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Egypt : World Cased and Proof Coins

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Auction 184
World Cased World Stamps in three albums a wide variety of countries represented, includes , , , , West Africa, French Africa, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , China, , , Siam, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Monaco, . , , , , , , , , , , , and many more, includes many early types, some 19th Century and early 20th Century, in mixed condition, the vast majority are postmarked, an interesting selection

Auction 183
World Cased World Mint Sets - Money of the World a in two albums (46 sets) comprising sets from , , , , , , , Oman, , , , , , , , , GB, , , , , , , Trinidad & Tobago, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Papua New , , , , , , and . Sets range from 4 to 9 coins in each, dates range from 1969 to 2010, A/UNC to UNC the vast majority with full lustre, a few coins with toning, in two albums

Auction 181
World Cased World Crown-size a 21-coin set with themes, comprising Ten Dollars 1992 Cooks Voyage, Five Pounds 1992 400th of First Sighting, 100 Leva 1992 Radetzky Steam Liner, Twenty Dollars 1993 HMS ist, 1993 One Pa'anga La Princesa, 50 Vatu 1993 The Boudeuse, 1993 HMS Pandora, Three Roubles 1994 Antarctic , Ships Vostok and Mirny, 1994 Ten Dollars The Swallow, 100 Francs Frigate 'Bateau', Cayman Islands Two Dollars 1994 200th Anniversary of the 'Wreck of the Ten Sails', 1994 Five Pounds Boat of Queen Chnemtamun, 50,000 Lire 1995 Piri Reis, 1995 1000 Forint Danube ship Hubleany, 1995 250 Rufiyaa Ibn Battuta, Russia Three Roubles 1995 Roald Amundsen - Explorer, Ten Pesos 1996 Amerigo Vespucci, 50,000 Pesos Alvise da Cadamosto, Oman One Rial 1996 Sultanah, Bulgaria 1000 Leva 1996 Sailing ship Kaliakra, Proofs nFDC to FDC, most retaining full mint brilliance, all in capsules

Auction 177
World Cased World - FAO Money boards (4) Money board 1 (3) with 2 boards complete with 19 coins the third has 18 coins with the 10 1970 missing, Board 3 (19 coins) the Board 1s comprising issues from , , , , n Republic, Egypt, , , , , , , , , , and (2) and Money board 3 comprising issues from , , Saudi , Algeria (2), Iran, , , , , Syria, Seychelles, Vietnam, , d Arab Emirates, India and (2) all issues from 1968-1974 UNC as issued

Auction 176
World Cased FAO Money album 1975 (38 coins) includes issues from , , , , , , , , , , Oman, , and , and a set of Tonga Coin stamps, includes the India and International Women's Year coins, lustrous UNC in the grey album

Auction 173
World Cased International Year of the Child a 30-coin set in silver 1979-1983 comprising -sized silver issues 3 1979 KM#8 Rare, 200 Pesos Bolivianos 1979 Silver Proof KM#198, 1981 Silver Proof KM#53, 20 Rufiyaa 1979 Silver Proof KM#61, 25 Tugrik 1980 Silver Proof KM#39.1, Five Pounds 1981 Silver Proof KM#533, d Arab Emirates 50 s 1980 Silver Proof KM#7, 1979 Silver Proof KM#931, VS 2031 Silver Proof (struck in 1981) KM#851, Five Pounds 1981 Silver Proof KM#87, Three s 1981 Silver Proof KM#43, 25 s 1983 Silver Proof Y#45, Five s 1983 Silver Proof KM#16, 100 Rupees 1981 Silver Proof KM#277, 10 Balboas 1982 Silver Proof KM#79, 1982 Silver Proof KM#57, Ten Dollars 1982 Silver Proof KM#72, 10 Crowns 1982 Silver Proof KM#55 Five Dinars 1982 Silver Proof KM#313, Papua New Five Kina 1981 Silver Proof KM#18, 200 BE2524 (1981) Silver Proof Y#152, 20 Birr 1979 Silver Proof KM#54, 1979 Silver Proof KM#22, s 1979 Silver Proof KM#229, 1980 Silver Proof KM#42, 200 Forint 1979 Silver Proof KM#615, 10 1979 Silver Proof KM#24, 10 Kwacha 1980 Silver Proof KM#21, Ten Dollars 1979 Silver Proof KM#80, Bulgari 10 Silver Proof KM#104 nFDC to FDC in the blue box of issue, many coins with certificates and promotional leaflets

Auction 173
World Cased 2007 an 11-coin set II and each coin in gold plated cupro-nickel with a different photographic image of the Royal Couple, UNC in a box with certificates, Cook Islands - History of the One Dollar 2009 (2) Henry II and Elizabeth I, Gold Plated cupro-nickel UNC with coloured portraits on the reverses, Cook Islands One Dollar 2010 UNC in gold plated cupro-nickel with coloured portrait on the reverse and insert sapphire UNC, 2013 (3) each in gold plated cupro-nickel with 1953 portrait of the Queen in colour on each reverse UNC, Jersey 2011 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee with coloured portrait of the Queen on the reverse UNC, these housed in a Westminster box all but one with certificates, Cook Islands One Dollar (7) History of the Royal Family (3) Henry VIII (2) and Richard III, UNC each with coloured portraits on the reverses, 2010 The Roman (2) with coloured depiction of a Roman soldier on the reverse UNC, 2011 Prince William and Catherine Middleton UNC with balcony scene on the reverse, 2013 Treasures of Ancient UNC with coloured reverse, Fifty Pence (4) 2013 Historic Steam Engines (3) (2), and Golden Arrow UNC, each with coloured reverses, 2013 - 617 Squadron UNC with coloured reverse, Jersey Fifty Pence 2012 of RMS , in Gold plated - UNC, most with certificates, Cook Islands 2012 One Dollar a 4-coin set in gold plated RMS Titanic comprising 2012 Crossing, 2012 Final Moments, 2012 'Nearer My God to Thee' and 2012 Shoc News UNC in a Westminster box with certificate, Crowns (2) 2008 Elizabeth I and 2009 Henry VIII, Guernsey (5) 2009 (3) 100 Years of Aviation, and Rose (2), 2011 409th of Decisation, 2011 Royal Legion - Poppies poppy shaped, UNC, GB s 2005 UNC (2), Historic Coins (3) 1967 (2) one with painted obverse, the other with painted reverse, (these as issued), a modern Replica 1813 in gold plated UNC, housed in a Westminster box, all but one with certificates. GB The 1953 Coronation set (9 coins) to ) each coin plated with silver and gold highlighted EF to UNC in a Westminster box with certificate, GB Crowns/Five Pound Crowns a 4-coin set comprising 1965 , 1972 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip , 1990 90th Birthday and 2002 Queen Mother Memorial, UNC in a Westminster box with certificate, a 50-coin set in plated cupro-nickel EF to UNC in a Westminster box with certificate, Cook Islands Five Dollars 2012 (2) Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee in gold plated copper, each with a different coloured portrait on the reverse UNC in a Westminster boxes, each with certificate, GB Numismatic Card Cover 2012 London s comprising Fifty Pence and First Class stamp - UNC as issue, lic issues - Numisproof (6) issues Buckingham Palace, (2), and Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (3) each gold plated base metal and with coloured reverses UNC, two with certificates, Cook Islands One Dollar (4) 2007 (2) Princess of , 10th Anniversary of her , 2007 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Diamond Wedding UNC with coloured reverses, 2009 40th Anniversary of the First - One Small Step (2) each UNC with coloured reverses, A Westminster box containing a mixed group (8) Guernsey - Lifetime of Five Pounds 2012 (3) in cupro-nickel each with gold-inked portrait UNC, Guernsey Five Pounds 2013 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters UNC, Gibraltar Crown 2008 Elizabeth I, Jersey 2011 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip - A Lifetime of Service Prooflike UNC with coloured hights on the reverse, GB Five Pound Crowns (2) 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday A/UNC and 2009 500th Anniversary of the of Henry VIII A/UNC, Modern Replica cast coins with WRL stamps (5), empty Westminster pouches (82), and empty Westminster boxes (7), these in very good condition

Auction 169
World Cased s (2) 1987 (6 coins) KM#PS6 comprising One Dollar, 50 Sen, 20 Sen, 10 Sen, 5 Sen and One Sen all Proofs, nFDC to FDC in the green box of issue, 1993 (6 coins) KM#PS14 comprising One Dollar, 50 Sen, 20 Sen, 10 Sen, 5 Sen and One Sen all Silver Proofs, FDC in the box of issue with certificate, 10 Marks a 3-coin set comprising 10 Marks 1989D 2000 Year of Bonn Silver Proof, 1998J 300th Anniversary of the end of the 30 Years - Peace of Silver Proof, 1998F 50 Years of the Deutsche Mark Silver Proof nFDC to FDC lightly toning, 20 Zloty 1996 400th Anniversary of Warsaw as capital city Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue, 500 Piso 1999 50th Anniversary of the Silver Proof FDC in the green box of issue with certificate. GB Crowns 1965 (4) EF to UNC, Medals - Opening of the Dome December 1999/January 2000 (2) 51mm diameter UNC in the wallets of issue, along with framed banknote 25 Piastres (1967-1969 issue) EF, and a small group of / Banknotes 1970s to 1990s issues (8) Ten Kyats (2), Five Kyats (2), One Kyat (4) Fine to EF, and a further group of World Banknotes (56) includes issues from , Philippines, , , , Egypt, an , in mixed grades

Auction 164
World Cased A large of mostly base metal issues , Tristan Da Cuhna and others, singles and sets such as Treasures of Ancient , Age of Steam and Space Exploration many sized with colour others include fantasy euro sets and more (lot)

Auction 163
World Cased History of Aviation - Milestones in flight depicting Iconic airct and famous figures in aviation, a 6-coin set in 14 carat , along with Windsor mint covering many different themes including The Queen's , Edward VII, regalia, History, Ancient , e, Princess , Defining moments of , Banknotes, , mostly gold-plated, some with coloured reverses or part reverse, others with jewels embedded in the coins, in mixed grades, mostly UNC

Auction 146
World Cased (8) 10 s (4) 1980 15th Century Hijrah KM#44, 1985 's 50th Birthday Silver Proof KM#48, 1999 King Abdullah II Silver Proof KM#80, 2000 nnium and Baptism of Jesus Silver Proof KM#72, (2) 1995 UN 50th (Reverse Black Iris) KM#57a Silver Proof (in capsule) 1999 UNICEF Silver Proof KM#66, 1 Dinar (2) 1992 40th Year of Reign of King Hussein Silver Proof KM#51.1, 1996 50 Years of Jordanian Independence Silver Proof KM#68, 5 s 1986 Silver Proof, all but one FDC in the cases of issue with certificates, coins of Jordan seldom offered

Auction 140
World Cased A mixed group UK s 1972, 1977, 1984, 1986 2 coin Dollar and Half Dollar Sets (2 sets) and a water worn Pillar Dollar (date illegible) in a presentation case with a promotional booklet covering the and a 12 coin set of recent ian circulating issues in a promoter's pack with narratives in German and English

Auction 133
World Cased World Sets all with coloured surfaces, a selection of sets including (20) World of Soccer 2010 boxed as issued, Euro 2009 each with a coloured effigy of a different German President boxed as issued, Michael a 4-coin set comprising four different effigies on the singer at different times of his life boxed as issued, Germany Euro 2004 an 8-coin set each with a picture of a different German Chancellor boxed as issued, (13) Treasures and Pharaohs in the tray of issue (12 still sealed), USA s (2) gilded with a picture of and on the reverse respectively EF in capsules

Auction 103
World Cased £5 1992 KM 705 and 707 s FDC in plastic capsules

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