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Auction 182
Medals Medals, s and Tokens (14) Medals (3) 1746 of Culloden 1746 34mm diameter in Brass, Obverse: figure of the Duke WILL DUKE CUMBERLAND Exergue: Born 15. AP. 1721, Reverse: A Battle scene REBELLION JUSTLY REWARDED, Exergue: CULLODEN 16 AP. 1746 as Eimer 604, VG, Bridge Opened 1831 29mm diameter in Brass, unsigned Obverse THE FIRST STONE WAS LAID BY RT - HON THE LORD MAYOR JOHN GARRATT ESQ. ON THE 15 JUNE 1825 THE 1st AUGst 1832 AND THE BRIDGE OPEN'D BY THEIR MAJESTIES COST 506,000 POUNDS, Reverse: View of the bridge spanning the river with ships, as Eimer 1246 NEF, The S.S 1843 27mm diameter in brass, by J. Gardner BHM 2119 Obverse: Starboard view of the 'Great Britain' under sail, THE GREAT BRITAIN STEAM SHIP LAUNCHED AT BRISTOL, LENGTH 322 FT. BREADTH 50.6. DEPTH 32.6, Reverse: THIS IRON STEAM SHIP WAS LAUNCHED IN THE PRESENCE OF H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT JULY 19 1843 . THE WEIGHT OF IRON USED IN THE SHIP AND ENGINES IS UPWARDS OF 1500 TONS CONSTRUCTED BY T.R. GUPPY ESQ. C.E, VF, Pub Tokens (2) COACH AND HORSES CHURCH LANE, Reverse: OMS & BS with central 2, VF, The , Gt. Hampton St. Reverse: 3 within a wreath, Fine/VF, Token 1800 Obverse: , Reverse: Crowned shield, in brass, Brewery Token 1881 Halstead Brewery, 32mm x 25mm oval, in bronze, Reverse: A & S 1881 VF, Jeton and Maria Theresa, (1666) 27mm diameter in bronze, Near Fine/Fine, Tran Token, Halfpenny , Clyde Ferries ticket, undated in brass, 27mm diameter Fine, Halfpenny 18th Century undated - Spence's, Odd Fellows DH803c, , GVF, - The Santa Rina Nitrate Co. 1 Peso Brass Token 36mm diameter in brass, Reverse: OFICINA SANTA RITA, Fine, Notgeld coins in red porcelain (2) One mark 1921 Grunberg UNC, 50 Pfennigs 1921 Grunberg UNC, and a Two Pence 1971 on a thinner flan, 5.83 grammes, VF

Auction 179
World Bulk Lots World (14) Year 2 (1898) KM#1117 VG/Fine with some scratches, 1804 KM#2139 VG scarce, - (2) 1/6 1813A KM#385 VG, 1/3 Thaler 1771A KM#303 Near Fine, Henry III (1574-1589) mintmark A () date off flan VG, ed issue, (1809) host coin 40 Reis 1790 KM#290.1 countermark VG, host coin Near Fine, - Half Stuiver 1824 KM#284.2 Fair, n - Jaora Paisa 1896 KM#10 Near Fine, German States - Schonau Four Heller Lordship issue 1755 KM#1 Fine, the only issue from this State, scarce, (3) Three Solidi (2) 1754 KM#147.2 Fair, 1755 KM#147.2 (2) Fine and VG, Netherlands 2 1/ 1906KM#134 GVF, and Coin Weight France Half Pistol undated Fine

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots World (14) Dutch Negapatam Early type, 17th to , 9mm diameter, 0.38 grammes Good Fine, Indian - Velli Fanam (1864) KM#24.1 Fine, VG with a large edge chip, GB Hammered Penny, worn, 1624 NVF, 1662 30mm diameter in Philip IIII Good Fine, Jeton 1666 and Maria 25mm diameter in copper VG, France - Feudal Arches-Charleville Liard 1609 VG/Fine, 5 Reis 1787 Fine, Netherlands - Overijssel 1765 Eagle Near Fine, Polushka 1735 KM#187 VG, -Zutphen 6 Stuivers 1691 KM#26.1 NVG, a in low grade, and a 10mm diameter piece unattributed in silver? Obverse with facing head, reverse with winged caduceus , no legends, possibly a spielgeld piece? GVF looks to have been attached to a mount at some time

Auction 157
Medals , of Sole bay () 1672 41mm diameter in silver Obverse Bust of Louis XIV right LUDOVICUS XIIII . REX CHRISTAINISSIMUS, Reverse standing in his car, VICTORIA NAVALIS on a br above in exergue: MDCLXXII, GVF, comes with printed pages of History of the Battle and background to the town of Sole Bay and the Battle, also the first Battle of the Third Dutch 1672-1674), this medal very rare in silver
£240 London Coins : A157 : Lot 875 : France, Battle of Sole bay (Suffolk) 1672 41mm diameter in silver Obverse Bust of Louis XIV right LU... London Coins : A157 : Lot 875 : France, Battle of Sole bay (Suffolk) 1672 41mm diameter in silver Obverse Bust of Louis XIV right LU...

Auction 139
Medals 's 's and Queen's of 1731, & , bronze (Eimer526), , of 1658 by J. Mauger, bronze, France, bronze medal for 1748, Clem. IX bronze medal. GVF, last good F. (5)

Auction 124
Medals World Medals (13) including : medal by Puymaurin, bronze; Universal Exposition Medal 1900, silvered metal, and 11 other items. F to GVF.

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