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Auction 182
English Coins Set 1846 Private Patterns, Smith on Currency a 5-coin set by Marrian & Gausby, comprising 1846 Original striking with no die rust spots, 6mm thick, Freeman 812, X#50, formerly KM#PPn35, 1846 Original striking, 3.25mm thick, Freeman 818, X#49, formerly KM#PPn33, Two Cents 1846 Freeman 819, X#48, formerly KM#PPn29, One Cent 1846 without Marrian & Gausby below the head, Freeman 823, X#46, formerly KM#PPn27, 1846 in White metal, X#47a, nFDC to FDC a superb set, the copper coins all rated R17 by Freeman, in a contemporary fitted case, we note each coin in this set superior to the examples from the Freeman collection, (two purchased by P.Deane, two purchased by G.Monk), the Freeman example later sold as part of the J.Tansley collection of Patterns, s and Coining s. The coins in this set were the earliest patterns for a British Decimal Coinage. While restrikes were made in 1888 (by Shorthouse) that exist in various metals, only the original strikings are in copper and are free from die rust marks. Peck states in a footnote (page 479, 2nd Edition) describing the copper 10-cent, 5-cent, 2-cent, and 1-cent pieces as being the 'Decimal equivalents of a , a Penny, a , and a , respectively'. Further, Peck states that 'It is highly probable that the 1-centum piece was intended to represent a silver Decimal of '.
£5,500 London Coins : A182 : Lot 1877 : Pattern Set 1846 Private Patterns, Smith on Decimal Currency a 5-coin set by Marrian & Gausby, c... London Coins : A182 : Lot 1877 : Pattern Set 1846 Private Patterns, Smith on Decimal Currency a 5-coin set by Marrian & Gausby, c...

Auction 123
English Bulk Lots (31) 1869 with the last digit of the date altered VF/GF, 1902 GVF with damaged edge, 1940 Lustrous UNC, 1936 (12), 1946 (16) toned A/UNC-UNC, s (30) 1937, 1941, 1942, 1959, 1961, 1966, 1967 (25) UNC, s (36) Fine, 1854 NVF plus Wrens (34) these in EF-AU with lustre, Crown 1960 A/UNC, 1915 toned EF, 1931 GEF, s (2) 1935 EF, 1946 English Wide Rim UNC, 1925 GF with the rims missing (removed?), s (2) One 1957 in UNC, the other with Britannia minting a coin on the obverse, the reverse with a small square in the centre with a castle within UNC, plus World (20) 19th and in mixed circulated grades

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