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Proof Set 1826

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
English Banknotes A good of Banknote and Coin Sets (9) C158 £10 QV10 001349 with 2001 cupro Crown, C159 s Lowther VR10 000552 with 2001 cupro Crown, C160 £10 Lowther VR10 000430 with 2001 Silver Proof Crown, C163 Five Pounds Lowther QE50 005581 with 2002 cupro Crown, C165 Five Pounds Lowther ER50 000532 with 2002 cupro Crown, C166 £10 Lowther ER50 000445 with 2002 Silver Proof Crown, C171 Five Pounds Lowther QC03 001826 with 2003 cupro Crown (stamp cover), C172 Five Pounds Lowther QC50 000256 with 2003 cupro Crown, C173 £10 Lowther QC50 000658 with 2003 Silver Proof Crown (this toning) all Unc in the packs of issue all the coins Five Pound Crowns

Auction 182
English Coins 1826 (11 coins) comprising Gold 1826 Proof nFDC with some very minor hairlines and the odd small contact mark barely detract, the fields brilliant and reflective, Gold 1826 Proof nFDC the obverse with beautiful reflective fields, the reverse with slight haze around the legend, one small spot on the drapery to the right, 1826 Proof nFDC the bust beautifully frosted, minor wavy line in the obverse field, Gold 1826 Proof, Extra hair tuft, (Marsh 407C) nFDC the obverse with minor hairlines and contact marks, Crown 1826 Proof nFDC/FDC the reverse beautifully toned, 1826 Proof nFDC the obverse with flashes of blue and gold tone, the reverse blue/green and golden toned with touches of magenta, 1826 Proof nFDC the obverse with minor contact marks, 1826 Proof nFDC colourfully toned, the obverse with some minor contact marks , Penny 1826 Thick Raised line on Saltire, Reverse C, Bronzed Proof (Peck 1426) nFDC/FDC, the obverse with a small spot in the hair and tone spot on the neck, 1826 Raised line on Saltire, Reverse B, (Peck 1437) Bronzed Proof, nFDC with a minor handling mark on either side, and 1826 Bronzed Proof nFDC with colourful underlying tone, a small edge nick by BR or BRITANNIAR barely detracts, comes in red oval fitted case, with F.G. White July 16 1868 in gold lettering on the lid, only around 400 sets are thought to have been minted, a superb and highly sought after rare and highly desirable set, rarely seen complete on the market
£127,000 London Coins : A182 : Lot 1859 : Proof Set 1826 (11 coins) comprising Gold Five Pounds 1826 Proof nFDC with some very minor hairlines... London Coins : A182 : Lot 1859 : Proof Set 1826 (11 coins) comprising Gold Five Pounds 1826 Proof nFDC with some very minor hairlines...

Auction 170
English Coins 1826 S.3804, Wilson & Rasmussen 249. Without the extra tuft of hair. in a PCGS holder and graded PR65DCAM, a stunning example of the Proof striking from the sets of the year. The Proof striking accentuates the intricacy of the design, and truly enhances the work of the designer. We note only 7 examples of this type have been graded by PCGS. An example graded PR65+ DCAM and a PR66 DCAM are the only finer graded pieces. A very sought after issue with a tiny mintage of 150 pieces, this type missing from many advanced milled gold and/or Half Sovereign s
£7,500 London Coins : A170 : Lot 1637 : Half Sovereign 1826 Proof S.3804, Wilson & Rasmussen 249. Without the extra tuft of hair. in a P... London Coins : A170 : Lot 1637 : Half Sovereign 1826 Proof S.3804, Wilson & Rasmussen 249. Without the extra tuft of hair. in a P...

Auction 168
English Bulk Lots GB and World a varied group includes GB pre-1947 silver £22.75 face, GB pre-1920 silver £0.37 1/2 face, in mixed grades, Crowns (3) 1887, 1892, 1893LVI VG to Good Fine, 1887 VF, 1826 VG, 1838 VG, s Victorian issues (7) includes 1876, VG to Fine, along with to s, Pennies, and s, also includes a few issues, in mixed grades, Part Plastic Set 1953 UNC (No Shillings) in the wallet of issue, s (7) 1990 (2), 1996, 1999 nnium (2), 1999 Diana Memorial A/UNC to UNC, Crowns (55) 1951, 1953 (5), 1960 (5), 1965 (7), 1972 (9), 1977 (16), 1980 (5), 1981 (7) A/UNC to UNC, Crown 1977 Silver , boxed with no certificate, Sierra Leone One Leone 1974 10th Anniversary of the Bank of Sierra Leone Silver Proofs (2) nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Belgium 1876 Good Fine as part of a group of World mostly issues many countries represented (68) includes some silver items, in mixed grades, Banknotes (2) Bradbury F/9 970523 VG and One Pound Somerset DW62 088963 Fine

Auction 159
English Bulk Lots s (9) 1673 Near Fine to Good Fine, 1897 A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, 1902 A/UNC to UNC toned, 1904 Toned A/UNC to UNC, 1905 (3) EF to GEF, A/UNC to with matching tone, UNC with matching tone, 1911 GEF to A/UNC with colourful tone, 1925 EF to UNC and lustrous with small spots, along with Maundy 1902 an assembled set, comprising , and s UNC and currency GEF, in a slide case, Maundy a 3-part set 1852 comprising Fourpence VF, Twopence EF, and Penny EF, Maundy Odds () Fourpences (33) 1679 (3), 1689, 1731 (2), 1737, 1746, 1827, 1829, 1834, 1836, 1852, 1856, 1858, 1860, 1874, 1878, 1881, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1902 Matt Proof (2), 1902 (2), 1904, 1905, 1908, 1924, 1939, Threepences (11) 1679, 1686, 1762, 1763 (3, one holed), 1786, 1829, 1904, 1909, Twopences (15) 1684 plugged, 1729, 1732, 1742, 1826, 1838 (5), 1840, 1876, 1899, 1903, 1911, (7) 1772, 1800 (2), 1859, 1868, 1875, 1895 in mixed grades to UNC some lustrous some with attractive toning

Auction 159
Medals Investiture of the 1969 a 3-medal set in silver 58mm diameter, 45mm diameter and 32mm diameter by Eimer 2116a, 2116b and 2116c UNC in the dated box of issue, II 1977 Silver ingot/first day cover set with 4 stamps, UNC in the box of issue, a 3-ingot set in silver 1976 s each with Canadian stamp designs and weighing 16 grammes of .999 silver UNC in the box of issue with stamps, The New Group Silver Ingot One ounce of Silver FDC in the box of issue with certificate, along with a group of Medals, Tokens and fantasies includes some larger an modern bronze types (17) some EF to GEF, St Crown 1978 Enamelled in four colours, fair workmanship, on a chain, boxed, Broken Hill Co-Op Tokens One Loaf (36) 28mm diameter in aluminium UNC, Enamelled Shillings (3) 1887 (2), 1890, Enamelled Sixpence 1887 Jubilee Head, fair workmanship, Penny 1891 VG, Threepence 1909 VG, Shilling 1826 set in a swivel mount Fine, gilded, and a locket made from a 1952 Halfpenny, along with letter from Central detailing the ad of a medal and with the ribbon attached

Auction 147
Misc Items Box for the 1826 Proof Set a few scuffs, otherwise excellent condition

Auction 147
Misc Items boxes a group of privately made boxes (19th-20th century) for 1826 long set, 1887 long set, 1893 long set, RM 1902 long set (card) RM 1902 short set (card) RM 1911 long set (card) 1927 set RM deluxe, in mixed condition

Auction 146
World Cased the 80th Birthday 7-coin set 1980 comprising issues from , , , , , GB and St. nFDC cased in the blue box of issue, Crowns 1977 Silver s (7) one example each from , Guernsey, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, , Tristan da Cunha and St. Helena nFDC in the cases of issue with certificates, Crown 1981 Silver Proof FDC, 2 1980 Edd the Confessor Silver Proofs (2) FDC in the cases of issue, Falkland Islands 1983 UNC in the wallet of issue, plus GB and ro- Crowns (10) EF to UNC, 1839 and Quarter Real 1826 both VG holed

Auction 143
English Bulk Lots s (2) Milled ESC 2365 VF-EF, 1939 GEF, Maundy Odds (10) s (3) 1827, 1830, 1902 , s (4) 1827, 1828, 1838, 1902, (3) 1826, 1831, 1902, Currency 1919 in mixed grades VF to UNC

Auction 142
English Bulk Lots s (125) from a deceased estate, a in 8 Lindner trays, in a Lindner carrying case 1671, 1687, 1707E, 1745 LIMA, 1746 LIMA, 1816, 1817 Bull Head, 1817 Small Head, 1819, 1820 , 1820 , 1821, 1823 (2), 1825, 1826, 1828, 1834 WW in script (2), 1835, 1836, 1837, 1840, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1848 plain date, 1849 Large Date, 1850, then 1874-1970 a complete set of currency issues with both head types of 1887, the 1951 and 1970 issues, in mixed grades, the 1905 Fair, the majority of the post-I are VF to EF some better
£2,600 London Coins : A142 : Lot 3164 : Halfcrowns (125) from a deceased estate, a collection in 8 Lindner trays, in a Lindner carry... London Coins : A142 : Lot 3164 : Halfcrowns (125) from a deceased estate, a collection in 8 Lindner trays, in a Lindner carry...

Auction 127
English Cased 11 coin set £5 - Penny nFDC with some hairlines and contact marks in a brown unlabelled box with velvet inlay
£22,000 London Coins : A127 : Lot 1319 : Proof Set 1826 11 coin set £5 - bronze Penny nFDC with some hairlines and contact marks in a b...

Auction 122
English Bulk Lots GB and World (9) GB s (6) 1826 NF, 1881 VF, 1887 JH NF, 1914 F, 1929 VG, 1948 EF, Crown 1972 FDC, Canada one of fine silver 1997 BU, USA 1916 VG, plus 2000 nnium UNC in the wallet of issue, 1967 (100) in two red tubes UNC, Baby Gift Set 2002 comprising £5 note Lowther YR20 prefix and Five Pound Crown 2002 - UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, plus engravings from the Royal Mint (2) both sketches of the reverse design for the 2005 by Timothy Noad, and signed by the artist

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