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Auction 184
Misc Items s - Royal Palaces - a 12-ingot set in by the Birmingham Mint each ingot depicting a different palace - Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Brighton Pavilion, Hampton Court Palace, The Queen's House, Greenwich, St. James's Palace, The Dutch House, Kew Palace, Holyrood house, The Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Edinburgh Castle, and Caernarvon Castle, Lustrous UNC with some toning, in the wooden box of issue with certificate

Auction 182
Medals Medals in silver : Investiture of as 1969 (3) each 40mm diameter, 33.5 grammes (1.077oz. Troy) of .999 silver, by Borough of Caernarvon '69 Exhibition Committee, Obverse: Bust of the Prince facing H.R.H PRINCE CHARLES PRINCE OF WALES 1969, Reverse: Royal Arms with supporters with Welsh Dragon and Prince of Wales feathers below, DRAIG GOGH CYMRU, numbered on the edges, nFDC to FDC each in the red wallet of issue with Metalimport certificate, Investiture of the Prince of Wales 1969 40mm diameter, by Slade, Hampton & Son Limited Obverse: bust half facing left, Prince of Wales feathers with ICH DEIN motto in left field, Quartered shield of arms, each quarter containing the Welsh dragon in right field, HRH PRINCE OF WALES 1st JULY 1969 32.06 grammes of .925 silver, Reverse: The Welsh Dragon left, Caernarvon castle behind, ARWISGIAD below, INVESTITURE CAERNARVON . CASTELL CAERNARFON . Numbered on the edge, nFDC with pleasing tone, in the green box of issue, with Metalimport certificate, Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales 1969 a 5-medal set by Slade, Hampton & Son Limited Obverses depicting Edd II (Edward of Caernarvon 1301), Edward the (Edward of Woodstock 1343), Henry V (Henry of 1399), (Henry of 1504) and Prince Charles (Prince of Wales 1969) each One Ounce of .925 silver, all UNC with matching tone, with matching numbers on the edges, in the white box of issue with certificate, The Abbey Medal - Selby Abbey 1969 900th 38mm diameter, 27.6 grammes of .958 silver, numbered on the edge UNC and beautifully toned, Ingots - a 3-piece set, Replicas of the Postage Stamps 1969 4d, 9d and 1/6, each 41mm x 24mm in .999 silver each 0.5oz Troy (15.7 grammes each) Lustrous UNC with some toning, in the box of issue with Metalimport certificate

Auction 177
Medals Ingots - Palaces - a 12-ingot set in silver by the Mint each ingot depicting a different palace - Bucham Palace, Castle, Pavilion, Hampton Court Palace, The Queen's House, , St. James's Palace, The Dutch House, Kew Palace, Holyrood house, The Tower of , Kensington Palace, Castle, and Caernarvon Castle, total weight 379.83 grammes, Prooflike UNC with some toning, in the box of issue with certificate, The Royal Standards - a 3-ingot set 1977 II by Mint in sterling silver, comprising the Standards of Queen I, and the Personal Standard of Queen , total weight Prooflike UNC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 175
Medals Lord 's Flagship, the Foudroyant, 1897 (2) the first 38mm diameter in , unsigned, Eimer 1813, BHM 3613, Obverse: Bust facing, uniformed, with head turned three-quarters left, HORATIO . VISCOUNT . NELSON . In Exergue: BORN 29 SEPTEMBER 1758, DIED 21st. OCTOBER 1805 , Reverse: Ship at anchor, without rigging, 'FOUDROYANT' LORD NELSON'S 'FLAGSHIP', In Exergue: COMMENCED BULDING 1789, LAUNCHED AT PLYMOUTH, APRIL 1798. WRECKED AT BLACKPOOL JUNE 16th 1897 MEDAL STRUCK FROM COPPER OF VESSEL AFTER BREAKING UP, NEF with some edge nicks, in a red box with BRITISH & FOREIGN SAILORS' SOCIETY SAILORS' INSTITUTE SHADWELL inside the lid. Note: BHM notes that in the Earl of 's book ' and Foreign Medals' published by the National Maritime Museum 'records two examples of this medal in gilt bronzed', also an example with gilt portrait is pictured on the Museums, website, The second 38mm diameter in gilt white metal?, Obverse: Port broadside view of the Foudroyant NELSON'S FLAGSHIP, In Exergue: THE FOUDROYANT BUILT 1797, Reverse: Starboard broadside view of the wreck of the Foudroyant in a heavy sea, her mainmast over the side, in the foreground, a boat with men in it, WRECKED AT BLACKPOOL JUNE 16th 1897. GVF with some hairlines, a similar example is in the Royal Museums, Greenwich
£140 London Coins : A175 : Lot 843 : Lord Nelson's Flagship, the Foudroyant, 1897 (2) the first 38mm diameter in gilt, unsigned, Eim... London Coins : A175 : Lot 843 : Lord Nelson's Flagship, the Foudroyant, 1897 (2) the first 38mm diameter in gilt, unsigned, Eim...

Auction 173
Tokens (11) Goudhurst - John Austen W284 VG, Farthing Thomas Hill W296 VG, Farthing Gravesend -John Watson 1653 W308 Fair, Farthing E.B. At The George W314 Fine, Hythe Jon Bassett 1670 W357 Fine, holed, Halfpenny - Rob Brooke 1670 W381 Good Fine with two planchet clips, Farthing Maidstone - Robert Heath W382 Fair, Farthing Maidstone - James Rose W385 VG, Farthing Maidstone - Richard Walker 1658 W389 Fine, holed, Farthing Maidstone - Steven Weeks W395 VG, Farthing Maidstone - Richard Wicking W397 VG

Auction 173
Medals a of 13 Silver Crown-sized s, January 1975-January 1976 issues, nFDC to FDC housed in the album of issue, along with Coins a 10 coin set of Cash Coinage 1644-1911 covering Shun-Chi to Shuen-Tung dynasties, these modern replicas, as made, One Cent 1884 VG, 10 Cents 1944 VG, 5 Dollars 1981 Changi Airport UNC in a slide case, GB (15) Five Pound Crowns (2) 1990 90th Birthday, 1993 40th , Fifty Pence 1973 EEC, Florins (3) 1963, 1965, 1966, Shillings (7) 1948S, 1954E, 1954S, 1955S, 1956E, 1958S, 1966S, Penny 1967, Halfpenny 1965 in mixed grades, Medals (4) SEAP Games 1973 UNC in the slide case of issue, Meridian 1984 in bronze UNC, Zoo 2000 in bronze UNC, Singapore Jurong Bird Park 40mm diameter, , in Bronze UNC

Auction 172
Tokens (8) Will Many W.244 Fair, EB at the George W.314/7 Fine, Malling Francis Chambers W.400 GF, George Freind W.404 About VF, Richard Crisp W.496 NVF, Robert Cart W.461 Fair, W.524 Fair, Sturry Thomas Johnson W.542 Fine

Auction 170
Tokens s (11) - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reverse, - James Ruse Grocer's Arms W.385 VG, John Ellis Reverse Sugarloaf W.325 Fine, - Anthony Lovell at the King's Head W.470 VG, Greenwich E.B at the George, W.314/7 Fine, Rochester - William Campian 1658 W.460 Fair/VG, Rochester - Joseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG, Farningham - Henry W.462, Goudhurst - John Austin W.284, - John Watson W.308, Greenwich E.B at the George W.W.314/7, 17th Century Kent (2) Lenham - John Lake, Grocer's Arms W.373, Queen-borough Richard Poley 1666 W.451, Fair to Good Fine, some with attributions (13 pieces in lot)
£180 London Coins : A170 : Lot 301 : Farthings 17th Century Kent (11) Folkestone - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reve... London Coins : A170 : Lot 301 : Farthings 17th Century Kent (11) Folkestone - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reve...

Auction 166
Tokens (18) Brookland 1671, W.39 John Eve. . W.77/8, Sibb Smith, undated, Thomas Parkson Deal W.154, undated Moyses and Potter Deal W.158, 1651 CD AT THE LEOPOLDVS W.209, Eltham W.248, (3) Iacob Parsonn W.301, A.M.W At the San W.306, John Watson W.308, At The George in , Greenwich W.314, Robert Hovend, Harrietsham W.346, 1656 Danill Pickley W.501, W.524 John Milway, , Nathll Owen 1669 Octagonal (holed) , Sittingbourne W.525 Thomas Pearce, 1650 Thomas Johnson Sturry W.542/3, John Solley Wingham W.569, Charles Allfrey Wrotham W.579 in mixed grades Poor to Fine, many with attributions

Auction 166
Tokens (12) , , Sibb Smith W.77/8 VG. , Iacob Parsson 1651 W.302 About Fine. Gravesend, Iohn Watson 1653 W.308 VG. , undated, E.B At The George W.314/7 VG. Lydd 1662 3 Cloves W.377 NVG. undated, James Ruse W.385 VG. Maidstone, undated, Richard Wicking W.397 Fair., , undated, Ioseph Mackrith W.410 Fair. Milton-next-, undated, William Bissy W.430 VG. Alice Cobham 1651 W.464 NVG. Rochester Ioseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG. Sturry 1650 Thomas Iohnson W.542/3 Fine, all with the respective attributions

Auction 160
English Cased Red Leather Deluxe 2001 FDC in the case of issue with booklet (case catch broken). Five Pound Crowns 1999 , UNC in the wallet of issue, 2000, UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, Fifty Pence 2006 a 2-coin set Cross- The Ad and the Heroic Acts UNC in the Royal Mint folder of issue, Crowns 1981 (2) of and Lady Spencer UNC, one on the Royal Mint card of issue, the other in a slide case, Five Pound Crowns (3) 1999 Diana Memorial UNC, 2000 100th Birthday, 2001 of the End of the Victorian Era UNC in slide cases, Medals Royal Wedding Eyewitness Medal Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, Crown-sized in silver FDC boxed with certificate, Medal 2000 The Queen Mother 100th Birthday Medal Crown-sized in silver Franklin Mint FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Royal Mint 25 Euro 1996 Fantasy UNC in the Royal Mint box, Medals (3) Millennium 2000 Millennium Dome Greenwich in plated base metal (2) UNC in slide cases, Tower Mint Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer 1981 - Broadlands, The Home of Lord , 45mm diameter in , UNC in the Tower Mint box of issue, The Royal Christening Spoon 1982 , in silver by Franklin Mint UNC boxed with certificate, GB and World Numismatic and First Day Covers in 14 albums includes The (4 albums - 96 covers plus stamps on sheets ), The Millennium (3 Albums - 53 covers), Various Subjects (7 albums - 234 covers plus many stamp sheets) UNC in albums and some in self adhesive photo albums (Total weight over 27 Kilos)

Auction 137
Medals 300 Years of the Observatory 1975 a 3-piece set in bronze each 57mm diameter with a different design, UNC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 134
Medals Investiture of as the 1969 a 5-medal set depicting Edd II (Edward of Caernarvon), Henry V (Henry of ), Edward of Woodstock (The ), (Henry of ) and Prince Charles each 399mm in silver, UNC boxed with certificate, II 58mm in silver by Spink and Son, matt finish UNC boxed, Numismatic Trade Association (2) 1987 Coinex and Jubilee, 1988 Coinex these both 5 ounces of fine silver FDC and boxed

Auction 122
Tokens Unofficial Tokens a (55) Ashton-under-Lyme 40, Banbury 80, 180-187, 230, 320, 350, 360, 400, 480, 660, 670, 750, 910, 980, Blewsbury 1070, 1090, Brompton 1260, 1380, 1400, 1640, 1670, 1670, 1870, 2150, 2160, 2340, 2410, 2420, 2480, 2490, 2500, 2530, 2620, 2670, 2800, 2810, 2850, 2920, 2980, March 3650, 3660, 3670, Nettlebed 3700, 3870, 3900, 3910, 3930, 3940, 3950, 3960, 3980, 3990, 4000, 4030, 4050 all attributed Generally NVF to EF with some R to RRR examples

Auction 105
Tokens s 1666 Philip Ewer of , 1652 Edward Hope Devizes, Walter Maplis , Robert Heath of , 1659 William Disrett , P

Auction 102
Tokens Seventeenth Century (3) s Edward Chambers Grocer D205, and E.B at the George D314, Robert Hogben Vintners Arms

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