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London Coins Auction 172
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Auction 174
4th - 5th September 2021

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Auction 171
Ancient Coins (2) (c.9-22AD) 36mm 6.36 grammes and 26mm 3.6 grammes, Fine with green patina, Ancient (22) Ar Thrace - Istros, Late 5th-4th Century BC Obv. Two Young male heads/ Rev. Sea Eagle left on dolphin AΠ 4.95 grammes NVF. - Syracuse Ar Litra Hiketas II (288-278BC) Obv. Head of right/ Rev.Eagle standing left, 6.03 grammes Near Fine. Thasos Ar Trihemiobol (411-350BC) Obv. Satyr kneeling left holding kantharios/ Rev. Amphora, 0.64 grammes, Fine. Thrace - Chersonesos Ar (480-350BC) Obv. Forepart of Lion right, head reverted/ Rev. Dot AY monogram dot - Bee, 2.36 grammes, Sear 1605 var.VF. Ionia - Miletos Ar , Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Forepart of lion left, head turned/ Rev. Floral Star in incuse square, 0.88 grammes SNG Cop. 952 NF/Fine. Ionia - Miletos Ar Obol Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Forepart of Lion left, head turned/ Rev. Floral Star pattern in incuse square, 0.93 grammes, Fine/Good Fine. Ionia - Miletos Ar Diobol Late 6th Century BC, Sear SG 3533, Obv. Lion's head left/ Rev. Floral Star pattern in incuse square, 1.2 grammes, VF. Ionia - Uncertain Ar Trihemiobol c.Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Star of 8 rays/ Rev. Quadripartite square 0.61 grammes Fine. Sicily Trihemiobol Obv.Triskeles/Rev.Pellet in circle 0.61 grammes, Fine. Mylasa- Caria Ae17 Strategos Eupolemos, Obv. Three overlapping shields Rev.EMΠO / ΛEMOY Sheathed Sword. 1.90 grammes Lindgren III 435, NVF. Elymais -Orodes II Drachm (100-150AD) 3.74 grammes Fine. Knidos - Caria Ae11 (300-190BC) Obv. Head of right/ Rev. Prow right 1.95 grammes, Fine. Kyme - Aeolis (350-250BC) Ae15. Magistrate Eubios 3.68 grammes. Obv. KY and forepart of horse right EYBIOΣ below/Rev. One-handled drinking cup, TEYB monogram to left SNG Cop 76. Good Fine. Pontos - uncertain, possibly Amisos Ae24 c.130-100BC. Obv. Helmeted head left/ Rev. Star with eight rays, 20.15 grammes About Fine. Maroneia - Thrace Semi-Autonomous coinage Ae15 (400-350BC) Obv. Prancing Horse right, monogram below/ Rev. grape-vine within linear frame. 2.33 grammes, Fine. Brettii - Bruttium Ae14 reduced /Uncia (208-205BC) Obv. Head right/Rev. Eagle standing Near Fine with green patination. Carthage in Zeugitana Ae14 Obv. Head of Taniot left/Rev. Horse prancing right, 3.245 grammes, SNG Cop95 VG/Near Fine. - Akanthos Ar Hemiobol (C.470-390BC) 8mm diameter, 0.37 grammes Obv. Head of Bull right/ Rev. Quadripartite incuse square SNG ANS 51 GVF. Lydia - Tmolus Ae14 semi-autonomous issue. (117-161AD) Obv. Youthful head of Dionysus right, wreathed with ivy, thyrsos before/ Rev. TMΩΛITΩN, bunch of grapes, 97, Waddington 5384, Sardis 327, Good Fine. Mysia - Pergamon Ae12 (200-133BC) Philetaerus, King of Pergamum. Obv. Helmeted Head of right/ Rev. ΦIΛE-TAIΡOY, Bow. SNG von Aulock 1364; SNG Stockholm 2086; SNG 1094; BMC 12, 54; Lindgren III 273 Good Fine with green patination. Thrace - Mesembria c.3rd to2nd Century BC Ae19 Obv. Female head right/ Rev. Athena Promachos standing left holding shield and brandishing spear, 5.17 grammes, SNG Cop 660 approaching Fine, along with a further group of Ancients (15) all but one in bronze, in mixed lower grades. Macedonia - Antigonus I Ae15 Obv. Gorgon on shield, Rev Worn. 3.84 grammes. VG/Poor. (3) - Northwest Senones (c.100BC-50BC) Unit, Obv. Head right/ Rev. Stylized horse with pellets around. 17mm diameter, 4.64 grammes Fine on an irregularly shaped flan., Celtic Unit Obv. Blank/ Rev.Horse and right, 14mm diameter, 2.71 grammes, NVF with edge cracks. Celtic - Britain S.436 Symbol type Obv. Two opposed crescents/ Rev. Horse with three pellets below, 1.12 grammes, Fine

Auction 171
Ancient Coins - Armorica ( and North West ) Obverse: Stylized head right, Reverse horse and with reins, cross of pellets below, 6.22 grammes, approaching VF and bold with an edge crack
£200 London Coins : A171 : Lot 1198 : Celtic - Armorica (Channel Islands and North West Gaul)  Billon Stater Obverse: Stylized head right,... London Coins : A171 : Lot 1198 : Celtic - Armorica (Channel Islands and North West Gaul)  Billon Stater Obverse: Stylized head right,...

Auction 169
Ancient Coins Ancient (20) Quarter Obol Teos-Ionia Tetartemorion, c.500BC, Head of Griffin right/Quadripart incuse square, About Fine. Mysia - Parion Diobol c.480BC Gorgon's Head/Incuse square containing cruciform square, pellet in centre, 1.64 grammes, About Fine/Fine. Thrace - Chersonesos 386-338BC McCLean 4091 Forepart of Lion right. head reverted/Quardipart incuse square with AG over dot in one section, bucranium in another NVF with good metal. Mysia - Parion Hemidrachm c.400-300BC Head of Gorgon facing/PA-RI above and below Bull standing left, with head turned right, bucranium below, BMC 19 Fine. Mysia - Parion Hemidrachm Head of Gorgon facing with tongue protruding, surrounded by serpents/Bull standing left, struck off-centre with much of the bull off-flan 2.36 grammes, About Fine. - Massalia Obol 4th Century BC Youthful head of left/Wheel of four spokes M in one angle, largely off-centre, 0.5 grammes, Depeyrot 64 Fine. Thrace - Thasos Obol 450-425BC Satyr keeling left holding kantharos/Amphora, 0.95 grammes, BMC 53 Good Fine with edge crack. Caria - Kos Hemiobol, 0.65 grammes, Crab/square with dot in one angle, Fine. Lesbos Hemiobol c.525-475BC Head of Attis right wearing Phyrgian cap/incuse square Fine. Lesbos-Mytilene 1/36 stater, , Two Eyes/Incuse square 0.82 grammes Fine or slightly better with some edge cracks. Ionia, uncertain mint 8-Rayed star/Incuse square, c.5th Century BC, 0.72 grammes, 8mm diameter, Fine or slightly better. - Akragas Penion c.460-446BC Eagle standing right/5 dots denoting mark of value 9mm diameter, 0.96 grammes. Apollonia Pontica, Thrace c.420-+300BC, Gorgon facing with open mouth, tongue protruding/Upright anchor with crayfish in right field, 2.75 grammes Fine with some encrustation. Ionia - Miletos Silver 1/12th , 6th Century BC9mm diameter, 0.95 grammes Lion's Head left/Star ornament within an incuse square, Sear 3533, Fine. Thraco-n Tribes Silver Hemiobol Spearhead/Quadripartite incuse square with dot in each angle, 8mm diameter, 0.69 grammes, Fine or better. Maroneia - Thrace 398-385BC Forepart of Horse left/Grapevine within dotted square, letters indistinct, 2.2 grammes VG, Ionia - Kolophon Tetartemorion c.450BC, 0.22 grammes, 7mm diameter, Head right/incuse square with dot in one angle VG with some encrustation. Kingdom of Macedonia, Demetrios Poliorketes Ae11 c.290-287BC, Helmeted Head Right/Prow right with BA above AIX below Fine with some surface dirt. - I, as Satrap, Silver Hemidrachm, Head right in elephant skin headdress/ Alkidemos walking right brandishing spear and shield, 1.21 grammes, 10mm diameter, Fine. Bruttium Hemidrachm Lion facing/TAMБ in cross within circle, 9.5mm diameter, 1.31 grammes, Fine

Auction 166
Ancient Coins Ancients (4) (3) Senones 1st Century, Fine, Celtic - Leuci Reverse: Boar VG with an edge chip, Durotriges S.368 Poor in three fragments, and an Near Fine

Auction 164
Bonds and Shares Bonds and Sh a large group (5459), comprising - Bank 4% Bank Bond 5000 Gulden/5000 Forint 1889 (33), Austria-Hungary Bank Mortgage 4% Bank Bond 1000 Gulden/1000 Forint 1893 (89), Austria-Hungary Bank Mortgage 4% Bank Bond 100 Gulden/100 Forint 1899 (18), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 2000 Kronen (around 200), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 1000 Kronen (around 400), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 200 Kronen (around 1300), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 100 Kronen (134), generally in high grades some items with pencil marks or ink stamps, Reichsgau , a group of around 1180 comprising 4% Schuldverschreibung 1000 Reichsmark, Salzburg 1 Jui 1940 Gruppe C (around 745), 500 Reichsmark, Gruppe B (around 215), 100 Reichsmark Gruppe A (around 220) VF to EF, The Reichsgau Salzburg (Gau Salzburg) was an administrative division of in Salzburg. It existed between 1938 and 1945. This bond of 11.2 million Reichmark was issued according to the ordonnance from 14. June 1940 on interest-reduction and the change of currency, and was replacing the of 1937. Quoted at the exchange. Print signature of NSDAP-Gauleiter Friedrich Rainer (1903-1947) as Reichsstatthalter of Salzburg. (In , he was found guilty of crimes against the people and sentenced to death in 1947.) EBG Oberösterreichische Elektro-Bau (around 975) comprising a mix of Vorzugsaktien and Stammaktie types 25 Vorzugsaktien, 25 x 100 Schilling, 12 November 1937 (around 125), 1 x 100 Schilling a mix of Vorzugsaktien and Stammaktie types (around 850) VF to EF. This electrotechnical company was founded in 1922 in Linz. In 1937, capital was increased by 400,000 Schilling. Today VA Tech Elin EBG. Compagne Des s Electriques, from Limoges to Aixe - Action of 100 Francs (around 100) EF all with the majority of coupons, General Society for the Sanitation of Cities and Towns (around 60) EF most with the majority of coupons, General Motors Corporation Share Certificates, $1 2/3 blue, (around 100) around VF, The Arro Expansion Bolt 1963 Blue stock Certificates (40) About EF some with pencil marks, - Minas Del Centenillo, Sociedad Share Certificates 500 Pesetas 1921 (36) with coupons Fine to VF, Spain - Electrade Viesgo , Share Certificates 1000 Pesetas 1956 (11) VF to GVF, Ronson Corporation 100 Shares (4) VF to EF, n Brands Inc. Stock Certificates (2) 100 Shares 1977 and 1 Share 1979 $2.67 VF, USA Clevite Corporation Share Certificate 1965 NEF, USA Brandywine Sports Inc. Share Certificate 1977 Fine, USA General Computing Machines Corporation 100 Shares certificate 1953 (3) VF to EF, USA The t Manufacturing Company 100 Shares certificate 1971 Fine, USA The Glen Alden Corporation $1000 Debenture certificate 1971 VF, USA Technical Corporation 100 Share certificate 1975 VF (Large Lot, over 75 Kilos)

Auction 162
Ancient Coins (2nd century BC - 1st century BC) . Includes , obv. head of right. Rev. ish captives seated at trophy. Republic denari of L Antestius Gragulus, L. Cosconium M, M. Marcius, A Plautius, Sex. Pompeius Fostlus. First fine, the others very fine. (6)

Auction 160
Ancient Coins Au Ambiani A c.150-50BC, devolved hd. l., Rev horse and l. (S.7) NF Rev better, Ex-M.Rich coll. DNW 7/12/11 Lot 10, CNG October 1994 $365, Plate Coin Sills 'ish and Early Coinage' page 147
£240 London Coins : A160 : Lot 1895 : Celtic Au Quarter Stater Ambiani Gallo-Belgic A c.150-50BC, devolved Apollo hd. l., Rev horse and ri... London Coins : A160 : Lot 1895 : Celtic Au Quarter Stater Ambiani Gallo-Belgic A c.150-50BC, devolved Apollo hd. l., Rev horse and ri...

Auction 160
Ancient Coins , a mixed lot includes cast Obv. Head left, Rev: Boar style., another Obv: Head left, Reverse Butting Bull Left, cast Obv. Crescents back to back Rev. Horse right, S.443B, Similar, Durotriges Obv. Geometric design Rev. Zigzag S.368, together with Northumbria Ae II moneyer Eardwlf S.868 (7) mostly Fine

Auction 158
World Coins , J. Gault, 1c Blue. Slight marks on the mica, Fine, the Reed census reports 11-15 known, Very Rare
£600 London Coins : A158 : Lot 1367 : USA Encased Postage Token, J. Gault, 1c Blue. Slight marks on the mica, Fine, the Reed census r... London Coins : A158 : Lot 1367 : USA Encased Postage Token, J. Gault, 1c Blue. Slight marks on the mica, Fine, the Reed census r...

Auction 149
Ancient Coins (46-45 BC), Lifetime issues Sear 357 Obverse Diademed Head of , right with small Cupid at shoulder, Reverse ish Captives seated at foot of trophy, Fine
£240 London Coins : A149 : Lot 1648 : Roman Denarius Julius Caesar (46-45 BC), Lifetime issues Sear 357 Obverse Diademed Head of Venus, ri... London Coins : A149 : Lot 1648 : Roman Denarius Julius Caesar (46-45 BC), Lifetime issues Sear 357 Obverse Diademed Head of Venus, ri...

Auction 137
Ancient Coins s of (34) a lower grade group of s, AE s with two in

Auction 137
Ancient Coins Au . Probably ish type. C, 2nd century BC. Blank. Rev; Horse right. Unattributed due to wear. With PAS report. GVF. 7.11g.

Auction 135
Ancient Coins s ish/Kentish types (18) About Fine for issue

Auction 105
World Coins Greek Gaul AR s of Massalia IV obverse head of river god, reverse wheel (3) aVF-VF

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