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Portsea : Tokens

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 171
Tokens Tokens a small group (9) 1787 Curved 7, 4 acorns at ribbon tie, 1 of date between N and Y of PENNY, Fine, Pennies 1811, - Cheltenham John Bishop 1812 VG, 18th Century (5) - , 1792 Robert Bird Wilkins DH46 Good Fine, Hampshire - 1794 Obverse: Shield of Arms/Reverse: A ship PAYABLE above DH70 NVF scarce, - 1793 Obverse: A porter carrying a pack/Reverse: Shield of Arms DH135a VF, - John Wilkinson 1791 No Stop after R, DH432 Fine, - Warley Camp - George Prince of 1794 DH36 Good Fine, along with a 'TO HANOVER token 1837 Good Fine

Auction 170
Tokens (10) a high grade group, (9) 1795 Corresponding Society Obv: The fable of the bundle of sticks/Rev: A dove flying with an olive branch. Milled edge DH286, EF the reverse with some thin scratches. Street, Obv: A filtering stone/Rev: Coventry Street, . DH292 NEF. Davidson's 1795 (2) Obv: A female seated, with arms of London, St.Paul's behind, Rev: A Crowned Triangle with CONSTITUTION in the centre, lettered edge DH295 the first NEF, the second EF with traces of lustre. Eaton's 1795 Obv: Bust of D.I.Eaton left/Rev: A cock c over pigs in a sty DH301 GEF/EF with traces of lustre. Moore's 1795 Obv: A girl sitting under a tree making lace/Rev: A scroll inscribed MUSLINS IRISH CLOTH HOSE &c., Edge: Coarse milled DH389 GVF. Shackleton's 1794 (2) Obv: The Royal Arms and Crest/Rev: A candle mould, Edge: Payable in - Street, Hay - DH477 the first NEF, the second GVF/VF. Heslop's Obv: A Man and a monkey in postures/Rev: Legend in 6 lines. DH336b. - 1796 Obv: , Rev: A man-of-war GVF with traces of lustre
£190 London Coins : A170 : Lot 306 : Halfpennies 18th Century (10) a high grade group, Middlesex (9) 1795 Corresponding Society Obv: The ... London Coins : A170 : Lot 306 : Halfpennies 18th Century (10) a high grade group, Middlesex (9) 1795 Corresponding Society Obv: The ...

Auction 170
Tokens - 1794 as DH70 Coat of Arms with javelin at top pointing just above the second limb of the A of PORTSEA/Ship right PAYABLE legend, Edge : PAYABLE AT I.IORDANS DRAPER GOSPORT (as Go DH40) so a Portsea strike on a Gosport edge flan, the edge unrecorded by Dalton and Hamer for the Portsea token, VF or better and presumably Very rare
£70 London Coins : A170 : Lot 315 : Halfpenny 18th Century Hampshire - Portsea 1794 as DH70 Coat of Arms with javelin at top pointing ju... London Coins : A170 : Lot 315 : Halfpenny 18th Century Hampshire - Portsea 1794 as DH70 Coat of Arms with javelin at top pointing ju...

Auction 162
Tokens (13) (4) Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe and Britannia, , or edge, DH13 NVF, Emsworth 1793 Peace and Plenty edge Current Every Where DH11 VF or better, 1791 Walter Taylor's - edge : PAYABLE AT THE OFFICE OF W.TAYLOR, R.MOODY & CO DH89 VF, 1794 DH68 Good Fine, (2) - John Wilkinson 1790 edge WILLEY SNEDSHILL BERSHAM BRADLEY Fine, 1791 edge WILLEY SNEDSHILL BERSHAM BRADLEY DH438 Good Fine, (2) 1794 J.H.Tooke DN1047 Good Fine, Davidsons 1795 edge reads: PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF T. AND R. DAVIDSONS DH294a GF, (2) 1794 edge: London Liverpool Montrose DH9a About Fine, South Shields 1794 Success to the Coal Trade DH4 VF, - Leek Commercial DH11 NVF, - 1793 Wainfleet Abbey DH8a edge reads PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSES OF D.WRIGHT & S.PALMER VF or better, (1) Dublin 1813 James Hilles Withers 1820 Fine

Auction 162
Tokens a high grade group (5) - Northiam 1794 Arms/Cypher and squirrel DH35 GEF and lustrous, - 1794 DH68 GVF/NEF with traces of lustre, - 1795 Hope and Anchor/Town Arms GEF and lustrous, (2) 1794 Bent stocking and glove/Seated female with anchor and globe DH21 About EF, Norwich 1793 Norwich Barracks/Mountedc Dragoon DH46a EF with a stain on PATRIA

Auction 156
Tokens (5) Emsworth 1793 Britannia/Dove and Cornucopia DH11, Petersfield 1795 Britannia/ DH51 with planchet clip, 1794 John Howard/Castle DH55, Portsmouth 1797 Neptune/Legend in 7 lines DH61, 1794 DH69 Ship/Arms, last NEF others EF

Auction 156
Tokens (10) Emsworth (4) 1794 DH15, DH17, undated DH18, 1795 DH21, () 1792 DH46, Petersfield 1793 DH47 with planchet clip, (3) 1797 DH65, 1795 DH57a J.Howard/Britannia, 1797 DH58, 1794 DH73, mostly VF or slightly better

Auction 156
Tokens (5) Go 1794 Helmeted Bust/Ship DH42 GVF, Gosport Figure of Hope/Ship DH43 GVF/VF, 1794 DH75 VF, Portsea 1796 DH79 GVF, West Cowes () 1798 DH94 GVF

Auction 156
Tokens (10) Emsworth (3) 1794 DH13, 1795 DH30a, 1795 DH30b, (3) 1794 DH54, 1795 DH57b, 1797 DH60a, (2) 1796 DH80, 1794 DH71, (2) DH90, 1796 DH91 Fine to VF

Auction 156
Tokens (8) Emsworth (3) 1797 DH28, 1795 DH29, 1795 DH29a, Petersfield 1793 DH48, 1793 DH48c, (2) 1795 DH57, 1797 DH64, 1794 DH75 Good Fine to VF

Auction 132
Tokens Tokens (7) George Jobson Banker 1794, Earl Howe Emsworth 1795, John Howard & 1794, St Bevoir , , , Promissory Halfpenny 1796. Fleece Hanging 1791. Generally GVF or better

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