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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Auction 172
Medals The Britannia Society a 30-medal set each medal 44mm diameter in .999 silver medals depicting , The , Lord , William , The Magna Carta, Medal, , , , The Light Brigade, The Great Fire of London, Charles , , Captain Cook, The Battle of Agincourt, 's Rebellion, Stonehenge, Edward the Black Prince, Mount Everest Conquest, Isaac , The Mayflower landing, Battle of the Marne, Battle of , King Arthur, , Clive of , s of the Roses, Geoffrey , Sir Walter Scott, Stanley and Livingstone, each issued by the Britannia Society, Prooflike UNC, a few with light toning, total weight 40 troy oz. in the large black album of issue

Auction 171
Tokens Tokens an impressive in an album (149) includes (116), many rare pieces included with Low Hall 1797 DH1 A/UNC, believed to be only 200 minted, Very Rare. - 1795 Obverse: Stag lying under a tree, Reverse: Windsor 1795, Edge : SKIDMORE HOLBORN LONDON DH1a A/UNC with traces of lustre, very rare and desirable. - 1796 Crescent DH3 A/UNC and attractively toned. - Badminton 1796 DH32 Obverse: Ship, Reverse: Legend in 10 lines, GEF. - Abergavenny 1795 Obverse: A cask, JAMES POWELL IMPORTERS/ Reverse: J.POWELL/WINE & BRANDY/ MERCHANT/. ABERGAVENNY DH1 EF with a hint of lustre, scarce. - 1790 J.Spence Slop-seller DH15 UNC with hints of colourful tone, Very scarce, - County Obverse: COL. NOEL OF THE RUTLAND FENCIBLES etc. in 7 lines, Reverse: WHOSE EXAMPLE IN LIFE CONSISTS IN BEING BRAVE HUMANE, NOBLE & GENEROUS in 6 lines. DH1, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare and desirable. Gloucestershire - Brimscombe Port 1795 Obverse: A barge with plain sails, THAMES AND SEVERN CANAL, Reverse: The entrance into a tunnel, Edge: PAYABLE AT BRIMSCOMBE PORT, DH60, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare, - Aylesbury 1796 Obverse: William III/Reverse: A cap of Liberty on a pole, DH7 A/UNC toned, the obverse with usual weaker strike on the bust. USA/ Starry Pyramid Halfpenny, Lancashire DH59c, Breen 1156, edge reads LANCASTERLONDON (No space between) due to slipped collar, GVF, Rare. The vast majority of the tokens in the 18th Century group are EF, representing a wide spread of counties and types, the remaining group includes s , Farthings 18th Century, , shield-shaped, many of the 18th Century Halfpenny group in EF, the remaining group in mixed grades to GVF
£4,200 London Coins : A171 : Lot 1121 : Tokens an impressive collection in an album (149) includes Halfpennies 18th Century (116), many rare... London Coins : A171 : Lot 1121 : Tokens an impressive collection in an album (149) includes Halfpennies 18th Century (116), many rare...

Auction 168
Tokens Unofficial Tokens (10) - , Abergavenny J.H.Conway Grocer, Tea & Coffee Dealer Bell 7546 NVF, Ireland - Dublin (2) , Todd Burns & Co. Tailors Drapers and General Furnishers 47 Mary St. Dublin Bell 6320 Fine, Byrne & Co. Tea and Wine Merchants, 6&7 Granby Row Bell 5970 Fine, W.Ford & Co. Drapers 2350, Fine, holed at the top, James Stelfox, Provision Dealer, Salford, 3570 Fine, - Hockley, Clothier 4285, NVF, Rare, Co-Operative Company 5240 Fine, John B.Hanman, Southgate St. , 1660 VG, John Nutall 3494, Grocer, Tea Dealer and Importer 206 Deansgate, Manchester, Fine, Henry Evans, Oldham, Tea Dealer, Place, 4210 Good Fine, along with Inn/Pub Tokens (4) Sherborne 1845 Half Moon Inn NVF, Worcester Cross 2 1/2d T.Ward About Fine, Threehalfpence 1850 George Hotel, Castle Carry, F.W.Harrold EF and lustrous, W.Smith Queen's Head, Phillips Street, Aston, Fine, along with Victoria Diamond Jubilee Token Obverse Partial Brockage 1897 the impression of the head is incuse the lettering and date appears to have been removed from the die, Fine, unusual

Auction 164
World War I (12) World War I Medals (5) awarded respectively to 7403 Pte.J.Watkins 2nd South Lancashire Regiment VF. Killed in action France 24/10/1914. He is buried at Le Touret Memorial. Panel 23., to 7759 Pte.G.M.Fairfax 1st East Yorkshire Regiment, GVF. Killed in action France 24/3/1915, He is buried at Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension II. E.22, to 4986 Sergt. C.Atkinson 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment. He was killed in action in France 21/3/1918. He is buried at Arras Memorial Bay 8., to 1928 Dvr. Piran Ditta R.A. GVF. Killed in action in Mesopotamia 1-31 Oct. 1916, to Pte. N.CF.Fredericks. 1st Cape Corps. NVF. Pte. Fredericks was washed overboard off H.M.S.Tuna in the Indian Ocean 11/7/1917. 1914-1915 Stars (3) awarded respectively to 4030 Pte.W.Murray 11th Lancashire Fusiliers. EF. Killed in action in France 25/9/1917, he is buried at Arras Memorial Bay 5., to Pte. A.P.Stock Machine Gun Detachment. NEF. Pte. Stock was discharged unfit ex- East Africa 30/10/1917, he died 19/11/1925, to Sgt.F.V.Harris 11th Mounted Rifles (Patchefstroom Ruiters, a part of South Africa's Active Citizen Force.) EF. Sgt. Harris was awarded this for service in German S.W.Africa. Wounded East Africa April 1916 and died of malaria 29/1/1917 as Sergt.Major. World War I pair awarded to 2550 Rfmn.Nawab Din 1at.125th Rifles (Napier's Rifles) 1914-15 Star and World War I Victory medal. VF to GVF. Rfmn. Din was killed in action in Givenchy, France 20/12/1914, He is buried at Meerut Military Cemetery, St. Martin-les-Boulognei. A. 18. The heavy casualties suffered in the Battle of Givenchy caused a temporary ceasefire which led to the Christmas truce of 1914. World War I Victory Medals to two brothers (2) the first awarded to 10990 Pte.H.Cuthbertson 2nd. Scots Guards, GEF. Pte Cuthbertson died of wounds Neuve Chapelle, March 1915, the second awarded to 243077 Gnr.A.L.Cuthbertson, D.Battery 44 Brigade (Howitzers) R.F.A, (listed as Signaller on the CWGC website) GEF. Killed in action in Belgium 2/11/1918, and is buried at Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension V. K.10 along with a further group of World War I (13) 1914-1915 Stars (5) 14614 Pte.F.Hardy 7th Somerset Light Infantry, About EF, Pte.Hardy was killed in action in France 3/9/1916 and is buried at Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont XIV. I.4,2317 Pte.E.G.Burling (Lance Corporal on CWGC website) 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers. EF lacquered. He died of wounds in France 11/3/1915 and is buried at Wimereux Communal Cemetery I. D.21A, the second awarded to 1605 Pte. W.Armstrong, Durham Light Infantry. EF. Killed in action in Belgium 2/3/1916, he is buried at Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm) II B.24.273229 Pte.E.Grant 2nd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. NEF. He was present at the Battle of Tanga, German East Africa 4/11/1914, 8725 Pte.J.Friend 4th Royal Fusiliers, NEF, Pte. Friend was killed in action in France 3/12/1916 and is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery XX. D.14A, the 4th Battalion served on the Western Front at Mons and Le Cateau, World War I Victory Medals (2) 15463 Pte. H.Wilson 1st King's Royal Rifle Corps (L/Cpl on CWGC website), a P.C. in the Hong Kong Police until 1915, he was killed in action at Dellvile Wood 27/7/1916, and is buried at Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 13A and 13B, 203155 Pte.J.Millership, South Staffordshire Regiment EF, Pte. Millership was wounded 31/7/1917, then killed in action with 1st and 2nd Monmouthshire Regiment 20/1/1918. He is buried at Oxford Road Cemetery V.K.15, World War I Medals (6) 9665 Pte.C.H.Butler 1st Berkshire Regiment. NEF. He was killed in action in France 16/5/1915 and is buried at Rue-des-Berceaux Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L'Avoue II.F.4, (also entitled to the 1914 Star and bar). The second awarded to 28713 Pte.W.H.Cardew 2nd Light Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. NEF. Pte.Cardew was killed in action in France 5/12/1917 and is buried at Cambrai Memorial Louverval, Panel 7. The third awarded to 29947 Pte.E.G.Beer, 5th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, NEF. Pte.Beer died of wounds in France 20/4/1918 and is buried at Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez VIII.H.12, 31633 Pte. F.Worthington, King's Shropshire Light Infantry. GVF. Died of wound in France 5/5/1918. He is buried at Arneke British Cemetery II. C.9. ,41468 Gnr.A Sale R.A. Z battery 5th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery, NEF, Gnr.Sale was killed in action in France 24/4/1917 and is buried at Bois-Carre British £480

Auction 134
Medals Investiture of as the 1969 a 5-medal set depicting (Edward of Caernarvon), Henry V (Henry of ), Edward of Woodstock (The Black Prince), (Henry of ) and Prince Charles each 399mm in silver, UNC boxed with certificate, Queen 58mm in silver by Spink and Son, matt finish UNC boxed, Numismatic Trade Association (2) 1987 Coinex and Jubilee, 1988 Coinex these both 5 ounces of fine silver FDC and boxed

Auction 125
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to Pte. R. Davis, Regt, 1914-15 Star, & Medals (3322), GVF & scarce.

Auction 125
Medals & Medal pair to 4105 Pte J Emery R. VF.

Auction 111
English Banknotes Old Bank s dated 1850 for William Williams & Sons, Grant 2082, small holes, repair & bankruptcy stamp rever

Auction 106
Tokens 1668 Richard Ballapd of Charles II portrait obverse weak towards the rim otherwise aVF

Auction 101
Misc Items Pub or Hotel Token Duke of Monmouth (reported as Cornwall) "GOOD FOR ONE PENNYWORTH OF REFRESHMENT" EF 30mm diameter

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