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London Coins Auction 173
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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5th - 6th December 2021

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GB - Hants

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 172
Bonds and Shares GB - A Yorkshire-themed (33) includes pre-1900 (15) , , and Junction Scrip certificate 1845 for Ten sh of £20 each, unissued VF with tear hole on left, The Bridlington Quay Public Rooms Association 1847 Share Certificate £3 and 10 Shillings, VF with staple holes at top left, and Leeds Railway 1846 share certificate for 6x £50 shares NVF with staple holes at top left, The Wharfedale Railway Company Share certificate for one £15 share, certificate number 20155 vignette of a large cow, the famous ' Heifer' which made vast profits for its owner being exhibited around the country, black on pale blue, large red seal to lower right About VF with some spots and tape residue on the top edge. The Staithes Company Share Certificate for one share 1856 VF with small pinholes to the top left and tape residue at the top, The and Robin Hood's Steam Packet Company 1857 Share certificate for one share of £2 and 10 Shillings, GVF with tape residue on the top edge, Overend, Gurney and Company Limited 1865 share certificate for one share of £50 NVF with some foxing to the edges, Bray, Waddington and Company share certificate for one share of £50 EF, The Nidderdale Lead Company Limited 1865 share certificate for 2 preference shares 7687 and 7688, vignette of Perseverance level, entrance to the mine, Pateley Bridge GVF with some tape residue to the top edge, The Drypool Workman's Club Company Limited 1878 share certificate for one share of £1 VF taped on the reverse at the top, The Leeds Mutual Supply Society Limited 1874 share certificate for one share of £1 Good Fine with some small pinholes and taped on the top edge, The Botanic Garden Company Limited 1879 share certificate for one share of £5 VF, taped at the top edge, Reaney and Greaves Limited, Wine Merchants and Whisky blenders, 1899, Issue for 100 of £100 each. The company became a subsidiary of the famous Tetley Brewers in 1904, the reverse with a typewritten label attached showing transfer of the debenture certificate to Francis Eric Tetley and Robert Francis Tetley in 1937 VF or near so with some small edge tears, an interesting document. The Brewery and Wine Company Limited share certificate 1867 NEF, The Leeds & County Unionist Club-House Co. Limited 1894 share certificate for 100 shares of £1 Fine with some folds and tape on the top edge. 1906-1971 issues (18) The Ravensthorpe Finishing Company Limited 1908 share certificate for 50 shares of £1 each, NVF with pencil annotations, The County Council of the bond for £100 1906 NVF, Clarkson's Old Brewery Barmsley Limited Preference Share Certificate for 10 shares of £10 each NVF with some folds, The Effingham Steel Works Limited, 1926 share certificate for 59 shares of £10 each VF with some pinholes, Dols & Co. Limited, 1928 share certificate for 3 shares of £1 each, GVF, Wallacve & Co. (s) Limited 1932 share certificate for one share of £1 VF with some folds, Godfrey Sykes & Sons Limited 1940 share certificate for 100 shares of £1 each small pinhole at the top and two inked paragraphs written on the reverse, Fine. Wallace & Co.(Textiles) Limited 1947 share certificate for 2141 shares of £1 VF, General Refractories Limited 1936 share certificate for 32 shares of s each NEF with pencil annotation on the reverse, Timothy s & Taylors Limited (3) 1953, 1957 and 1960 VF, Thomas Ramsden & Son Limited (2) share certificates for 100 shares and 500 shares of 5 Shillings each VF both with pinholes at the top left, John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery Company, Limited share certificate for 128 shares of 5 Shillings each NVF with staple at top, John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery Company Limited certificate for 7.1% unsecured stock 1970 VF with staple at top, Kirkstall Forge Limited debenture certificate 1971 for 9 3/4% £800 stock VF with staple at top left
£170 London Coins : A172 : Lot 8 : GB - A Yorkshire-themed collection (33) includes pre-1900 (15) Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and Grim... London Coins : A172 : Lot 8 : GB - A Yorkshire-themed collection (33) includes pre-1900 (15) Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and Grim...

Auction 167
Tokens GB and World Tokens (31) South Africa 1861 Whyte & Co. Obverse: TEA MERCHANTS ANDS GROCERS. CAPE TOWN with WHYTE & CO in centre, Reverse: Figure of Hope seated with anchor behind to right, 1861 in exergue, VF. New Zealand Penny Obverse: Standing Female with arm on shield, Palm Tree behind NEW ZEALAND, Reverse bust of Maori warrior 3/4 right ADVANCE NEW ZEALAND KM#Tn49 VF, Ireland Penny 1818 Obverse Bust of George III, LUKE XX.CHAP.XXV.VER, Reverse Harp VG. (18) - 1794 DH32 Fine, Rare. - 1791 Paley's Bishop Blaze standing DH43 EF with traces of lustre. (2) - 1793 DH50 Obv: Figure of Boy/Rev: Shield, VF. Birmingham Mining and Company 1792 DH85 NVF. - Emsworth 1793 Obv: Ship sailing/Reverse: Seated female DH9 Fine. - 1793 Obverse: Shield/Reverse: Woolpack DH19 NVF, - 1791 Obv: Man in loom weaving Reverse: Hanging Fleece, Edge Payable at the Warehouse of John Kershaw DH140. - 1796 Obverse: A female spinning/Reverse: A man in a loom weaving, DH6 VF. - Salter's The Cheapest Hat Warehouse in the World undated DH473 GEF with traces of lustre. Middlesex - Lackington's 1795 milled edge, DH357a VF. Middlesex Lackington's 1794 Edge Payable at the Temple of the Muses DH353 NEF/GVF. - undated Obverse: Bottle/Reverse: Hope standing, Plain edge DH23b NEF. Middlesex Political and Social Series 1793 DH1033 NVF/GF. Hampshire - Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe, plain edge not in collar DH14a GVF/VF. - 1794 F.Heath DH39 NVF. Warwickshire - John Wilkinson Iron Master 1792 with plain edge DH451h, GVF. Warwickshire - Birmingham undated Dr. DH71 VF. Dublin undated , Plain edge DH231a VF. Pennies (3) Penny 1811 TO FACILITATE TRADE Davis 21 EF, 1811 and South Fine with poor surfaces, 1812 Birmingham and South Wales About Fine, Borough of Gateshead 1849 Boundary Token 32mm diameter in George Hawks, NEF, and ic Tokens in bronze, Halfpenny sized (4) along with Halfpenny 1699 Date in Exergue Peck 687 NVF/GF and Gibraltar Two Quarts 1842 Fair, Mother of Pearl Decorative counters , oval shaped (2) EF

Auction 134
World Bulk Lots (3) 2 1847 Fine, Rare, 30 (2) 1963 A/UNC, 1964 UNC as part of a group of World (21) (3) Crown 1964, 1896, 1896, 1982, (2) 1929, 1854, Two Quartos 1810, s 1932 (2), 1933, 1 Mil 1865 with double punched central hole, Batavian Republic (2) 1808, Merchants AH1247 obverse of KM#Tn3, Reverse of KM#Tn1, 500 Reis 1868, Satang BE2456 (1913), GB 1799 ed MORRIS on Reverse, OXFORD on obverse, Halfpenny 1769 with cross countermark on obverse, Grano 1720 in mixed grades to UNC

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