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London Coins Auction 174
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Ivory Coast

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Auction 173
Misc Items World in three albums a wide variety of countries represented, includes South Africa, Rhodesia, Mauritius , East Africa, West Africa, French Africa, Zanzibar, Gibraltar, Malta, Canada, Newfoundland, Jamaica, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Straits Settlements, China, Cochin China, Japan, Philippines, Siam, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Monaco, Austria, Australia, Barbados, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Cameroon, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, Fiji, Finland, France, French Equatorial Africa, Germany, Coast, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya Luxembourg, Malaya, Malaysia, Monaco, Mozambique. New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Samoa, San Marino, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Turkey, USA and many more, includes many early types, some 19th Century and early 20th Century, in mixed condition, the vast majority are postmarked, an interesting selection

Auction 168
World Banknotes World (18) in average VF or slightly better comprising (3) including a scarce early Pick 70 (Fayette F2.33) dated 6th November 1915 series D.8666 717 and interestingly months in the date of these issues were encoded with symbols of the zodiac this with Sagittarius. Along with "Minerve" Pick 73d (Fayette F6) signatures Platet & Strohl (2) dated 27th August 1931 and 17th September 1931. Also issues (3) including a 1 Dollar Pick 85b 1973 signatures Lawson & Bouey. Also a Pick 86a 1974 signatures Lawson & Bouey. And a portrait Pick 61c 1937 signatures Coyne & Towers. - (Côte d'Ivoire) Pick 111Ag 1997. Along with 100000 Rubley Pick 15b 1996 srity thread with imprint "РБ100000" (11).
£50 London Coins : A168 : Lot 304 : World (18) in average VF or slightly better comprising France (3) including a scarce early 5 Francs ... London Coins : A168 : Lot 304 : World (18) in average VF or slightly better comprising France (3) including a scarce early 5 Francs ...

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (49) a in an album in mixed grades including many issues from , , Africa and . Some examples include 5 s Pick 36a without inscription at lower right. (4+5) 1 s (4) including Pick 12a signature title at right General Manager and Pick 12b signature title at right Chief of Banking Operations. 10 Naira Pick 21c ND 1979-1984 (5). 20 Naira Pick 18c ND 1977-1984 (2). Pick 119b no srity thread signature de Knock. (10) including 1965 issues 1/2 Dinar Pick 62 (2), 1 Dinar Pick 63 and Pick 64 and 1972 issues 1 Dinar Pick 67 (2) and 5 Dinars Pick 68 (4). 10000 s Pick 38a dated 1995 (2). - Côte d'Ivoire () Pick 103Al ND signed H. C. Bedie & A. Fadiga. 1000 Zaires Pick 31 dated 24th November 1985 (3) close serial numbers. Other countries include , , , , , , , and .

Auction 165
World Banknotes , , & Republic (98) in mixed grades early to modern issues includes some Italy & Allied Currency and some higher denominations. Also includes Moneta Patriotica 1, 2, 3 and . 5 Lire Banca onale nel Regno D'Italia Pick S734 series Q25. 500 Lire Banca Nazionale nel Regno D'Italia Pick S744 red "Annularo" at lower left Scarce. 500 Lire Banco Di Napoli Pick S858 series F-A 02145 vertical stamp at left and right reading "CHANTOLAIR 11 MIGLOIUR LIQUORE". Ivory Coast 0.50 Franc Colonie De La Cote D'Ivore Pick 1b series P-96 008 11th February 1917 Black and orange on yellow underprint, obverse and reverse side of a coin at upper left and right and black text on reverse of note. San Marino 1978 Emergency issues 150 and 200 Lire Pick S101 and Pick S102

Auction 162
World Banknotes (11), 5000 Francs dated 1984 series X.6 080948, (Pick108A), () (3) dated 1965, (Pick201B), Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) (4) dated 1982, a constively numbered series, (Pick306C), 2500 Francs issued 1994, (Pick712Kc), dated 1981, (Pick707K), 100 Francs dated 1965, (Pick701Ke), most are Uncirculated or about
£150 London Coins : A162 : Lot 370 : West African States (11), Ivory Coast 5000 Francs dated 1984 series X.6 080948, (Pick108A), Benin (D... London Coins : A162 : Lot 370 : West African States (11), Ivory Coast 5000 Francs dated 1984 series X.6 080948, (Pick108A), Benin (D...

Auction 136
World Cased 1968 nFDC in the case of issue, Year Sets (3) 1983, St. Helena and 1984, 1987, GB Crowns (2) 1951 boxed UNC, 1977 Silver Proof nFDC in a slide case, 500 Lire 1963 Sede Vacante UNC in the red case of issue, 10 Gulden 1970 UNC, 10 Francs 1966 Silver Proof nFDC, 5 Marks 1968 Silver Proof, 5 Francs (7) 1974 Constitution, 1975 an Monument Protection, 1976 of Murten, 1978 Henry Dunant, 1979 Albert Einstein Formula, 1981 Stans Convention 500th , 1984 Auguste Piccard UNC, Crown 1977 boxed UNC, plus GB and World - issues (17) includes some Crown sized 1960-1980 EF-UNC

Auction 132
Bonds and Shares , 14 wide bonds and certificates, dated, 1924-86, titles include, Merlimau Pegoh Ltd., 1950, Combined ian Mills Ltd., 1930, Nanwa Mines Ltd., 1947, Compagnie Bordelaise des Comptoirs ins, 1920, Kokumbo () Co. Ltd., a little duplication, mostly VF. (14).

Auction 122
Bonds and Shares , 9 bearer certificates, Cote d?Ivoire & Adulessa Co. Ltd., 1902, Paramatta Copper Mines Ltd., 1903, Sherrin and Partners Ltd., 1902, Swedish Iron Mines and Furnaces Ltd., 1911, Kokumbo () Co. Ltd., 1903, Carballino and Arsenic Mines Ltd., 1907, Melincourt ies Ltd., 1903, Hendersonson?s Nigel Ltd., 1895, and Tirdonkin Collieries Ltd., 1903, all with text in English and , all with UK revenue stamps, all with coupons, mostly F-VF. (9).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 8 bearer share warrants, Pena Copper Mines Ltd., 1905, Lead Mines and Spelter Works Co. Ltd., 1908, Consolidated fields of the Ltd., 1903, Para (Marajo) Islands Estates Ltd., 1911, Fer Oil Fields Ltd., 1911, Lagunas Nitrate Co. Ltd., 1897, Buffelsdoorn Estate & Gold Co. Ltd., 1899, and Juga () Tin and Power Co. Ltd., 1911, four with vignettes, all with coupons, F-VF. (8).

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