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Gill : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 170
World Banknotes including a French example (8) a mixed group averaging Good/VF to VF and includes a Scarce and very pleasing example of the unusual denomination 300 Francs & Type 1938 Pick 87 (Fayette F29.3) signatures Rousseau & Favre-y block X number 0827074, this in VF with no observable pinholes. Also, an alluring large-sized Luc Oliver Merson dated 18th July 1928 serial number block V.2602 number 932 serial number 065045932 signatures Platet & Strohl. Accompanied by a Violet Type 1917 Pick 72d (Fayette F3.12). (3) consisting of the Mineur Type 1941 Pick 99e (2) Fayette F8.17 dated 9th January 1947 last date for signature pair Rousseau & Favre-Gilly along with Fayette F8.16 dated 19 December 1946 signature pair Rousseau & Favre-Gilly. Along with the Minerve Type 1915 Pick 73d (Fayette F6.14) dated 18th December 1930. And a Pecheur Type 1942 Pick 100a (Fayette F13.5) dated 28th January 1943. The lot also includes the not so common 1 Franc Pick 3 Law of 29th December 1919 serial number 52625 Series B, handwritten signatures slightly faded in blue at left for Secretary and in black at right for President, n print by Halpin Lithograph Company, on .

Auction 170
World Banknotes (2) a pair of including " Et Mercure" Type 1927 modified Pick 90c (Fayette F38.30) dated 20th October 1938 signatures de Bletterie, Rousseau & Favre-y block A.4610 306 number 115225306, GVF with usual small inner body holes and very tiny edge nicks on this very large sized note with an alluring and pleasing appearance. These earlier series notes incorporate various beautiful and colourful designs and are very hard to maintain and find in high grade due to their nature with not very thick paper and especially this example with it's excessively large size. Ochre, blue and multicolour with portraits of Ceres and , also serving as watermarks, at upper left and right obverse with 2 cherubs - with Cock lower centre left holding sickle and maritime at right with paddle and anchor. The reverse with a four various craftsmen figures - Mathematician/Astronomer, Blacksmith, Painter/Artist and Scientist/Alchemist, on a river scene backroad with bota and ships. Along with the "Commerce Et Industrie" Type 1940 Pick 96a (Fayette F39.3) a LAST date 19th December 1940 for this signature type de Bletterie, Rousseau & Favre-Gilly block T.1260 963 number 031493963, about UNC or near so with minor rust at left 2 pinholes mostly marginal and very pleasing and scarce in this high grade World War II period note. Multicolour with allegorical female portraits at left and right with flowers, butterflies, agricultural produce and Cock on obverse. The reverse with illustration of Factories and ships in the background and allegorical man representing Industry at left with hammers, anvil, cog wheel and related along with Ceres at right holding the Caduceus staff representing Commerce with boat and anchor. Watermarked with another allegorical female portrait. An alluring and beautiful design certain to be enjoyed by any collector
£95 London Coins : A170 : Lot 161 : France (2) a pair of 1000 Francs including "Ceres Et Mercure" Type 1927 modified Pick 90c ... London Coins : A170 : Lot 161 : France (2) a pair of 1000 Francs including "Ceres Et Mercure" Type 1927 modified Pick 90c ...

Auction 168
World Banknotes 1940-60's (10) in a mixture of grades average VF including 1 in VG, 1 in Fine and an about UNC - UNC example. Comprising "Le Verrier" (Le Verrier's discovery of the planet , 1846) Pick 127b ( Fayette F20.10, F20.11 & F20.12) signatures Rousseau & Gargam (3) including 8th April 1948 series M.113 42391, 17th February 1949 series M.119 12154 and 19th May 1949 series V.134 80907. "Jeune Paysan" (3) all with the correct watermark hair parted at her left including 3 signature varieties consisting of Pick 128a (Fayette F28.3) signatures Rousseau & Favre-y dated 18th April 1946 series L.34 55518. Pick 128b (Fayette F28.21) signatures Rousseau & Gargam dated 22nd January 1949 series W.288 23728. And Pick 128d (Fayette F28.31) signatures Gargam & D'Ambrieres dated 7th February 1952 series N.423 68441. "Chateaubriand" Pick 129a (Fayette F34.3) dated 7th November 1945 series C.41 60728 signatures Belin, Rousseau & Favre-Gilly. "Minerve et Hercule" Pick 130b (Fayette F41.21) dated 27th May 1948 signatures Belin, Rousseau & Gargam. 5000 Francs "Terre et Mer" Pick 131a (Fayette F48.2) last date for this signature variety 3rd November 1949 series F.28 30362 signatures Belin, Rousseau & Gargam. Along with 10 Nouveaux Francs Pick 142a (Fayette F57.16) dated 7th December 1961 series E.192 20225. An attractive collectible group
£70 London Coins : A168 : Lot 161 : France 1940-60's (10) in a mixture of grades average VF including 1 in VG, 1 in Fine and an abo... London Coins : A168 : Lot 161 : France 1940-60's (10) in a mixture of grades average VF including 1 in VG, 1 in Fine and an abo...

Auction 168
World Banknotes (Kingdom & Banque de France) issues along with County of 5 Sterling coupons (17) various issues and denominations in mixed grades on average VF-GVF some with the usual pinholes and includes a few higher grade notes. Comprises Assignat issues (6) including 25 Sols Pick A55b (Ass 25a) dated 4th January 1792 series 1358. 10 Livres Pick A66b (Ass 36c) dated 24th October 1792 series 11314 and variety with Loraine cross at left and right at upper left and watermark "RP-FR". And 23rd May 1973 issues (4) consisting of 10 Sols Pick A68b (Ass 40b) series 68o. watermark "RF". Pick A69b (Ass 41b) series 1512 watermark "RF/15s". And 50 Sols Pick A70b (Ass 42b) watermark "RF 50s" (2) series 2989 & 3101. Also Banque de France issues (5) including "Mineur" Pick 99f (Fayette F8.21) signatures Gargam & Roussou dated 7th April 1949 series B.192 02989. Along with (4) consisting of the "Merson" Pick 78c (Fayette F24.14) signatures Boyer & Strohl series E.47256 052 and hand stamped over watermark area. It's successor the "Merson modifié" Pick 86b (Fayette F25.46) signatures Roussau & Favre-y series O.66427 358. "Sully" Pick 94 (Fayette F26.29) signatures Rousseau & Favre-Gilly dated 16th May 1940 (2) a constively numbered pair series Q.10800 855 & Q.10800 856. And "Corneille" Pick 149c (Fayette F65.19) dated 7th December 1967 signatures Morant, Bouchet & Tondu series E.281 04024. In addition Corporation of the County of Perth Sterling Municipal Loan Fund interest coupons (5) all perforated PAID and the interest payable 30th June 1878 at the Bank of , London, and with the last 2 digits of the year hand written and bearing the signature of Robert Jones. All series 0009 and includes a few Debenture numbers 0132, 0133 and 0134 along with 0042 and 0126. A collectible group

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (86) a mostly very high grade about UNC - UNC comprising issues (16) including 10 s Lion & Key B299 prefix A14. QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 10 s (3) B309 FIRST series prefix 68R along with B310 (2) including a LAST series prefix D09N along with C79N. 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac B339 (2) a constively numbered pair 54E 260054 & 54E 260055. B354 prefix HN53. George son 1993 issue B364 prefix DB03. (5) including 5 Pounds Elizabeth Fry B393 prefix JA01. 10 Pounds Charles B390 (2) a pair AJ68 333033 & AJ68 333034. Sir Edward Elgar B386 (2) prefixes AA21 & AA66. (2) including 5 pounds Elizabeth Fry B398 prefix JE75. 10 Pounds Charles Darwin B400 prefix EA56. 5 Pounds Elizabeth Fry B407 prefix MB07. signature en denomination set ND 1990-2009 (5) comprising 1 Pound Pick 40b (IOMPM M534), 5 Pounds Pick 41b (IOMPM M535), 10 Pounds Pick 44a (IOMPM M537) and 20 Pounds Pick 45a (IOMPM M539). Bank of Ireland 1 Pound Pick 65 (PMI BA117). Ireland (3) including 1 Pound Pick 70d (PMI LTN80). 5 Pounds (2) Pick 71e">Pick 71e (PMI LTN81) and Pick 75b">Pick 75b (PMI LTN88). (4) including Bank of Scotland (2) 1 Pound Pick 111f (PMS BA113f) and 5 Pounds Pick 119c (PMS BA122c). The plc (2) 1 Pound Pick 351b (PMS RB90b) along with 5 Pounds Commemorative H.M. Queen Golden Jubilee Pick 362 (PMS RB98). (6) including 1 Dollar Pick 9. 1 Dollar Pick 18a. Pick 28. 2 Dollars Pick 46h. Polymer Pick 47d. Polymer Pick 48k. (19) including 5 s Pick 80c. 10 Dinars Pick 81. 2 (4) Pick 86 (3) and Pick 73. 50 Dinars (4) Pick 75 (2) and Pick 83 (2). 100 Dinars (4) Pick 87 (2) and Pick 84a1 (3). 250 Dinars (4) Pick 88 (2), Pick 85a and 85b. (9) including 1 Cruzeiro Pick 150b 2 Pick 151b. 5 Cruzeiros Pick 176a. 50 Cruzeiros on 50 Cruzados Novos Pick 223. 50 Cruzados Pick 210a. 200 Cruzeiros Pick 229. 1000 Cruzados Pick 213b. 1000 Cruzeiros Pick 231a. 10000 Cruzeiros Pick 233a. 50 Zlotych Pick 71 and Pick 75a. young II issues (2) including Pick 30c and Pick 31c. (4) including Pick 121a. (2) Pick 132b and Pick 138a. Pick 139a. (4) including 2 Kwacha Pick 24c. 20 Kwacha Pick 36a. 50 Kwacha Pick 37b. 100 Kwacha Pick 38a. (4) including Pick 31b. 200 Shillings Pick 32b. 500 Shillings Pick 33a. Pick 34a. (2) including 10 Shilingi Pick 6c. 20 Shillingi Pick 3a. (2) including 1 Dollar Pick 68Ad. 2 Dollars Pick 69e. (2) inclusive of Pick 31b and 2 Liri Pick 45b. (2) consisting of Pick 167b and 500 Escudos Pick 177.

Auction 166
World Banknotes Banque De France Pick 96a dated , 19th December 1940 series T.1260 690 number 031493690 signatures de Bletterie, Rousseau & Favre-y. The note in multicolor featurign women at left and right centre, wheat bundle at lower left Cock at lower right and other anmials and plant life on obverse and a blacksmith with factory at left on reverse and Heremes holding The Caduceus staff with ships and maritime objects at right. Watermarked Woman's head. About UNC, Minor Stains, Pinholes and very scarce in high grades
£50 London Coins : A166 : Lot 210 : France Banque De France 1000 Francs Pick 96a dated Paris, 19th December 1940 series T.1260 690 numbe... London Coins : A166 : Lot 210 : France Banque De France 1000 Francs Pick 96a dated Paris, 19th December 1940 series T.1260 690 numbe...

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (95) mostly GB iers O'Brien, , , , and 10 s and 1, 10, 20 and 50 s including QE2 portrait and pictorial issues and some Lion & Key. Scarcer notes include a 1 Pound O'Brien B284 LAST run series B76N 106562, Gill FIRST run series A01 886417 and 50 Pounds Somerset B318 FIRST run series A01 395307. Along with world issues from , , , , , , , , and including a 20 Mark Pick 46a 19th February 1914. Various grades to UNC

Auction 161
World Banknotes World & GB (13), (5), (2) & GB (6), Italy 500 Lire dated 1943, good VF, 50 Lire (2) dated 1943, Fine & good Fine, 10 Lire issued 1918, signed Gui. Dell'Ara & Porena, cleaned and pressed, looks EF, issued 1923, signed Maltese & Rossolini, EF, France (2) dated 1952, a pair of constively numbered notes, VF, Bank of 5 s (4), a ly numbered run prefix RJ58, about Uncirculated, 10 s (2), a pair of consecutively numbered REPLACEMENT notes, series M64 428337 & M64 428337
£90 London Coins : A161 : Lot 462 : World & GB (13), Italy (5), France (2) & GB (6), Italy Allied Military Currency 500 Lire dat... London Coins : A161 : Lot 462 : World & GB (13), Italy (5), France (2) & GB (6), Italy Allied Military Currency 500 Lire dat...

Auction 160
World Banknotes GB and in an album (56), (5), Bank of (21) including Peppaitt, O'Brien, , , , , , & , some First Run issues noted, Commonwealth and GB including , , , Ireland, , St. Helena, , Chatham Islands, and , some higher denominations seen, mixed grades with many UNC, viewing recommended

Auction 160
World Banknotes & in Lindner album (42), Dartmouth Bank notes, notes, including , , , , O'Brien, , , and , also Scotland including Royal Bank, , , Linen Bank and more, interesting collection of notes in mixed grades

Auction 158
World Banknotes Fifty s B356 issued 1988 series D80 658898, Sir portrait reverse, trimmed top edge, EF
£65 London Coins : A158 : Lot 263 : Fifty pounds Gill B356 issued 1988 series D80 658898, Sir Christopher Wren portrait reverse, trimmed... London Coins : A158 : Lot 263 : Fifty pounds Gill B356 issued 1988 series D80 658898, Sir Christopher Wren portrait reverse, trimmed...

Auction 154
World Banknotes GB and World a in an album (103) GB to (40) includes to , World (63) includes some useful issues, in mixed grades many GB in high grade

Auction 154
World Banknotes GB and World a mixed group (164), GB (3), (20), (9), to in mixed grades some in UNC, , , and World a mixed group includes a few larger types, in mixed grades

Auction 144
World Banknotes GB and World (76) with some high denominatons GB to (£199 face) includes Fifty Pounds (2) K30 B385, H02 B377, (3) Kentfield CD15 977938 and 977939 constives, ED27 B402, (3) (2) AX42 B348, CT17 B349, JN24 B354, also lower denominations back to signature, s 2007 A2 902301, Royal Bank of Scotland 2001 (50) s C89 359541 to 359590, in mixed grades VF to UNC
£650 London Coins : A144 : Lot 248 : GB and World (76) with some high denominatons GB Fifty Pounds to Ten Shillings (£199 face) inc...

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