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Ottoman : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots - Akce (9) a mix of types, Near Fine to Fine some on irregularly shaped flans as often, - 2 1607 KM#6 Fine on an irregular flan, Temple Tokens (2) both one marked 999 silver Good Fine and EF, Spade money Fine with green patina, China Fantasy , early styling, 26.31 grammes, VF silver content unknown, Indian States Dump Coinage (4) all around Fine, copper Half Larin KM#35.1 with date partially off the flan Fine, Ancient - Ionia Miletos Silver 1/12th Stater Obverse: Lion's head right, Reverse: Stellate within square 510-494BC 0.89g, Fine/Good Fine, Ancient India South Region, Copper Kasu, 3.22 grammes Near Fine, Copper Paisa VS1950 4.34 grammes Near Fine on an Irregular flan

Auction 169
World Bulk Lots A good (101) of n /Independent doms along with other and Asia Minor material including Byzantium, Greek, Indo-Greek and . Indian States/s (23), India - (2), Byzantium (13), (10), Greek (13), Indo-Greek (2). Islamic (38) includes Indian States Maratha Peshwa Ankush Snake Rupee 1700AD Pune Mint, Fine. Rupee AH 122- (last digit off flan) C#28, Fine. Rupee Ram Singh Year 25 KM#119 Bold Fine, Rupee (1858-1920) 'Friendship with London' legend Y#11 Fine or better. Bombay Presidency date, Ahmadabad Mint, partially off the flan KM#259.1 EF with toning. Bombay Presidency Half Rupee Surat Mint undated (1800-1815) Good Fine with grey tone. Seljuk Dynasty - Sultanate of Rum joint rule of Sultan Kay Ka'us II, Sultan Qilich Arslan IV, & Sultan Kay Qubadh II NVF nicely toned, Sultanate of - coinage 4 Gani Mubarak 1316-1320, MWI#D275, 3.55 grammes, Good Fine, Indian Independent Kingdoms Gohadaji I AH978 (date frozen) KM#43 GVF, Sultanate of Delhi Tanka coinage 2 Gani Muhammad Ala Al-din II Khilji (1296-1316) MWI#2569, 3.40 grammes, Fine. Mauryan silver 'Sun and Wagon' punchmarked coinage (2) 321-297BC, 3.51 and 3.52 grammes, only some of the punchmark detail clear, both near Fine. Indo-Greek Western Satraps Rudrasena I Obverse Bust right with corrupted Greek legend in Indo-Greek style, Reverse: Three-arched hill with river, crescent and sun. Fine with some edge cracks. Indo-Greek Western Region Silver Nahapana (50-75AD) Obverse: Bust right, collar showing, wearing Satrapal cap, Reverse: Arrow pointing down and to the left, thunderbolt to the right, dot between them with inscriptions in Brahmi and Kharoshti, much of which is off-flan, Mitchener 1253 evenly struck NVF/GF and bold. Rajput Dynasty Chauhans of Delhi Drachm Someshvara (1169-1179) Good Fine. Kutch Kori Bhorajji (1632-1654AD) KM#12 Fine, Baroda Rupee Malhar Rao 1870-1875AD (date off flan) 11.70 grammes, About VF and bold. Rupee AH1204 in the name of Shah Alam II, Yasvanth Rao Malharnagar Mint, KM#76, 11.2 grammes, VF and bold. Ancient India - Gadhalya Portrait type Drachm c.950-1200 AD dump coinage Fine. Indo- Gadhlaya Paisa Drachm 800-950AD 3.8 grammes Fine. Indian States - Lunavada Paisa Wakhat Singhji , exact issue unclear, 6.31 grammes Near Fine. India - Panchala Kingdom Half Karshapana Indamitra? exact issue unclear About VG. Ancient India Kushan Copper c.Mid 3rd Century CE, NVG with some green surface residue. Islamic e square Silver Dirham 12- (1150-1238AD) struck in Al-Andalus 1.52 grammes Fine and bold. Islamic Seljuks of Rum Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV and Kay Qubadh Silver Dirham AH647-655 (1249-1257AD) 2.48 grammes, Good Fine. Kabul Shahi Dynasties Jital Vakka Deva Lion/Elephant c.900-1000AD, 2.75 grammes, Near Fine. Bahri dynasty - Mamluk Sultanate Fals AH780-781 (1380-1381AD), al-Sultan al-k,al-Mansur 2.23 grammes, VG on an irregularly shaped flan, India Independent Kingdomes - Kutch Kori Pagmalji I (1698-1715AD) AH978 date frozen KM#43, 3.82 grammes Fine. India - Bahamids, Sultans of Deccan Copper Ala al-Din Ahmad 1435-1457AD Gani 16.27 grammes Fine. - Mamluk Al-Ashraf Sha-ban II Copper Fal (1363-1377AD), 2.94 grammes, VG. Egypt - Mamluk Al-Nasir Muhammad Third Reign (1310-1341AD) Copper Fal VG. Habbarids Silver Damma c.9th-10th Century 0.64 grammes, Fine, off-centre with some flan cracks. Parthia - Silver Drachm Phraates IV (38-2BC) Obverse: Diademed bust left, eagle with wreath in beak in right field, Reverse: Archer with bow seated Good Fine and bold with good metal. Mongol of - Ilkans Silver Dirham AH716-736, 2.81 grammes Fine, Abbasaid Caliphate Silver Dirham AH185 First Period al-Rashid, Harun, Madinat al Salam Mint Pleasing Fine. AH1115 Ahmed III Para KM#139.1 Fine with a flan crack. Silver Akce (4) Mehmed II the Conqueror AH848-850 (1444AD) some surface pitting, Good Fine and bold, Bayezid II AH886 Fine, off-centre, Suleiman the Magnificent AH926 Fine, Off-centre, the date full showing, scarce thus, the fourth worn and not attributable. Para Mfa III AH1171 (1757-1774) regnal year not visible VG, Para Abdul Hamid I AH1187/6 (1774-1789) KM#371 VG. Copper Akce Bayezid II 1481-1512, 2.97 grammes, Near Fine off-centre. Byzantium B

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots World 18th to in (20) includes many -sized includes , , , , Strait Settlements, , and more, in mixed grades to EF, housed in a Lindner tray

Auction 147
World Bulk Lots 1794 holed, 2 Rand 1971 Ex - Jewellery, 1/2 Zeris AH 1223 (2) both holed along with imitation Guineas (9)

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots and from an old (lot)
£280 London Coins : A145 : Lot 808 : Egypt and Ottoman from an old collection (lot) London Coins : A145 : Lot 808 : Egypt and Ottoman from an old collection (lot)

Auction 143
World Bulk Lots Ancients (45) includes , Ummayad, and others a varied group most with attributions, in mixed circulated grades, also Earl of Stirling About Fine, and (34) 1620 (2), 1621, 1622 (10), 1623 (11), 1624 (7), 1625, 1626 in mixed grades VG to Good Fine
£850 London Coins : A143 : Lot 1283 : Islamic Ancients (45) includes Abbasid, Ummayad, Ottoman and others a varied group most with attribu... London Coins : A143 : Lot 1283 : Islamic Ancients (45) includes Abbasid, Ummayad, Ottoman and others a varied group most with attribu...

Auction 136
World Bulk Lots A of mostly , North and countries with a few others many is some sized (lot)

Auction 124
World Bulk Lots (63) and pre-Ottoman tribes, includes 45 in , in mixed grades, one holed

Auction 122
World Bulk Lots World groups 19th and from the following countries (22), (7), (18), (47), and (25), Province (32, with heavy duplication) in mixed grades to EF includes some

Auction 121
World Bulk Lots 2 AH1277 KM#261 NEF/VF as part of a group of , , an and n issues 19th and includes some , in mixed circulated grades

Auction 118
World Bulk Lots (96) a , Occupation , dom & various republics, all different types generally F+ to Unc

Auction 114
World Bulk Lots ern a in album pages (1), (2), (1), Mukalla (1), (1) (12), Ras al-Khaim

Auction 114
World Bulk Lots (95) a & Republic series all different F to Unc

Auction 111
World Bulk Lots (101) a 1840-1993 (17) Mandate (9) dom (29) & Republic (46) Generally F+or Better & All Different Types

Auction 106
World Bulk Lots (105) a type to Arab Republic including mandate all different F+ to Unc

Auction 102
World Bulk Lots 1324 to 1915 a in an album (65) all attributed including six in these Suliman 1520-66, Selim II, Murad IV, Mahmud I, Ab

Auction 102
World Bulk Lots (65) a in album pages 1845-1950 (23), Mandate (11), dom (31) all different types F-EF

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