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Auction 179
Tokens (8) Benenden 1794 Obverse: A wheatsheaf PEACE AND PLENTY, Reverse: Shield of Arms BENENDEN HALFPENNY, DH4, NEF, 1794 Obverse: Side view of Canterbury cathedral, CANTERBURY TOKEN below, Reverse: Shield of Arms of Canterbury, Edge: PAYABLE AT JAMES ROBERTSON'S, DH7, NEF with traces of lustre, Canterbury 1795 Obverse: Side view of Canterbury cathedral, cypher in exergue below, Reverse: Shield of Arms of Canterbury, OUR KING AND COUNTRY LAWS AND TRADE, date with a Maltese Cross before and after, Edge: PAYABLE AT CANTERBURY, DH8, NEF, Deptford 1795 Obverse: The Kentish men meeting William the Conqueror, Reverse: The stern of the Royal George, with KENT HALFPENNY date and TDH below, Edge: PAYABLE AT DEPTFORD CHATHAM AND DOVER, DH13a, NEF, Dym 1794 Obverse: A cypher WP, crest, a lamb, ROMNEY MARSH HALFPENNY, Reverse: Figure of Justice standing FOR THE HONOR AND USA OF TRADE, Edge: PAYABLE AT W.PARRIS DIMCHURCH, DH15, NEF/GVF the reverse with a faint inked number in the field, 1794 Obverse: Shield of Arms of the city of , below, on a label, SUSSEX, FOR CHANGE NOT FRAUD, Reverse: Shield of Arms of Canterbury, KENT HALFPENNY TOKEN, Edge: PAYABLE AT I.GIBBS LAMBERHURST, DH35, NEF, 1795 Shield of Arms and supporters of the borough of Maidstone, MAIDSTONE above, HALFPENNY below, Reverse: View of a paper mill, PAYABLE BY J. SMYTH AT PADSOLE PAPER MILL, Edge: Milled, DH37, EF or near so with traces of lustre, Tenterden 1796 Obverse: Shield of Arms of the Brewer's Company, TENTERDEN HALFPENNY 1796, Reverse: A horse and dray, and part of a brewhouse, in exergue: TO CHEER OUR HEARTS, Edge: PAYABLE AT T CLOAKES BREW HOUSE, DH42, GVF

Auction 167
Tokens GB and World Tokens (31) South Africa 1861 Whyte & Co. Obverse: TEA MERCHANTS ANDS GROCERS. CAPE TOWN with WHYTE & CO in centre, Reverse: Figure of Hope seated with anchor behind to right, 1861 in exergue, VF. New Zealand Penny Obverse: Standing Female with arm on shield, Palm Tree behind NEW ZEALAND, Reverse bust of Maori warrior 3/4 right ADVANCE NEW ZEALAND KM#Tn49 VF, Ireland Penny 1818 Obverse Bust of George III, LUKE XX.CHAP.XXV.VER, Reverse Harp VG. (18) - 1794 DH32 Fine, Rare. - 1791 Paley's Bishop Blaze standing DH43 EF with traces of lustre. (2) - 1793 DH50 Obv: Figure of Boy/Rev: Shield, VF. Birmingham Mining and Company 1792 DH85 NVF. - Emsworth 1793 Obv: Ship /Reverse: Seated female DH9 Fine. - 1793 Obverse: Shield/Reverse: Woolpack DH19 NVF, - 1791 Obv: Man in loom weaving Reverse: Hanging Fleece, Edge Payable at the Warehouse of John Kershaw DH140. - 1796 Obverse: A female spinning/Reverse: A man in a loom weaving, DH6 VF. - Salter's The Cheapest Hat Warehouse in the World undated DH473 GEF with traces of lustre. Middlesex - Lackington's 1795 milled edge, DH357a VF. Middlesex Lackington's 1794 Edge Payable at the Temple of the Muses DH353 NEF/GVF. - undated Obverse: Bottle/Reverse: Hope standing, Plain edge DH23b NEF. Middlesex Political and Social Series 1793 DH1033 NVF/GF. Hampshire - Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe, not in collar DH14a GVF/VF. - 1794 F.Heath DH39 NVF. Warwickshire - John Wilkinson Iron Master 1792 with plain edge DH451h, GVF. Warwickshire - Birmingham undated Dr. DH71 VF. Dublin undated , Plain edge DH231a VF. Pennies (3) Penny 1811 TO FACILITATE TRADE Davis 21 EF, 1811 and South Fine with poor surfaces, 1812 Birmingham and South Wales About Fine, Borough of Gateshead 1849 Boundary Token 32mm diameter in George Hawks, NEF, and ic Tokens in bronze, Halfpenny sized (4) along with Halfpenny 1699 Date in Exergue Peck 687 NVF/GF and Gibraltar Two Quarts 1842 Fair, Mother of Pearl Decorative counters , oval shaped (2) EF

Auction 164
Tokens (4) (2) 1791 DH17 EF. 1791 Paley's DH44 EF toned. 1794 DH35 NEF toned. 1789 Prince Regent of Great Britain, France and Ireland appointed Feb 1789 29mm diameter in DH968 NVF/VF the obverse once lightly cleaned, now almost fully retoned, Gas Exhibition Earl's Court 1904 31mm diameter in R&A Main Ltd.49 Queen Victoria Street, Falkirk/Thomas Glover & Co.Ltd 49 Queen Victoria Street, Edmonton NEF

Auction 163
Tokens (6) - Emsworth 1795 Earl Howe/ ship left, , or edge DH30 EF, - Stortford 1795 Shield of Arms, Crest and Motto/View of a river with barges GEF toned, (2) Hawkhurst 1794 CGH cypher and wheatsheaf/Kentish horse in a shield, edge Charles Hider DH30 EF, 1794 Shield of Arms of /Shield of Arms of DH35 EF, (2) 1794 Standing Britannia with Lion below/Demi lion on shield, a cypher within, Demi-lion's tail further from the H of HALFPENNY DH5 GVF, Spalding 1794 Standing Britannia with Lion below/Demi Lion on shield, a cypher within, Demi-lion's tail further from the H of HALFPENNY, edge I.IORDANS SPALDING & HOLBEACH DH6a GEF

Auction 145
Tokens (3) 1794 DH34 VF, 1794 For Change Not Fraud DH35 EF and lustrous, 1794 For Change Not Fraud DH35A NEF

Auction 137
Tokens a high grade group (5) 1791 DH406a EF, Arms of and DH35 GEF, 1794 M.Lambe and Son Tea Dealers and Grocers DH50 EF, Bury 1795 Charles Guest's Auctioneers DH30 About EF, 1795 Kempson's Birmingham Theatre EF

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