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French Oceania

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Auction 170
World Banknotes World - a Journey in Currency (206) an alluring and very colourful selection, mostly fresh and crisp UNC and mainly modern notes late 1900's to 2017, but including a few earlier examples, from various countries and issuers in 5 archival albums. Generally sorted alphabetically by country and includes complete or near complete denomination sets of the same issue, some of which examples and a Fantasy issue, with few even having their last few digits of the serial numbers matching. Also, the earlier notes as the very attractive high-grade example of the , dom 1000 a Pick 29 dated Belgrade, 1st December 1931 series ?.0840 752 209797752. example along with an exotic 50 Pfennig Bayreuth 22nd October 1918, a town famous for its opera. Exotic issues from Saint Thomas and Prince, , , , and many others. The Fantasy notes, a captivating set of the 2017 Private issue , , and - Polymer denomination set by the graphic artist Mr Frank Medina.

Auction 170
World Banknotes including a French example (8) a mixed group averaging Good/VF to VF and includes a Scarce and very pleasing example of the unusual denomination 300 Francs & Type 1938 Pick 87 (Fayette F29.3) signatures Rousseau & Favre-y block X number 0827074, this in VF with no observable pinholes. Also, an alluring large-sized Luc Oliver Merson dated 18th July 1928 serial number block V.2602 number 932 serial number 065045932 signatures Platet & Strohl. Accompanied by a Violet Type 1917 Pick 72d (Fayette F3.12). (3) consisting of the Mineur Type 1941 Pick 99e (2) Fayette F8.17 dated 9th January 1947 last date for signature pair Rousseau & Favre-Gilly along with Fayette F8.16 dated 19 December 1946 signature pair Rousseau & Favre-Gilly. Along with the Minerve Type 1915 Pick 73d (Fayette F6.14) dated 18th December 1930. And a Pecheur Type 1942 Pick 100a (Fayette F13.5) dated 28th January 1943. The lot also includes the not so common 1 Franc Pick 3 Law of 29th December 1919 serial number 52625 Series B, handwritten signatures slightly faded in blue at left for Secretary and in black at right for President, n print by Halpin Lithograph Company, on .

Auction 169
World Bulk Lots related a varied group of issues (102) includes , , , French , French , , , and more, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 165
World Banknotes (5) including (3) Pick 24a ND (1971 & 1973) series O.2 03497 03803497 about Fine, multicolour with girl wearing wreath playing guitar at right. Pick 25b2 ND (1970-1985) series J.2 24153 03324153 about UNC - UNC, blue and multicolour man at right. Pick 27d 1985 series X.8 72809 19772809 slightly wrinkled and about UNC - UNC, dark brown on multicolour underprint hut at centre left. (2) 100 Francs ND (1975) Pick 18c series O.1 27786 01327786 about UNC - UNC, multicolour girl wearing wreath playing guitar at right. 1000 Francs ND (1975) Pick 20a series E.1 57215 00457215 slightly wrinkled about UNC - UNC, orange brown and multicolour hut at centre left.
£95 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1208 : French Oceania (5) including Tahiti (3) 100 Francs Pick 24a ND (1971 & 1973) series O.2 03497 03... London Coins : A165 : Lot 1208 : French Oceania (5) including Tahiti (3) 100 Francs Pick 24a ND (1971 & 1973) series O.2 03497 03...

Auction 147
World Bulk Lots World a mixed group (20) includes , , , , , , , , South , Southern , and

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots and overseas (287) 19th and 20th Cent. France (276), (1), (1), French Indo- (9) mixed grades, generally base metal issues a few in
£60 London Coins : A145 : Lot 815 : France and overseas (287) 19th and 20th Cent. France (276), Reunion (1), French Oceania (1), French ... London Coins : A145 : Lot 815 : France and overseas (287) 19th and 20th Cent. France (276), Reunion (1), French Oceania (1), French ...

Auction 110
World Bulk Lots (3) , 1 Franc, KM#3, KM#2, KM#1 all UNC

Auction 105
World Bulk Lots an unusual set of s of 1948 (23) One and from , , French , French So

Auction 104
World Bulk Lots South Territories (42) a , , and 1949-1991 all different types and mostly Unc

Auction 103
World Bulk Lots (52) a 1965-1992 Polynesia (14), (16), (11), (4), (8) each a different type and

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