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Prince Eugen

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Auction 170
World Banknotes World (125) a various and very interesting in an album of early notes mostly circa late 1800's early 1900's and in different grades mostly averaging VF to UNC. Includes a few always collectable issues from the US as a 1 Dollars (3) Pick 342 series of 1923 Blue seal, Speelman & . Pick 416d2e series 1935E Priest & Humphrey. Pick 416a series 1935A Julian & Morgenthau ink signed on main body Eugene Elbert. And a Operation Torch Pick 415Y series of 1934A, yellow seal Issued for use in North and in . A Fractional Currency P108e 1863 Colby & Spinner. Currency Pick 67 (Criswell T69-561) series 4 Plate G. Pick 378g series of 1928G Clark & Snyder. Obsolete Currency such as the Natchez, Railroad Company dated 3rd April 1839. Bank of Windsor, 5 Dollars circa 1800's or wrongly cut at top and bottom sheet originally of 4 notes now only 2full notes and with parts of the first and the last notes from the sheet showing. Also a Thesouro Nacional 500 Reis Dom 2 Pick A243b ND 1880 (1885) variety with 2 serial numbers 81510 serie 61A. Some interesting 1700's items such as a period State Lottery ticket 1776 and a Cleo bury Mortimer Bewbley Old Bank sight note unissued remainder circa 1796 as advised by Forster, Lubbock, Bosanquets & Co. bankers and watermarked upside down with the Royal cypher and the date 1796 also has 2 Revenue embossed stamps. Philatelic n Inland Revenue Beer Duty Stamps (2) 12 s on 9 shillings (One Barrel) green and 1 on 18 shillings (One Hogshead) dark brown/black, both stamped "The Cascade Brewery Co. Limited" used, 1901. a part of a Fiscal Revenue s Tax Revenue paper from the n period and a Bhopal Fiscal 8 Annas dated 17th February 1900, red and black. An i in Arabic and with an illustration of 25 note on obverse. Together with many more other issues from including some n and Not geld, , ( ), The , some large sized issues and World War II period and Military notes. The lot includes a fantasy issue US 1 million dollars and some modern contemporary copies

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots s in (53) 1929 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Dr. Theodor Billroth KM#2844 (4), 1930 7th Centennial of the Death of Walther von der Vogelweide KM#2845 (7), 1931 175th Anniversary of the Birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KM#2847 (8), 1932 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Joseph Hayden KM#2848 (8), 1934 Death of Dr.Englebert Dollfuss KM#2852 (6), 1935 25th Anniversary of the Death of Dr. Karl Lueger KM#2855 (8), 1936 Bicentennial of the Death of of Savoy, Austrian Field hal KM#2858 (8), 1937 Bicentennial of the completion of St. Charles Church KM#2859 (4) EF to UNC many with lustre

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots s (16) 1930 7th Centennial of the Death of Walther von der Vogelweide KM#2845 (3), 1934 Death of Dr.Englebert Dollfuss (8) KM#2852, 1936 Death of of Savoy (5) KM#2858, one of the 1934 coins NVF, the others EF to UNC

Auction 134
World Coins 25 1963 300th Anniversary of the Birth of KM#2893 Silver nFDC
£30 London Coins : A134 : Lot 1179 : Austria 25 Schilling 1963 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Prince Eugen KM#2893 Silver Proof nFDC London Coins : A134 : Lot 1179 : Austria 25 Schilling 1963 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Prince Eugen KM#2893 Silver Proof nFDC

Auction 116
World Bulk Lots World (13) s (4) 1928 Schubert GEF, 1931 Mozart A/UNC, 1933 Seipel, UNC, 1935 Dr. Karl Lueger UNC, 1936 of Savoy UNC,

Auction 103
World Coins 1936 UNC

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