous UNC one is Prooflike, 100 s (2) 1991 Proof FDC, 50 Schilling 1967 Centennial of the Blue Danbe Waltz Silver Proof nFDC retaining practically full brilliance, 25 Schillings 1967 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Theresa Silver Proof nFDC, Southern 1953 Cecil Rhodes AU/UNC and lustrous, Crown 1952 Lustrous UNC, Crown 1959 Lustrous UNC, 1944 Lustrous UNC, 30 i (2) 1963 KM#86 UNC or near so and lustrous, 1964 Wedding of Constantine and Anne-Marie KM#87 About UNC and lustrous, 1966 Pearce UNC and lustrous, Dollar 1958 NEF with some hairlines, 5 1971 Georgi Rakovski Prooflike UNC with light toning, 1966 (1968) Lustrous UNC, One Dollar 1994 the Queen Mother Silver Proof nFDC, 5 Kran AH1320 (1903) GVF/NEF , United Kingdoms AH1354 (1936) KM#18 Lustrous UNC, 1993 Queen Elizabeth II 40th Anniversary of the Coronation Silver Proof FDC in capsule with certificate, (3) (2) 1972F s KM#132 Silver Proof UNC lightly toned with some contact marks, 1987J 750th Anniversary of Lustrous UNC, , 1870 GVF/VF with small tone spots, USA s 1964 (2) both FDC in the envelope of issue with certificates, USA Last of the Silver Coinage 1964 a 5-coin set comprising , , Dime, and One Cent UNC, the Quarter Dollar a Mint issue, in unofficial case

Auction 167
World Bulk Lots World (22) - (5) (3) 1942C GF/VF, 1945 (2) Fine and NVF, 1941C Good Fine, 1944C Fine, (3) AH1354 (1936) UNC, AH1368 (1948) Lustrous UNC, AH1380 (1961) Lustrous UNC, Saudi Arabia AH1354 (1936) GVF, (9) 20 Mils (3) 1927 Fine, 1942 NVF and 1942 Bronze VF, 10 Mils (6) 1927 (3) Fine and Good Fine (2), 1937 VF, 1939NVF, 1942 Fine, One Cent 1940 VF, 1947 Fine or better, 1933 VG, 10 Cents 1897 VG

Auction 150
World Coins Quarter AH1299 (1882) KM#2, Coins (1971) Y3, weight 6.80 grammes, a superb example, Sharp GEF or better, the fields lustrous and prooflike with subtle blue and gold toning, displaying only a few minor contact marks, this example superior to the Krause plate example, and also superior to the British Museum example, of the highest rarity, British Commonwealth Coins by Remick states 'only a few specimens known', no prices given in current world catalogues such as Krause and this not surprising as we were unable to find any recorded sales of this type, Baldwin's have twice offered the Gold 2 1/2 Riyals in 2014 (realised £38,000) and in 2008 (realised £26,450) and this silver issue will be of similar scarcity if not rarer
£15,000 London Coins : A150 : Lot 1354 : Zanzibar Quarter Riyal AH1299 (1882) KM#2, British Commonwealth Coins (1971) Y3, weight 6.80 grammes... London Coins : A150 : Lot 1354 : Zanzibar Quarter Riyal AH1299 (1882) KM#2, British Commonwealth Coins (1971) Y3, weight 6.80 grammes...

Auction 145
World Coins (3) AH1346 (1928) KM#12 Fine or better, AH1346 (1928) KM#11 GVF with some tone spots, AH1348 (1930) KM#10 About EF
£600 London Coins : A145 : Lot 726 : Saudi Arabia (3) Riyal AH1346 (1928) KM#12 Fine or better, Half Riyal AH1346 (1928) KM#11 GVF with s... London Coins : A145 : Lot 726 : Saudi Arabia (3) Riyal AH1346 (1928) KM#12 Fine or better, Half Riyal AH1346 (1928) KM#11 GVF with s...

Auction 137
World Bulk Lots (16) AH1370 (1950) (2), AH1354 (1935) (10), (4) AH1354 (1935) (1), AH1374 (1954) (3) in mixed grades to EF

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