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London Coins Auction 173
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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5th - 6th December 2021

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John Of Gaunt

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 172
Tokens (21) North 1793 Reverse: Harp 31 Acorns, 14 to left and 17 to right DH8 Fine, - Obv: A bottle, Reverse: Figure of Hope standing points to the letter Y in the legend DH24 Good Fine/Fine, - Northampton 1794 Obv: George Jobson, Banker, Rev: A Castle and Lion Good Fine with a spot on the obverse, - 1791 Paley's Obv: Bishop Blaze, with comb to centre of the E and to the end of the R, Rev: Shield of Arms crested by an owl, DH 46 Fine, - 1791 Obv: Helmeted bust right, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge PAYABLE AT THE OFFICE OF W. TAYLOR R.V. MOODY LTD. DH89 NVF, - Banbury undated Obv: Bust three-quarters facing, Rev: The Sun, Edge: PAYABLE AT BANBURY OXFORD OR READING DH1 Good Fine, (2) - Wilkinson 1788 Curved 1, straight 7, with stop after R. DH375 Near Fine/Fine, 1792 Wilkinson's Contemporary Counterfeit Obv: Distinctive crude bust right, Edge: PAYABLE AT ANGLESEY LONDON OR LIVERPOOL DH453 Near Fine, (3) 1795 Allen's Obv: Shield of Arms, Rev: A different shield of Arms, Edge: PAYABLE IN CHANDO STREET COVENT GARDEN DH246 Good Fine, 1795 Lackington's Obv: Bust to right, Rev: Figure of Fame blowing a trumpet, Edge: Milled to left DH357a Fine, 1795 ic Obv: Bust right, Rev: Shield of Arms with supporters Edge: PAYABLE IN DUBLIN OR LONDON VG/Fine, (4) 1794 Obv: View of Canterbury Cathedral, Rev: Shield of Arms of the City, Edge: PAYABLE AT JAMES ROBERTSONS DH7 Good Fine, Canterbury 1795 Obv: View of the Cathedral with E.P cypher in exergue, Rev: Shield of Arms of the City, Edge: PAYABLE AT CANTERBURY DH8 Fine, 1794 Obv: An ancient sloop, Rev: Shield of Arms of the Cinque Ports Edge: PAYABLE AT JOHN CROWSS COPPER SMITH DH20 Fine, undated Obv: An ancient sloop, Rev: Shield of Arms of the Cinque Ports, Edge: PAYABLE AT THOMAS BUNDOCKS DH39 Fine, (6) 1791 Obv: , Rev: Shield of Arms DH11 Fine/Good Fine, Lancaster 1792 Obv: John of Gaunt with hexagonal star below the bust, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON BRISTOL & LANCASTER DH30 Good Fine/Fine, Lancaster 1794 Obv: John of Gaunt, with star under bust, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge: PAYABLE IN LANCASTER LONDON OR BRISTOL DH41 Good Fine, Lancaster 1794 Obv: John of Gaunt, Rev: Shield of Arms Edge: PAYABLE AT W.GYE'S PRINTER BATH DH46a Good Fine, 1792 Edge: PAYABLE AT THE WARHOUSE OF THOMAS CLARKE DH96 Fine, 1793 Obv: A porter carrying a pack, Rev: Shield of Arms, Edge: Engrailed DH 135e Fine, - County 1795 Obv: Beehive and Bees, Reverse: A Druid's head, Edge: Milled DH 36 Fine

Auction 172
Tokens (4) 1791 /Arms DH20 VF, Lancaster 1792 John of Gaunt/Arms, Plain rounded edge DH31a GVF, Lancaster 1794 John of Gaunt/Arms DH39 VF, 1793 Porter/Arms DH135 VF
£38 London Coins : A172 : Lot 723 : Halfpennies 18th Century Lancashire (4) Lancaster 1791 John of Gaunt/Arms DH20 VF, Lancaster 1792 Jo... London Coins : A172 : Lot 723 : Halfpennies 18th Century Lancashire (4) Lancaster 1791 John of Gaunt/Arms DH20 VF, Lancaster 1792 Jo...

Auction 170
Tokens (13) - 1792 Arms of the City/Man working in a loom DH42 VF. - Northampton 1794 George Jobson/Castle and Lion DH1 NVF, the reverse with a spot after the legend. (2) 1793 Lady Godiva/Elephant and Castle DH243a VF with some scratches on the obverse. Coventry 1793 Lady Godiva/An ancient cross DH246 VF with dome discoloration on the reverse. (4) General Convenience 1797 Helmeted Bust/Britannia seated left, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON, the remainder engrailed DH1018 NVF with a small flan crack, Lackington's 1795 Profile bust/Small figure of Fame, Edge: milled to left DH357a GVF with a small spot on either side. National Series - 1795 Princess of with ear-rind and four pearls in her hair, Edge: milled DH979 VF. Isaac , Newton, with dot below Sr./Cauceus DH1033 Edge: Engrailed NVF/GF. Emsworth 1795 RULE BRITANNIA Britannia 1795/Bust of Earl Howe, left DH24 Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON the remainder engrailed VF. (2) - 1792 /Shield, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON BRISTOL & LANCASTER DH29 Near VF, 1793 A porter carrying a pack/Shield of Arms Edge: Engrailed DH135e Near VF. - Leek 1793 DH13 Caduceus supported by a large bale of goods/two hands d, with an olive branch Edge: PAYABLE AT LEEK STAFFORDSHIRE DH13, NVF. North Wales 1793 Druid with 31 Acorns, 14 to the left and 17 to the right/A harp between sprigs of oak DH8 NVF
£160 London Coins : A170 : Lot 308 : Halfpennies 18th Century (13) Norfolk - Norwich 1792 Arms of the City/Man working in a loom DH42 VF.... London Coins : A170 : Lot 308 : Halfpennies 18th Century (13) Norfolk - Norwich 1792 Arms of the City/Man working in a loom DH42 VF....

Auction 167
Tokens GB and World Tokens (31) South Africa 1861 Whyte & Co. Obverse: TEA MERCHANTS ANDS GROCERS. CAPE TOWN with WHYTE & CO in centre, Reverse: Figure of Hope seated with anchor behind to right, 1861 in exergue, VF. New Zealand Penny Obverse: Standing Female with arm on shield, Palm Tree behind NEW ZEALAND, Reverse bust of Maori warrior 3/4 right ADVANCE NEW ZEALAND KM#Tn49 VF, Ireland Penny 1818 Obverse Bust of George III, LUKE XX.CHAP.XXV.VER, Reverse Harp VG. (18) - 1794 DH32 Fine, Rare. - 1791 Paley's Bishop Blaze standing DH43 EF with traces of lustre. (2) - 1793 DH50 Obv: Figure of Boy/Rev: Shield, VF. Birmingham Mining and Company 1792 DH85 NVF. - Emsworth 1793 Obv: Ship sailing/Reverse: Seated female DH9 Fine. - 1793 Obverse: Shield/Reverse: Woolpack DH19 NVF, - 1791 Obv: Man in loom weaving Reverse: Hanging Fleece, Edge Payable at the Warehouse of John Kershaw DH140. - 1796 Obverse: A female spinning/Reverse: A man in a loom weaving, DH6 VF. - Salter's The Cheapest Hat Warehouse in the World undated DH473 GEF with traces of lustre. Middlesex - Lackington's 1795 milled edge, DH357a VF. Middlesex Lackington's 1794 Edge Payable at the Temple of the Muses DH353 NEF/GVF. - undated Obverse: Bottle/Reverse: Hope standing, Plain edge DH23b NEF. Middlesex Political and Social Series 1793 DH1033 NVF/GF. Hampshire - Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe, plain edge not in collar DH14a GVF/VF. - 1794 F.Heath DH39 NVF. Warwickshire - John Wilkinson Iron Master 1792 with plain edge DH451h, GVF. Warwickshire - Birmingham undated Dr. DH71 VF. Dublin undated , Plain edge DH231a VF. Pennies (3) Penny 1811 TO FACILITATE TRADE Davis 21 EF, 1811 and South Fine with poor surfaces, 1812 Birmingham and South Wales About Fine, Borough of Gateshead 1849 Boundary Token 32mm diameter in George Hawks, NEF, and ic Tokens in bronze, Halfpenny sized (4) along with Halfpenny 1699 Date in Exergue Peck 687 NVF/GF and Gibraltar Two Quarts 1842 Fair, Mother of Pearl Decorative counters , oval shaped (2) EF

Auction 162
Tokens a high grade group (8) - 1792 /Town Arms DH29ALustrous GEF, (2) Bissets, Temple interior/Ornaments of spar DH120 EF, Boy/Shield with four hedgehogs DH50 EF, (2) W.Williams 1795 Crowned shield/Portcullis and Plume DH916 A/UNC with traces of lustre, Salters, , Hatmakers/Shop-front DH473 EF, - Glamorgan 1795 GEF with traces of lustre, - Devizes 1796 Town Arms/Stag, milled edge, no inscription DH2b, EF with traces of lustre, - , Botanic Gardens/Tree and shrubs, Plain edge, rounded GEF and lustrous

Auction 160
Tokens Ireland - Wicklow (4) 1793 Cronebane, Bishop/Arms, milled edge, DH35a Good Fine, 1789 Cronebane, Bishop/Arms, , or edge, DH43c, Fine, 1789 Conebane, Bishop/Arms DH46 Fine, Cronebane, Bust of /Hibernia seated with harp DH76, Fine

Auction 160
Tokens (5) 1792 DH29 VF, 1793 Porter/Arms DH135e GVF, Manchester 1793 Frederick Duke of /Arms DH138 GVF, Manchester 1793 Arms/EIC Bale Mark GVF, Manchester 1792 East India House NEF

Auction 160
Tokens (5) 1792 /Arms DH21, Lancaster 1792 John of Gaunt/Arms DH30, Lancaster 1794 Daniel Eccleston, No stop after Commerce DH58, 1792 East India House/Arms DH127a some of edge lettering inverted, Manchester 1793 Porter/Arms DH135 Fine to VF

Auction 160
Tokens (5) 1792 /Arms DH29d, Lancaster 1794 John of Gaunt/Arms DH46 VF, 1794 Ship/Arms DH108 VF with some light scratches, 1793 Arms/ Arms DH131 About VF, 1791 Fleece/Loom DH141 About VF

Auction 160
Tokens (6) 1794 /Arms DH44, Lancaster 1791 River God/Bust DH53 (), 1792 Ship/Arms DH96, Liverpool 1793 Ship/Arms, milled edge DH107b, Liverpool mule Earl Howe/Ship DH120b, 1791 Fleece/Loom DH140, Fine to Good Fine

Auction 158
Tokens 1800 Christ's Hospital DH11 EF, 18th Century (4) - 1795 KM#21 GEF with traces of lustre and old lacquering, Horn Edward IV KM#33 EF, lacquered, 1794 DH39 EF lacquered, 1793 Peace and Plenty DH11 EF lacquered

Auction 156
Tokens National Series (6) Prince of /Royal Arms DH952, undated Prince of Wales/Royal Arms DH953, undated /Royal Arms DH957, 1789 Bust of Prince Regent/Feathers DH968, 1795 Duke of /Ship, 'Payable in , or ' edge DH987a, 1794 Duke of York/Seated Female, edge 'Payable at , or ' DH989 edge variant NVF to VF

Auction 143
Tokens (5) 1796 DH4 EF, Cross Conders Drapery warehouse DH35 EF, West Front of New Pump Room DH40 EF, (2) 1794 Daniel Eccleston DH 58 EF, Lancaster 1794 DH 43 EF all with traces of lustre

Auction 132
Tokens Tokens (7) George Jobson Banker 1794, Earl Howe Emsworth 1795, John Howard & 1794, St Bevoir , , , Promissory Halfpenny 1796. Fleece Hanging 1791. Generally GVF or better

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