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Comoros : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 169
World Banknotes World a selection of varied countries and issues mid 1900's to modern (55) all in varied grades Fine to UNC comprising an interesting selection from (29) including Scarcer 1 Queen Pick 28a first date for type 15th June 1966 and an interesting collectable BINARY serial number K/17 664444. Congo Pick 6. Pick 30b 15th September 1959. Pick 11a">Pick 11a. 1000 Francs Pick 37e. Pick 35. Pick 1. (2) Bank of Ghana set series 0009831 dated 2nd January 1976 comprised of 1 Cedi Pick 13s & 5 Cedis Pick 15s, possibly from a Franklin Mint collectors set. (9) including 100 Pick 4h. 200 Ouguiya Pick 5. 500 Ouguiya Pick 8c. 200 Ouguiya Pick 11b. Along with a denomination set dated 28.11.2004 (5) including 100 Ouguiya Pick 10a, 200 Ouguiya Pick 11a, 500 Ouguiya Pick 12a, 1000 Ouguiya Pick 13a and 2000 Ouguiya Pick 14a. 10 s Pick 78Ab dated 17th February 2011 and variety with English Bank title on reverse with all capital letters and Arabic Bank title on reverse above Mukhtar's eye level (11) all series 1 prefix A/388 some constively numbered. Also examples from (24) as a selection of (23) including 1 Baht Pick 63 ND (1946) (3), 1 Baht Pick 74 ND 1955 (14), 10 Baht Pick 87 ND 1980, 20 Baht Pick 88 ND 1981 (2), Commemorative issue 50th Anniversary of Reign - King Rama IX Pick 99 (2) and Thailand Government of Siam 1 Baht Pick 26. Along with a Pick 39 ND. Together with a 1 Dollar Star Note Series 1988A Pick 480b. And a Polymer issue Pick 115. A varied group certain to attract a fair amount of attention

Auction 168
World Banknotes & African Isles circa 1960's to modern (12) including QE2 Annigoni's portrait and all different issuers and denominations in various grades VF-GVF to UNC mostly towards the higher end. Comprising some always collectible notes as the QE2 Annigoni's portrait ND 1967 issues(2) consisting of Pick 30a series A/6 343122 a Scarce signature type together with the highest denomination for the series Pick 33c series A/6 065724 and Scarce. Sao Tome E Principe (2) consisting of a Pick 62 Decreto Lei No. 1/88 dated 4th January 1989 series AD9558540 along with 5000 Dobras Decreto Pick 65c Lei No. 10/04 dated 26th August 2004 series AA3103265 and 2 srity threads. 2 = 500 Ariary Pick 72Aa ND 1993 serial number YA5450380 and a beautiful note. 2000 Francs Pick 40a ND 1997 series B.001 87122. 500 Francs Pick 10a ND 1984-2004 series X.1 34983 Banque Centrale issue and signature titles: "Directeur Général" & "President du Conseil d 'Administration". A denomination set (4) consisting of a 5 Emalangeni Pick 23a ND 1995 printer Harrison & Sons Ltd. with a VERY LOW serial number AA 000355. 10 Emalangeni Pick 24a ND 1995 printer FC Oberthur, series AB655178. 20 Emalangeni Pick 25b dated 8th April 1997 printer FC Overture, France series AG971273. And a 50 Emalangeni Pick 26adated 1st April 1995 printer Giesecke & Deviant, series AA5033993. Also a 1 Pick 70 dated 15th October 1973 series B/4 252940. A very desirable and collectible group, certain to attract a sufficient amount of attention
£95 London Coins : A168 : Lot 98 : Africa & African Isles circa 1960's to modern (12) including QE2 Annigoni's portrait a... London Coins : A168 : Lot 98 : Africa & African Isles circa 1960's to modern (12) including QE2 Annigoni's portrait a...

Auction 165
World Banknotes (175) a in an album comprising mostly high grade early to modern issues with an assortment of different denominations some of which high from countries as , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and . A few scarcer issues include -Burundi Pick 2a dated 15 September 1960 serial number C519621 and Pick 5a dated 15th September 1960 serial number F568796, Madagascar 5000 Francs = 1000 Ariary Pick 66a serial number A/25 307572 and issues (2) including = 10Ariary SPECIMEN Pick 62s stamped with No. 006841 perforated and ed SPECIMEN serial number A/1 000000 and 100 Francs = 20Ariary SPECIMEN Pick 63s stamped with No. 006841 perforated and overprinted SPECIMEN serial number A/1 000000, Somalia 20 Shillin = 20 s Pick 23a dated 1978 series T005 No. 199240, Congo 5 Zaires = 500 Makuta Pick 13a dated 2nd January 1967 serial number A269838, Djibouti Pick 38a serie V.1 55484 No. 02055484 and Djibouti Pick 20 series L.20 145 No.001760145 also including different varieties of the same denomination issues. Scarce

Auction 155
World Banknotes 5000 francs issued 1984 series Y.03 74923, titles Le Gouverneur & Le President, Pick12b, UNC
£70 London Coins : A155 : Lot 1839 : Comoros 5000 francs issued 1984 series Y.03 74923, titles Le Gouverneur & Le President, Pick12b,...

Auction 152
World Banknotes World group (6) 1988 Pick10a, n Republic 1978 (part lot from PickCS3), e 10000 issued 1st January 2000 Pick153, 5 boliv 1966 Pick49, 2 Pick13 and Central n Republic 1000 francs 1984 Pick10, mostly UNC

Auction 150
World Banknotes World banknotes (16) includes GB £1s (6) to O'Brien average Fine, better grade modern foreign includes , Territories, , , Netherland Antilles and

Auction 133
World Banknotes World (19) 60 1987 Commemorative issue Pick 93, (2) 1000 Pick 46, 500 Kronur Pick 44, 50 Kronur Pick 53d">Pick 53d, 10 Kronur Pick 43e, 5 Kronur Pick 50b, (2) Pick 106b">Pick 106b, Pick 105a, 1000 Kwanzas Pick 129b, 500 Pick 177, Pick 38c, Pick 8, 5 Colones Pick 126a, Two un-dated 1985 issue Pick 25, 500 Cents Pick 36, 5 Gourdes Pick 192a, 500 Pick 201, Vanatu (2) 500 Vatu Pick 5, 100 Vatu Pick 1 A/UNC to UNC

Auction 120
World Banknotes 5000 francs Banque Centrale prefix Y.03, Pick12b, UNC

Auction 109
World Banknotes accumulation (130) mostly high grades and different types, a good selection with scarcer varieties from , , , , ,

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