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Auction 171
World Banknotes (7) a near complete denomination set of the 2009-16 issues missing only the highest denomination 5000 Som and all in high grades most about UNC - UNC. Consisting of the 20 Som Pick 24 dated 2009 series CK 1527415, lok Moldo and Tash-Rabat. 50 Som Pick 25b dated 2016 series CJ 0589875, Czarina Kurmanzhan Datka and Mausoleum and minaret in Uzgen. 100 Som Pick 26b dated 2016 series CJ 8043340, Toktogul Satylganov and Toktogul hydroelectric power station. 200 Som Pick 27 dated 2016 series CH 8301123, Alykul Osmonov and Mountains / Lake Issyk-Kul. 500 Som Pick 28b dated 2016 series CF 1501810, Sayakbai Karalayev and Manas mausoleum. And lastly, the 1000 Som Pick 29b dated 2016 series BJ 4761351, Zhusup Balasagyn and Takhti Suleyman. A pleasing set all in different colours

Auction 170
World Coins 100 Som Gold 1995 nnium of Manas .999 Gold KM#2 FDC retaining full mint brilliance, a scarce issue with only 1000 pieces minted, the following issue of this denomination was struck in 2000 in .916 Gold
£650 London Coins : A170 : Lot 1106 : Kyrgyzstan 100 Som Gold 1995 Millennium of Manas .999 Gold Proof KM#2 FDC retaining full mint brilli... London Coins : A170 : Lot 1106 : Kyrgyzstan 100 Som Gold 1995 Millennium of Manas .999 Gold Proof KM#2 FDC retaining full mint brilli...

Auction 170
World Banknotes & Central (75) an interesting in an album mostly UNC including various issues some of which in denomination sets and few of the notes with matching last 1 or 2 digits of the serial numbers. Includes examples from , , - Arab Republic Currency Notes & , - & Bank Markazi, , , , , , , Oman, , , , , , and (Arab Republic). A pleasing and attractive group

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (127) a mostly high grade in an album including issues from (3) including a Ruhla Stadt 25 Pfennig 1st May 1920, , , (3), , (3), (3), , , , (10), (11), , (17) includes , (3), , (3), , (2), (3), (3), (6), s (3), , , (2), (6), (5), , , , (21), (6). Includes some constive and near sets. Some scarcer issues include a Germany Bayerische Notenbank 100 Mark Pick S922 dated 1st January 1900 serial number B. 1595837, 50 Mark Pick 65 dated 30th November 1918 also known as "Egg note" because of the egg shaped area on reverse. Costa Rica Banco Anglo Costarricense 1 Colon Pick S121 L. 23.06.1917 serie A No. 071608 unsigned remainder. France banque de France Pick 94 dated 20th November 1941 serial number S 26306 930 657642930. England 5 s O'Brien Lion & Key B280 (Pick 372a) issue 1961 FIRST SERIES number H83 532076, QE2 pictorial & B347 (Pick 379b) issue 1980 serial number 63E 965359 and World War 2 1 Pound B249 (Pick 367) issue 1940 serial number A26E 872765. Rhodesia 1 Pick 38a dated 2n August 1979 serial number L/129 040919.

Auction 165
World Banknotes (207) a large in an album in mixed grades up to about UNC - UNC. Includes an assortment of issues with a variety of high denominations. Includes issues, a variety of Banks certain ones include The Farmers Bank of China, Provincial Bank and Provincial Bank of , also The of China Gold Customs s up to 50 Gold Customs units and other banks include The Central Bank of China with issues from different printers, Bank of China, The Central of China and . Along with issues from various banks such as The , The Hong Kong and Banking Corporation and The Chartered Bank of , & China also includes an assortment of Government of Hong Kong QE2 issues and a Hong Kong Bank Travellers $1000. Also North & South (28) a collection of modern to early issues notes includes notes such as South Korea 10 hwan Pick 16 EF - about UNC, 1000 Won Pick 10a EF - about UNC and 1 Won Purple Pick 116 UNC. Other countries include (2), (23) and (5)

Auction 163
World Banknotes World (106), in Hendon album with slipcase, and many former Russian States, including Russia, , , , , , , , , , , , , and , early and modern issues, mixed grades

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