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London Coins Auction 172
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Auction 171
Medals Medals (15) Frencesco de Larderel 1858 Count of Montecerboli by G.Voigt, 51mm diameter in silver 74.4 grammes, EF. 1910 100th of the 1810 Agricultural Exposition - Buenos Aires, 50mm diameter, 56.75 grammes VF with some edge nicks. n Exposition 1892 58mm diameter in White metal Obverse: Discovery of October 1492 and Landing of the Pilgrims December 1620, Reverse: Signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 and World's Columbian Exposition 1892 . Edge: Boldenweck &Co. Pat'd Oct 7, 1890 in 2 lines EF. 1897 Lord Lieutenant of Ireland - To Exhibitors at Countess Cadogan's Irish Textile Exhibition, 1897 38mm diameter in silver by Spink & Son. Obverse as Eimer 1820 portrait facing left, crowned and veiled, by F. / Reverse: Crowned Crest with ribbon and legend in 7 lines below VF/EF the obverse with some scratches. 1935 The official issue 36mm diameter in silver Eimer 2029 VF. Bronze medal 1823 39mm diameter Obverse: 11 line legend, I. THOSE PRINCIPLES OF TRUTH AND MORALITYON WHICH POLITICAL LIBERTY AND SOCIAL ORDER DEPEND. II. A MILITIA OF ALL MEN CAPABLE OF ARMSBEARING. III. A WITTENAGEMOTEANNUALLY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR ENACTING LAWS. Reverse: 12 line legend IV.GRAND AND PETIT JURIESOF THE PEOPLE FAIRLY DRAWN FOR APPLYINGTHE LAWS. V.A MAGISTRACY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR DULY PERFORMING ALL EXECUTIVE DUTIES. ANTIENT POLITY MDCCCXXIII NVF. Exhibition 1924 Nobel Industries Ltd. 36mm diameter in bronze NEF. Queen 1901 medalet 13mm diameter NEF/GVF. 1901 The Weeping Angel of Amiens by Blasser 15mm diameter, with a loop mount attached NVF. 1902 19mm diameter Obverse: The busts of the King and Queen right, conjoined, with radiant crown above, Reverse: Arms with supporters ER above, Fine. Edward VII Coronation 1902 medalet by Lauer Obverse: The King and Queen, almost facing OUR GRACIOUS KING AND QUEEN with MADE IN GERMANY below, Reverse: Crowned at VF. Memorial medal rving In Memoriam - I GO TO MEET MY KING BECKET, , GVF. Medalet 28mm diameter Madame de Servigne 1626-1696 Reverse: Souvenir l'Expositionde Clermont Ferrard 1910 - Chocolate de Royat VF. Medalet - The Lord's Prayer, Obverse: George Vleft with FOREIGN below, Reverse: The Lords prayer in 14 Lines, Good Fine. Medalet - Death of undated, 14mm diameter in base metal NVF with loop mount. Tokens by Kirk (2) 1773 Lord Camden NVF/GF, 1773 D.Carrick Good Fine/Fine, - Penny Token undated Cannington - King Darius Chapter No.154 VF with some scratches. also Groat GB 1836 Enamelled in 5 colours, Fair workmanship Fine

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots World a varied group (18) Two s 1896 KM#6 EF/GEF toned, - Two Marks 1900A KM#522 GVF/NEF toned, 1866A KM#807.1 GVF nicely toned, 1951 50th Year Jubilee KM#47 UNC with golden tone, Two Francs 1968B (2) KM#21a.1 both UNC, Two Shillings 1952KN KM#29, FT38,A/UNC and lustrous, 1934 minted at KM#274 EF, 50 Pesetas (2) 1957 (Year 58) KM#788 EF, 1957 (Year 60) KM#788 A/UNC, 1935 S.6631 A/UNC with some verdigris, 1/24th Shilling 1894 S.7007 GEF/AU with traces of lustre, Year 12 (1923) Y#46 A/UNC lightly toned, GB Coronation of George V 1911 31mm diameter in , the Official issue Eimer 1922b UNC with an original pastel tone, 10 Centesimi 1922 KM#60 UNC with lustre, 1923 Breen 2097 UNC or very near so and lustrous, 1860 KM#60 VF/NEF, France token Maunder Freres GEF with traces of lustre, holed (officially?) at the top

Auction 168
Medals Medal 1792 of Franz II (1792-1806) 24mm diameter in silver Obverse: LEGE.ET.FIDE Crowned globus cruciger with crossed sword and sceptre behind. Reverse FRANCISCVS./HVNG.ET.BOH.REX/ARCH.AUST.M.D.HETR/ELECTVS/REX ROMANORVM/ CORONATVS. FRANCOFVRTI. XIV. IVL. /MDCCCXCVII, VF toned. Along with Shilling-sized Token 1804 SOLD BY CLARK WESTAND Co. FOR ONEC BRITISH SHILLING 1804 Reverse seated female left with three-masted ship behind, Good Fine toned
£50 London Coins : A168 : Lot 931 : Austria Medal 1792 Coronation of Franz II (1792-1806) 24mm diameter in silver Obverse: LEGE.ET.FIDE ... London Coins : A168 : Lot 931 : Austria Medal 1792 Coronation of Franz II (1792-1806) 24mm diameter in silver Obverse: LEGE.ET.FIDE ...

Auction 166
English Cased s (7) Deluxe Set 2000, Red Leather Deluxe sets (4) 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, Black Leather Deluxe 2008 nFDC to FDC some coins with toning, in the cases of issue. the 85th Birthday 1985 Mint Set One Pound to One Penny along with 85th Birthday Medal, UNC in a slide case. Queen 60th Birthday 1986 Mint Set, Two Pounds to One Penny along with 60th Birthday Medal UNC in a slide case. GB Crowns (13) 1965 (3), 1972, 1977 (4), 1980, 1981 (3) EF to UNC, Pre Decimal Halfcrowns to Farthings (90) mostly base metal includes a few silver minors, along with a small group of World with some Machine tokens and base metal modern medals, in mixed grades, Pitcairn Islands One Dollar 1989 Bi of the Mutiny on the Bounty Proof nFDC boxed with certificate, Solomon Islands Ten Dollars 1993 40th Silver Proof nFDC in a soft case with certificate, Canada Proof Set 1989 FDC in the black case of issue with certificate, GB Two Pounds 1995 Peace Dove Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, GB Medal 800 Years of Mayoralty 1189-1989 63mm diameter in by the , Matt UNC boxed with certificate

Auction 166
Medals Medals (6) of 1902 56mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1871a The Official issue A/UNC, Coronation of George V 1911 51mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1922a The Official Royal Mint issue, GEF in the red box of issue, Coronation of 1937 Eimer 2046a Matt finish 57mm diameter in silver, UNC in the Royal Mint box of issue, Coronation of 56mm diameter in bronze Eimer 2086 by F.Kovacs, Reverse with view of Buckingham Palace UNC with certificate and newspaper cutting, 1904 Souvenir token in gilt bronze EF, Martin-Harvey 49mm diameter in silver? uniface By G.Danks, on a thick flan and weighing 115.96 grammes UNC or near so, boxed. Note: Sir Martin-Harvey, an stage actor (1863-1944) and star in the early film era, his film credits list six movies from 1913-1931.

Auction 165
English Bulk Lots 1814 VF/GVF, 1820 VF/GVF the obverse with contact marks, along with s (3) 1897 Queen Diamond Jubilee 25mm diameter in The Official issue (2) both NEF, Coronation of 1937 Reverse: Britannia seated right holds a crown with a dove and olive branch perched on top CANADA. INDIA. S.AFRICA. AUSTRALIA. NEW ZEALAND BRITAIN GVF toned

Auction 165
Medals Medals (9) 1821 of Eimer 1146 in bronze the Official issue 35mm diameter by B.Pistrucci EF. 1739 Admiral Vernon - Portobello taken (2) 37mm diameter in brass Fine one with corroded surfaces, Fort Chagre 1740 39mm diameter in brass Fine. Rebellion of 1745, 37mm diameter in brass Eimer 597 Reverse: rior attacking a Hydra, Fine with some verdigris. Isaac Perrins 1789 Fine with some corrosion. Victories 1758 44mkm diameter in brass by J.Kirk VF with some corrosion. Crystal Palace 1851 30mm diameter in white metal EF. Frederick the Great of 1757 of Prague 48mm diameter in bronze VG, with Token 1812 CUIDAD RODRIGO NEF

Auction 164
Medals Medals, Tokens and Coins in two Lindner Trays (52) 17th to 20th Century a wide variety of types, includes a few in silver, with some and medal types noted, includes of Queen 1694 by J. GEF, engraved Penny 1797 'Ralph Born November 16 1798' Fine, the group in mixed grades some in EF

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots (62) Tokens (3) s (2) 1862 , W.Jamieson, Warrnambool KM#Tn136 GF/NVF, scarce, and , Joseph Moir, , , KM#Tn174 NVF once cleaned now retoned, Token 1860 A.G.Hodgson KM#Tn107 Good Fine, with a weak strike in the centre s to (59) comprising Crowns 1937 (2) VF and NEF with graffiti on the portrait, s (29) 1910, 1914H, 1915H, 1918M, 1923, 1925 (2), 1926, 1927 Parliament House (2), 1928 (2), 1931, 1932 KM#27, 1934 (2), 1935, 1936 (5), 1944S, 1951 50th Anniversary Jubilee (2), 1953, 1954, 1954 Royal Visit, 1963, s (2) 1917M GVF, 1936 EF, s (2) 1914, 1927, s (3) 1915 (Fine), 1917M, 1934, Pennies (7) 1919 Dot below lower scroll, 1922, 1927, 1933, 1936, 1944, 1951, Halfpennies (10) 1911, 1914 (2), 1926, 1933, 1934 (2), 1943 (2), 1951, and Sixpence 1947, in mixed grades to EF, also s (2) Australia - (2) Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 24mm diameter in , Swan Reverse GVF/VF holed at the top, Coronation of King George V 1911 31mm diameter EF toned with suspension loop on the edge

Auction 164
English Cased GB and World Proof and Mint sets and singles, GB The 2013 Jubilee , 7 coins, Five Pound Crown, along with Fifty Pence to One Penny all struck in silver, nFDC with some handling marks, in the box of issue with certificate and Coin Portfolio Management certificate of Provenance, GB Five Pound Crowns 2012 Queen -plated Silver Proofs (2) nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, one with the outer box missing it's lid. Jersey Five Pound Crowns 2014 The William 450th Birthday Silver Coin Collection a 6-coin set all coins in silver the reverse depicting quotes and scenes from Macbeth, Hamlet Prince of Denmark, , , Romeo and Juliet, the sixth piece depicting Shakespeare, nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificate and Coin Portfolio Management certificate, USA One Dollar (2) 1983S s Silver Proof nFDC in the box of issue, 1984S Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof nFDC in the box of issue, Ghana One Cedi 2013 Birth of , 70mm diameter Silver Plated - Proof with part colouring to the reverse, nFDC in capsule, with certificate, Guernsey Five Pound Crown 2010 70th Proof with coloured reverse, Tristan da Cunha Crown 2014 100th Anniversary Gold-plated Cupro-nickel UNC in capsule with coloured reverse, GB Five Pound Crown 2001 Anniversary A/UNC, GB Crowns 1972 (4) A/UNC to UNC, Canada (3) One Dollar 1982 Constitution A/UNC, 1985 EF, 50 Cents 1976 EF, Canada Fantasy 'Dinosaur Dollar 1985 Drumheller Courthouse EF, USA Half Dollar 1976 Bi - Independence Hall EF, along with a France Telephone token EF

Auction 164
Medals of 1902 The official issue 56mm diameter in bronze EF as part of a group of Tokens and Medals (170) includes some reproduction and fantasy items, in mixed grades

Auction 164
Medals Medals and Tokens base metal issues a mixed group (20) includes Medal 1911 in bronze GEF boxed and 19th Century Halfpenny Tokens (4, one a Token '' GF) in mixed grades some VF to EF

Auction 163
Medals Medals, Tokens and Weight a wide variety (160) includes Neville Accord 1938 set in a silver dish, of 1902 31mm diameter in silver, the Official issue EF, Coin Weight Unite VG, J.M. Balke Co. Token for 12 1/2 Cents , Fine, 18th Century Halfpenny Tokens (5), Co-Op Tokens and assorted paranumismatic items in mixed grades a few EF

Auction 162
Tokens Medals and Tokens a mixed group (140) includes some Russian themed, 1991 250th Anniversary of the Novo Arkhsk One of .900 silver 40mm diameter The Capital of the Russian America UNC, as part of a group of Russia Medals and Tokens (18) Explorers 300 Years Anniversary a set of six medals 38.5mm diameter UNC toned, Russian World War II Monuments (5) in golden alloy EF, Russia Subway tokens (6) a mixed group EF to GEF, along with a mixed group of Russia Medals (5) Alexander III Coronation 1883, Medal, by S Vazhenin and A Griliches, conjoined heads of Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna right, rev crest, 50mm in silver, some digs to the obverse field, VF tooled, in the brown box of issue, Order of Maternal Glory Class I, awarded for bearing and raising 9 children, Class II awarded for bearing and raising 8 children, Class III awarded for bearing and raising 7 children, Motherhood Medal second class for bearing and raising 5 children, GVF to EF the enamelling good, Circular medal with eyelet for ribbon suspension; the face with two central characters 'Congratulations from Your Subjects' between two stylised peacocks aspectant on auspicious clouds, a radiant rising sun with inscription above reading 'Your Royal Highness Prince', an inscription below reading 'In Commemoration of (your) Birthday'; the reverse dated '1933.11.23'; likely to be a private issue of the Qing dynasty, VF, along with Chiang Kai-Shek a fantasy issue in the style of the Victory Order, reverse enamelled with crossed swords design, with suspension loop, not hallmarked and presumed base metal NEF, Denmark Nordic Industry, Agriculture and Art Exhibition 1888 Obverse: Christian IX Bust Right, Reverse View of Building, 46mm diameter in White Metal by Lindahl, EF, France Jetton Charles IV Standing King series (1322-1328) Reverse Triple stranded Cross Fleury GF with green patina from having been in the ground, also with an additional group of Medals, Tokens, badges and paranumismatic items (70) most if not all in base metal, in mixed grades some A/UNC, along with a group of Medals, s, Tokens, Tokens and Toy Money (43) 19th and 20th Century, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 161
Medals Medals (46) George V 1935 The Official issues 32mm diameter in silver (4) GVF to Toned UNC, all boxed, of 1937 The Official Royal Mint issues 32mm diameter in silver (2) A/UNC to UNC and boxed, as part of a group of medals and tokens 19th and 20th Century, includes Coronation and Jubilee types others mostly base or white metal some boxed, in mixed grades to GEF

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots (14) s (6) 1858 Holloways Pills and Ointments (2) one with a planchet clip, 1857 Hanks and Lloyd, (2), 1857 Hide & De Carle Grocers and Wine Merchants , , , Tokens (6) Hanks and Lloyd 1855 Sydney Railway, 1857 Peace and Plenty KM#Tn83.1 (AND is 5.5mm long) NEF with some pitting, rare, 1857 Hide & De Carle Grocers and Wine Merchants (2), 1836 Smith, Peate & Co. KM#Tn210, 28mm diameter, some corrosion, rare, , R.S.Waterhouse KM#Tn264, rare, in mixed grades VG to Good Fine unless stated, -size Tokens (2) 1890 Marcus Clark 'The Great Southern Draper' Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Penny Token undated KM#Tn49 Obverse standing female figure with arm on Shield, palm tree behind, Reverse: Maori bust three-quarters right, Ex-jewellery, Coronation 1911 John Danks & Son.Py.Ltd. 324 Pitt St. Sydney 22mm diameter in Good Fine

Auction 159
Tokens Invitational Venezuela 191enary of the Declaration of Independence, in by Tiffany & Co., New , Coat of Arms and emblem enamelled in 5 colours, about EF with some toning, as part of an interesting group of GB and World Tokens and Medals (47) includes Coronation and Jubilee types, and Cocoa Advertising Tokens in Aluminium (4) in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 158
Medals of 1821 The Official issue 35mm diameter in bronze AU/UNC, Coronation of 1831 The Official Royal Mint issue 33mm diameter in bronze EF, Departure of the Earl of from the 1587 an copy EF, as part of a group of tokens and medalets (79) mainly 19th and 20th Century in base metal these in mixed grades

Auction 157
Medals - Regent of the United Kingdom 1811 Eimer 1015 GEF in white metal, in the folding box of issue, medal 1937 57mm diameter in silver, Matt Finish UNC, The H.King medal Seedsmen by Warrant to the King (2) White metal and , UNC boxed, of 1972 UNC in silver by John Pinches, boxed, Silver of Queen and 1972 in Silver Matt finished, by John Pinches, UNC boxed with certificate, along with Tokens and Medals (6) a small and mixed group, and Farthing 1875H these in mixed grades

Auction 157
Medals of 1902 (2) The Official Issues 56mm diameter in bronze EF boxed, and 30nn diameter in silver NEF, as part of a group of Medals, Tokens and Paranumismatic items (110)

Auction 155
Medals 1897 the Official issue 56mm diameter in bronze UNC in contemporary box (not Royal Mint). 1902 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue A./UNC in the Royal Mint box. George V 1935 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned, in the red box of issue. Coronation 1937 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned in the red box of issue. Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 by W.O.Lewis, Reverse: Britannia standing on a seashore, with trident, shield and anchor, behind to her right a plinth with Crown, sceptre and drapery, in the distance, a ship and lighthouse, 46mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Sandy Horticultural Medal 1931 Reverse Sandy Place in silver boxed UNC, as part of a mixed group (16) includes many prize medals, EF to UNC boxed, and a Crown 1889 VF in a silver brooch mount, this boxed, along with an album of (88) mostly modern tokens with some wooden nickels, in mixed grades

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots Papal Seal in lead, Boniface VIII 1294-1303 Good Fine, s (2) Diamond Jubilee 1897 25mm diameter, VF, Edward VII Coronation 1902 31mm diameter GEF both Official issues in , as part of a group of World 19th and (124) includes a few in silver in display trays in mixed grades to UNC, includes some token issues

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots (2) Guilder 1816 GVF, 1835 Fine, British (2) 1926 NEF, 1944 VF/NEF, (6) Penny 1788 Near Fine, Dollar 2012 UNC, 2011 UNC, 2012 UNC, 5 Cents 2012 UNC, 2012 UNC, St. Helena (2) 1821 GVF, 2002 Quincentenary nFDC in capsule, (2) 5 Cents 1976 UNC, One Cent 1976 UNC, 25 Cents 1976 Fine, Penny 1956 VF, (2) modern 1808 UNC, 10 Cents 1987 EF, and West Indies 1894 GEF, British Guiana (4) 1 Guilder 1836 VG, Fourpence 1918 NVF, One Tokens (2) 1813, 1838 Fine and Good Fine, (4) Penny 1793 Fine, Crown 1959 UNC, Crown 1964 Silver Proof, uncased, 1971 VF, (10) Two Quartos 1810 Good Fine, One Quarto (2) 1810 GEF, 1842 2 over 0 Good Fine, Crown 1967 UNC, 2004 UNC, s (2) 1993, 2007 GEF, Two Pences 1995 (2) Lustrous UNC, Penny 2001 Lustrous UNC, Anchor Coinage (3) 1822, One 1822, One 1822 Fine to VF, (5) Ten Cents Model 1955 Silver Proof UNC and lustrous, 25 Cents 1955 Fine, 10 Cents 1955 Fine, Two Cents 1965 Lustrous UNC, 1955 Lustrous UNC, (4) 10 Cents 2002, 5 Cents 2002, 2002, 1 Cent 2002 Lustrous UNC, (15) s (4) 1888, 1902, 1932, 1952 VF to GEF, (3) 1894 Fine, 1904 Fine, 1963 About UNC and lustrous, Pennies (4) 1894 About Fine, 1903 Fine, scratched in the obverse field, 1916H Fine, 1963 UNC with lustre, Dollar 1996 UNC, 25 Cents 1995 UNC, 10 Cents 1995 UNC, 1 Cent 1990 UNC, (5) AH1293/33 (1907) VF, 5 1917H GF, 10 1917A/UNC, 1 Mil 1917H GEF, NAAFI token green VF, (12) 1935 GVF, 50 Mils 1935 EF toned, 10 Mils (2) 1939 GVF, 1942 NEF, the hole slightly off-centre, 5 Mils 1927 Fine, 1927 NEF with traces of lustre, 1 Mil (6) 1927 Fine, 1937 Fine, 1939 A/UNC and lustrous, 1940 Fine, 1941 VF, 1943 A/UNC and lustrous, (2) 2 1819 NF/VG, Lepton 1857 Good Fine, the reverse with some scratches, Model 3 1901 Edward VII a modern fantasy strike in coloured alloy UNC, Two Dollars 1996 nation Park Silver Proof FDC uncased, (11) Two s (4) 1934 VF, 1935 Fine, 1942S VF, 1958 EF, Shillings (2) 1934 VF, 1942S NEF, 1937 VF, Pennies (2) 1936 Edward VIII UNC, 1965 UNC, Halfpenny 1954 Toned UNC, New (2) Shilling 1945 VF, Penny 1936 Edward VIII Lustrous UNC, Type set (8 coins) Two Dollars to One Cent 1996-2012 lustrous UNC, New Zealand Mint set 1965 UNC in the sheet of issue along with New Zealand (28) s (3) Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland issues NF, Crowns (2) 1949 EF, 1953 UNC, s (3) 1934 NVF, 1940 GVF, 1950 Fine, s (3) 1933 NEF, 1950 NF/F, 1965 Fine, Shillings (3) 1935 EF, 1937 NEF, 1950 Fine, Sixpences (4) 1933 VG, 1947 Fine, 1950 Fine, 1953 Good Fine, s (2) 1936 Fine, 1950 NF, Pennies (4) 1943, 1944, 1950, 1955 Fine to Good Fine, Halfpennies (4) 1941 VF, 1942 VF, 1945 VF, 1950 EF, Coronation 1911in white metal VF pierced for suspension, Banknote Gibraltar 1988 issue UNC

Auction 152
Medals The s of Rosbach and Lissa 1757 48mm diameter in bronze, Fine, Official mint issues (4) of Queen 1897 25mm diameter in silver (2) VF, of King 31mm diameter in silver NEF, of King 1935 31mm diameter in silver GEF, as part of a group of medals and tokens (42) the remainder largely base metal types, in mixed grades

Auction 151
English Bulk Lots Farthings (9) 1953 (6) Freeman 660, Freeman 661, Freeman 662, Freeman 663 (2), Freeman 664 , 1951 Proof, 1950 Proof, 1925, these EF to Lustrous UNC, 1878 Good Fine, Farthings 1775 Contemporary Counterfeits (3) Poor, date illegible 1775 F and 1775 VF, Contemporary Counterfeit 1775 Fair, Evasion England's Glory, Fine, Coronation EF, and Coin Weight 5 Dwt, 8 Gr. ed, NVF, Collector's Token 1977 in EF, Isle of Man FAO 1977 EF and an unattributed Roman piece in low grade

Auction 150
Medals of 1911 30mm diameter in silver, the Official issue, A/UNC in the Red box of issue, Coronation of George V 1911 32mm diameter in bronze by Fattorini, , UNC toned in the round red box of issue, Five Pound Crown 2013 Birth of certificate unnamed as was first on the first day of the Prince's life Silver FDC in a Mint Office box, along with Tokens and medals a varied group (38) the tokens mostly 19th Century, in mixed grades, contained in an aluminium case

Auction 149
English Cased s 1970 (6) nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, Five Pound Crown 2000 100th Birthday nFDC in capsule, Five Pound Crown 2004 Entente Cordiale Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Crowns (2) 1977 Silver Proof, 1980 Queen Mother 80th Birthday Silver Proof both FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Twenty Pence 1982 Silver Proof Piedfort FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Unofficial s (2) 1945 and 1946 (5 coins Halfcrown to Sixpence) EF to UNC and cased, Silver Threepence Sets of George V (2) 1911-1936 currency issues in mixed grades, Silver Threepence Set 1937-1944 in mixed grades, Pre-Decimal Sets (5) containing 1965-1967 coinage UNC, Crowns a 5-coin set 1953-1977 UNC in a slide case, Crowns 1951 (6, two boxed), 1953 (5), 1960 (4), 1965 (3), 1972 (5), 1977 (4), 1980, 1981 (2), Five Pound Crowns (2) 2000 UNC, 2003 UNC, Medal 1977 Silver Jubilee UNC, Two Pounds 1986 Games (4) UNC, Banknotes O'Brien to Somerset Ten Shillings and One Pound £46 face, mixed grades, plus a mixed group of 20th Century tokens, in mixed grades

Auction 149
Medals 1897 25mm diameter in silver GVF, of 1937 32mm diameter in silver both the official issues, as part of a group of medals, tokens (24) mostly 20th Century in base metal, varied state

Auction 148
Medals 1661 Eimer 221 VG gilded as part of a group of Tokens and medalets 18th to 20th Century (58) in mixed grades

Auction 143
English Cased 1980, Crowns Silver Proofs (5) 1972 Silver Wedding, 1977 (3), 1981 nFDC to FDC boxed, Crowns - issues (20) 1951, 1953 (3), 1965 (4), 1972 (4), 1977 (6), 1980, 1981, Five Pound Crown 2003, Halfcrowns (2) 1949, 1950, in mixed grades to UNC Twenty Pence 1982 FDC in the case of issue with certificate , St. Helena Crown 1980 80th Birthday Silver Proof cased with certificate, The Queen's 2002 Medal UNC in the red box with certificate, Medal 1937 UNC in red box, World Savers 1989 Medal Jaguar UNC in base metal, plus a small group of s 18th and 19th Century (9) includes some token issues, mixed low grades (one holed)

Auction 141
English Bulk Lots s (5) 1837 (2), 1840, 1842, 1854, Farthings (8) 1822, 1843, 1880, 1881, 1912, 1924, 1925, 1932, s (2) 1843, 1844, Tokens (2), Indian (2) 1874, 1918, Coronation 1937, Medal Sweden Gustav II Adolphus, Victory at the Battle of Breitenfield 1631 55mm diameter in in mixed grades

Auction 136
Medals Prize Medals in Silver (3) Hovis Bread (2) Worsley 1936 awarded to J.W.Murray, 1929 awarded to H.Tong, The Confectioners Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition awarded to H.Corradine 1930 GF to NEF, in base metal EF, Double Florin the reverse with an engraved of a sphinx on a plinth over a Rose with the inscription EGYPT, EAST LANCASHIRE Fine, Halfpenny Token 1793 barracks Good Fine

Auction 133
English Bulk Lots Crowns to (77) plus World (14) and GB issues (10) Crowns (9) 1819LIX, 1822 TERTIO, 1844, 1896LX, 1935, 1937, 1937 Proof, 1951, 1960, s (5) 1817, 1826, 1836, 1881, 1893, s (3) 1849, 1869 Die Number 4, 1902 , s (6) mintmark Triangle in Circle, 1758, 1825 Lion, 1839, 1872 Die Number 108, 1895, s (9) 1757, 1787 Hearts, 1817, 1835, 1844 Large 44, 1887 Revised, 1943, 1967 (2), 1842, s (8) 1881, 1893 Jubilee Head, 1915, 1918, 1936 (2), 1937, 1940, 1880, 1834, 1948, Twopence 1797, Pennies (6) 1797, 1806, 1855 Plain Trident, 1901, 1964, 1967, (9) 1731, 1749, 1775 Counterfeit, 1799, 1806, 1807, 1834, 1854, 1857, Farthings (12) Charles I Rose, 1720, 1746, 1799, 1806, 1821, 1828, 1836, 1843, 1854, 1897, 1844, s (3) 1844, 1878, 1913, 1852, Decimal (2) 1989, 1994, s (4) 1969, 1973 (3), 1982, Half (3) 1971, 1973, 1984, World Ireland 1805, Five Pence Bank Token 1805, South Africa Penny 1951, Jersey Pennies (3) 1909, 1945, 1960, Australia Penny 1942, New Zealand Penny 1940, British Caribbean Territories 1955 (2), Germany 1971, Isle of Man Halfpennies 1975 (2), Coronation 1911 in Silver, in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 131
Tokens Tokens and s (6) inc.G Cavey Stores, Plumstead, 2d & 1/2d.; St James The Apostle 1882; Dover Cliff House School / James Temple1/2d.; Pamphilion, Bromley Kent "VOS"; 1902 Coronation Medal presented by J.H., . GVF

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots GB and World a varied group includes 18th and Token issues, Coronation and Jubilee s with some in , George II and George III includes a 1776 Contemporary Counterfeit, and a group of GB and World mainly , in mixed grades to UNC (small lot)

Auction 129
English Cased s (7) Flat Packs (6) 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980, Blue Set 1999 nFDC-FDC cased as issued, Plastic Set 1953 UNC, Five Pound Crowns (4) 1993 , 1998 50th Birthday, 2000 , 2001 , Two Pounds 1997, Fifty Pence 1998 NHS, Crown 1981 UNC on the cards of issue, Year Sets 1966, 1967 unofficial in slide cases UNC, s (2) 1997, 1998 UNC in the wallets of issue, USA US Mint Premier Proof Set 1997S FDC boxed as issued, Susan B.Anthony Dollar Set a 6-coin set 1979-1980 UNC in the wallet of issue, World Coin sets and singles in base metal (4), Co-op Tokens (2 sets) Royal Arsenal (9 pieces and 21 pieces) in mixed grades on a card

Auction 125
English Bulk Lots 1902 A/UNC, Coronation 1902 the official issue 55mm in boxed EF as part of a group of GB and World 18th to (48) includes many in silver plus some token and medallic issues in mixed grades, with four holed or mounted

Auction 124
Medals Royal Hospital Medals (2) in silver. Air Crew Star (copy), Cap s (5), tokens (2) and Medal 1902, silver issue. Generally GVF.

Auction 122
Medals Medals, Tokens (about 300) includes , , Sports and others, includes transit fare tokens for 1984 Olympics (23) boxed, copper medal for Games (2) 1978, 1970 etc. in mixed grades

Auction 121
English Bulk Lots Crown 1977 A/UNC, 1937 Patina series in UNC, s (5) 1928, 1933, 1943, 1945, 1946 NEF-GEF, 1797 VF, Penny 1806 NEF/EF, (5) 1717 Dump GF pitted, 1771 VF, 1799 VF/GVF, 1807 NEF, 1827 GVF, 1830 GF, s (2) 1827 GVF, 1844 VF, s (2) 1812 Birmingham Union Company GVF, Bristol 1811 NEF, Tokens (3) Warwickshire Coventry (2) 1792 DH231, 1793 DH241a, Lanire Lancaster DH57 VF-EF, North Wales 1793 GVF, World (3) India 1918 A/UNC, Ireland Farthing 1760 NVF, Romania 50 Bani 1914 Toned UNC, s (2) Coronation 1902 in Silver the issue Toned UNC, 1897 Diamond Jubilee in Silver the Royal Mint issue A/UNC

Auction 120
Medals Medals and Tokens plus copies of Ancient coins (325) includes s, s, and sports in mixed circulated grades

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Sell or auction your old medals

With London Coins selling your material could not be easier. We offer free appraisals, house visits, free collection of bulky material from your home, immediate cash offers and an auctioneering service.

If you have material to sell we offer a straightforward and easy to follow service which gives you the option of consigning your material to auction, or selling it to us direct for cash.

For further details please see our How To Sell Your Coins page and request our information pack.

Buy Commemorative and Campaign Medals

London Coins holds auctions every three months in Bracknell, Berkshire with a dedicated section for Medals. This section covers commemorative and campaign medals.

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