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London Coins Auction 176
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Auction 173
Medals Simon de Passe Counters or Gambling Counters in silver (2) and each depicting a half length portrait of the monarch, with details of the monarch's reign, and with coat of arms on the reverse also incuse, both designs incuse, pleasing VF, Medal, Treaty of Ryswick - Fortunes of Prince James 1697 25mm diameter by N.Roettier, Obverse: Bust left, IAC: WALLIAE PRINCEPS, Reverse: Dove with olive branch fly above a calm sea, MANSVRAE N. VNTIA PACIS: with date in exergue, Eimer 377 NVF with some pitting, Medal The - Legal Friendly Society 20mm, diameter in 9 carat gold, 2.32 grammes, presented to L.E.Milton Good Fine with loop mount at the top, Weight , Obverse: Bust right half length.I.R..MA.BRI. Reverse: Crowned XXI S in two lines Good Fine, (2) Edward I with much of the legend worn, Henry III Long Cross, Mint moneyer Nicole Fine, heavily die-clashed

Auction 172
Misc Items an accumulation covering a wide range of subjects including 1965 Post Office Tower, 1967 British Discovery, 1974 Fire Service, 1975 62nd Inter-Parliamentary Conference, 1976 William Caxton, 1977 Racket Sports, 1978 Horses, 1978 Cycling, 1978 Christmas, 1979 Dogs, 1979 British Flowers, 1979 European Assembly Elections, 1979 Rowland Hill, 1979 Police, 1979 Horse Racing, 1979 Year of the Child, 1979 Christmas, 1980 British Birds, 1980 Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 1980 International Stamp Exhibition, London, 1980 London International Stamp Exhibition Miniature Sheet 1, 1980 London International Stamp Exhibition Miniature Sheet 2 (2), 1980 London International Stamp Exhibition Miniature Sheet 3, 1980 London Landmarks, 1980 Famous People, 1980 British Music Conductors, 1980 Sport, 1980 Christmas, 1981 Folklore, 1981 International Year of the Disabled, 1981 Butterflies, 1981 The National Trusts, 1981 The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, 1981 The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, British Mint Stamps Collector's Pack 1981, 1982 Fishing, 1982 Charles , 1982 Youth Organisations, 1982 British Theatre, 1982 Maritime Heritage, 1982 British Textiles, 1982 Information Technology, 1982 British Motor Cars, 1982 Christmas Carols, 1983 Commonwealth Day 1983 British Engineering Achievements, 1983 The British Army, 1983 British Gardens, 1983 British Fairs (2), 1983 Christmas, 1984 Heraldry (2), 1984 Cattle, 1984 Urban Renewal, 1984 The Royal Mail, 1984 The British Council, 1984 Christmas, all on the sheets of issue, First Day Covers (3) 150th Anniversary of 'A Christmas Carol' 9 Nov.1993 (2 both different), Greetings! 26.Feb 1996, The Heritage First Day Covers (20) 1996 Abbey (2), 1996 The Railway Children, 1996 Children's TV 50th Anniversary, 1997 Enid Blyton Centenary (2), 1977 Sanquar Post Office- The oldest Working Post Office in the World, 1997 Lancaster Bale-Out (4), 1997 100 Years of Dracula (2), 1997 The Hound of the Baskervilles, 1997 II and Golden Wedding (6), The British Islands Collection First Day Covers (2) 1996 Emmeline Pankhurst, 1996 European Football Championships all in the packs of issue. Royal Mail Definitive Stamp Sets (42) Pack No.34 £1 to 1p, Pack No.37 First Class and Second Class Self-Adhesive (40), Pack No.38 (1997) First Class and 26p stamps, UNC in the packs of issue. Royal Mail packs (5) 1983 British Engineering Achievements (Pack No.144), 1984 Urban Renewal (Pack No.152), 1990 Astronomy (Pack No.212), 1991 Scientific Achievements (Pack No.216), 1991 Europe in Space (Pack No.217), 1995 Communications UNC in the wallets of issue, along with a further group of First Day Covers (19) 1972 Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh 25th Wedding Anniversary (3), 1973 Royal Wedding of HRH Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 1981 Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, 1990 Queen Mother 90th Birthday (2), 1991 Ordnance Survey Bicentenary, 1991 Radio Times, 1992 40th Anniversary of the Accession, Guernsey 1993 Rupert Bear, 1994 D-Day 50th Anniversary, 1994 Channel Tunnel, 1995 VE Day 50th Anniversary, 1997 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Golden Wedding, 1998 Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial, 2002 Queen Mother Memorial, 2003 Coronation Golden Jubilee, 2005 The Marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales to Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles, World First Day Covers (2) Czech Republic WWF (2), along with mixed loose stamps around £114 face includes some 1st and 2nd issues

Auction 163
Misc Items Tokens, Medals, s and Paranumismatic items, 18th to 20th Century (164) includes Army Temperance Medals in silver (3) c.1897-1901, in mixed grades, Kent Messenger Calendar Medal 1959, George V Jubilee 1935 32mm diameter in silver, the Official issue EF a varied group, along with Engraved small silver (14), counter stamped s (2) and Engraved 1774 'John Rotherham/ Sign Painter in Derby 1774/ John Blease/ To F M U / Tobacconist, Liverpool, also Contemporary s and evasions (23) George II and George III types, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 161
Medals 19th and 20th Century in bronze (9) - Chancellor of University 1834 Eimer 1273 by T. VF, Earl of Eldon, Lord Chancellor 1827 Eimer 1197 by C.Voigt, NEF, Lord s Flagship 'The ' 1897 37mm diameter, struck from copper of the vessel after breaking up, GVF, St. George's Hall Opening 1854 44mm diameter by J.Mayer/Allen & Moore, A/UNC, and Queen Alexandra Visit to 1907 - The Queen Alexandra Dock (2) VF cleaned and EF, Queen 1887 39mm diameter by Heaton GEF, Queen Victoria 39mm diameter, by the Heaton Mint EF holed, Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 56mm in bronze the original issue Eimer 1817 VF with some heavier edge knocks

Auction 157
World Bulk Lots World a small group (13) (5) 1896 AГ Fine, 1849 GF plugged in obverse, 1877 Fine, 5 Kopeks 1884 VF plugged on reverse, 18121812EM VG, 2 Reals 1738 8 over 7 Fine, toned, Year 3 (1870) Y#2 Fine, 15 Mongo 1937 (Year 27) VF, 1918 A/UNC, uniface 19mm in showing the bust of Philip II VF, Kuchmeister von Sternberg (1414-1422) mintmark Star About Fine, GB Token Liverpool the edges flattened, Fair, GB 1812 Nottingham - J.M.Fellows Fine, - 1781 VG ex-jewellery

Auction 147
English Cased Liverpool 800th 2007 a 20-piece set Crown-sized and in showing different famous people and place associated with Liverpool FDC in a box

Auction 147
Tokens (6) 1791 HMS Victory Good Fine, Westmoreland DH5 EF, 1791 DH22 Fine, Kelly's Light Harness DH345 NVF, Badminton 1796 Corn laws EF, Middlesex Mailcoach J.Palmer DH363 NVF

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