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Mali : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 175
World Bulk Lots 1953 (9 coins, to ) nFDC to FDC some with colourful and attractive tone, in the blue box of issue, Fantasy 1936 Edward VIII Prooflike UNC, as part of a group of World, an eclectic mix, a wide variety of countries represented, includes , , , , , and many more, includes some fantasy items, mostly base metal items includes some cased and some from circulation, these in mixed grades

Auction 174
World Bulk Lots World (10) Birr EE1892 KM#19 NVF with some surface marks, (1876-1900) Y#34 Good Fine, toned, (3) 1935G 500th Anniversary of the Riksdag KM#806 UNC with practically full lustre, 1952 TS 70th Birthday of Gustaf VI Adolf KM#828 UNC with practically full lustre, Two 1932G 300th Anniversary of the Death of Gustaf II Adolf KM#805 UNC and almost fully lustrous with an edge nick, (2) (2) 1897 Star on edge, Y#58.1 VF/GVF toned, 1912 ЗБ Y#58.2 NEF/EF, Rupia 1910R KM#6 Fine, toned with surface marks, Franc 1909 legend DES BELGES KM#56.1 NEF lightly toned, 1914 KM#12 VF/GVF

Auction 169
World Bulk Lots A good (101) of n /Independent doms along with other and Asia Minor material including Byzantium, Greek, Indo-Greek and . Indian States/s (23), India - (2), Byzantium (13), (10), Greek (13), Indo-Greek (2). Islamic (38) includes Indian States Maratha Peshwa Ankush Snake Rupee 1700AD Pune Mint, Fine. Rupee AH 122- (last digit off flan) C#28, Fine. Rupee Ram Singh Year 25 KM#119 Bold Fine, Rupee (1858-1920) 'Friendship with London' legend Y#11 Fine or better. Bombay Presidency date, Ahmadabad Mint, partially off the flan KM#259.1 EF with toning. Bombay Presidency Half Rupee Surat Mint undated (1800-1815) Good Fine with grey tone. Seljuk Dynasty - Sultanate of Rum joint rule of Sultan Kay Ka'us II, Sultan Qilich Arslan IV, & Sultan Kay Qubadh II NVF nicely toned, Sultanate of - coinage 4 Gani Mubarak 1316-1320, MWI#D275, 3.55 grammes, Good Fine, Indian Independent Kingdoms Gohadaji I AH978 (date frozen) KM#43 GVF, Sultanate of Delhi Tanka coinage 2 Gani Muhammad Ala Al-din II Khilji (1296-1316) MWI#2569, 3.40 grammes, Fine. Mauryan silver 'Sun and Wagon' punchmarked coinage (2) 321-297BC, 3.51 and 3.52 grammes, only some of the punchmark detail clear, both near Fine. Indo-Greek Western Satraps Rudrasena I Obverse Bust right with corrupted Greek legend in Indo-Greek style, Reverse: Three-arched hill with river, crescent and sun. Fine with some edge cracks. Indo-Greek Western Region Silver Nahapana (50-75AD) Obverse: Bust right, collar showing, wearing Satrapal cap, Reverse: Arrow pointing down and to the left, thunderbolt to the right, dot between them with inscriptions in Brahmi and Kharoshti, much of which is off-flan, Mitchener 1253 evenly struck NVF/GF and bold. Rajput Dynasty Chauhans of Delhi Drachm Someshvara (1169-1179) Good Fine. Kutch Kori Bhorajji (1632-1654AD) KM#12 Fine, Baroda Rupee Malhar Rao 1870-1875AD (date off flan) 11.70 grammes, About VF and bold. Rupee AH1204 in the name of Shah Alam II, Yasvanth Rao Malharnagar Mint, KM#76, 11.2 grammes, VF and bold. Ancient India - Gadhalya Portrait type Drachm c.950-1200 AD dump coinage Fine. Indo- Gadhlaya Paisa Drachm 800-950AD 3.8 grammes Fine. Indian States - Lunavada Paisa Wakhat Singhji , exact issue unclear, 6.31 grammes Near Fine. India - Panchala Kingdom Half Karshapana Indamitra? exact issue unclear About VG. Ancient India Kushan Copper c.Mid 3rd Century CE, NVG with some green surface residue. Islamic e square Silver Dirham 12- (1150-1238AD) struck in Al-Andalus 1.52 grammes Fine and bold. Islamic Seljuks of Rum Kay Ka'us II, Qilich Arslan IV and Kay Qubadh Silver Dirham AH647-655 (1249-1257AD) 2.48 grammes, Good Fine. Kabul Shahi Dynasties Jital Vakka Deva Lion/Elephant c.900-1000AD, 2.75 grammes, Near Fine. Bahri dynasty - Mamluk Sultanate Fals AH780-781 (1380-1381AD), al-Sultan al-k,al-Mansur 2.23 grammes, VG on an irregularly shaped flan, India Independent Kingdomes - Kutch Kori Pagmalji I (1698-1715AD) AH978 date frozen KM#43, 3.82 grammes Fine. India - Bahamids, Sultans of Deccan Copper Ala al-Din Ahmad 1435-1457AD Gani 16.27 grammes Fine. - Mamluk Al-Ashraf Sha-ban II Copper Fal (1363-1377AD), 2.94 grammes, VG. Egypt - Mamluk Al-Nasir Muhammad Third Reign (1310-1341AD) Copper Fal VG. Habbarids Silver Damma c.9th-10th Century 0.64 grammes, Fine, off-centre with some flan cracks. Parthia - Silver Drachm Phraates IV (38-2BC) Obverse: Diademed bust left, eagle with wreath in beak in right field, Reverse: Archer with bow seated Good Fine and bold with good metal. Mongol of - Ilkans Silver Dirham AH716-736, 2.81 grammes Fine, Abbasaid Caliphate Silver Dirham AH185 First Period al-Rashid, Harun, Madinat al Salam Mint Pleasing Fine. AH1115 Ahmed III Para KM#139.1 Fine with a flan crack. Silver Akce (4) Mehmed II the Conqueror AH848-850 (1444AD) some surface pitting, Good Fine and bold, Bayezid II AH886 Fine, off-centre, Suleiman the Magnificent AH926 Fine, Off-centre, the date full showing, scarce thus, the fourth worn and not attributable. Para Mfa III AH1171 (1757-1774) regnal year not visible VG, Para Abdul Hamid I AH1187/6 (1774-1789) KM#371 VG. Copper Akce Bayezid II 1481-1512, 2.97 grammes, Near Fine off-centre. Byzantium B

Auction 169
World Bulk Lots Central 1976E KM#E9 BU in the original Monnaie de sleeve 1977 Essai KM#EE7 BU in the original Monnaie de Paris sleeve Equatorial African States 100 Francs Essai 1966 KM#E6 issued double thickness as the currency pieces of the KM#5 type UNC still sealed in the original plastic envelope 100 Francs 1975 Essai KM#E2 BU still sealed in the sleeve of issue Mali 2 1976 Essai in Aluminium KM#E4 BU in the original Monnaie de Paris sleeve

Auction 167
World Bulk Lots and an interesting and mixed group (22) includes:- China Wu Zhu types (5 Zhu) (9) 23.5mm diameter to 26mm diameter these of varying weights and types in mixed grades, Ban Liang - Western Han Dynasty 2.35 grammes, 100 Tai-Ping Bai-Qian AD221-265 (2) 17mm diameter and 18mm diameter weighing 0.92 and 1.2 grammes respectively, Six Dynasties (220-589AD) Wu Quan 15mm diameter, Cash (2) Turgesh's Kaganate Early 8th Century 24mm diameter in , Cash Turgesh's Kaganate 8th to 9th Century on a heavier flan of 6.05 grammes. Ae Cash Liu Bei (221-223AD) 12mm diameter in copper. China Proto-Qarakhanid Ae Cash 10th Century k Aram Yinal Qaraj 22.5mm. Central Asia (2) -Sog- Chach Ae 7th to 8th Century Trident/Predatory Animal type 20mm in copper, 2.18 grammes. Sogdiana - Samarqand Ae 20mm in copper Obverse: Portrait of unknown ruler facing, three-quarters left/Reverse: Tamga, struck on an incomplete flan, along with Ancient Cowrie money (2) one believed to be an imitation, Province 100 Cash Year 3 (1914) with the appearance of a detector find, low grade and of crude style, accompanied by some attributions, would make an interesting study group

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots World a small group (12) Perper 1912 GEF and lustrous with some contact marks and small rim nicks, 1929 EF, 1 1935 A/UNC, 1926 VF, 1 Somalo 1950About EF, 1904 SM V (10) Toned UNC, 1935 UNC and choice, 1921 UNC with a small tone spot, 1 (2) AH1309 GVF toned, 1960 EF, 5 Litai 1925 (2) EF and A/UNC

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots A in trays in a carrying case mostly recent issues with some being promoters items such as (lot)

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots GB and World includes , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and many more, mostly with many in high grades (lot, around 7 Kilos)

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots World a small group (15) 5 Korona 1907KB UNC, 1955 10th Anniversary of the Liberation from UNC and lustrous, 1960 Lustrous UNC, 2 Ghirsh 1957 KM#41 (2) Lustrous UNC, 1 Somalo 1950 (2) EF, 10 Lir 1932 GVF, (3) 1927 VG, 1927 NF, 1935 NF, 20 Soles 1965 UNC (2), 1929 VF, Quarter BE 2468 EF

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots and related (7) Italy (3) 10 Centesimi (2)1894 UNC nicely toned with traces of lustre, 1911 A/UNC, 5 Centesimi 1918, (3) Centesimo 1849 ZV toned UNC, 4 Soldi 1868 (2) VF and GVF, 4 Bese 1923R GVF for wear with dull surfaces, Rare

Auction 157
World Bulk Lots 50 2015 'Oriental tale: Nasreddin Afandi' (100), 50 Tenge 2015 100th Anniversary of k Gabdullin (50), 50 Tenge 2015 Ovis Orientalis Arcal (50) UNC and lustrous

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots Africa (131) a wide selection of countries , Southern , Rhodesia, , , , , , , Rhodesian and , and , also includes a small group of . Mostly issues, a few earlier, includes some items, in mixed grades, some EF and better, an interesting group

Auction 152
World Bulk Lots Rupia 1910R KM#6 VF, as part of a group of (38) 19th and , includes a few in , and Peseta 1944 F, 2 Franc 1963 VF

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots World s 1960s and 1970s issues (298) in - includes , , So , some 4 FAO coins from West n countries UNC the majority in slide cases, along with 1935 VF

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots World - FAO page 2 (16) comprising , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and 1968 to 1970 UNC in the dark blue collectors page

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots s 1/25 oz. (2) 1997 Long-haired Smoke Cat GC MS69, 2001 So Kittens NGC MS69, 1000 Tugrik 2005 Eagle Owl PCGS PR70 DCAM

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots World (12) 1890 Fine, 1910R Good Fine, 1 Ore 1928 8 over 7 Fine with some verdigris and unlisted as an overdate by Krause, 18 1938 Lustrous AU/UNC, 1929 Good Fine, (3) 1896A GVF, 10 Centimes 1924 date double struck, EF, 1950B 4 plumes VF (Krause states now identified as a counterfeit), 1923 EF, Indies Cent 1855 Fine, 50 Pfennigs (2) 1939D 1941 E Fine

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots 1943-1945 (50), Cent 1925 (50), Centesimo 1950 (22) Lustrous UNC a few with spots

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots and related (4) Italy 1927R Year VI KM#69 GVF/NEF, Rupia 1915R KM#6 NVF, Lira (2) 1890R KM#2 Fine, 1891 KM#2 Fine

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots Africa & (220)19th & 20th Cent.  (2), (1), (5), (1), (4), (8), (5),Equatorial African States (6), (8), (4), (6), (1),Kenya () (2), (3), (2), (4), (14), (5), (1), (1), (3), (4), (16), (4), (19), (34), (2),Muscat & Oman (2), (53) mixed grades

Auction 144
World Bulk Lots World (8) Central n Republic 1978 KM#8 Krause states never released for circulation VF, 1893 n Exposition UNC attractively toned, German 1959F VF the key date and type in the series, - Schaumburg-Lippe 1911A EF nicely toned, Rupia 1914R KM#6 GVF, 1888 (88) MP-M VF Toned, GB 1817 Bull Head a forgery in About Fine, Jetton Aca (1732) 30mm diameter in EF

Auction 135
World Bulk Lots Africa 19th and (15) , , and East Aden includes some in in mixed grades to GEF

Auction 129
World Bulk Lots GB 1936 Edward VIII Fantasy issue in 9 carat UNC as part of a group of World (12) 1000 s (5) these presumably fantasy issues 2001 (3), 2002 (2), these depicting Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Head and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, 500 Sika 2002 (2) with a coloured picture of the Queen on the reverse, 10000 Kwacha 2002 with a coloured picture of the Queen on the reverse, 6000 Kwacha 2002 with a coloured picture of the Queen on the reverse, plus GB (2) 2004, in mixed grades EF-UNC

Auction 122
World Bulk Lots Africa (335) 19th and including , , , , , , , , , , , , , , African States, , , , , , , , , including some in , in mixed grades from circulation

Auction 109
World Bulk Lots land (3) , , 1 Franc 1948 KM#6, KM#5, KM#4 all UNC

Auction 107
World Bulk Lots (90) Type , , , and devolved areas mostly 1950-2000 different (67), duplicates (23) F+ To UNC

Auction 105
World Bulk Lots an unusual set of s of 1948 (23) One and from , , French , French So

Auction 105
World Bulk Lots In Lustrous Unc to BU Cents mixed QE II dates (700), Cents 1982 (275), 2 Seti 1975 (296), Paisa 1972 (950), 5

Auction 101
World Bulk Lots n 1763 VF, GB 1758 gF, Rupia 1919 VF, Ort 1618 VF, 1906 VF, Sa

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