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Pedro II

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 171
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (9) One Stuiver 1813 KM#10 Good Fine, (3) Half Baiocco (2) 1802 Good Fine, 1836 VI-R, NVF, and Paul VI 35mm diameter in ed , Reverse: Michelo - La Pieta. GEF. (4) 1823R VG, 40 Reis ed issues (2) (1835) countermarked on 80 Reis Pedro I 1828R, and undated (1835) countermarked on 80 Reis 1832R, both About Fine, 20 Reis countermarked issue undated (1835) on 40 Reis 1824R Fine. n Cob 5.44 grammes (?) 1719 VG

Auction 170
World Banknotes World (125) a various and very interesting in an album of early notes mostly circa late 1800's early 1900's and in different grades mostly averaging VF to UNC. Includes a few always collectable issues from the US as a 1 Dollars (3) Pick 342 series of 1923 Blue seal, Speelman & . Pick 416d2e series 1935E Priest & Humphrey. Pick 416a series 1935A Julian & Morgenthau ink signed on main body Eugene Elbert. And a Operation Torch Pick 415Y series of 1934A, yellow seal Issued for use in North and in . A Fractional Currency P108e 1863 Colby & Spinner. Currency Pick 67 (Criswell T69-561) series 4 Plate G. Pick 378g series of 1928G Clark & Snyder. Obsolete Currency such as the Natchez, Railroad Company dated 3rd April 1839. Bank of Windsor, 5 Dollars circa 1800's or wrongly cut at top and bottom sheet originally of 4 notes now only 2full notes and with parts of the first and the last notes from the sheet showing. Also a Thesouro Nacional 500 Reis Dom 2 Pick A243b ND 1880 (1885) variety with 2 serial numbers 81510 serie 61A. Some interesting 1700's items such as a period State Lottery ticket 1776 and a Cleo bury Mortimer Bewbley Old Bank sight note unissued remainder circa 1796 as advised by Forster, Lubbock, Bosanquets & Co. bankers and watermarked upside down with the Royal cypher and the date 1796 also has 2 Revenue embossed stamps. Philatelic n Inland Revenue Beer Duty Stamps (2) 12 s on 9 shillings (One Barrel) green and 1 on 18 shillings (One Hogshead) dark brown/black, both stamped "The Cascade Brewery Co. Limited" used, 1901. a part of a Fiscal Revenue s Tax Revenue paper from the n period and a Bhopal Fiscal 8 Annas dated 17th February 1900, red and black. An i in Arabic and with an illustration of 25 note on obverse. Together with many more other issues from including some n and Not geld, , ( ), The , some large sized issues and World War II period and Military notes. The lot includes a fantasy issue US 1 million dollars and some modern contemporary copies

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (23) in mixed grades comprising (9) including n/n Gulf s Pick R1 (3) red and serial numbers Z/3 971890, Z/4 299894 and Z/5 822663, 1 Rupees Pick 76a">Pick 76a (2) prefixes F21 & B89, Pick 75f prefix Q78, Pick 77a (2) prefixes S57 & S69 along with Pick 99r prefix 5AQ. (4) including Pick 12a ND 1951-1960 (2) serial numbers GC/1 235037 & V/1 243041 signature Shujaat Ali Hasnie, along with Pick 13 ND 1951-1967 (2) serial numbers YW932138 & RY741032 signature Abdul Qadir. Pick 153a dated 25th May 1954 serial number TXL 12297 signature title at left Vice-Governador signatures Alvaro Pedro de So & Jose Caeiro da Mata. 1000 i Pick 110a">Pick 110a dated 1st January 1939 serial number A101 450654. 20000 Mark dated 20th February serial number with star prefix 007321. 10 s Pick 84 dated 20th March 1986 serial number d/36 113506. Oman 100 Baisa Pick 13a ND (1977) serial number A/7 589386 500 Rubles Pick 7 dated 1920 serial number BH 0875. 5 Rupees young Queen portrait Pick 13b ND 1967 serial number A/16 800403. Pick 152b dated 1981 signatures Alvaro Bardon Munoz & Carlos Molina Orrego serial number B4147872. 10 Rupees Pick 64 dated 28th August 1964 serial number M/65 557713. 1 s Pick 11 dated 1st July 1941 King (2) serial numbers M/18 036050 & Q/49 054709.
£220 London Coins : A166 : Lot 483 : World (23) in mixed grades comprising India (9) including Persian/Arabian Gulf 1 Rupees Pick R1 (3) ... London Coins : A166 : Lot 483 : World (23) in mixed grades comprising India (9) including Persian/Arabian Gulf 1 Rupees Pick R1 (3) ...

Auction 165
World Banknotes Thesouro Nacional Dom (8) 500 Pick A243a ND (1880) 2 Serie 48A No. 30661 about VF and a Rare note. 2 Mil Reis Pick A251 ND (1882) Estampa 6A serie 18A No. 6470 Good. 2 Mil Reis Pick A256 ND (1869-1883) Estampa 7A Serie 8A No. 42153 about VG. 5 mil Reis Pick A264 ND (1885) Estampa 9A Serie 18A No. 79400 VG and rare note, Along with highest denomination notes for series both Estampa 5A including 100 Mil Reis Pick A247b ND (1877) Serie 9A No. 71713 VG - about Fine and Exceptionally Rare high denomination note and our research could not find any offered in recent times. Also 200 Mil Reis Pick A248 ND (1874) Serie 2A No. 48858 VG or near ink lettering in signature margin but underlying signature still vaguely visible. Exceptionally Scarce and the highest denomination for the series. 10 Mil Reis Pick A258a ND (1883) Estampa 7A Serie 7A No. 47385 VG - about Fine and a Very Scarce and seldom offered note.. Along with 1 Mil Reis Pick A250b ND (1885) Estampa 6A Serie 97A No. 12148 VG. A scarcer variety and seldom offered
£1,200 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1183 : Brazil Imperio Do Brazil Thesouro Nacional Dom Pedro II (8) 500 Mil Reis Pick A243a ND (1880) Estamp... London Coins : A165 : Lot 1183 : Brazil Imperio Do Brazil Thesouro Nacional Dom Pedro II (8) 500 Mil Reis Pick A243a ND (1880) Estamp...

Auction 165
World Banknotes Thesouro Nacional Dom (11) a rare group of notes in Good - about Fine comprising 500 Pick A242 ND (1874) 1a Serie 24 No. 92392. Estampa 5A (2) including 1 Mil Reis Pick A244 Serie 22A No. 18451, 2 mil Reis Pick A245 Serie 19A No. 27151. Estampa 6A (2) 1 Mil Reis Pick A250a ND (1879 & 1885) Serie 43A No. 47605 and 10 Mil Reis Pick A252 Seire 25 No 74929 Estampa 7A (3) 1 Mil Reis Pick A255 ND (1869-1883) Serie 10A No. 77035, 5 Mil Reis Pick 257 (2) ND (1869) Serie 27 No. 88656 & Serie 42 No. 99368, and 20 Mil Reis Pick A259 ND (1869-1883) Serie 7A No. 52489. Estampa 8A (2) 5 Mil Reis Pick A261 ND (1885) 2 serial numbers variety Serie 21A No. 16318 and 20 Mil Reis Pick A259 ND (1869-1883) Serie 3A No. 5512.

Auction 165
World Banknotes Imperio Do Brasil (4) comprising 5 Pick A230 ND (1852-67) Arms at left two seated figures (Justice) with date of independence at upper centre and royal emblem with at right series L No. 88260 highly scarce Perkins, Bacon and Company type. Along with 1 Mil Reis Pick A201 Arms at left & Decreto at right 1833. Both notes Good - about VG. Also 5 Mil Reis Pick A237 ND (1860-68) A young Dom is featured on the right side of this note 5 Series 15a No. 4608 VF - GVF and Exceptionally Scarce in this grade. Along with 2 Mil Reis Pick A229 ND (1852-1867) Black on green underprint Justice and Truth at upper centre about VG
£340 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1180 : Brazil Imperio Do Brasil (4) comprising 5 Mil Reis Pick A230 ND (1852-67) Arms at left two seated fi...

Auction 165
World Banknotes 20 Pick A214 dated 1st June 1833 No. 80037 issued by Thesouro Nacional. Young Emperor D. , arms printed by Perkins, Bacon & Co, . Fine with a hole at top centre left, pinhole bottom left & faint rust spots otherwise Rare
£260 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1176 : Brazil 20 Mil Reis Pick A214 dated 1st June 1833 No. 80037 issued by Thesouro Nacional. Young Empero...

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