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Louis D'Or

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Auction 172
Misc Items s (8) Guineas (3) William and Mary , Good Fine with some adjustment lines, William III undated NVF with some light adjustment lines, George III undated Rev: 5Pw 8Gr Fine, Charles I uniface Obverse: Crowned bust left Good Fine, the reverse blank with fine scratches, weight 1773 Obverse: Bust right, Reverse: A Half Guinea weight 1773 NVF the obverse unevenly toned, weight 1843 Fine, Portugal Moidore Weight '27s' on either side Good Fine, France Pistole Weight Louis XIV undated Fine, along with a group of Apothecaries weights (10) five are octagonal as follows: Two Drams, One Dram, Half Dram, 60 Grains and Two Scruples, the remainder round issues (3)Two Drams, 3 Dwt Troy weight (Three weights) Two Scruples, and square issues (2) Two Dram and Two Scruples NVF to GVF

Auction 170
World Cased 2009S (17 coins) includes One Dollar , Half Dollar , Roosevelt Dime and 'Liberty' Five Cents, One Dollar Presidential (4), Quarter Dollars State type (6), One Cent (4) FDC in the four slide cases, boxed, USA Quarters - ' The Beautiful' Proof Sets (8) 2010S (5 coins) - , - , - , - , and - . 2011S (5 coins) - , - , Glacier - , - , and - . 2012S (5 coins) - , - , - , Vols - Hawaii, and - . 2013S (5 coins) - , - , Perry's - , - land, and - . 2014S (5 coins) - , Arches - , Sdoah - , - and - . 2015S (5 coins) - , - , - , Hook - and , . 2016S (5 coins) - , Harper's Ferry - , - , - , and - . 2017S (5 coins) - , Riverways - , - District of , - and George Rogers Clark - In, all FDC in the US Mint boxes with certificates

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots s a high grade slabbed group (58) 1970 PCGS MS65 (2), 1986P PCGS MS65 (2), 1988D PCGS MS65 (2), 1988P PCGS MS65 (2), 1992P PCGS MS65 (2), 2003P PCGS MS67, 2003D Missouri PCGS MS67, 2004P PCGS MS67, 2004P Florida ANACS MS68, 2004P PCGS MS67, 2004D Florida PCGS MS67, 2004D PCGS MS67, 2004D Wisconsin PCGS MS67, 2005P (2) PCGS SP69 and SP68, 2005D Minnesota Satin Finish (2) PCGS SP68 and SP69, 2005P Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2005D Oregon Satin Finish PCGS SP69, 2005P Satin Finish (2) PCGS SP68 and SP69, 2005D California Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006P Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006D Nebraska Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006D Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006P Colorado Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2010D Oregon - National Park PCGS MS66 (2), 2010D - National Park PCGS MS67, 2010P Arkansas - Hot Springs National Park PCGS MS67, 2010D - National Park PCGS MS67, 2010P Arizona - Grand Canyon Nation al Park PCGS MS67, 2014D Florida - PCGS MS67+, 2014P Florida - Everglades PCGS MS67, 2014P PCGS MS66, 2014D - Arches (2) PCGS MS66 and MS67, 2014P Utah - Arches (2) PCGS MS66 and MS67, 2015D - PCGS MS67, 2015D - (3) PCGS 67 (2) and PCGS MS67+, 2015D - Hook PCGS MS67 (2), 2016D - PCGS MS67, 2016D - PCGS MS67 (2), 2016D - PCGS MS67 (2), 2016D - PCGS MS67 (2)

Auction 160
World Coins 1798Mo in an old mahogany glazed frame 100mm x 68mm with name plate ' Piece of Eight Wreck Recovered', the coin behind a curved glass, Good Fine with some toning and encrustation, (stated by the vendor to be Ex-Cazador, ) along with (44) 19th and 20th Century the majority in base metal, in mixed grades some later issues EF

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