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Portsmouth : Tokens

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 180
Tokens (7) (5) 1794 Obverse: facing portrait of I with and QUEEN ELIZABETH, Reverse: View of Chichester Cross CHICHESTER HALFPENNY date below, Edge: PAYABLE AT DALLYS CHICHESTER, DH15 (2) NEF and GVF/VF, Chichester 1794 Obverse: Bust to left IOHN HOWARD F.R.S PHILANTHROPIST, round dot at end of legend, Reverse: The Sun and Moon over a castle, CHICHESTER AND PORTSMOUTH HALFPENNY date below, DH19, GVF, Chichester 1794 Obverse: Bust to left IOHN HOWARD F.R.S PHILANTHROPIST, elongated dot at end of legend, Reverse: The Sun and Moon over a castle, CHICHESTER AND PORTSMOUTH HALFPENNY date below, DH20 About EF with a verdigris spot on the reverse, Frant 1794 Obverse: A cypher GR, crest; a lamb FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD, Reverse: Shield of Arms, the date on a ribbon below, SUSSEX HALFPENNY TOKEN, Edge: PAYABLE BY G.RING FRANT SH23 EF with traces of lustre, Skidmore's es and Gates 1797, Obverse: ST.GEORGE'S . QUEEN . SQUARE BT. 1706, Reverse a cypher with date below, DEDICATED TO COLLECTORS . OF . MEDALS & COINS DH622 EF with a small planchet clip, - 1791 Paley's, Obverse: Full length figure of Bishop Blaze and a lamb, ARTIS NOSTRÆ CONDITOR, Reverse: Shield of Arms, crest an owl LEEDS HALFPENNY 1791, DH47, Fine

Auction 180
Tokens (8) (3) - Brownbill's 1793 Obverse: Bust of Bishop Blaze right, SUCCESS TO THE YORKSHIRE WOOLLEN MANUFACTORY, Reverse: A view of Leeds Cloth Hall, LEEDS HALFPENNY, date in exergue, Edge: PAYABLE AT H. BROWNBILL'S SILVERSMITH, DH41, NEF, York 1795 Obverse: View of a cathedral, Exergue: YORK 1795, Reverse: View of a castle and drawbridge CLIFFORD'S TOWER AD.1100. Edge: YORK BUILT A.M 1223, CATHEDRAL REBUILT A.D.1075, DH63 NEF, 1791 Obverse: An statue of William III GULIELMUS TERTIVS REX Exergue: MDCLXXXIX, Shield of Arms within sprigs of oak, 8 acorns to the left and 7 acorns to the right, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF IONATHAN GARTON & Co. DH17 GVF, - 1792 Obverse, A three quarter length figure of Bishop Blaize, Reverse: Shield of Arms with date below EXETER HALFPENNY, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF SAMUEL KINGDON, DH2 NEF, - Banbury Obverse: Bust three-quarter facing WM. RUSHER HATTER BOOKSELR. STATIONER . BANBURY. Reverse: The Sun DEUS . EST . NOBIS . SOL . ET . SCUTUM . , Edge: PAYABLE AT BANBURY OXFORD OR READING, DH1 GVF, - 1791 Obverse: Helmeted Bust to right SR. BEVOIS SOUTHAMPTON, Reverse: Shield of Arms, PROMISSORY HALFPENNY, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE OFFICE OF W. TAYLOR R.V. MOODY & CO, DH89 NEF/GVF, (2) Foundling Fields 1795 Obverse: A lamb within a circle FOUNDLING FIELDS 1795, Reverse: Cypher IB within a circle, PAYABLE ON DEMAND, stop after DEMAND obscured by die flaw, as normal with this issue, milled edge, DH305 VF, Davidson's 1795 Obverse: A female seated holding a sword, and a shield bearing the Arms of , a distant view of St. Paul's SISE LANE HALFPENNY, Reverse: A upon a triangle, held by two hands, Br. CONSTITUTION radiated in the centre KING . LORDS . COMMONS, Cross touches IN of KING, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF T&R DAVIDSON'S, DH295 NEF

Auction 179
Tokens (8) (4) Croydon 1797 Obverse: a cypher D G. HALFPENNEY PAYBLE AT GARRAWAYS CROYDON (A of HALFPENNEY over inverted A, and Y over inverted Y), Reverse: A teapot THE BEST TEAS IN CROYDON 1797 DH7, EF with traces of lustre, Croydon 1797 Obverse: a cypher D G. HALFPENNY PAYABLE AT GARRAWAYS CROYDON, Reverse: A teapot THE BEST TEAS IN CROYDON 1797 DH8, VF the reverse slightly better, scarce, Guildford , Obverse: The Arms of Guildford GUILDFORD HALFPENNY, Reverse: Three-quarter figure of Bishop Blaize, and woolpack, SUCCESS TO THE WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, DH9, NEF, Lambeth undated, Obverse: Obverse: A man smoking Sr. GEORGE COOK . MAYOR . OF . GARRAT . ELECd . AUGt 24. 96, Reverse: Sr. G. COOK / FRUITERER / GREENGROCER / & OYSTER MERCHANT / STANGATE / LAMBETH in 7 lines, , DH11, VF, scarce, (4) Go 1796 Obverse: Figure of Hope standing PAYABLE AT BENn and IOHN JONES GOSPORT OR SHEERNESS, finger of Hope points left of first O of GOSPORT, Reverse: A ship , date below, THE GUARD AND GLORY OF Gt. BRITAIN, DH43, GVF/NEF, Petersfield 1795 Obverse: Man on horseback, PETERSFIELD, Reverse: Britannia seated left, RULE BRITANNIA, date in exergue, DH51B, EF with an edge knock the surface shows signs of die rust, listed as Rare by Dalton & Hamer, 1794 Obverse: Bust left IOHN HOWARD F.R.S. PHILANTHROPIST, Reverse: Arms of the borough, PORTSMOUTH AND CHICHESTER HALFPENNY, date in exergue, Edge: PAYABLE AT SHARPS PORTSMOUTH AND CHALDECOTTS CHICHESTER, DH53, EF, Portsmouth 1791 Obverse: Helmeted Bust to right SR. BEVOIS SOUTHAMPTON, Reverse: Shield of Arms, PROMISSORY HALFPENNY, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE OFFICE OF W. TAYLOR R.V. MOODY & CO, DH89, EF with traces of lustre the reverse with some scratches

Auction 179
Tokens Pennies, and s (10) comprising Penny Angusshire - 1797 DH5 NVF, Halfpennies (8) - Leighton Buzzard 1794 DH3c Near EF with traces of lustre, (2) Emsworth 1793 Ship reverse, John Stride edge, DH9 VF, - St.Bevois 1791 DH89 GVF, - Leek 1793 Caduceus/Two Hands d DH10, VF, Angusshire - Dundee 1797 Dundee Castle DH18 VF, - 1794 Place Norwich DH19 Good Fine, - George Prince of 1794 edge: Brighton Camp DH2 Fine, 1792 DH928 Upright coarse milling Fine, Farthing - 1795 Tea Chest/Monogram DH112 Good Fine, along with Farthings (2) Newbury 1657 W.51 and 1657 W.54 Near Fine to Fine

Auction 172
Tokens (21) North 1793 Reverse: Harp 31 Acorns, 14 to left and 17 to right DH8 Fine, - Obv: A bottle, Reverse: Figure of Hope standing points to the letter Y in the legend DH24 Good Fine/Fine, - Northampton 1794 Obv: George Jobson, Banker, Rev: A Castle and Lion Good Fine with a spot on the obverse, - 1791 Paley's Obv: Bishop Blaze, with comb to centre of the E and to the end of the R, Rev: Shield of Arms crested by an owl, DH 46 Fine, - 1791 Obv: Helmeted bust right, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge PAYABLE AT THE OFFICE OF W. TAYLOR R.V. MOODY LTD. DH89 NVF, - Banbury undated Obv: Bust three-quarters facing, Rev: The Sun, Edge: PAYABLE AT BANBURY OXFORD OR READING DH1 Good Fine, (2) - Wilkinson 1788 Curved 1, straight 7, with stop after R. DH375 Near Fine/Fine, 1792 Wilkinson's Contemporary Counterfeit Obv: Distinctive crude bust right, Edge: PAYABLE AT ANGLESEY LONDON OR LIVERPOOL DH453 Near Fine, (3) 1795 Allen's Obv: Shield of Arms, Rev: A different shield of Arms, Edge: PAYABLE IN CHANDO STREET COVENT GARDEN DH246 Good Fine, 1795 Lackington's Obv: Bust to right, Rev: Figure of Fame blowing a trumpet, Edge: Milled to left DH357a Fine, 1795 ic Obv: Bust right, Rev: Shield of Arms with supporters Edge: PAYABLE IN DUBLIN OR LONDON VG/Fine, (4) 1794 Obv: View of Canterbury Cathedral, Rev: Shield of Arms of the City, Edge: PAYABLE AT JAMES ROBERTSONS DH7 Good Fine, Canterbury 1795 Obv: View of the Cathedral with E.P cypher in exergue, Rev: Shield of Arms of the City, Edge: PAYABLE AT CANTERBURY DH8 Fine, 1794 Obv: An ancient sloop, Rev: Shield of Arms of the Cinque Ports Edge: PAYABLE AT JOHN CROWSS COPPER SMITH DH20 Fine, undated Obv: An ancient sloop, Rev: Shield of Arms of the Cinque Ports, Edge: PAYABLE AT THOMAS BUNDOCKS DH39 Fine, (6) 1791 Obv: , Rev: Shield of Arms DH11 Fine/Good Fine, Lancaster 1792 Obv: John of Gaunt with hexagonal star below the bust, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON BRISTOL & LANCASTER DH30 Good Fine/Fine, Lancaster 1794 Obv: John of Gaunt, with star under bust, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge: PAYABLE IN LANCASTER LONDON OR BRISTOL DH41 Good Fine, Lancaster 1794 Obv: John of Gaunt, Rev: Shield of Arms Edge: PAYABLE AT W.GYE'S PRINTER BATH DH46a Good Fine, 1792 Edge: PAYABLE AT THE WARHOUSE OF THOMAS CLARKE DH96 Fine, 1793 Obv: A porter carrying a pack, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge: Engrailed DH 135e Fine, - County 1795 Obv: Beehive and Bees, Reverse: A Druid's head, Edge: Milled DH 36 Fine

Auction 168
Tokens (3) - 1792 Lady Godiva DH231 GVF, - 1795 John Howard DH57a GVF, - Whitfields - Long Live The King 1795 DH911 NVF, Pennies (2) 1812 and Company VF, 1812 Birmingham Union Copper Company NEF, 19th Century - 1834 William Till Good Fine, Token 1812 Cuidad Rodrigo Good Fine with a heavy dig in the obverse field, Wellington Token 1813 Britannia Reverse Near Fine, along with a mixed group of Tokens and s (21), includes Casino Tokens, Engraved and Counters

Auction 167
Tokens Token 1795 Obverse: Dove and olive branch, Reverse: Two clasped hands, Edge : AN ASYLUM FOR THE OPPRESS'D OF ALL NATIONS DH289e Good Fine, along with (3) 1794 and DH54 NVF, Middlesex Political and Social Series 1796 Stag Edge PAYABLE IN LONDON, the remainder of the edge engrailed to right DH1041, Good Fine, John Howard Remember the debtors in gaol Edge: Payable at or edge DH35a VF

Auction 163
Tokens (11) Alresford, , James Withers Dickinson 3, NVG, 1666 Town issue, Dickinson 13 NVF, Farthing Andover William , Dickinson 20, Fine with an edge cut, Farthing Alton, 1652 Town issue, Dickinson 6, Fine, Farthing Basing, J.Watts Dickinson 42 VG, Farthing Basingstoke, John Coleman 1652, Dickinson 33, VG, Farthing Basingstoke, undated, B.Reve Dickinson 38 Fine, Farthing , J.Eastman 1667 Dickinson 139B VG, Farthing Lymington, B.Bulkly, undated, Dickinson 88, Near Fine, Farthing Lymington, Bartholomew Harmood, Dickinson 92, Near Fine, Farthing William Over, Dickinson 223 About Fine

Auction 162
Tokens (9) Alresford W1, Alresford W3, Alton W6, W14, W137/8, Romsey W179, W187, W211, Winchester W233

Auction 158
Tokens (3) Town 14, Richard Marks 153, John Cleer 215 all Fine, (3) Barkway John 17, Royston Thomas Godfrey 164, St. Albans 172/3 VG to Fine, 17th Century Kent (4) , Robert Capon 130, Robert Taylor 143, Deal James Coston 148, Dym Andrew Clifford 197 Fair to Fine, 17th Century (8) Arundel Thomas Withers 17, William Fletcher 44, Thomas Godleman 48, Robert Hichcock 52, Thomas Spatehurst 62, Richard Younge 72, Midhurst Robat Atkinson 128, Robertsbridge Robert Grove 151 Fair to Fine

Auction 156
Tokens (5) Emsworth 1793 Britannia/Dove and Cornucopia DH11, Petersfield 1795 Britannia/ DH51 with planchet clip, 1794 John Howard/Castle DH55, Portsmouth 1797 Neptune/Legend in 7 lines DH61, 1794 DH69 Ship/Arms, last NEF others EF

Auction 156
Tokens (10) Emsworth (4) 1794 DH15, DH17, undated DH18, 1795 DH21, () 1792 DH46, Petersfield 1793 DH47 with planchet clip, (3) 1797 DH65, 1795 DH57a J.Howard/Britannia, 1797 DH58, 1794 DH73, mostly VF or slightly better

Auction 156
Tokens (10) Emsworth (3) 1794 DH13, 1795 DH30a, 1795 DH30b, (3) 1794 DH54, 1795 DH57b, 1797 DH60a, (2) 1796 DH80, 1794 DH71, (2) DH90, 1796 DH91 Fine to VF

Auction 156
Tokens (8) Emsworth (3) 1797 DH28, 1795 DH29, 1795 DH29a, Petersfield 1793 DH48, 1793 DH48c, (2) 1795 DH57, 1797 DH64, 1794 DH75 Good Fine to VF

Auction 153
Tokens s and (38) comprising (11) Basinghall Street 136, Chancery Lane 516, Chancery Lane 517, Chick Lane 618, Cornhill 716, Cousin Lane 735, 738, Covent Garden 739, 1414, New Crane (Wapping) 1989, St.Katherines 2591, (5) Braintree 37, Epping 171, Much Clafton 251, Wivenhoe 344, (5) 50, Deptford 181, 200, Dover 220, 295, (4) Blewbury 14, 94, Reading 97, Reading 126, (2) 60, Chipping Norton 66, (2) Biggleswade 25, Potton 79, (2) Ely 112/3, March 154, Guildford 100, 60, Burnham 13, Shepton Mallet 210, Bury St.Edmunds 73, 125, 159, Bridlington Key 53 in mixed grades Fair to About Fine, some with attribution tickets

Auction 151
Tokens 17th and 18th century a varied Group (20) (8) Castlehold, D.50, , Isle of Wight D.96A, Newport, Isle of Wight 1664 D.96, Alresford D.3, Lymington 1652 D.88, 1666 D.14, Alton 1652 D.5, 137/8 Fair to Near Fine, (9) and s (3) these NVF to NEF

Auction 149
Tokens (8) Alresford 3, Alton 5, 14, Castlehold 50, Lymington 88, Isle of Wight (2) 96, 96A, 137/8 Fair to Fine

Auction 148
Tokens (3) Emsworth 1794 King and Constitution, Milled edge DH20c GEF with a trace of lustre, Petersfield 1795 Britannia seated, geshire edge PAYABLE IN LONDON and engrailed DH49 UNC with good lustre and prooflike, 1795 John Howard/Britannia DH 57 EF, Huntingdon 1795 County DH12 EF with a small area of verdigris

Auction 141
Tokens a small (28) Alresford 1, Alton 6, 12, 13 (2), 14, (West) Cowes 55, Lymington 93, Isle of Wight 98, 110, Overton 127, Petersfield 131/2, 137, 138A, 139A, 141, 152, 154, 159, Ryde Isle of Wight 181, 184, 185, 199, 211, 223 (2), 229, 233 Fair to Good Fine many with old attribution tickets

Auction 133
Tokens , Skidmore -, Murdered by The Factious (DH511), Hatfield Halfpenny naked leg 1795 (DH323). , and Halfpenny 1794 (DH20). VF. (3)

Auction 132
Tokens Tokens (7) George Jobson Banker 1794, Earl Howe Emsworth 1795, John Howard & 1794, St Bevoir , , , Promissory Halfpenny 1796. Fleece Hanging 1791. Generally GVF or better

Auction 120
Tokens (5), , (D.11), extremely fine. Shilling, County & (D.5 & 30), County (D.6). Shilling 1812, Lincoln (D.12). Generally very fine.

Auction 102
Tokens 1794 John Howard FRS Philanthropist and as per Dalton and Hamer 53 but struck in rare, VF

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