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London Coins Auction 176
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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3rd - 4th September 2022

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Auction 175
World Cased World Proof and Mint items (6) and sets (2) Ten Pound 2000 100th Birthday 5oz. Proof FDC, in the box of issue with certificate, One Dollar 2002 II Silver Proof FDC in capsule with certificate, Fifty Pence 2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee -nickel with coloured bunting on the reverse, UNC boxed with certificate, Half Dollar 1995P 50th of the Cupro- Proof nFDC lightly toned, in the box of issue with certificate, Canada 50 Cents 1995 The Canada Birds Solid Silver Coin Collection a 4-coin set comprising 1995 Grey Jay, 1995 White-tailed Ptarmigan, 1995 Puffin and 1995 Whooping Crane Silver Proofs FDC in a Westminster box with certificate, Canada 25 Cents 1992 125 Years of the Confederation a 12-coin set comprising , , , , , , , , , , and issues UNC in the wallet of issue, and a Hip flask with a GB Two Pounds 1999 on the side, UNC in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate, along with a USA Blue disc with originally accompanied an Eisenhower Silver Dollar

Auction 171
Medals Medals (15) Frencesco de Larderel 1858 Count of Montecerboli by G.Voigt, 51mm diameter in silver 74.4 grammes, EF. 1910 100th of the 1810 Agricultural Exposition - , 50mm diameter, 56.75 grammes VF with some edge nicks. n Exposition 1892 58mm diameter in White metal Obverse: Discovery of October 1492 and Landing of the Pilgrims December 1620, Reverse: Signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 and World's Columbian Exposition 1892 . Edge: Boldenweck &Co. Pat'd Oct 7, 1890 in 2 lines EF. 1897 Lord Lieutenant of Ireland - To Exhibitors at Countess Cadogan's Irish Textile Exhibition, Dublin 1897 38mm diameter in silver by Spink & Son. Obverse as Eimer 1820 portrait facing left, crowned and veiled, by F. / Reverse: Crowned Crest with ribbon and legend in 7 lines below VF/EF the obverse with some scratches. 1935 The official issue 36mm diameter in silver Eimer 2029 VF. Bronze medal 1823 39mm diameter Obverse: 11 line legend, I. THOSE PRINCIPLES OF TRUTH AND MORALITYON WHICH POLITICAL LIBERTY AND SOCIAL ORDER DEPEND. II. A MILITIA OF ALL MEN CAPABLE OF ARMSBEARING. III. A WITTENAGEMOTEANNUALLY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR ENACTING LAWS. Reverse: 12 line legend IV.GRAND AND PETIT JURIESOF THE PEOPLE FAIRLY DRAWN FOR APPLYINGTHE LAWS. V.A MAGISTRACY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR DULY PERFORMING ALL EXECUTIVE DUTIES. ANTIENT POLITY MDCCCXXIII NVF. Exhibition 1924 Nobel Industries Ltd. 36mm diameter in bronze NEF. Queen 1901 medalet 13mm diameter NEF/GVF. 1901 The Weeping Angel of Amiens by Blasser 15mm diameter, with a loop mount attached NVF. 1902 19mm diameter Obverse: The busts of the King and Queen right, conjoined, with radiant crown above, Reverse: Arms with supporters ER above, Fine. Edward VII Coronation 1902 medalet by Lauer Obverse: The King and Queen, almost facing OUR GRACIOUS KING AND QUEEN with MADE IN GERMANY below, Reverse: Crowned at VF. Memorial medal rving In Memoriam - I GO TO MEET MY KING BECKET, , GVF. Medalet 28mm diameter Madame de Servigne 1626-1696 Reverse: Souvenir l'Expositionde Clermont Ferrard 1910 - Chocolate de Royat VF. Medalet - The Lord's Prayer, Obverse: George Vleft with FOREIGN below, Reverse: The Lords prayer in 14 Lines, Good Fine. Medalet - Death of undated, 14mm diameter in base metal NVF with loop mount. Tokens by Kirk (2) 1773 Lord Camden NVF/GF, 1773 D.Carrick Good Fine/Fine, - Penny Token undated Cannington - King Darius Chapter No.154 VF with some scratches. also Groat GB 1836 Enamelled in 5 colours, Fair workmanship Fine

Auction 163
English Cased GB and World (19) Two Pounds (2) 1994 Ter of the Bank of England Silver Proof, 1997 Silver Proof, One Pound 1993 Silver Proof Fifty Pence 1997 a 2-coin set Large and Small sizes Silver Proofs, Crown 1977 Silver Proof nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, One Pound 1987 Silver Proof nFDC in capsule uncased, Two Pounds 2009 EF, Year Set 1953 Crown to Farthing (10 coins) UNC, The Three-coin Allied Silver Proof Collection 1994 comprising GB Fifty Pence 1994 D-Day Landings Silver Proof, USA One Dollar 1991/5 W Silver Proof, and France One Franc 1993 Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, USA Silver Eagles (2) 1993 in an ICG holder and graded MS68, 2004 in a PCGS holder and graded MS69 First Strike, Canada 5 Dollars 1976 s UNC boxed, Isle of Man One Pound 1980 Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Alderney Five Pounds 2007 Queen and Hexagonal Silver Proof FDC in blue soft pouch (capsule cracked), Bermuda Five Dollars (5) 2002 II Silver Proof with portrait gold plated, 2003 Golden Jubilee Silver Proof with portrait gold plated both nFDC-FDC in capsules, Liberia One Dollar 2007 Austrian Football stadium 1/25 oz. Silver Proof FDC in capsule with certificate, China 2010 1 gramme of silver The Rising Sum Nint Lustrous UNC, Canada - Northern Dollar 1980 UNC

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots Dollars (4) 1881S, 1887, 1896, 1900 EF to UNC, 1982S nFDC in capsule, Fantasies and imitations (5) USA s (4) and a Queen Anne 5 s, in mixed grades, Toy Money and Spielgeld (21), USA Replica miniature 1913, - Vehicle Token , Token The Little Chapel-Les Vauxbelets31mm diameter in , these in mixed grades, coinage (7 coins) to 1964-1977 UNC

Auction 148
Bonds and Shares , Ottawa and Co. share certificate 1897, original certificate altered from The Railway Co., punch VF. (1).

Auction 135
World Cased GB s (7) Flat Packs (6) 1971, 1976 (2), 1978, 1981, 1982, Blue Set 1983 FDC in the cases of issue, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 UNC in the wallet of issue, Unofficial Year Set 1967 UNC in plastic case, Fifty Pence 2002 Silver Proof, Kangaroo Dollar 2006 Silver Proof, GB Two Pounds Britannia 2005 Silver Proof, 50 Crowns 2005 Silver Proof, Australia Dollar 2006 Fifty Years of Television Silver Proof, Australia Dollar 2003 50th of the n , Australia 50 Cents 2002 50th Anniversary of Silver Proof FDC in capsules, Dollars (4) 1978 University of Western , 1984 Banff Winter Festival, 1984 Exhibition Organisation (2) UNC, GB Medal II 1977 44mm diameter in silver by J.Pinches FDC boxed, Crowns (38) 1951 (1), 1953 (2), 1965 (5), 1972 (3), 1977 (10), 1980 (5), 1981 (12), Five Pound Crowns (6) 2001 (4), 2004 Entente Cordiale (1), 2005 Admiral (1) EF-UNC

Auction 132
Bonds and Shares , 26 certificates, dated 1910-58, titles include, Dome Mines Co., 1918, Grand Trunk of Canada, 4 x stock certificates, 1914-20, International Nickel Company of Canada Ltd., 2 types, 1930-31, and Power Co., 1913, Land and Irrigation Co. Ltd., 2 types, 1911-13, lot also includes an Act for a for the ? Railway, mostly VF. (27).

Auction 123
Medals 1914-18 & Medal pair to 602447 Pte.G.W.Edwards 2-Can Inf. Pte. Edwards served with the Eastern and died on 5/6/1916 and his name is on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

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