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Greenwich : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 173
Tokens (11) Goudhurst - John Austen W284 VG, Farthing Thomas Hill W296 VG, Farthing Gravesend -John Watson 1653 W308 Fair, Farthing E.B. At The George W314 Fine, Hythe Jon Bassett 1670 W357 Fine, holed, Halfpenny - Rob Brooke 1670 W381 Good Fine with two planchet clips, Farthing Maidstone - Robert Heath W382 Fair, Farthing Maidstone - James Rose W385 VG, Farthing Maidstone - Richard Walker 1658 W389 Fine, holed, Farthing Maidstone - Steven Weeks W395 VG, Farthing Maidstone - Richard Wicking W397 VG

Auction 172
Tokens (8) Will Many W.244 Fair, EB at the George W.314/7 Fine, Malling Francis Chambers W.400 GF, George Freind W.404 About VF, Richard Crisp W.496 NVF, Robert Cart W.461 Fair, W.524 Fair, Sturry Thomas Johnson W.542 Fine

Auction 170
Tokens s (11) - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reverse, - James Ruse Grocer's Arms W.385 VG, John Ellis Reverse Sugarloaf W.325 Fine, - Anthony Lovell at the King's Head W.470 VG, Greenwich E.B at the George, W.314/7 Fine, Rochester - William Campian 1658 W.460 Fair/VG, Rochester - Joseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG, Farningham - Henry W.462, Goudhurst - John Austin W.284, - John Watson W.308, Greenwich E.B at the George W.W.314/7, 17th Century Kent (2) Lenham - John Lake, Grocer's Arms W.373, Queen-borough Richard Poley 1666 W.451, Fair to Good Fine, some with attributions (13 pieces in lot)
£180 London Coins : A170 : Lot 301 : Farthings 17th Century Kent (11) Folkestone - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reve... London Coins : A170 : Lot 301 : Farthings 17th Century Kent (11) Folkestone - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reve...

Auction 166
Tokens (18) Brookland 1671, W.39 John Eve. . W.77/8, Sibb Smith, undated, Thomas Parkson Deal W.154, undated Moyses and Potter Deal W.158, 1651 CD AT THE LEOPOLDVS W.209, Eltham W.248, (3) Iacob Parsonn W.301, A.M.W At the San W.306, John Watson W.308, At The George in , Greenwich W.314, Robert Hovend, Harrietsham W.346, 1656 Danill Pickley W.501, W.524 John Milway, , Nathll Owen 1669 Octagonal (holed) , Sittingbourne W.525 Thomas Pearce, 1650 Thomas Johnson Sturry W.542/3, John Solley Wingham W.569, Charles Allfrey Wrotham W.579 in mixed grades Poor to Fine, many with attributions

Auction 166
Tokens (12) , , Sibb Smith W.77/8 VG. , Iacob Parsson 1651 W.302 About Fine. Gravesend, Iohn Watson 1653 W.308 VG. , undated, E.B At The George W.314/7 VG. Lydd 1662 3 Cloves W.377 NVG. undated, James Ruse W.385 VG. Maidstone, undated, Richard Wicking W.397 Fair., , undated, Ioseph Mackrith W.410 Fair. Milton-next-, undated, William Bissy W.430 VG. Alice Cobham 1651 W.464 NVG. Rochester Ioseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG. Sturry 1650 Thomas Iohnson W.542/3 Fine, all with the respective attributions

Auction 122
Tokens Unofficial Tokens a (55) Ashton-under-Lyme 40, Banbury 80, 180-187, 230, 320, 350, 360, 400, 480, 660, 670, 750, 910, 980, Blewsbury 1070, 1090, Brompton 1260, 1380, Cirencester 1400, 1640, 1670, 1670, 1870, 2150, 2160, 2340, 2410, 2420, 2480, 2490, 2500, 2530, 2620, 2670, 2800, 2810, 2850, 2920, 2980, March 3650, 3660, 3670, Nettlebed 3700, 3870, 3900, 3910, 3930, 3940, 3950, 3960, 3980, 3990, 4000, 4030, 4050 all attributed Generally NVF to EF with some R to RRR examples

Auction 105
Tokens s 1666 Philip Ewer of , 1652 Edward Hope Devizes, Walter Maplis , Robert Heath of , 1659 William Disrett , P

Auction 102
Tokens Seventeenth Century (3) s Edward Chambers Grocer D205, and E.B at the George D314, Robert Hogben Vintners Arms

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