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Great Exhibition

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Auction 171
Medals Medals (7) 1851 38mm diameter in White metal by W.J., Obverse: Bust of Prince Albert, left, H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT STRUCK IN THE BUILDING OF THE EXHIBITION, Reverse: Arms and supporters. GREAT EXHIBITION OF THE INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS. Eimer 1463 EF and lustrous. Great Exhibition 1851 45mm diameter in White Metal by Allen & Moore. Obverse: THERE ARE 2244 IRON GIRDERS, 3300 COLUMNS, 202 MILES OF SASH BARS AND 900,000 SUP. Ft of GLASS , interior legend in 16 lines reads: THE MATERIALS ARE IRON AND GLASS. IT IS IN SHAPE A PARALLELOGRAM, 1848 Ft. LONG BY 408 Ft. BROAD AND 66 Ft. HIGH. IT IS CROSSED MIDWAY BY A TRANSEPT 108 Ft. HIGH; ON THE NORTH SIDE IS AN ADDITION, OF 936 Ft. IN LENGTH BY 48Ft.IN BREADTH, TOTAL AREA OF SPACE 855,360 CUBIC Ft. OR NEARLY 21 ACRES, ESTIMATED VALUE £150,000, NEF. William Ter of his Birth 1864 44mm diameter in White Metal by Davis, Obverse: Bust of Shakespeare left WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE BORN 23 APRIL 1564. DIED 23 APRIL 1616. Reverse: A row of houses THE HOUSE IN WHICH SHAKESPEARE WAS BORN STRATFORD - UPON - AVON in Exergue: PURCHASED BY THE FATHER OF THE POET IN 1574 (WITH EXTENSIVE GROUNDS) FOR L.40. BECAME NATIONAL PROPERTY FOR L.3000 RAISED BY SUBSCRIPTION SEP.16.1847 VF with some light pitting to the edge. Compton Pilgrims Benefit Society 20th Century medals in White Metal (2) GVF both holed above the crown. Queen 1887 32mm diameter in bronze by J.Moore Obverse: Bust left, diademed and veiled IN COMMEMORATION OF THE JUBILEE REIGN OG H.G.M QUEEN VICTORIA 1837-1887. Reverse: VICTORIA E.I BORN MAY 24 1819 ASCENDED JUNE 20.37. CROPWNED JUNE 28. 38. MARRIED FEB 10. 40. JUBILEE 1887 within a wreath displaying shields, EF. Opening of the Royal Exchange 1844 28mm diameter in bronze by W., Eimer 1392, Obverse: Bust left diademed ROYAL EXCHANGE OPENED BY H:M: QUEEN VICTORIA OCT: 28 1844. Reverse: Three shields upon a wreath, grasshopper above FIRTS STONE LAID BY THE H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT JANy 17 1842, VF

Auction 164
Tokens (4) (2) 1791 DH17 EF. 1791 Paley's DH44 EF toned. 1794 DH35 NEF toned. 1789 Prince Regent of Great Britain, France and Ireland appointed Feb 1789 29mm diameter in DH968 NVF/VF the obverse once lightly cleaned, now almost fully retoned, Gas Exhibition Earl's Court 1904 31mm diameter in R&A Main Ltd.49 Queen Victoria Street, Falkirk/Thomas Glover & Co.Ltd 49 Queen Victoria Street, Edmonton NEF

Auction 164
Medals 19th Century (11) covering the period 1842 to 1897 a wide range of subjects covered including The 1851, Exhibition 1891, Opening of the Royal Exchange 1842, 1887 and 1897 types, many in white metal, in mixed grades to EF

Auction 163
Medals Medals (2) Great Exhibition 1851 Prize Medal 77mm diameter in bronze by W./L.C.Wyon, Eimer 1456, Obverse: Busts left, conjoined laureate, trident behind, two dolphins below, VICTORIA D:G: BRIT: REG: F:D. ALBERTUS PRINCEPS CONJUX MDCCCLI. Reverse: Britannia seated, right, confers a wreath upon the head of Industria, kneeling, , , and in attendance, to right, bust of Flaxman on a socle, DISOCIATTA LOCIS CONCORDI PACE LIGAVIT, In Exergue: Leonard C.Wyon Des. & Sc: Edge :PRIZE MEDAL OF THE EXHIBITION. COVENTRY RIBBONS COMMITTEE. CLASS XIII, EF with some edge nicks:: along with Great Exhibition 1851 Eimer 1462 79mm diameter in White Metal Obverse: Bust of Prince Albert, Left within a wreath, Reverse: View of the building THE BUILDING FOR THE GREAT EXHIBITION IN LONDON 1851 Exergue: PROPOSED BY H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT. DESIGNED BY JOSEPH PAXTON ESQ. F.L.S. ERECTED BY FOX, HENDERSOM, & CO. DIMENSIONS - LENGTH 1848 FEET, WIDTH 456 FEET, HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET, HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 106 FEET. GLAZED SURFACE 900 000 FEET, OCCUPIES 18 ACRES OF GROUND AU/GEF and lustrous

Auction 163
Medals 1851 Lambeth - 38mm diameter in copper Obverse Floral LAMBETH LONDON 1851, Reverse similar to Medallic Coinage 20 Kurush AH1255, 22.25 grammes, similar to X#10 where an 1862 piece is described as a Manufacturer's Salesman's example EF with some tone spots, Rare, we note a better grade example recently realised £900 on an internet website
£160 London Coins : A163 : Lot 61 : Great Exhibition 1851 Lambeth - London 38mm diameter in copper Obverse Floral pattern LAMBETH LONDON... London Coins : A163 : Lot 61 : Great Exhibition 1851 Lambeth - London 38mm diameter in copper Obverse Floral pattern LAMBETH LONDON...

Auction 161
Medals 1851 Prize Medal 77mm diameter in bronze by W./L.C.Wyon Obverse: Busts left, conjoined laureate, trident behind, two dolphins below, VICTORIA D:G: BRIT: REG: F:D. ALBERTUS PRINCEPS CONJUX MDCCCLI. Reverse: Britannia seated, right, confers a wreath upon the head of Industria, kneeling, , , and in attendance. To right, bust of Flaxman on a socle. DISOCIATTA LOCIS CONCORDI PACE LIGAVIT. Edge : PRIZA MEDAL OF THE EXHIBITION DAVID BIRRELL CLASS XIV., EF lightly cleaned with some hairline scratches

Auction 161
Medals 1820 by W.Binfield 51mm diameter in bronze by W.Binfield Obverse: Bust left, GEORGIUS IIII D.G. BRITANNIAR REX F.D., Reverse: A crowned sword with crossed sceptres SOLIO BRITANNORUM ANNO MDCCCXX POTITUS EF, 1887 38mm diameter in bronze by A. Obverse: Bust left, Veiled and crowned, VICTORI A QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND . EMPRESS OF INDIA Reverse: MORTLAKE on a shield crowned within wreath, GLORIOUS REIGN OF FIFTY YEARS COMPLETED UNC in contemporary box, and Queen Alexandria 1902, Reverse: 1902 57mm diameter in bronze VF, Fine Arts Exhibition 1874 51mm diameter in bronze Obverse: Bust left ALBERT.EDWARD. PRINCE. OF. WALES. PRESIDFENT. Reverse: Facade of buildings including the Albert Hall. LONDON. ANNUAL. INTERNATIONAL. EXHIBITION. OF. ALL. FINE. ARTS. AND. INVENTIONS. Exergue: MDCCCLXIV A/UNC, Reform Bill 1832 51mm diameter in bronze by B.Wyon, Eimer 1254 Obverse: REFORM IN THE REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLEIN THE COMMONS HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT 1832; Crown above, within a wreath decorated by the shield. Reverse: Liberty, kneeling, presents a bill of REFORM to Britannia who stands before a inscribed GREY BROUGHAM ALTHORP RUSSELL, on which rests a of WILLIAM THE [F]OURTH, Exergue: 2nd & 3rd WILLIAM IV, VF

Auction 161
Medals In White Metal a small group (4) The 1862 65mm diameter by Ottley, , Obverse Bust left HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA Reverse a side view of the building, THE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION IN THE 25th YEAR OF THE REIGN OF QUEEN VICTORIA. OPENED 1st MAY 1862 DESIGNED BY CAPTAIN FOWKER.E. ERECTED BY MESSrs KELK AND LUCAS EF, The Houses of Parliament c.1847 44mm diameter, Obverse: View of the Houses of Parliament THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT LONDON C.BARRY ESQ. ARCHITECT, Reverse: Interior of the House of Lords, INTERIOR OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS EF, of Queen 1897 35mm diameter, unsigned, Obverse Bust left Crowned and Veiled, VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX, 1897 below, Reverse Shields of , and Crowned IN COMMEMORATION OF THE SIXTIETH YEAR OF HER MAJESTYS REIGN, EF, and Exhibition 1901 38mm diameter Eimer 1858 unsigned, Obverse: Vignette containing busts of and Alexandra. NAVAL & MILITAREY EXHIBITION Exergue CRYSTAL PALACE 1901. Reverse: Vignette containing the conjoined busts of Victoria and Albert, below, Building . JUBILEE OF THE GREAT EXHIBITION HYDE PARK SYDENHAM 1851. 1901 EF in the packet of issue

Auction 160
Medals HRH Prince Albert 1851 Medal for the Exhibitors at the :- s Medal, 48mm diameter in bronze by W. Eimer 1458, inscribed L.KNOX on edge EF

Auction 158
Medals 1851 74mm diameter in white metal Eimer 1461var. Obverse Bust left within a wreath HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE ALBERT, Reverse: View of the Exhibition Building THE CRYSTAL PALACE FOR THE GRETA EXHIBITION OF AKLL NATIONS IN HYDE PARK LONDON OPENED BY H.M.G MAJESTY VICTORIA MAY 1ST 1851 Exergue: PROPOSED BY H.R.H.PRINCE ALBERT, DESIGNED BY JOSEPH PAXTON ESQ.F.L.S.ERECTED BY FOX,HENDERSON,& CO. -DIMENSIONS- LENGTH 1848 FEET. WIDTH 456 FEET, HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET, HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 108 FEET, GLAZED SURFACE 900,000 SUP FEETOCCUPIES 18ACRES OF GROUND, ESTIMATED VALUE £150,000 EF, Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations , 1853 74mm diameter in white metal, Obverse: View of Crystal Palace, Reverse Four allegorical female figures representing attributes of industry EF

Auction 157
World Bulk Lots World an interesting and mixed group 19th and (over 100) includes a quantity of mostly late 19th and Early 20th Century s, and a copy of the Alfred the Great Londinium struck at the 1924 Wembley Exhibition with contemporary printed details, the group housed in an old 5-tray cabinet, the trays with hand-cut inserts, the cabinet in fair condition with one carrying handle missing

Auction 154
Medals Exchange 1844 43mm diameter in White metal EF, 1851 in white metal 38mm diameter NEF as part of a group of medals and Tokens (46) these mostly 19th and 20th Century in mixed grades

Auction 153
Medals Medals a varied group (6) The 1851 Exhibitors Medal Obverse Bust of Prince Albert, Reverse EXHIBITOR around a globe, 44mm diameter in bronze , by W., surrounded by a wreath VF, Houses of Parliament opened 1847 43mm diameter in White Metal by J.Davis. Obverse conjoined heads of Queen and Prince Albert, Reverse a view of the houses of Parliament EF, South Eastern Railway/ 1886/7 oval 31mm x 37mm in bronze by Pinches, presented to a shareholder, Obverse Crowned and Veiled bust of Victoria, Reverse Crest and supporters, Oval containing bust of E.W.Watkin Chairman, the name erased on the reverse otherwise NEF, modern fantasy Crown UNC, GB Victoria 1879 modern fantasy Silver Crown, UNC, a modern fantasy in gold plated cupro-nickel by Mint UNC, along with 'To ' token 1837 EF

Auction 149
Medals 1851, by W., silver, 38mm., Struck at the Exhibition (Eimer 1463). In case. EF. & scarce in silver.

Auction 149
Medals Exhibition medals (6), Anvers 1894, bronze. Rouen 1896, silvered bronze, 1851 Exhibitor's Medal, bronze (Eimer 1459), another 1862 small medal, Exhibition 1925, bronze, Millenary 1886, bronze. Generally GVF. (6).

Auction 146
Medals The 1851 Eimer 1462 variant 45mm diameter in white metal by Allen and Moore, Obverse text in 15 lines, Reverse a view of the Exhibition Building in high relief THE BUILDING AT LONDON FOR THE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1851 UNC or near so and lustrous £75

Auction 145
Medals s, bronze and white metal (14) includes 1851 Exhibitor's medal bronze, 1937 silver, Hyde Town Hall 1885 w/m, Lusitania 1915, St. Georges Hospital 1933 bronze cased, 1911 w/m. and Jubilee 1937 bronze, Gardening and tennis medals, bronze (2). Together with World medals (5), bronze. Generally GVF (14)

Auction 145
Medals 1851 38mm diameter in White Metal Obverse Bust left H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT below: STRUCK IN THE BUILDING OF THE EXHIBITION Reverse Arms and supporters . GREAT EXHIBITION OF THE INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS. LONDON 1851 by W.J.. UNC with minor cabinet friction and almost full mint lustre, rare in this grade, comes with the accompanying issue ticket

Auction 143
Medals 1851, Exhibitor's Medal, bronze, unnamed, Crystal Palace Handel Exhibition 1857, bronze (Ernest Pauer), Harris Theatre Drury Lane medal by Ed. Lanteri, bronze, GVF

Auction 140
English Bulk Lots Crowns (3) 1820LX (2), 1844, s (4) 1817 Bull Head, 1817 Small Head, 1825, 1835, 1849, 1928, 1784 (holed), 1797, 1851 Prince Albert/Great Exhibition in white metal, last EF, others Near Fine to VF

Auction 134
World Cased 1977 8-coin sets (5) comprising Crowns from , , , , Tristan Da Cunha, , , and FDC in the Spink boxes of issue, s 1977 3-coin sets in silver (3), Malta Mint Sets 1977 3-coin sets in silver in plastic cases (3), Fifty Pence 1977 Silver Proofs (5), these UNC-FDC in the cases of issue some of the cases with some damage, Medals 13th an Art Exhibition of the Council of Europe The Order of St.John in Malta (2) 50mm diameter UNC boxed

Auction 126
Medals Medals a varied group (28) 19th and 20th Century includes , medals etc. generally in base metal with some holed, in mixed grades

Auction 122
Bonds and Shares , Venise a S.A., certificate for one share, Paris 1899, large vignettes of landmarks in , also gondolas, the was incorporated for the Italian Pavilion at the great Paris exhibition of 1900, blue, with coupons, central fold, minor discolouration at fold, otherwise AVF. (1).

Auction 103
Medals The 1851 Prince Albert obverse The Building reverse extravagant 79mm white metal By Ottley pleasing and sharp EF some minor thin scra £28

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