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Newton : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 168
World Banknotes including Bank of , a 10 s along with (14) an interesting amalgamation of notes in very high grades mostly about UNC to UNC comprising (11) consisting of a constive bundle of 1 s QE2 pictorial & Sir Issac B341 issue 1981 (10) in an original Barclays Bank plc wrapper serial numbers BX64 791071 - BX64 791080. Along with a Lowether QE2 pictorial & George son B380cs Column Sort issue 1999 serial number CL10 574088. The Treasury 10 Shillings Forgery stamped sheet of 2 uncut notes over stamped in black 'Forgery' on both notes, also stamped with sheet number 004 and 'Restricted' in black in margin, Scarce. Together with Scotland Clydesdale Bank issue Pick 229M (PMS CL68r, BY SC374) dated 7th June 2009 signature D. Thorburn serial number E/ZZ 001089, Rare. The note portrays Charles Rennie Macintosh & Heart of Neolithic Orkney and these issues begin E/ZZ 000309 to E/ZZ 003509. Also includes a contemporary forgery State issue number 62101 similar to Pick S638. A very desirable little group

Auction 168
World Banknotes s QE2 portrait and pictorial & issues circa 1970-80's (37) most in very high grades average GEF to about UNC - UNC. Comprising Page issues (17) consisting of a constively numbered set of the last QE2 portrait & seated Britannia design B322 issues 1970 (5) serial numbers CX58 937165 - CX58 937169. Together with examples of the first QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac design B339 issues 1978 (3) including a ly numbered pair 37E 185829 & 37E 185830 along with 20X 844718. Also accompanied by Somerset QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton B341 W Reverse (Web-press) issues 1981 (20) in 2 consecutively numbered sets CS17 030723 - CS17 030732 along with CS20 030834 - CS20 030843, and each of these notes interestingly with watermark slightly shifted in left margin. A pleasing group
£42 London Coins : A168 : Lot 245 : One Pounds QE2 portrait and pictorial Page & Somerset issues circa 1970-80's (37) most in v... London Coins : A168 : Lot 245 : One Pounds QE2 portrait and pictorial Page & Somerset issues circa 1970-80's (37) most in v...

Auction 167
World Banknotes GB & World circa 1940-50's issues to modern (71) in various grades Fine-VF to UNC with some countries and issuers including , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . A few Scarce and collectable notes include a notes (2) including B264 a very later date 11th July 1947 just a few days before the last issue and serial number M67 035102 along with a B270 dated 30th August 1949 serial number O29 044314. Also QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac in constively numbered sets and all UNC. A very attractive Netherlands Thomas print 10 from 1949 (2). A ly numbered set of the Italy Pick 92b dated 31.12.1951 signatures Di Cristina, Cavallaro & i (4) serial numbers 3550 095608 through 3550 095611. Also include a few Germany & Italy and a USA 1 Silver Certificate

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (86) a mostly very high grade about UNC - UNC comprising issues (16) including 10 s Lion & Key B299 prefix A14. QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 10 s (3) B309 FIRST series prefix 68R along with B310 (2) including a LAST series prefix D09N along with C79N. 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac B339 (2) a constively numbered pair 54E 260054 & 54E 260055. B354 prefix HN53. George son 1993 issue B364 prefix DB03. (5) including 5 Pounds Elizabeth Fry B393 prefix JA01. 10 Pounds Charles B390 (2) a pair AJ68 333033 & AJ68 333034. Sir Edward Elgar B386 (2) prefixes AA21 & AA66. (2) including 5 pounds Elizabeth Fry B398 prefix JE75. 10 Pounds Charles Darwin B400 prefix EA56. 5 Pounds Elizabeth Fry B407 prefix MB07. signature en denomination set ND 1990-2009 (5) comprising 1 Pound Pick 40b (IOMPM M534), 5 Pounds Pick 41b (IOMPM M535), 10 Pounds Pick 44a (IOMPM M537) and 20 Pounds Pick 45a (IOMPM M539). Bank of Ireland 1 Pound Pick 65 (PMI BA117). Ireland (3) including 1 Pound Pick 70d (PMI LTN80). 5 Pounds (2) Pick 71e">Pick 71e (PMI LTN81) and Pick 75b">Pick 75b (PMI LTN88). (4) including Bank of Scotland (2) 1 Pound Pick 111f (PMS BA113f) and 5 Pounds Pick 119c (PMS BA122c). The plc (2) 1 Pound Pick 351b (PMS RB90b) along with 5 Pounds Commemorative H.M. Queen Golden Jubilee Pick 362 (PMS RB98). (6) including 1 Dollar Pick 9. 1 Dollar Pick 18a. Pick 28. 2 Dollars Pick 46h. Polymer Pick 47d. Polymer Pick 48k. (19) including 5 s Pick 80c. 10 Dinars Pick 81. 2 (4) Pick 86 (3) and Pick 73. 50 Dinars (4) Pick 75 (2) and Pick 83 (2). 100 Dinars (4) Pick 87 (2) and Pick 84a1 (3). 250 Dinars (4) Pick 88 (2), Pick 85a and 85b. (9) including 1 Cruzeiro Pick 150b 2 Pick 151b. 5 Cruzeiros Pick 176a. 50 Cruzeiros on 50 Cruzados Novos Pick 223. 50 Cruzados Pick 210a. 200 Cruzeiros Pick 229. 1000 Cruzados Pick 213b. 1000 Cruzeiros Pick 231a. 10000 Cruzeiros Pick 233a. 50 Zlotych Pick 71 and Pick 75a. young II issues (2) including Pick 30c and Pick 31c. (4) including Pick 121a. (2) Pick 132b and Pick 138a. Pick 139a. (4) including 2 Kwacha Pick 24c. 20 Kwacha Pick 36a. 50 Kwacha Pick 37b. 100 Kwacha Pick 38a. (4) including Pick 31b. 200 Shillings Pick 32b. 500 Shillings Pick 33a. Pick 34a. (2) including 10 Shilingi Pick 6c. 20 Shillingi Pick 3a. (2) including 1 Dollar Pick 68Ad. 2 Dollars Pick 69e. (2) inclusive of Pick 31b and 2 Liri Pick 45b. (2) consisting of Pick 167b and 500 Escudos Pick 177.

Auction 166
World Banknotes (22) in mixed grades comprising Bank of issues (17) consisting of O'Brien (5) including 10 s B271 Red-Brown Britannia lion issue 1955 prefix C56Y and 10 Shillings QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B286 issue 1961 (4) prefixes D93, D59, E66 & first series A05. (9) 10 Shillings QE2 & seated Britannia 1967 issues (5) including B309 (2) prefixes 79Z & 68Y and B310 prefixes A11N, A30N and B90N along with 5 s QE2 & seated child Britannia B312 issue 1967 (4) including prefixes T66 and a constive trio Z06 these about UNC - UNC. 1 Pound QE2 & seated Britannia B320 issue 1970 prefix Y39E. 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac B341 issues 1981 (2) prefixes DW05 & DY12. Along with 1 Pounds Commemorative issues celebrating 100th Anniversary of Death of Robert Louis Stevenson Pick 358a (Calloway-Murphy RB94, BY SC835) dated 3rd December 1994 and signed G.R.Mathewson (5) in 2 ly numbered runs - a trio RLS0546101 through RLS0546103 and a pair RLS0546049 & RLS0546050, these also UNC.
£140 London Coins : A166 : Lot 258 : Great Britain (22) in mixed grades comprising Bank of England issues (17) consisting of O'Brien... London Coins : A166 : Lot 258 : Great Britain (22) in mixed grades comprising Bank of England issues (17) consisting of O'Brien...

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (17) in very high grades predominantly Bank of issues (13) comprising 1 s (11) including QE2 & seated Britannia B288 issue 1963 serial number H33N 546220. QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac B337 issue 1978 serial number U12 121644. (9) QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton B341 issue 1981 in 2 constively numbered sets, the first being a trio prefix DT33 and the second is a set of 6 prefix DW24. QE2 pictorial & B360 issue 1991 (2) a pair serial numbers KN84 765212 & KN84 765213. Cumhuriyet ez Bankası 1 Million Turk Lirasi Pick 213 L. 1970 serial number O50 604946 and the note in claret red and blue-grey on multicolour underprint featuring a portrait of President K. Ataturk on obverse and Atatürk dam, Şanlıurfa and Adiyaman Provinces on reverse. (3) including Repubblica Italiana BIGLIETTO DI STATO (resumed) 500 Lire Pick 94 dated 2n April 1979 both prefix QE33 (2) and Banca D'Italia 2000 Lire Pick 103c dated 24th October 1983 and signatures Ciampi & Stevani serial GA 120583 Y.

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (32) a group in mixed circulated grades mostly Bank of issues along with 1 Pound 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey Pick 25a and 10 Rubles Pick 240 (15) issued 1991 and Brass 1 Kopek Coins Y# 126a (5) dates include 1976, 1977, 1982 and 1990 (2). comprises notes in frames (2) B270 dated 3rd August 1951 series V35 087337 and O'Brien B275 dated 2nd May 1955 series Z61 019938 with rustmarks and inked numbers on reverse. Beale B266 Red/Brown issue 1950 series T36Z 193642 and s Beale Green (2) B268 issued 1950 prefixes A86C & W26B. Ten Shillings O'Brien B271 Red/Brown issue 1955 series Y82Y 314529 and One Pound O'Brien Green B273 issue 1955 series B15K 555805. One Pounds QE2 & Sir Isaac B341 issued 1981 prefixes DX84, DU60, DT74 and DY13.

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