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London Coins Auction 172
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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4th - 5th September 2021

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Auction 164
Ancient Coins Seljuks of Rum, , Ghiyath Ai Din Kay II (AH634-643) Siwas Mint, Obverse: inscription around Sun above lion to right, (Sun in Leo) Reverse: Inscription in a square frame and around, 2.99 grammes, About EF and lightly toned, the reverse with slight weakness in places
£95 London Coins : A164 : Lot 824 : Seljuks of Rum, Silver Dirhem, Ghiyath Ai Din Kay Khusru II (AH634-643) Siwas Mint, Obverse: inscrip... London Coins : A164 : Lot 824 : Seljuks of Rum, Silver Dirhem, Ghiyath Ai Din Kay Khusru II (AH634-643) Siwas Mint, Obverse: inscrip...

Auction 157
Ancient Coins Ancients (6) Indo- Bactria - Northern Antimachos (171-160BC) Obv: Nike standing, Rev: n Horseman striding right, weight 2.37 grammes, VF, Indo-Scythian Bactria - Northern India Drachm Azes II (35BC-10AD) Obv: King on horseback, Rev: weight 1.54 grammes Good Fine, India -Satraps in Western India Rudrasena Drachm (348-378AD) weight 2.10 grammes NVF, Ancient India - Rudrashima II Western Kshatrapas, Kardamaka Family, Rudrasimha III (388-395 AD), Silver , Obv:bust of king facing right, date behind, Rev:three arched hill, river below, crescent moon and sun above, 2.13g, About VF, Silver Drachm II 591-628 AD Year 3 GVF lightly toned, s Silver , Abbasids Silver Dirhem Harun al-Rashid (AH170-196) (786-809AD) Madinat al-Salam 174h Good Fine

Auction 152
World Bulk Lots World hammered issues (16) Ummayyad s (7) About Fine, Timurids h (4) 14th and Fine, Ilkhanids Mongols 2 Dirhams (2), Ilkhanids 6 Dirhems and Bazar both 14th Century issues Fine, - Ravenna o 1232-1440 Fine

Auction 152
Ancient Coins Mixed lot of Ancients. 1 x Ae of the Artuqids, 1 x Ar of , 1 x Ae of Galerius and 2 x Ae follis. Mixed grades. Fine - VF [5]

Auction 150
Ancient Coins Small lot of mixed ancient s. 3 Ar Grosh of Ivan Alexander. C, 1331-1371. 1 Ar , Kushru II and a Ar . Mostly good grades. NVF to GVF. [5]]

Auction 150
Ancient Coins Ancients in (3) III rev, Tabaristan Hemi 780 - 93, Al Mahdi 775 - 786

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots and 1 Dirhem AH1386 (1966) KM#1 (86) Lustrous UNC

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots and (10) 50 Dirhems 1966 A/UNC (2), 25 Dirhems 1969 VF, 10 Dirhems 1966 VF to EF, 5 Dirhems 1966 NEF, 1 Dirhem 1966 (5) AU-UNC and lustrous

Auction 135
Ancient Coins A large group of mixed Eastern ancients. s, s and s from the dynasties, Mongol khans, , Indo- and Sasanian s. 2 Ar s and Greek bronzes. An interesting lot that needs further research and of mixed conditions and grades. Poor - G VF. [86]

Auction 134
Ancient Coins of mixed ancients mostly . Selection of low grade mixed Roman and s some with original collection tickets A modern copy of a of Gonatas. A Sasanian Ar and 2 s. Mixed grades and conditions. Poor to NVF. (46)

Auction 132
World Bulk Lots Sasanian Multiple Dirhems (2) 9.7grammes and 10.2 grammes AH301-343 GF-NVF, Arab-Sasanian 4 grammes AD 590-627 NVF, Provincial Coinage of Tabaristan of 2 grammes Anonymous issue Yr 130-132 Mitchiner 286-288 NEF

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